By Muntradamus


There are a few people in the chat room who have been calling me out.

Someone even said have fun chasing John Paulsen, who ranked Cord Patterson and Toby Gerhart as Top 15 options at their position last season.

Someone even said I am wrong more than 50% of the time..

So with every team now playing 1/4 of their games, let us see how my preseason BUST picks are doing so far. Or I like to call them, “Sheep Picks” because these are the players you would be drafting if you had gone to a John Paulson, or Yahoo, or ESPN, or CBS, or basically any other site.

I feel telling people to avoid these guys at all costs, is just as important as having you draft the players you want to draft.


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.04.49 AMOutside of Cam Newton, this list is perfect. Before anyone says anything about an injury to Tony Romo, let me remind you how much I was penalized because of an injury to RG3 last season. I wrote an article about Tony Romo being a BUST this preseason, and age/broken down body had a lot to do with it.


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.11.25 AMOnce again, I never want to root for injuries, and I never like it when I am right about a player being injured. It’s just a factor I have to weigh in when analyzing a player. Besides being a smaller RB, I did not like that Jamaal was taking less than 15 carries a game last season towards the stretch run, which showed he was not a durable BEAST. You can say it was a freak accident, but after 71 carries he is now done. I took a ton of heat on Montee Ball last season being injured and watching CJ Anderson blow up, who I made the target pickup instead of Ronnie Hillman last year, but Charles is now done and it will be interesting to see how the Preseason Results tally up.

This list is 100% correct, outside of Le’Veon Bell who no doubt takes a hit with Big Ben injured, still not Top 10 in production at the RB spot yet. If you think Joseph Randle will remain “Thee Guy” for Dallas, you can watch and see how that develops.


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.14.47 AMNelson Agholor, pretty sure that was a John Paulson guy. All of those who jumped on the Davante Adams train better find the next stop, last season my ranking was destroyed because of my Ranking of Jarrett Boykin and was 98% accurate on every other play including being in the Top 99%tile of having Mike Evans Ranked the Highest, Jeremy Maclin, Golden Tate, and Steve Smith Sr. This season my BUST list is almost 100% accurate.

Keenan Allen is the only player I am wrong about on this list, but with the return of Antonio Gates and with Stevie Johnson likely healthy next week. Keenan Allen will not be the consistent #1 WR you have been leaning on early on.


It is unfortunate I had my Draft two days after the season started instead of taking advantage of my Pre Preseason Rankings that were dead on accurate before the Preseason Started.

I can guarantee you most of the VIPs, if not all of them are very happy with their team and still remain confident with their squad no matter where they are in the Standings.

With Arian Foster now back, and Marshawn Lynch coming back for Week 6. Everyone is excited what those two can put together, and Matt Stafford finally has an easy matchup this upcoming Sunday. It is unfortunate Stafford was benched as the Lions threw the ball 37 Times with Dan Orlovsky, could have been Fantasy Garbage Time Gold for Stafford.

Also know, the Trolls are three people on this site. There are two unregistered users and one registered user, all Non-VIPs who are spamming the Chat and writing the 1-2 Comments a Week my IT guy deletes as soon as he reads their first sentence.

Season is a long one, yes Week 5 was not pretty for most who were really leaning on Chris Ivory and Brandon Marshall early on this season, only to have them sit on the bench during their bye (No expert Ranked them higher). There is still plenty of Football left.




  1. We got your back Munt. We know, the people who have been VIP’s for 3 plus years, know you are gifted at what you do man. Keep up the great work. BEAST.

  2. My team in a 12 team PPR thanks to Munts advice

    Demarco Murray, Cj Anderson, Arian Foster rounds 1-3

    Brandon Marshall, Chris Ivory, rounds 4-5

    Doug Martin, Steve Smith Sr, rounds 6-7

    Stafford, Garcon, rounds 8-9

    Broncos Def, round 11 or 12

    James Jones, waiver wire pick week 1, before anyone else grabbed him. Snatched him before he even signed with the Packers. Once he flew to GB, munt told everyone to pick him up right away. Spot on.

    ASJ, last round, Charles Clay waiver pickup week 2.

    This weeks point total: 139 points with Stafford struggling. This is going to be a BEAST team thanks to Munts rankings, advice, as well a pick or 2 going with my own gut, but I learned taking Douggie from Munts years of help. Once you hang out with guys who are ahead of the curve, you start to think like them.

  3. Agreed Bandre4! And well said Munt. One thing you have to remember is that people are more inclined to post negative comments when things are not going good rather than positive comments when things are going right. ~Beast ON!

  4. Beast is as beast does.
    Just like James harden will always be doing James harden things (which is why rockets never will get rings)….
    Beasts will always be doing beast things.

    Munt will always be doing Munt things.
    Which means those of us BEASTS who are loyal and intelligent enough to listen to him will be doing beast things as well.

    I have been away from my office for quite a while so I’m behind on a lot of things including the chat.
    But I don’t need to read it to know that some people….some sheep…..the ignorant ones…..they are like financial clients who will always complain….if the market is down they’ll complain that their advisor didn’t get them out soon enough. If the market is up they’ll bitch and moan that the advisor didn’t buy enough.

    They are never happy. In part because they have no loyalty. Or balls….whichever you prefer to think of it.

    Munt has not had a talent transplant. He has not shapeshifted into someone else. He is still the oracle of beastness that has the best eye for talent in the game. He is still the only beast that calls things as he sees it and is not strangled by the cords of codependency that entangle the Legion of lemmings oh sorry “experts” who lead the masses over the cliff year after year.

    Those who want to use your brain for yourself and trust a real beast….listen to Munt.
    He is already being vindicated. And will continue to be.

    It is just like real life and real sports teams….there will always be Fairweather weaklings who are merely content when times are perfect and jump ship at the first sign of adversity…..

    For all those reading this I hope you choose to shed your wool coat and put on a beast skin instead.
    Which is thick. There will always be adversity. It will build character.

    Thanks Munt for leading us with your wisdom and continued hard work.
    We appreciate you and all you do for us vip nation.
    Beast on!

  5. Not hating, but didn’t you say Gurley was going to be a bust? I thought you said week 16 against Seattle and the missed games from the Torn ACL would kill his value. He’s been amazing in his last 2 games.

    You were mostly right on the rest of the RBs though

  6. As Ben said “We got your back Munt.”I’m staying true to you Munt. And to all of the other BEASTS.NO OTHER site gives you this VIP type of one on one analysis on a daily basis.Along with EXPERT insight via the BEAST Cast,BEAST chat,e-mail.I’m very happy being a first time VIP member.Keep your head up Munt and keep BEASTING.

  7. Let’s not forget that the trolls who come here are constantly looking at Munt’s new content. Munt is insanely smart, is doing research ALL the time, and despite what would be reasonable to believe, he’s not here with a freakin’ almanac he found in a DoLorean. Munt is literally predicting the future, whether you want to believe it or not, and what’s more, he’s publishing it. There is a great community of VIPs who have benefited from Munt’s advice year after year. His gift to the fantasy community is gracious, and frankly unbeatable. Count your fucking blessings you found him at all.

  8. Munt, I read opinions and analyses across the board but I always trust your eye when it comes to player value in the situation. No one sees the SSSr and Arian Fosters values time after time after time. Too many haters and sheep on here only look at the weekly picture.

  9. Keep it comin Munt. For all the haters out there i’m currently 5-0, 4-1, 4-1, 4-1, 3-2, 3-2, 2-3, 2-3 so far through week 5 this season. Sure i wish they were all 5-0 but that is wildly unrealistic. I’m a second year VIP and will continue to be a VIP as long as Munt is still workin the fantasy circuit. So in the end, read the info Munt presents, use your brain and quit your bitchin. BEAST!!

  10. Just started following your advice at the beginning of this season. As an experienced fantasy player I do my own research, and listen to few. Ever since I found your site, I’ve become a believer. Looking at your rankings I agree with them more than most. And I also agree with most of your bust list.

  11. BEASTdome are the only rankings I go by!!!! Teams 5-0 sitting on top of the standings. Draft day was simple, Beast Strategy + Munt’s rankings = success!!! Weekly advice has been spot on. Sit Mega for Marshall Week 4…. I never would of thought to do so. VIP 3+ years and always ride the top of the standings and in the hunt (and won several) for the Championship!!!! Managing my team is easy…. Trust Munt!!! …..Great site, fantastic articles and the work you put in is GREATLY appreciated!!!! …..dave

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