DeAnglo Will Made It (Week 5)


By Muntradamus




If your team is 0-4 or 1-3, and it is not because of injuries but just bad performance.  Time to switch things up and get rid of the skeletons that are haunting your team.  Remember, your season is never over, until it’s over.  If you make the playoffs, that is just as good as going 14-0.





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While I never like selling players at a low value, but it is hard to imagine RGIII being much more valuable than he is now on the trade market.  You can fool owners with his nice Week 1/Week 2 Passing performances before they forget he got all of his numbers during Blowouts.  I would figure out a trade for Vick or Romo if you are selling RG3.  If you have to give a little more along with it, make the move.  You will not win your league with RG3 and his lacking running game.


Wait, he was a Buy-Low option last week.  How can he be sell high?

Fantasy Trade Market is the name of the game, if you got Kaepernick, now you can sell him at a higher value than you paid and upgrade your QB one more time.  Do not let your opponent realize the schedule is not too easy for the QB who is not running wild.  Michael Vick is the player I would take a chance on if your team is in self-destruction mode, or you can figure out a bigger trade for Tom Brady.  You likely have to give up another star to get that one going, but you do not want to depend on Kaepernick R.O.S. if your team is nearing the end.

If your team is fine, and you want to wait on Colin another Week.   2012 Kaepernick would be a good matchup against the Texans, they leave a lot of space for QBs to run.



He did it BEAST DOME NATION.  He made it through the first 4 games unscratched.  On top of that he has been a BEAST.  So much so, he is now being ranked as a Top 5 RB by nearly every site.  That means you can get Trent Richardson for Matt Forte!?  Not old Trent Richardson, but Trent Richardson on the Colts, a team that just scored 37 Points while taking their foot off the gas peddle.  Do yourself a favor, get Trent for Forte.  You have been warned.


Ladies and gentleman, D-Will is Fantasy worthy again.  The same D-Will who was probably on everyone’s Waiver Wire at one point last season.  With no competition, Williams looks like a great option.  Also with the fact Jonathan Stewart will not return when ready.  DeAnglo is shaping up to be a solid RB#2.

Once you get this thought in the owners head.  You got him/her.

It is a long season.  Jonathan Stewart will come in Fresh and untouched, DeAnglo is still worn down to what he once was.  He is having nice burst early, but all these early season tackles will catchup later on.  Lets also be real on the fact, his two best run games were against the Bills/Giants.  Sell High.



This is not a Sell High.  But it is a Must-Sell before it gets worst.  Glennon is not the QB you expected when you drafted Vincent Jackson.  After 1 Week in the Mike Glennon project, I am noticing similarities to Blaine Gabbert.  It was only one game, and Patrick Peterson was guarding him with bad Ribs.  I still don’t like this connection Long-Term and now is the time to cash in on Vincent Jackson and try to get Eric Decker or Larry Fitzgerald.


Like for James Jones has been on a BEAST caliber level as of late.  Bad news Jones, JerMichael Finley is coming back.  That means Jones is no longer going to be a consistent WR#2 and be more like a mid-range WR#3 on the Fantasy Market.  Time to cash in on Jones and get that upgrade you really need.  Maybe pair him up with your QB to get a next level QB.


Okay, okay.  If you made it this long with Edelman, you got all you wanted from this relationship.  Amendola returns next week, Gronk returns the week after that.  You may get an extra game without Danny, but that is not for sure.  Regardless, time to cash in on Edelman who is on his way down.  Still treat him like a solid WR#2 when you go into any trade.



With the slight emergence of Alshon Jeffery, Tellus will get less targets.  He could still get more valuable targets, but what made him attractive was his volume.  Last week Brandon Marshall suffered from the bunch, but look that to be Martellus more often than not.  Do not sell low, but do sell him in a package deal to get what you want somewhere else.

Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #8 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for all DRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS (MLB/NFL/NBA) in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. I’m seriously considering offering Rivers/S. Smith/D. Moore for Welker (I desperately need quality concentration at WR). Welker’s owner has Eli and Wilson at QB, so he might just do it. What do you guys think? Here’s my roster.

    Newton / Rivers
    R. Bush / J. Charles / G. Bernard / J. Bell
    T. Smith / S. Smith / D. Moore / D. Hopkins / M. Williams
    Gronk / Olsen

    Considering I’m very good but not very deep at RB the QB’s are the only solid leverage I have to trade up.

    Also, Should I make a play to get T. Rich by offering Sproles in an 8-Team .5 PPR league? I can afford to include Stevie J., T. Smith, R. Mathews, Hopkins as sweetener. My other backs are Martin, Spiller, S. Jax.

  2. Trade Question for all you Beast Domers: PPR League, I just received this one:

    Send DMurray for BMarshall straight up?

    My RB’s: LeSean McCoy, JCharles, DMurray, Montee, McGahee
    My WR’s: Jordy, DeSean Jax, Gordon, Percy, Blackmon
    TE: Gronk, Clay, J Finley

    Feels right, but I hate to lose a great RB. Any insight is appreciated.

  3. In a PPR league I’d do that. Marshall will actually probably outscore Murray at the flex in PPR leagues. There’s also always a chance he misses a bunch of games. With McCoy and Charles, I make that move yesterday.

  4. I have V.Jax and would like to trade him for a better WR. I would like to get D.Thomas from this guy. What is the best package to make?

    My team:
    QB: Peyton/ Romo
    RB: Mccoy/Richardson/Murray/Jackson/Bell/Ball/Brown/Tate
    WR: Cruz/Green/V.Jax/Thompkins
    TE: Jimmy

    His team:
    QB: Eli/Manuel/Kaep
    RB: Lynch/Moreno/CJ2k/Rice
    WR: Thomas/A.Johnson/Royal/S.Johnson/Bowe/White
    TE: Cameron/Davis

  5. YES. If you can get Marshall for that, it’s a great trade. Like Thomas says, Marshall will many times outscore Murray. Especially with PPR.

    Murray is as inconsistent as a WR at times.

    It’s hard to part with a quality RB, but you’ve got two stars in Shady and Charles

  6. trading V-jax for decker or fitz? no way. the only way you can get that kind of value is if he shows up with glennon throwing to him against a weak secondary.

    In my league, i’m trying to peddle him for like antonio brown, Leveon Bell, Bilal Powell or Josh Gordon. Even before Glennon took over, it was difficult in my league to trade v-jax away.

  7. I was thinking I sell V-Jax for Danny Amendola or Roddy White. I was going to shoot for Decker, but I already gutted that team in a trade and he has no good receivers left after Decker.

    My team:

    QB: P. Manning
    RB: J Charles, Trent Rich, S-Jax
    WR: Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, Cecil Shorts, V-Jax, Mike Wallace
    TE: Antonio Gates, Heath Miller

    What do you guys think – good or bad?

  8. If you start 2 wr’s, why the hell not. 3 wr’s it may depend on how deep his wr core goes and not the qb. He can pick up hoyer, pryor, stafford and wait and see with eli and wilson. What’s his record? Hopefully 1-3. Desperate owners do crazy shit. check out my note a.k.a desperate owner.

  9. Depends on league set up. 3 wr’s vs. 2. or flex or not. but other rb’s makes this a solid trade. Good Luck. BEAST!

  10. Yeh, at this point I think he’ll have to be part of a package. An owner with a good record and space on his bench may take a wait and see attitude.

  11. Is Eli Manning a buy low? Who thinks the Giants right their ship and start sailing straight? We’ve all seen them do it before.

  12. a.k.a “desperate owner” 1-3 in one of my leagues. So, it’s time to shake shit up and see what happens. I’m thinking of putting P. Manning on the trade block and seeing what I can get to bulk up my roster. I’ll commitee qb’s with Pryor and Hoyer who are on waiver. I have P.Manning, S.Smith, M. Williams, D. Moore, S. Rice. The rest of my team: L. McCoy, R. Bush, R. Matthews, M. Ball, M. Bush, J. Stewart, R. Helu, Clay & H. Miller. The only thing left on the wire are wr’s like: L. Moore, V. Brown, K. Britt, Broyles,DHB, Sanu, Gibson, T. Williams, etc. So, what would you do? And what type players would you shoot for? Thanks.

  13. aim for trent richardson. He has not blown up yet and if you are goingto trade manning+1 u can get him. In a 1 qb league.

  14. It depends on your league. I own P.Manning in just about all my 2QB leagues and wouldn’t trade him for the world. I was able to get T.Rich and AJ for Doug Martin, Antonio Brown, and Julius Thomas, so I don’t think it would take P.manning to get T.Rich. I would try to move Bush and Mike Williams for someone like T.Rich and Josh Gordon.

  15. I’m a big Niners fan so maybe there is some homerism in this assessment, but for the niners to win they will have to rely on Gore carrying the rock. If we can’t control the clock and keep our Def fresh we lose games. After Seattle and the Colts we learned this and returned to our power run game against the Rams. Look for Gore to end the season as this year’s Alfred. (it helps that our “running” QB still has a working knee).

  16. I would definitely try for Amendola or White, You should be able to survive long enough for either of them to come on strong in the next couple of weeks.

  17. If you don’t have Gronk yet, now is the time to make an offer. Make an offer that helps the other team win now and doesn’t hurt too bad.

  18. i wouldnt enjoy relying on Vick unless you have another QB handy. That said, do the deal, big time upgrades at WR and RB.

  19. i have a question what is the value of miles austin. in your opinion beast nation is he still worth a roster slot?

    other WR’s
    anquan boldin
    desean jackson
    mike williams ( he’s on my bubble 2 due to QB)
    nate washington

  20. Don’t do that….The thing about P.Manning is that he is worth more then mostly what you could get for him. He is so far and away the best player in FF right now that you couldn’t get value 1:1. Think about it this way: Trading Manning for T.Rich to improve your flex (R.Matthews). P.Manning averages 30+ pts a game in normal formats, Hoyer is worth around 20. That 10 point difference is greater than T.Rich’s improvement over R.Matthews. Not worth it unless you got like M.Vick+ a stud receiver… even then you’d kick yourself for losing Manning.

  21. did i win in the following trades? i just blew up my team

    gave romo/nate wash for lamar miller/boldin
    gave newton/martin/wayne for peyton/rice/andre [almost accepted by other owner]

    my other players: sproles, ridley, ben tate, [just dropped woodhead for ball], marshall, nicks, shorts, harvin

  22. Hes worth a slot if you can sit thru a hammy issue.
    Dallas should sweeten up down the stretch

  23. well i just got some trade pieces in return i could sell high later on. i figured i wouldn’t need him anymore since i can confirm that i got peyton and that guy who got romo is the only one who needed a QB..

  24. I am currently 4-0 in a sixteen team league but i just have gotten lucky scoring about top 6 in points. its a 1 qb 1 rb 1 te 2 wr 1 flex league i have the following roster looking for advice on trades i could do and some constructive criticism on my team

    Qb rg3 and carson palmer
    Wr donnie avery, larry fitz, mike wallace, mike williams
    Rb giovani bernard arian foster stevan ridley
    Te cameron and sean mcgrath

  25. With some of the names you’ve got on that roster, the only reason I can imagine you’ve been losing is because of your weakness at WR. You do, however, have two top tier RBs, so I don’t think there’s any point in trading away Peyton for another RB who might bounce back to be an RB1 (Trent). Manning’s the highest scoring player in all of fantasy football, go after someone struggling at QB and take one (or both if you can get it) of their top WRs. Alternatively, you could trade away one of your good RBs for a top WR. Maybe shift one of your TEs for a decent WR2 (maybe low WR1 for Heath) to complement.

  26. I Just got offered ray rice and marques colston for Gio and Reggie Wayne?
    What do you all think?

  27. fully aware of that. but now i can package him with one of my WRs to get demarco [he’s currently on the trading block for a WR+RB]

  28. Definitely not Morris, he could easily lose touches after Helu showed his potential to Shanahan last week, on top of RG3 not running the offense that made Morris a star in the first place. Gore looked great last week, should be solid ROS but now would be a good sell high point, maybe a wr if you have some depth after your two stud rb’s.

  29. Got offered steve smith/julius thomas for boldin. I have gronk and finley already. He clearly wants boldin so I’m thinking of going after his dez bryant.
    My Team- rb mccoy, s jax, giovani, bell, ball
    wr welker, boldin, gordon, miles, denarius moore

    His team- rb rice, gore, moreno
    wr dez, smith, colston, a brown
    te gates, julius

    I’m thinking throw boldin/bell for dez. Any suggestions?

  30. Do not trade Peyton. He will be the guy that leads your team to the playoffs, 1-3 is no time to panic. Trade Bush after last weeks gem. Get a solid RB2 and maybe a decent wr which is your biggest problem. You are in position to control the waiver wire so do your research, snag a breakout player or two and you will be fine.

  31. You might be able to get that one through. If he won’t go for Dez (I wouldn’t), I think Antonio Brown is an upgrade from Bolden.

  32. What if I have both forte and richardson? Who would be a good target for forte? Richardson is being ranked a #10 RB for fest of season. Is that low? Who would be an upgrade for richardson or do you believe his production will improve?

  33. I wouldn’t do it. You have great depth at wide receiver already, not so much at RB. If one of your starting RB’s goes down, you won’t be in such good shape. I would see if you can trade a WR and Murray for one of his RBs and B.Marshall. Just my opinion.

  34. if your 4-0 why change anything…luck or not…my advice – if it aient broke, dont fix it…if there are some players on your waiver that Munt and some others on BD has mentioned maybe pick some of them up…but you cant get much better than 4-0…

  35. do i take a chance and drop denver defense and pick atlanta or browns this week….worth it??? any thoughts

  36. Hey Beasts!

    So I am 1-3 in my work league’ and trying to shake things up a bit.

    A guy was on auto draft in my league and got stacked at WR but is weak at RB so I am trying to engineer a trade to get a better WR.

    NonPPr RB(2), WR (2), WR/RB flex

    My team:

    QB: Romo
    WR: Hakeem Nicks/Amendola/S.Smith/Hilton/Harvin
    RB: AP/S.Jax/R.Bush/Le’veon/Bradshaw/Powell
    TE: Gronk

    His team:
    QB: Newton/Rivers
    WR: Calvin/Dez/Cobb/D.Jackson/G.Jennings/D.Hopkins
    RB: D.Sproles/Moreno/B.Tate
    TE: Gonzalez/Gates

    Thinking maybe trading R.bush for maybe Dez or Cobb plus someone, or maybe try Le’veon for Jackson since he sits on his bench?

  37. I took Atlanta, they are at home and in need of a win, The Jets have a rookie QB on the road with two injured receivers. IMO

  38. Hey Guys who wins this deal.

    Team A gets- Victor Cruz MJD
    Team B gets- Nicks Ray Rice Charles Clay

    Team A has Gronk and can pickup a TE. Has a horrible WR situation currently- Team B is having a rough year and could use a TE.

    Or is it good for both teams?

  39. got offered spiller/marshall for murray/james jones. my other rb’s are foster, powell, ridley, tate, woodhead. my other wr’s are fitzgerald, garcon, shorts. what should i do?

  40. Should I trade Mattt Stafford for Eli Manning and Lynch? Currently 2-2. Team includes:

    QB: Brees, Stafford
    RB: Spiller, MJD, Sproles, McGahee, Wilson, Fjax
    WR: DeSean, Cobb, Torrey Smith, Josh Gordon, Colston
    TE: Gronk, Finley

  41. I’d rather be receiving Ray Rice, but if I needed help at WR, I’d take the Cruz side. I honestly think MJD playing at a high level is a 50/50 shot.

  42. I’ve got a quandary Dome. I proposed a trade of my Bush/Rivers/S. Smith/J. Bell to receive his Peterson/J. Jones. I knew it was a lofty goal, but I figured it was worth a shot. I was rejected, but he countered with me sending Bush/Rivers to get Peterson/E. Manning. Normally I would jump to accept that, but I NEED a receiver bad and Rivers is my best bargaining chip. Any suggestions on a counter? I’m not rejecting that offer, just making an open counter. I’m gonna take it if nothing else can be worked out.

    My Team
    Charles/Bush/Bernard/J. Bell
    T. Smith/S. Smith/M. Williams/D. Moore/Hopkins

    His Team
    E. Manning/Wilson
    Peterson/Sproles/C. Johnson
    Welker/J. Jones/S. Johnson/Kerley/G. Tate/Edelman
    Finley/Z. Miller/ Sudfeld

  43. I would offer Bell/Powell for Dez or Dez/Hopkins. I don’t think that Powell is gonna keep lighting it up, and even if he does, he’ll be doing it on your bench. His incentive to move Dez is that Jackson, Cobb and Johnson can still post big numbers while he gets two guys that are more effective than Moreno (and probably Sproles). Either way you can at least get D. Jax for Bell (20+ pts in his losing effort debut), and I wouldn’t take anything less.

  44. Absolutely yes. Stafford is a good QB on a high-powered offense, but you already have on of those. What you don’t have is a dependable RB1 who will beast all year…and that is what you get with Lynch. Take it immediately.

  45. Three questions:

    1.) Who to start at RB2 this week: Fred Jackson, Willis McGahee, or Stevan Ridley?

    2.) Who to start at QB this week: Vick (vs NYG) or Ryan (vs NYJ)?

    3.) Are Miles Austin or Dwayne Bowe worth dropping to pick up Vincent Jackson?

  46. If Spiller sits i like Jackson, even against a great Cleveland front. If Spiller plays I like McGahee. I don’t like Ridley at all. I would start Matt Ryan. I would drop Miles Austin for Jackson. The QB situation is bad in Tampa but V-Jax is a borderline WR1.

  47. I was just offered Amendola and Joique for C. Johnson or Alfred Morris. My other backs are Charles and L. Bell. My WRs are J. Jones, T. Smith and N. Washington. Thoughts?

  48. @irishman

    I forgot to mention it’s a 2 QB league. Tannehill is my bye week QB. Stafford and Bree’s start weekly. Also, we get 2 points for every completion. I just don’t know if Eli will turn around enough to supplement Stafford and while Lynch is definitely a beast, a RB is typically at higher risk for injury than QBs.

  49. @irishman I’m playing McGahee on account of Munts advice. Fjax is a good option too. Can use either.

  50. I would take Amendola and Joique for C. Johnson…Morris is still a top 10 RB and will continue to put up numbers after he heals with the BYE week. I would take this trade asap in my opinion.

  51. Also, according the a recent news report, Johnson stated “Public Service Announcement: I could care less about fantasy football…I didn’t ask you to draft me”. He’s got a poor attitude and obviously could care less about get a lot of running in” just my 2 cents.

  52. I am wondering if anyone can help me out with a pick up decision: I currently have Sidney Rice on my bench, but V. Brown and Robert Woods are free on the wire to pick up. Any suggestions on getting rid of Rice for one of the two? Also, My QBs are Luck/Bradford…Eli is free to pick up and I’m feeling like if I don’t grab him now in exchange for Bradford, someone else will next week. Thoughts? Thanks guys.

  53. i would grab eli, they have to start playing better as an offense soon, and with that defense it will be mostly a passing attack.

  54. Thanks bukeye…any thoughts on the first part? Dropping Sidney Rice for either R. Woods, V. Brown, K. Wright, or even Micheal Floyd? So many options…

  55. the rice question is almost a personal preference…i personally dont care for rice much at all…but to try and not put that in there out of all the players you suggested i would go with brown

  56. got one for ya’ll…..i just got offered dez, amendola, mcgahee for lynch and josh gordon….
    my other rb’s are murray, s-jax, ball, jennings
    wr’s are nelson, boldin, miles austin
    take it or leave it?

  57. I would say hold onto lynch…althought dez and (soon) Amendola will give you a solid WR 1 & 2 and you have boldin and nelson so that’s would be a solid WR/Flex lineup and bench. That’s a tough call though man…your RB situation wouldn’t be as solid with lynch gone, but still a winning squad w/ a beast WR/Flex lineup…

  58. See if he’s willing to get you dez and amendola for gordon and murray & someone else besides lynch.

  59. I’d go lower than Bush. Offer Bradshaw or Powell, and work up from there. If this is a work league, and this guy had his team on autodraft, I doubt he cares about his team as much as you do.

    Try to bank on his apathy.

  60. I’d pull the trigger on that right away.

    Spiller is a great buy-low right now. Marshall is your new, solid WR1, and that’s what you need.

    Not a huge fan of Murray. And James Jones may fall back to earth with J-Finley coming back soon.

    You’d be giving up a hot RB2 (Murray) and a hot WR2 (Jones), both good sells, for a cold RB1 (Spiller will heat up) and a solid WR1 (Marshall).

  61. I’d sell CJ for Amendola.

    Alfred Morris is so consistent. Also, with Locker out, the Titans’ offense may be in disarray. Defenses may start to focus even more on CJ, and it could be last year all over for him.

    Amendola is risky – I just traded for him in my league, too. His upside, however, is too crazy-good to ignore. Your team is also good enough and deep enough to absorb that risk.

    I like the trade CJ for Amendola.

  62. Leave it.

    I love Dez. Amendola is risky. McGahee is not going to help your team out.

    BUT: You don’t want to give up Lynch, and I don’t think Gordon is the “flash in a pan” type of WR that you sell-high on right now.

    This is your core:

    RBs: Lynch, S-Jax, Murray
    WRs: Nelson, Boldin, Gordon

    That’s VERY solid. When S-Jax comes back, you’ll be good to go.

  63. My thoughts:

    Drop Bradford and get Eli right now. Luck will keep getting better and can hold the fort down until Eli gets his head straight.

    I’m not a big fantasy fan of S. Rice. If he’s just riding the bench on your team, I’d replace him with Woods.

  64. Thanks! I ended up doing that…

    So here’s my current lineup: Bradford (possibly dropping for Eli?), Lynch, Woodhead, D. Thomas, White, Charles Clay, R. Jennings, Bills D/ST M. Bryant.
    Bench:Morris,Garcon,Luck,Bengals D/ST,Jared Cook, Hartline, R. Woods

    I’d like to mention..Monte is up for grabs, same with J. Snelling, Brandon Bolden, R. hillman, P. Thomas, L. Blount.

    *Any suggestions for changes? I’d really appreciate it guys

  65. Thanks! I ended up doing that…

    So here’s my current lineup: Bradford (possibly dropping for Eli?), Lynch, Woodhead, D. Thomas, White, Charles Clay, R. Jennings, Bills D/ST M. Bryant.
    Bench:Morris,Garcon,Luck,Bengals D/ST,Jared Cook, Hartline, R. Woods

    I’d like to mention..Monte is up for grabs, same with J. Snelling, Brandon Bolden, R. hillman, P. Thomas, L. Blount.

    *Any suggestions for changes? I’d really appreciate it guys

  66. Only change to lineup I’d make is Jared Cook at TE rather than Charles Clay, but that’s debatable.

    I’m not sure if I’d pick up any of those guys you mention. If you have room, and Roy Helu isn’t picked in your league, I would maybe get him as a handcuff to your Alfred Morris.

  67. Who to start?

    RB: McCoy, Mathews, Ball, McGahee, SJax
    WR: Boldin, Amendola, Roddy, Miles
    TE: Julius T, Gronk

    Right now I’m starting McCoy, Mathews, Amendola, Boldin, Gronk, McGahee.
    Should I start JT over McGahee?

  68. Drop Bradford for Eli, drop R Woods or R Jennings for Montee. Eventually he’s a top 10 rb and if not you really aren’t losing anything. Eli has to much talent at WR to not eventually be a decent QB.

  69. I’d pick up Pierre for the other guy you don’t drop (woods or jennings). Ingram is done and once Jahri Evans gets healthy they will be able to run a little better.

  70. Instead of trading Forte, who is having a great season, and is very involved in every aspect of the Bears offense, why not just grab Michael Bush off waivers as insurance. Or make sure you have a decent backup plan. Predicting injuries is just too difficult (well except for McFadden I suppose).

  71. yes you would be trade raping the other team with this trade..take vick and nicks all day

  72. What to do with Witten and Martin…will they pick up this season or trade them off? Give Witten and fleener for Gronk? Give Martin and Mcgahee for ray rice/pierce, Foster/tate, T Rich, or Forte/bush? What is your thoughts on giving away Witten or Martin for any of the picks i listed. Thanks Beastnation!

  73. Wilson has upside but hasn’t shown it and the Gmen are at the bottom of the barrel right now. I do like Lacy especially with Starks out. And huge upgrade to WR since Tron is in his own category. I’d say go for it. Im in a similar situation. Guy needs a RB and has Tron, I offered James Jones and Lacy for him. think hell take that? hes 0-4!

  74. I would go for Trich. Getting rid of Martin. Without a QB, there just going to stack the box on Martin the rest of the year. that offense is in turmoil, and worth getting rid of him now for better upside. I would keep Witten, Romo/Witten will get there tandem going again, especially playing in the NFC East with all terrible Defenses right now!

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