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The time is NOW.


The Waiver Wire does not have anything to offer Playoff caliber Teams.  The Fantasy Football Playoffs is how your story is written.  You can go 7-7, and then win your league.  All it takes is getting hot now, all it takes is starting the right players.  While I want to give you all the Advice in the world right here on why I would start any player.  I am going to let the NATION do that in this artcile.


This is my Last Week to Qualify for the DraftStreet Championship.  I have promised myself, if I do not qualify.

I will bring BEAST DOME back to it’s glory days to conclude the season.


If you want my Weekly Rankings for this crucial matchup.  Signup with a FanDuel Package down low.




I Found Muntradamus last season and started following his advice on beastdome.

I had a terrible beginning to my season but after continually following his posts  I went into the playoffs and went all the way to the championship game.  This season I went with the V.I.P package and he gave me great advice. Having the exclusive one on one talks with him on skype made me suburb.  Thanks to Munt I traded   Richardson for Mccoy  to a guy who was ecstatic about the trade. Now he tells me every day “how did you see that being such a good trade back than? I thought for sure I got the better end of the deal” Boy was he wrong!!! I also picked up Gronkowski  in a buy low trade when everyone thought he was going to be a “bad apple” for fantasy owners. Muntra was always a firm believer in Montee Ball. I drafted him early on and thought about dropping him every since. Muntra kept posting to keep him in my back pocket. I did exactly that and now Ball is getting me great points as he is GREAT in the red zone!!!  I am a FIRM believer in in Muntradamus  and would recommend him to anyone who wants to be a championship fantasy owner!!!!!






If you want my advice to when your Fantasy Football Playoff Games for this Sunday.  Signup for a new account on FanDuel.

Last Week I had my VIPs bench LeSean McCoy for Chris Johnson.  I had them start CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson, that and more is leading to a strong finish for the 2013 Season.


It’s not how you start.  It’s how you finish.

Week 13 RB






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$25/3 Week




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Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #10 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for al l MLB/NFL/NBA DRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2012.  He Qualified (2x) in MLB for 2013 as he continues his streak.  Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. You also said to not start Alex Smith but I did anyway and he came through with 22 pts. FFB is a game of probabilty and you only point out good calls, hell I make great calls every week. The reason I have come to this website for two years is because of the content but you have stopped producing the “beast or bust,” “fantasy Haiku,” and sit/start columns. There is enough information out there for anyone to decide which player has the better probability to score more fantasy points, we do not need your rankings, we need the articles that add value to the FFB season.

  2. Dude, no one is perfect. I was told by Munt to trade Julius Thomas for Dwayne Bowe. It did not pan out, but that one time it did not pan out, the other 9 calls Munt advised me on, Were spot on. He told me to draft Shady Mccoy, to pick up Julius Thomas in the last round, to pick up Jordy Nelson in the 6th round, to pick up Bobby Rainey over Brian Leonard, to stash Montee Ball, to pick up Andre Brown, to trade Stevan Ridley in week 5 and 6 when he was BEASTING for CJ2K, to trade Denarius Moore for Anquan Boldin, when Boldin was SUCKING MAJOR ASS… Get the F*&k out of here troll, and go to another site! Peace out! Keep Beasting Munt!

  3. You complain about him not giving away his advice, but yet you put down his predictions…. dude, you have ISSUES. If other sites are so valuable, why come on here dude? Thats what I thought….

  4. Are you reffering to this article.

    He had 124 Yards Passing that week.

    I will take it as a compliment that you post your comment within minutes of the article coming out.

    I know my value. My VIPs know my value. I get new people every day, I have nothing left to prove where I have to give away Free Advice when I am competiting for a Daily Fantasy Football Championship at the same time.

    Like I said, if I do not accomplish my Goal. Week 15 will go back to Old BEAST DOME.

    And you need my Rankings


  5. Obviously you are a teenager or have the mind of one. Reading comprehension kid, I stated why I come to this website, to read the articles that were here last year and at the start of this year. Munt is legit and makes great predictions but there are alot of people out there who are right the same percentage of the time. I make predictions myself on roto chatter and my percentages are not that far of from Munts, so I do not need his rankings i like the articles.

  6. I am not sure what your goal is but it is evident that the amount of user that come to this site has decreased as the year has worn on as the articles you publish has continued to decrease. I am not in the business but I would think the more people coming to your site the better. You are def one of the best fantasy sports pros but your articles is what put you ahead of everyone else not providing free rankings, which I think it is good that you do not do that.

  7. Thank you for your feedback.

    I do not want to give any hints on the players I think are going to explode because I am competiting for Daily Fantasy Football Championship that could be worth $1,000,000.

    That is MY goal as I have accomplished the feat every year since DraftStreet has started doing these tournaments. I put my Money behind my Picks, and to give you my advice through articles is playing against myself.

    If I do not qualify this week. I will go back to the Old BEAST DOME structure.

    Minus the Free Rankings which do come back Week 17.

    Thank you for being loyal throughout the process.

  8. I must stand up for Muntradamus here. Last year, I found his rankings invaluable. This year I gladly paid for them, and I have not been disappointed. Too busy to interact much with Munt online this year, and this makes the rankings and VIP content all the more useful. A place to go for good ideas when you don’t have time to sort through multiple sites.

    One thing I learned in extensive internet discussions with Munt last year was that no one–and I mean no one in the entire business–puts more thought into rankings and sleepers and busts than Muntradamus. He is looking several layers deep in his analysis. That gave me a new understanding of the game.

    It was a pretty good hint that he handed out a couple of days ago that you might want to bench Brees in Seattle. I did not have Brees, but I play salary cap, and even if I had only seen the bust call on Monday, there would have still been time to change it.

    Give the man his due. Good luck,
    A Satisfied VIP Member

  9. Negative feedback means you are doing something right… Without negative feedback how would one ever improve?

  10. I traded Andrew Luck for Tom Brady week 8 ONLY because I read an article on this site that predicted Luck would drop in production. I look at many FF sites and no one else wrote anything predicting that. Keep up the good work.

  11. So all you guys picked up Montee Ball? I only have 2 RB slots but I have Murray/Tate/Spiller/Ridley… We have to start 3 WRs though. Currently in 3rd place but I somehow might squeeze into the playoffs even though I drafted Doug Martin and Julio Jones…

  12. jrome215 since you are so grown up and calling people little kids…you of all person know damn well that “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” so either pay for the VIP package or just keep trollin…if you want something for free go to Yahoo for your fantasy advice.

  13. Didn’t pay for the VIP this year, but Munt still gave me some quality advice on this site, for which I am grateful. He wasn’t the only site recommending to trade for CJ2K prior to his bye week (CBS did the same), but I only made the move since Munt put his name on it, since he proved his worth to me last year. That team hasn’t lost since, a six game win streak. It wasn’t simply bc of CJ, but he was vital since Foster went on IR shortly after I got him.

  14. Same here Jules; I am not VIP, however; I was able to get awesome advice on this site from Munt. I just wan to say…YOUR A BEAST MUNT and good luck on your goal!

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