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Many of us took a huge blow when Gronkowski took a big hit to his knee which will end his season.

The TE is such an important position, and having a weapon like Gronk was the Gateway to winning your league.

Now the question is, who is my TE going to be in the Playoffs?

Answer: Dennis Pitta

All of last season Dennis Pitta was in a 2 TE rotation with Ed Dickson.  About 2 months into the season, it was clear that Dennis Pitta was a far superior option in the passing game, and his stock started to rise.  Coming into this season, it was clear that Dennis Pitta was going to be the #2 option in the Ravens Passing game.

But then he got injured, which caused his Preseason Fantasy Football TE Rank to fall from #7, to outside of the Top 25.  Now Pitta is healthy, and in his first game back he made it seem like he never missed a step with an impressive 6 Receptions/46 Yards/and the TD.

The most impressive stat was the 11 Targets.  The most obvious reason to use Pitta in Week 15.  Is his matchup against the Detroit Lions.

What makes this matchup even better, it is on Monday Night Football.  What makes it even better, its in doors.  There are too many positives to look any further than Dennis Pitta as your option to save your season.


If you are not lucky enough to get Dennis Pitta.  Turn your attention to a sleeper in Garrett Graham.  Graham is playing against a Soft Colts Defense, he is the #2 Option in the passing game behind Andre Johnson, and just like Pitta.. Garrett Graham will be indoors when the weather outside is frightful.

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  1. If Garrett or Pitta are not available a huge sleeper for at least WEEK 15 in my opinion is Jacob Tamme. Welker suffered his 2nd concussion within a month and should be out for the quickly approaching Thursday night game. Tamme is rumored to replace Welker in the slot and given that the Broncos are at home versus a leaky San Diego pass defense as well as having Peyton at the helm just screams upside. Welker was Manning’s security blanket and if Tamme does start at the slot he should get targets because the Chargers will be focusing their attention on D. Thomas, Decker, Julius Thomas, and the RB tandem of Moreno and Ball.

  2. Delanie Walker is another option. If he passes his concussion protocol he’ll line up against the Cards who are the league’s worst defending tight ends.

  3. Well it is the championship rounds and thank God the teams not in the playoffs can not do waiver wire adds/drops. I think everyone is going after Pitta this week in my league just to keep me from getting him. Your sleeper choice is truly a sleeper choice, I think for week 15 if Walker can play against the Cards he has a great probability of producing Gronkesk numbers.

  4. Delanie Walker is a solid option this week, hard to ever trust any option outside of CJ2K on a consistent basis on that.

    But yes.

    If there is no Graham. There is no Pitta. There is no Charles Clay. And if Delanie is cleared to play, go Delanie all day.

    If you miss all of those options, look for Brandon Pettigrew against the Ravens on MNF. His targets are as consistent as Conan O’Brien actually being funny, but sometimes he hits. With all the attention on Megatron, Pettigrew can come across the middle for the cheap score as he plays nearly all offensive snaps.

  5. Just got double whip kicked losing both Gronk and AP for next week playoffs semifinals. Planning on backing up Gronk with Jordan Cameron. Pettigrew only one available from the above.

    Does anyone like Brandon Myers? Had 3 straight weeks getting to the endzone.

  6. Stick with Cameron… only reason he isn’t listed is because there is no way he’s on anyone’s waiver wire. For AP, grab Gerhart. AP says he will play this week, but in case he doesn’t Gerhart is a beast.

  7. I lost gronk….pitta has been picked up before Sundays kickoff…so my TEs are Fleener and Graham from the Texans….anybody think I should be fine with those two TEs or keep looking…I believe lardarious green from SD is available? Or should I coax the pitta owner to drop him? He is out if the playoffs anyway…bajajaja!

  8. is it worth dropping Reed for Pitta? I feel like Reed’s ROS is still good, and RGIII will look at him to throw (as we saw with the inept Redskin offense without Reed).

  9. ok munt…i got lucky and picked up pitta, graham and clay…who should i start this week…?? PPR…

  10. What do I do about QB? I have McCown, he’s been brilliant, but I’m not sure he gets the start if Cutler is back (Cutler is available) I also have RG3 but seeing as he’s been shit and seems half injured and might not start, I might need to pick something up.

    Available on the Waiver are: Roethlisburger, Cutler, Dalton, Fitzpatrick, Campbell, Ryan, Keenum, EJ Manuel, Palmer,

    Thinking I need to possibly pick up 2 QBs and alternate them.

  11. Family… need your advice
    whom would you start at RB/WR this week.
    RB’s =
    WR’s =

    Just not sure how to use my flex spot. i have j.graham already and just nabbed pitta to keep him out of my matchups roster.

  12. Aim to grab both QBs. If you have a player you can drop outside of RG3 I would.

    RG3 has a favorable matchup in a dome against the Falcons, then a favorable matchup against a Dallas Seconday that will make any QB look like a stud. Even Matt McGloin.

    There is a chance the Redskins shutdown RG3, for now, drop someone else like a WR#4 you probably will not lose to add Cutler. Cutler will be the starting QB when he returns, no questions asked.

  13. I’ll tell you one thing.

    Montee Ball in your Flex on Thursday Night Football, he can easily grab a TD if not 2. He is the strongest Flex that you have, and now is the time for him to ride you to the championship. Broncos will be putting up points Thursday Night, lets hope Montee get his share as the Broncos preserve Moreno for their Superbowl run.

  14. Should I start Jacob Tamme over Antonio Gates?
    Montee over Alfred Morris? Worried about the situation going on in Washington

  15. I didn’t get to pick up Pitta…so my TEs moving forward is Fleener and Graham from the Texans….am I okay or should I keep looking? Or do I ask the pitta owner to drop him since he didn’t make it to playoffs? Hahaha!

  16. I picked up Pitta and Walker. Anyone concerned that the Lions have only allowed 1 TD to TEs this season? That was a 45yd 1TD day from Eifert wk 7. Other notable performances (Bennett 90yds wk 4 and Wright 75yds wk 12). Finley had 32yds, Witten had 15yds, H. Miller 67yds. I’m hoping Walker is good to go vs Arizona because Pitta vs Lions looks scary.

  17. Hey guys WHUDDUUPPP

    Tough decisions for me. Bush is my RB2 and MJD is my flex.

    DO I START MJD/MONTE/ELLINGTON/MJD BACKUP? Decision has to be made soon for Montee, or should I wait a few days and hope for the best? Im not too optimistic on mjd.

    Let me know playas.
    Streater/ Darick Rodgers as well?

  18. Should I start Pitta over Gates and Olsen? I have 2 leagues where I added Pitta to replace Gronk, and Gates and Olsen are my backups in each. I hear Olsen has a foot issue now, and Gates has not been stellar lately. Ease my fears, gentlemen.

  19. Anyone think its a scumb bag move to try and get a non playoff team to drop a player that could potentially help your team?

  20. Hello aficionados, I have a seemingly difficult decision. You have no reason to help me win my championship, but my gamblers honor that I will pay it forward. Here’s the pickle:

    10 team lg; standard scoring but return yards are added. Welker being out leaves me vulnerable as my backup is Steve Smith. Smith can beast with the best of them but he’s not on a Bronco caliber team, he has nobody relieving pressure or attention. So it is either a goose egg or money right? The question is do I pickup Patterson or Jacoby Jones because of return yard points? Anybody else in mind? I tend to ignore the return yards as it is a sucker playor is it. I am stacked everywhere else this is the only real decision to make.

    Megatron/K Allen/Smith/Welker
    Murray/Stacy/Andre Brown/Mathews/Gerhart
    Orange Julius

    I am one of those lurkers who snapped up Murray, Julius, Allen, Brown all bc of the free advice Munt has given on draff day and beyond. So I understand if you are like f that dude.

    Cheers and thanks for any time, energy, and effort. I will pay it forward

  21. Luck, and I mean it as a compliment, tends to reward players who exercise surprise success. Rogers played pretty fluid and not like a new guy (look at the route trees). And the Colts have something to still play for. This is the deal breaker imo. Streater is solid but it is Fitzgerald syndrome imo. I also think you ride MJD given your situation. Jags are throwing more which onoy opens up holes in mojos favor. Dont forget mojo is olaying/auditioning as a free agent next year. Montee is all upside. This is the exact foresight MUNT provided the world. Moreno is the pass blocking workhorse who they will rest. Montee time in the redzone.

  22. considering what Munt suggested above, do I still start Pitta over Witten (@ home vs. GB) this Sunday?….

    And would you start Andre Brown (vs. SEA) over Roddy White (vs. WAS)??….

    Im leaning towards White, but many folks, incl. ECR predict Brown will outperform White????
    Thanks fam

  23. **And would you start Andre Brown (vs. SEA) over Roddy White (vs. WAS)?

    **obviously as flex option

    Other RB’s – Vereen, Mccoy
    Other WR’s – Dez, D. Jackson, Boldin

  24. My team: D. Brees T. Romo A. Peterson L. Bell Z. Stacy B. Tate S. Vereen A. Brown J. Gordon B. Marshall P. Garcon K. Allen J. Cameron G. Hartley Panthers … I really think I should get Pitta. Who do I drop?

  25. Ok so I have Olsen, picked up Walker last week and picked up Pitta this week.
    So now what do I do? Big week! who would you start?

  26. andre brown, giovanni, murray, jennings, and ball…i need 3..!!! I’m thinking about plain ball at flex..!!! should i make the move..!!!!???? need help guys..!!!

  27. Thanks to Munt anf Beastdome Nation for getting me to the playoffs with a bye in the first round. There’s only 2 games left and $200 riding on it. I’m going up against the QB/K combo of Peyton Manning and Matt Prater this week, so I need to have a stellar lineup. I have a great roster, but lost Gronk for the most important games of the year. Who should I start this week?

    QB’s: Andrew Luck, Josh McCownMcCown
    RB’s: Marshawn Lynch, Demarco Murray, Andre Brown, Giovanni Bernard, and Young Montes
    WR’s: Brandon Marshall, Josh Gordon,10Mode, Percy Garvin
    TE: Dennis Pitta
    K: Gostkowski
    Def: Arizona

    Thanks for your help!

  28. Go with Demarco and Andre for sure, Gio and Ball is a coin flip, Gio plays a bigger role for the Bengals, Ball gets the goal line carries and garbage time. Tough call, but I’d lean toward Gio. He plays in all types of game situations, whereas Ball plays selectively.

  29. Damn you have a good team, anyway I would drop Tate even tho he has the softest schedule or Brown, he has it tough up against Seattle and Detroit. I’m in a PPR and would never let Vereen go but….hate Belichik with RB’s as much as Shanahanigans.

  30. Brown or Tate. Tate has a two good matchups vs Brown who has Seattle and Detroit to go so. I would play Vereen and Stacy this week, in a PPR I would switch Stacy for Bell. Good Luck

  31. I like Olsen against a porous MIA pass Def. Both Pitta and Olsen are playing against good run def. so they will pass often but Olsen is a Top 5 TE this week. I like players playing at home, Pitta is on the road Olsen is at home.

  32. Tough D’s, with Brown and Jennings, Murray and Ball for sure. Not Giovani on the road, Brown is sure to get most of the touches, not sure about Jennings with Reece looking so good last week.

  33. Tonight is the night he pushes it across to make it even better.

    You can’t bench Witten.

    Go with Roddy over Andre Brown and offensiveless Giants against the Seahawks this week.

  34. Go with Rivers this week at QB over Cutler if you changed out your QB.

    Go with Keenan Allen and Megatron.

    Go with Murray and Stacy (If anybody scores on the Rams this week, It’s Stacy). The only thing is, he has to get it quick because the Saints will blow them out of the water. Once AP Is definitely out, you can consider Gerhart. Problem with Gerhart is he’s not very good and the Eagles will blow the Vikings out as well.

    Rest of your squad looks good.


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