Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Choose Your Battle (Week 5)

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire:

Choose Your Battle (Week 5)

By Muntradamus

We are now officially a quarter way through the 2012 Football season.  Thank you all for choosing BEAST DOME as your #1 Source for Fantasy Football information.  My only goal is for you all to win your championship, and I will do that by helping you stay one step ahead of the game.

After Week 1 I told you to grab JacQuizz Rodgers/Martellus Bennett/Alfred Morris/Scott Chandler/Broncos.

After Week 2 I told you to grab Mikel Leshoure/Andre Brown/Ryan Succop/Bilal Powell/Brian Hartline.

After Week 3 I told you to grab Ryan Fitzpatrick and Danny Woodhead who both had good weeks.






Hasselbeck is not a player you want to throw in your lineup as a top 15 QB.  But if you play in deep two QB leagues, Hassel knows how to get the job done.  Once his WR core with Kenny Britt reaches 100%, we could see 300 Yard/2 TD games comes more frequently than you think.  Hassel loves throwing to Britt and Cook, which does give a bit of a knock on Nate Washington moving forward.



Over 4,000 Yards.  That’s how many yards Tannehill is on pace for if he counties his torrid play.  With the Dolphins looking impressive against a Cardinals offense that even slowed down Tom Brady in New England, who knows how good this kid can get.  Not a bad add at all in QB2 Leagues, he may be inconsistent, but right now there is nothing to hate about this kid.  The matchups only get easier from here.



If you need a RB short-term, Battle is your guy.  He was great for the Chargers last season, and I even predicted in the preseason that he would be vulturing the TDs after Mathews broke his collarbone.  Mathews is still not 100%, once that changes Mathews will be getting the carries all day.  Until then, Battle is a solid sleeper start who could even end up with a TD against a very weak Saints offense.



Everything you need to know about this guy can be read here.  BRANDON BOLDEN (BEAST OR BUST).  Been high on him since the preseason, only thing that worries me is the lack of PT.  With how talented and hard he runs, he will find himself on the field more than you expect.  Great Long-Term player to put on your roster to build towards later on in the season.



What makes Kevin Smith special, what makes Mikel Leshoure special.  Is what makes Joique Bell special. Bell has power, he has speed, he can also catch the ball.  On top of that he is playing with a huge chip on his shoulder as he used to work security for the Lions before signing on with the team.  Bell is your classic, “Root for Him to make it to the Top” story.  The coaching staff loves him, and I would not be surprised to see him earn a larger role after looking way more effective than Mikel Leshoure last week.  Bell has looked good in every game so far this season.  He can catch, he can run.  The Lions need to change things up, Bell could be that changeup.



Another Miami WR has made the list of players worth adding.  Bess looked to be the #1 WR on this team before Hartline came out of nowhere after missing the preseason to take over.  Bess looked great racking up over 123 Yards on 7 Receptions and is a solid add in all PPR leagues (already averaging 5 receptions per game.)  He can easily end up with 80+ Receptions this season, and Tannehill is proving he is NFL ready.



With Greg Jennings not being able to stay healthy this season, Jones gets a huge boost in value as he becomes the #2 WR in an offense that can put up points with the best of them.  Jennings could miss another 1-2 Weeks, which puts James Jones at a high-end WR#3 until he comes back.  Jones caught 2 TDs last week, and a TD in Week 1.  Rodgers is not afraid to throw him the ball.



What makes Andrew Hawkins special is the same thing that makes Jamaal Charles special.  He is the type of player that can touch the ball only a few times a game, and still put up a monster performance.  Even last week he was two juke moves away from scoring on a 60 Yard TD.  Hawkins is the real deal and is worth adding as a WR#4 that could grow to a WR#2 if they start throwing him the ball more.  Which is very possible.



Not a huge fan of Kevin Kolb, not another Cardinal WR outside of Fitzgerald.  But Roberts is showing he is ready to take the next step and most importantly, take advantage of defenses that give too much attention to Fitz.  With Beanie Wells out until Week 12, Roberts is the #2 WR in a Cardinal offense that is forced to pass the ball in order to have any success.



If you missed out on all the TEs.  Another one popped up who could have some value moving forward.  Enter Jordan Cameron a big bodied TE who can catch in traffic, and leap over most corners.  The Browns have problems with their WRs.  Between Greg Little still dropping passes like he is a rookie, and Mohamed Massaquoi still not 100%.  Cameron can easily be the #1 target for the Browns moving forward.  



Steven will have a busy week if the Seahawks can do a moderate job moving the ball against Carolina.  It will not be an easy task since the Seahawks offense is very bad, but if there was ever a week for Wilson to do anything.  This would have to be it.  Bring in Matt Flynn already says the Sidney Rice/Marshawn Lynch owners!



The NFC West is now officially the best defensive Football conference in the NFL.  Better than the AFC North with Baltimore/Pittsburgh.  All four of these defenses (Seattle/San Francisco/Arizona) and now St.Louis all bring a new FIERCE style of play that simply is too good to ignore.  Between Cortland Finnegan shutting down #1 WRs, James Laurinaitis being one of the best young Line Backers in the NFL, Quintin Mikell one of the emerging safeties in the league.  On top of that, they have Chris Long, Michael Brockers, and Robert Quinn on their D-Line.  This team is built to win games.  Do not sleep on this defense.
Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings, first time in Fantasy Sports History.  To check his Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings Click Here.



  1. Finally had a monster, ‘one-for-the-ages’ week that has my opponents grimacing and me rejoicing over my muntradrafted team, with brady colston b marsh mcgahee and solid performances across the board including from amendola whom I threw in for lafell last second per your advice. You’re the man Munt! So this week I’m in a bye week scuffle with both demarco and leshoure out, I’ve got Willis but my other bench RB are Powell and Ryan Williams, I’m thinking drop Williams for battle?

  2. Hey Munt! You’ve helped me so much this season! Especially with morris, lafell and mcgahee! Now i really need your help. Someone offered me Romo for Fred Jackson. Should I take it? I was thinking if this goes through I could trade Brady and stack my team!
    (my offense)
    Fred jackson
    Malcom Floyd
    all over your ankles rodgers
    (also have russel wilson but ill probably drop if i get Romo)

  3. Also I have been offered Roethlisberger and antonio brown for Brady…i just placed my number 2 waiver on Joique Bell dropping wilson

  4. Should I drop jacquizz for hartline? Do you think hartline is this years victor Cruz, or is that going too far?

  5. Great Job Munta! I was ranked 8th then 6th now thanks to you 1st in my league!! I have a trade i was wondering if you think i should do? Vick/MJD for AJ Green/Doug Martin. I was thinking offering if him DMC/Vick? Here’s my list:

    QB: Fritz, Ponders
    RB: MJD, DMC, CJ2k, B Bolden (waiver), J. Battle (waiver)
    WR: Steve Smith, Bowe, B Hartline (waiver), James Jones (waiver)
    TE: Jimmy Graham
    DST: Rams

  6. Vic I think that more than likely if Romo doesn’t do something real soon, he could very easily become the second stringer. Now that Bradshaw is back, Brown is not going to be near as producing as he has been. I have Brady in one of my leagues as well and have been pretty upset but I think that the Pats are starting to get in their groove and Brady will be producing alot more for fantasy owners. I like Big Ben, however, he is way too inconsistent. When he is on his game, he is great! On the contrary, when he is not on his game, he is usually horrid.

  7. I have Peyton and Vick as a my QB’s. They have the same bye week. Looks like I’ll be starting Peyton over Vick for the rest of the season, as long as he stays healthy.

    Kolb is available and had been more consistent than Vick. Should I drop Vick and pick up Kolb?

  8. Hey,

    This is my first year discovering the Munt, and I have to give the requisite props. You’re the man. I love this site. I’ve got a question (I’m in a slightly strange league in that we are limited to only 8 moves per season, which is the only reason I bother asking it at all)

    The league is standard yahoo non-PPR single QB, 14 teams, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex, 1TE.

    I’ve got:
    Stafford, Schaub
    Morris, Sproles, Powell, Tate
    Julio Jones, Dez, Hartline, Washington
    Gonzalez, Daniels
    Chi, KC (ugh, right?)

    So, someone just let Jacquizz go and he’s sitting ripe on the wire (probably after seeing Turner break out), but I’ve only got 4 moves left for the entire season. Do I snatch him immediately, or is he not going to give me enough of a boost over Morris, Sproles to justify using one of my very limited remaining moves? And if so, who do I drop? I’ve been Tate-raped every week, but he’d be huge if Arian goes down. Powell has yet to break out….

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

  9. Hey Munt, should I cash in my #1 waiver priority on Hartline this week? I could use the him for my flex over Amendol & J. Rodgers while D. Martin is on bye. Or should I hold out for someone better? 1/2 pt. ppr.
    My Roster:
    QB – P. Manning
    RB’s – Rice, Ridley, D. Martin, J. Rodgers
    WR’s – Julio Jones, A. Johnson, Amendola, LaFell, J. Simpson
    TE – V. Davis
    D’s – SF, Sea.
    Thanks for the advice!

  10. Time to buy low on Ryan Mathews right? Would you give your CJ Spiller for another’s Ryan Mathews in a PPR league?

  11. Do u think u would start the quizz kid or Ryan Williams this week, I think I’m between those 2 since Fred Jax plays SF. Dropping Blackman for hartline, if not granted, would u rather have James Jones or Justin? Thanks munt, u have helped me build a good team, despite my record showing it. I keep getting paired with the highest scoring team of the week, I am always close behind. My 1 win, came by less than 1 pt. I had to be the highest scoring team that week to do it. That’s why we love and hate and plays this game, huh?

  12. Munt,

    Would you reconsider Trent Richardson? You had him as a player to sell off last week.

    After the game against Balt, Cle looks like they have receivers who are getting better. This should cause the defense to fall back, which will open the field for Trent in running and passing plays.

    What do you think?

    I have Trent R, C Benson, and A Bradshaw.

    Thinking of keeping Trent and offering A Bradshaw for Mike Wallace.

    PPR league btw.

  13. Hey Mr. Beast dome, love your ww articles! They are always top notch.
    My team seems to be sinking fast these last few weeks, here it is.

    QB: Ryan
    RB: Murray/Martin/Quizzz/Mendy/Powell
    WR: S.Smith/Harvin/Wayne/Hartline/Amerdola and S.Rice.

    I feel like I’m stacked at wr and need to target a rb but who for who? Also you think its safe to drop S. Rice?(12 man) I know he’s going to take off if Flynn ever starts. Would love some advice, Thanks.

  14. Hey Munt,

    Thanks for all your advice, sadly I had a horrible fantasy week cause I have both Romo and Ponder and they both killed me.

    My team stands:

    QB: T. Romo/ C. Ponder
    RB: R. Rice/ C. Benson/ B. Jacobs
    WR: A.J. Green/D. Thomas/ D. Moore/ J. Blackmon
    TE: M. Bennett/ S. Chandler
    K: D. Bailey ( listened to your advice about getting the same QB/Kicker)
    Def: Dallas

    I am dropping J. Blackmon and trying to pick up Hartline. I’m also trying to grab Fitzpatrick and Brandon Bolden off waivers. Should I drop the Dallas D to pick up St. Louis?

    Also, the main reason for this post. I have been offered S. Jackson (RB) for D. Thomas (WR)…should I pull the trigger? I will be thin at WR if I do, so I was thinking no.

  15. No TE’s on your list am I’m needing a Bye week fill-in….

    From the wire in my league:

    Fred Davis
    Owen Daniels
    Kyle Rudolf
    Scott Chandler

    I’m think Rudolf, but I like the ‘feast or famine’ potential of Chandler….. Thoughts? Anyone??


  16. I just saw Cameron on the list, but never heard of him–J Cameron over the guys I listed? Just for 1 week….

  17. Wrong Brown–Antonio (not Andre) is a quality WR in a Steelers O that looks to be seriously clicking thanks to OC Todd Hailey. I like Brown and Ben, but not for Brady…..

    About Romo, not much better than Schaub in my mind, so pretty much a lateral move. If you’re itchng to trade Fred Jackson move him for a TE…. You need one for your bye this week anyway.

  18. I would keep williams. He is the starting back in AZ and will recieve most of the touches, at least until Wells returns. The jets offense is terrible and powell is not going to see any significant increase in his touches anytime soon. So drop powell for battle,if you have no one else to drop, as he can be started in the short term.

  19. In my league I have to start three WR’s two RB’s and a flex (RB/WR/TE)
    Should I drop B.Powell or N.Washington to pick any of these guys:


    My WR’s


    My RB’s:

    S.Draughn (this is just an insurance for Charles….is Hillis better…he is available)

  20. Thanks for the read!

    I have both James Jones and Jermichael Finley.
    Not sure who to trade….my other TE is Olsen, and Chandler is still available – so i’m leaning Finley. But i worry about trusting Jones, who’s been performing when on my bench and stinking when in the lineup.

    Any thoughts? I also have Aaron Rodgers if that affects your recommendation.

    Thanks again!

  21. In my league I have to start three WR’s two RB’s and a flex (RB/WR/TE)
    Should I drop B.Powell or N.Washington to pick any of these guys:


    My WR’s


    My RB’s:

    S.Draughn (this is just an insurance for Charles….is Hillis better…he is available)

  22. Hi Munt,
    First timer here. Came across your site from FantasyPros. I definitely dig this site. Need your 2 cents on this, as I am struggling to decide.

    My Team (Keeper League; 2 players):
    QB: Brees and Ryan
    RB: McCoy, Gore, Martin, Mendenhall, Jacquizz
    WR: R. White, Bowe, Washington, Blackmon, LaFell
    TE: Gonzalez, Rudolph
    K: Crosby

    Got offered a deal for one of my QBs from this pool of players:
    RB: McFadden, McGahee
    WR: A. Johnson, S. Johnson, D. Thomas, Wayne

    My dillemma is Brees or Ryan and who for? Its going to be a megadeal. Im looking to bolster my bench, but yet keep in mind this is a 2 player keeper league for next year. Thoughts? Thanks! You da man!

  23. Anyone can feel free to answer this one, but I am interested in what Munt has to say as well. Yay or Nay on this trade?

    Fred Jackson and Denarius Moore for Demaryius Thomas, Brian Hartline and Jackie Battle

  24. Hey Muntraman, I’m 0-4 in a 10 man league and am scramblin to turn it around. This week startin Brady,McGahee,J Rodgers,AJ Green, P Harvin,R Wayne(flex),V Davis,Cards and Zuerlein. Benched D Murray,D McFadden,D Thomas,A Brown,K Britt, and K Rudolf.
    I just offered britt for C Johnson not sure if its accepted, got any suggestions?

  25. This past week “Buy low on Steven Jackson”. Well, I own him and another team has made me a “buy low” offer. Mike Wallace for Steven Jackson & Michael Leshoure. He says, “I want to make a fair deal …”, but he wants two rb’s. He owns two rb’s : McCoy and Benson. While the rest of his team is mostly wide recievers: Green, Welker, Nelson, Wallace, Decker & te: Witten. I’ve own wr’s: J. Jones, S. Johnson, K. Britt, P. Garcon & te: Pettigrew. Rb’s: Foster, S. Jackson, F. Jackson, BJGE, Leshoure, A. Brown, Powell, Tate. Please, advise. Thanks.

  26. As you know, Pettigrew is on a bye this week. So, what should I do if I don’t make a two for one trade this week. I’ll have to drop someone or go with no kicker and hope for the best, or … ?

  27. I concur with JRome, drop Powell, and get Battle before someone else does. Battle will continue to be a vulture for a couple more weeks, so he has upside value.

  28. I would rather have the Roethlisberger antonio deal, if I were trading away brady. Brady should average around 30+ points a game, you can get that from the Pittsburg connection. That would give you Schaub and Big Ben, not a bad set of QB’s to have. And Antoni will help you out WR wise until Dez gets it together or even if he doesn’t.

  29. Tell him no deal.

    If he wants Leshoure, take Decker.

    Leshoure could lose his role coming out of the bye.

  30. Richardson looked amazing. He will definitely be a Buy player in this weeks article.

    Bradshaw for Wallace is not a bad trade for you, pending if you have RB depth.

  31. Thank you Dan.

    I would add Quizz for Nate Washington.

    If you can make trades, you will be happy when you have Quizz later on and you can deal other good RBs to improve your team at the very end.

    Do not let Quizz sit on the wire.

  32. Hey Doc, I would hold on to Jacquizz, he’s turn to shine is coming. Turning had some good games, but Jacquizz is still getting touches and has upside. Hartline is good, but Tannehill won’t continue to have 400+ yard games and defenses will figure out Hartline and how to take him out the game. Is there someone else you can part with?

  33. Hey Muntras, I have Quizz in all but 1 of the 5 leagues I’m in. Think I should go get him for the last one, lol?

  34. I’,m starting Rivers over Ponder this week as my QB. I had B.Walsh as my kicker so I dropped him and picked N.Novak. Right move? Or should I just bring Walsh back? And I’m a little bit concerned about J.Rodgers…..I have F.Jackson as my flex, but It’s against the 49ers….so Rodgers gave me nothing last week and it would be hard to trust him again. Should I try A.Hawkins, P.Bowell, or N.Washington as my flex over F.Jackson or J.Rodgers? I’m a little bit lost and my record is 1-3…last in my division. :(

  35. I’,m starting Rivers over Ponder this week as my QB. I had B.Walsh as my kicker so I dropped him and picked N.Novak. Right move? Or should I just bring Walsh back? And I’m a little bit concerned about J.Rodgers…..I have F.Jackson as my flex, but It’s against the 49ers….so Rodgers gave me nothing last week and it would be hard to trust him again. Should I try A.Hawkins, B.Powell, or N.Washington as my flex over F.Jackson or J.Rodgers? I’m a little bit lost and my record is 1-3…last in my division. :(

  36. The two guys you are getting have already had their buys that is added value in the overall trade. If you trade brady the other guy is going to have to eat his bye week.

  37. Muntra…you’re up to your old tricks again. NICELY DONE WITH THE RAMS D WAIVERS PICK! I started them last night in 2 leagues and they got me way more points that I truly deserve…

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