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I know it has been a couple of weeks since we last spoke. Had to get into my zone for the Championship and did not want to share my thoughts to potential competition.

With that being said, expect a Letter coming from me on Friday to you.



SEPTEMBER 28th, 2016 I wrote an article titled. ‘Latvius’ Carries Matter’ to give you a sneak peak on how insightful the Trade/Waiver Wire Advice is on BEAST DOME.

Latavius was doing little at the time, he was splitting carries, and nothing more than a goal line RB with inconsistent touches.

We are now in Week 14, and no Running Back has had as many TD’s since Week 7 (8 Total) and Tavius is in PURE BEAST MODE as the lead back for the Raiders. The Bills Defense last week is one of those defenses that you just do not play the opposing RB against in Fantasy, especially with Marcell Dareus healthy. Latavius ran for over 100+ and 3 TD against the Broncos earlier in the year, and he is proving to be 100% the BEAST RB we all know he can be.

HEADING into Week 14 against the Chiefs, Latavius Murray is ready to go PURE BEAST MODE on Thursday Night Football against a Chiefs defense that is completely unraveling. Ever since the 4th Quarter against the Broncos in Week 12, the Chiefs are giving up over 7 points a Quarter! They do return home which is where the heart is, and also the heart of the one of the best home crowds in the NFL.

Regardless of the Home Field advantage. The Raiders are easily the most confident teams in the AFC. First Place in the AFC West, their offense can score on just about everyone, Latavius Murray is running like a more physical Le’Veon Bell, Derek Carr is in the MVP conversation. All of this, going up against a Chiefs Offense that is all gadgets and gimmicks.

The Chiefs will try to rely on Spencer Ware who is coming off of his best game in some time, but also going up against a Raiders Team that hit very hard, something that does not favor him after a recent concussion. Alex Smith has been a nice game manager, but he will have little time in the pocket against a fierce pass rush from Oakland.

In the end, the Raiders pick it up and get the win and continue their surge in the AFC West for the first time since Rich Gannon.




2015: 13-3
2016: 8-3


DEREK CARR (276 Yards/2 TD)


AMARI COOPER (106 Yards/1 TD)


Spencer Ware (115 Total Yards/1 TD)

Travis Kelce (106 Yards/1 TD)

SEA BASS JANIKOWSKI (6 Kick Opportunities)




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