FANTASY FOOTBALL TRADE MARKET: The Julius Thomas Plan (Week 6)


The Julius Thomas Plan (Week 6)



By Muntradamus



The purpose of this trade Market is to fix all of your QB problems.  All of these players mentioned are the right steps to take to upgrade your QB.  Whether it is Eli Manning dragging you down, or RG3, or Matt Stafford.  Now is the time to take the right approach and get your superbowl QB.




Now is the time to Buy Tom Brady.  Coming off of a horrible game, his value is somewhat cheaper than what it would be had it been great.  Brady now gets his weapon in Gronk back, and Danny Amendola is healthy.  The fact he made Julian Edelman and Kenbrell Thompkins great WRs during this time makes you believe Tom Brady is going to take that jump into the Top Tier.















Besides a few games left in the schedule, Matt Stafford does not have superstar potential.  The Lions offense struggled last season with one aspect.  They did not have a legitimate #2 WR.   They did not fix the problem, and we still are seeing the same issues.  Nate Buerlson will playing back to his 2011 value early in the season, until he broke his arm.  Stafford is dropping in the Rankings very quickly.


The loss of Julio Jones is a big one.  While Roddy White can easily be a #1 WR in the NFL, he basically is.  Roddy is not 100%.  He will be beat up all season long and likely will never be fully healthy.  Now is a good time to quickly jump ship on Matt Ryan and find a way to package him someone else to get Tom Brady.


RG3 has been great in garbage time this year.  Luckily he will experience Garbage time once again likely in Week 6.  With the lack of WR talent, and the lack of running ability RG3 has this season.  He is likely a bust you want to let go and get what you can.  He could possibly boost his value one more time this week, but the play is to trade him while you can.



McGahee is a Top 20 RB.  Do not sell him for anything less.  However I would sell him if the price is right, especially if it means packaging him to upgrade my QB.  Willis will have some good weeks, but he will need the TD to save him more often than not.



Le’Veon is a Top 15 RB.  Do not sell him for anything less.  He too is a RB I would package to upgrade a struggling QB.  The Steelers have a tough schedule this season, and if Le’Veon does not get those 2 goal line TDs, he only has 6 Points.  Instead he has 18 in his debut, and everyone will overpay for him.



D-Will is only a couple games away from losing his job to Jonathan Stewart.  Now is the time to sell him for an upgrade elsewhere.  His value is dropping, and another bad game means its gone.



The one night stand is over with Edelman.  Danny Amendola returned from Vacation, Rob Gronk is returning from prison.  Time to cut ties with your dirty little secret who was a Solid WR #2.  Try to sell owners that he almost had a TD last week, because he did drop one.  Try to package Julian to trades to upgrade players, he is falling outside of the Top 40.


T.Y. will have crazy games like he did Sunday.  2 Long TDs will get people excited.  Keep in mind that Darrius Heyward-Bey is always on the field, Coby Fleener is a target Luck loves, and Reggie is the man.  Too much risk to consider T.Y. a safe option at any point this season.


This one is a stretch.  Torrey is dominating right now, and he is moving up the Ranks quickly.  The Ravens do have some tough games, lots of AFC North games scattered in.  Do not sell Torrey now, but do keep offer open, you could get a top notch RB.




JT is a Top 5 TE.  The only reason to sell JT is because you have Gronk.  The timing could not be more perfect as he is coming off of his 2nd two TD 100+ Yard game.

If you followed the famous.


You are in this situation.  So the strategy from here is to upgrade another position with JT.  Need a QB.  Package JT with your QB to get that star QB.  All of a sudden those owners who did not get Peyton Manning can now be happy.  You are going to get a strong QB as long as your 3rd Round draft pick DeMarco Murray.




Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #10 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for allDRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. Hey Munt who would you rather have ROS..chris johnson, spiller, jones drew. I am trying to pair garcon and mathews or garcon and mcgahee. Are these good offers for those rbs? my current rbs and wrs are: charles/mcgahee/stacy/stewart/ball/sjax/mathews. garcon/desean/gordon/harvin. Thanks!

  2. I would insta-trade. AJ – top 5 WR versus T-Rich who is Top 10-15 RB at most.

    Of course, it depends on your RB depth.

  3. My record is 4-1 in a 12 team ppr. One owner has Luck and dropped R. Wilson for A. Smith. I picked Wilson off of waivers to be my #2. But maybe I want to package him for an upgrade for my team. My team: QB: Romo, RB:Lynch, S. Jackson, D. Murray, J. Stewart, Helu, WR: S. Smith, D. Moore, Miles & Williams, A. Pettis, TE: Gronk & Gates. So, what do you’ll think? How and what would you go for? And does Gates apply the same as the D. Thomas note above?

  4. Only problem is the resident Mass-hole chowder Pats fan in everyone’s league has a man/lady-crush on Brady and already owns him. Thoughts on other Buy Low QB’s whose owners might be more reasonable than Brady Owners?

  5. S.Jax should have at least top 10 value coming off his injury because Atlanta will depend on him with Jones going down and Roddy hurt.

  6. Are you trying to sell or buy? If selling wait till he returns… He is gonna beast because they have gone from a pass first team to a run first now.

  7. I wouldn’t… Dalton brings AJ Greens value down… Plus I have a feeling T-Rich breaks out on national TV Monday night to silence all his critics.

  8. Trade Stafford + McGahee for Brady or Romo? Or which QBs would be of higher value with that package?

    Also who is better ROS? Pryor, Cutler, or Rivers. Was offeres Rivers for M.Bennet + Pettis. Already have Clay and Gates on roster.

  9. No, you are supposed to package Stafford w/ something else to get a top level QB like Brady.

  10. Try for Brady first. IMO, Romo would be a good consolation prize and nice upgrade from Stafford–Romo plays GB and WAS in fantasy playoffs!.

    You seem to have a lot of QBs and TEs. You have no need for Rivers, but that is almost a giveaway for Bennet/Pettis, so maybe look and see if you could just trade away Rivers immediately.

    I don’t see a huge difference between Pryor, Cutler, Rivers it would all be matchup dependent.

  11. you think Matt Ryan and James Jones is giving up too much for Brady?
    I have Welker/Decker/Nicks/Jones/White

  12. Yeah. These are two seperate leagues. But McGahee + Stafford isn’t too much to pay for Brady or Romo?

    Or course I don’t need McGahee at the moment but would like to have the depth for injuries and bye weeks.

    The Rivers deal is done. Thanks

  13. Ahhhh it’s Sooo fitting that Muntz decided to talk about JULIUS Thomas.

    I have Gronk coming back this week and also have J. Thomas.

    I’ve been offered Knowshon Moreno for Thomas. Fair trade?? I have T.Rich, Rice, Ridley and Pierre Thomas @ RB.

    Thanks for the input BEASTDOME

  14. Alright guys I really need some help here:
    My lineup: QBs- Eli/Luck
    RBs- Lynch/Morris/Woodhead/R.Jennings
    WRs-D. Thomas/Garcon/Roddy/Hartline/Greg Jennings/R. Woods
    TEs- Cook/Clay
    Bengals D
    J. Tucker

    BUT! Hillman, L. Blount, Daryl Richardson are currently FAs! L. Heankerson, N.Washington, Tate, Marlon Brown too as WRs.

    So, I got a trade offer: Send Lynch & D. Thomas for FJAX, M. Wallace, Antonio Brown OR Send Luck/Lynch/D.Thomas for Brady/Ray Rice/A. Brown/ Bernard Pierce.

    Please Please ANY ADVICE!!! I don’t know what movies to make!

  15. TheYungOne,

    I’d stick w/ whatcha got bro. Sure Brady is getting Gronk back and has a higher ceiling than Luck. But, Lynch and D. Thomas are waaaay better than Rice and Brown. What are you 3-2…4-1??
    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  16. I am hanging on to Stafford due to his playoff schedule week 14-Philly, week 15-Balt, week 16 Giants. Plus I think he is a pretty good QB and has progressed well in the league.

  17. Ahhhh it’s Sooo fitting that Muntz decided to talk about JULIUS Thomas.

    I have Gronk coming back this week and also have J. Thomas.

    I’ve been offered Knowshon Moreno for Thomas. Fair trade?? I have T.Rich, Rice, Ridley and Pierre Thomas @ RB.

    Thanks for the input BEASTDOME

  18. In need a backup QB I have Matt Ryan and Sam Bradford. Thinking of dropping Bradford for Trelle Pryor or Big Ben.

  19. except Brady owners have been sitting on him (as in those who have Brady in my league) so thats a bust. Romo owners wouldn’t do it because his value is too high right now. According to Munt, Stafford was to finish top 10 QB, but it sounds like he won’t and also, his schedule is difficult for the passing game.

    Do you think Stafford finishes above Vick/Romo/Rivers/Cam end of season?

  20. Depends on the Brady owner. With Julio out for the Falcons, it decreases his value overall and I doubt Matt Ryan stays in the top 5 QB spectrum.

  21. I think you can get a little more for him than Moreno.If you can package deal something together.He’s on a high powered offense ,Scores better than most WR and you still have to see how Gronk shakes the rust if any.

  22. Hmm, I just saw that. The only viable QBs I can trade for are Rivers/VIck/Cam/Luck right now. I was thinkign about Vick b/c he goes on a stretch to week 8-11 playing NYG, OAK, GB, WASH and his playoof schedule isn’t too bad (DET, MIN, CHI, DAL).

  23. I have Ryan, and I grabbed Pryor a couple weeks back. I’m hoping this saves my 4-1 team, with Julio going down and Ryan’s value now in limbo. I’m hoping for Tebow like fantasy production. I would still feel better with a bigger stud at QB. Might wait to trade closer to playoffs.

  24. it’s tough to give advice not knowing who your QB1 is, league scoring rules, what place you are in, your bench, Rivers is the 300 yard passer and turnovers are down but Vick is hurt so his owner might let him go cheaper. Pick up Foles as insurance if you get Vick.

  25. I just accepted a beautiful trade. I was offered Tom Brady/Ray Rice for Tony Romo/Charles Clay! I have Gronk, so Clay was about to become irrelevant on my team anyway. Romo has been great this year, but c’mon.. its Romo.. he’s going to find a way to mess up a good thing eventually. And then I check Munt’s Trade Market and (booyah!) the first thing I see is BUY TOM BRADY! So many Beast Strategies are finally coming to fruition: Blackmon, Josh Gordon, and Gronk are all off the bench now. Thank you Beast Nation!

  26. I think s jax will be fine if he can stay healthy..they will need him more with the receivers banged up

  27. I have Lynch, Morris, and lacy, and was just offered brink for Morris.. I also have Jordan Cameron and would start both tight ends of I make the trade.. Any advice?
    Btw my second best wr is shorts or bowe… Aka terrible. Any help is appreciated

  28. Hey guys, I’m in a pinch and wondering if to punt this week. Am 3-2 and playing the top team in our league 5-0. The problem is at QB where I have MVick – inj and MRyan – bye… The waiver wire has TPryor and MHenne. while I have zero faith in Henne, might he be worth a garbage-time flyer against Denver?
    I don’t want to give up my bench for a lost cause this week…suggestions?

  29. I am offering Josh Gordon, Kendall Hunter (he has Gore), and Shane Vereen for Trent Richardson. Fair?

  30. Is Edelman for Alshon Jeffries a good trade???? PPR League
    Some feed back and analysis would be a great help.

  31. Thanx for the response Forrest. I’m 3-2, should be 5-0 but didn’t make the right calls off the bench!! It’s all good though, as Munt says, whether you’re 14-0 or 7-7, you can still win the ship.

  32. @Forrest-If you are talking about P. Thomas than MAKE THAT TRADE! I would hold off otherwise until NE figures out their main passing targets (Gronk and Thomas) this week as it seems you have some nice depth to your RB lineup already.

  33. Trade away megatron and darren sproles and get dez bryant and stevan ridely? I like dez more than tron this year, its sproles/ridley that has me really nervous.

  34. Rivers put up a bunch of points on Dallas and Philly, the NFC East kinda stinks right now. I am not drinking the Kool-Aid.

  35. I got Spiller, murray, FJAX, Miller and am stacked at WR. Do I trade spiller and roddy white for Doug Martin? Sitting at 4-2 with thin RB’s

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