HEAR ME ROAR (Week 13)


By Muntradamus


Matt Stafford is rolling like the potential #1 QB to close out the season. Something I predicted back in June. With the Lions Passing game coming off of a Thanksgiving marathon which put everyone in a good mood, the Lions are back at it on Thursday Night against a team that is struggling to a completely different level.

Aaron Rodgers has been plagued by WR’s who are dropping passes left and right. Davante Adams should just change his name to, ‘Butterfingers’, and James Jones should change his name to, ‘RedZone or Nothing.’ While star WR Randall Cobb should change his name to, ‘I miss Jordy Nelson so defenses do not have to focus on me.’

Regardless of the excuses, this Packers Passing game is nothing like it was in 2014, still Rodgers remains one of the best QBs in the league. The Lions Defense has been playing amazing as of late. QB’s cannot throw on them, including Rodgers in Week 10, Carr Week 11. While Running Backs cannot run on them, Starks Week 10, Latavius Week 11, DeMarco Week 12.

With the Lions Defense finally almost healthy, everything is working at full circle. So before we get all excited to eat our Packer Steak Dinners we have to remember Murphy’s Law. “Whatever can happen will happen.”

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers know it is time to wake up and put 40+ Points on that scoreboard. Aaron Rodgers in a Dome is a Dream, as he would easily be the #1 QB in the NFL if his Home was a Dome. The Lions Pass Defense has done well as of late, but the Packers WR’s all get boosts as well now that they don’t have to run through muddy fields or catch ice rock footballs when the temperature feels like 30 degrees.

In return, you have a Lions Passing Offense that makes Tom Brady owners a little bit jealous heading down the stretch. Everything is clicking and everyone has confidence. If you are ready for a shootout, grab your Guns, put in the bullets, and enjoy a high scoring Football Game.


LIONS (34)

*Thursday Night Football Record 8-3*


Matt Stafford (#1 QB). 420 Yards/4 TD

Aaron Rodgers (#2 QB). 375 Yards/3 TD

Eddie Lacy (#11 RB). 87 Yards/1 TD

Calvin Johnson (#1 WR). 172 Yards/2 TD

Randall Cobb (#7 WR). 97 Yards/1 TD

Golden Tate (#4 WR). 108 Yards/1 TD

James Jones (#12 WR). 89 Yards/1 TD

Davante Adams (#17 WR). 76 Yards/Potential TD

Mason Crosby (#2 Kicker)

Matt Prater (#1 Kicker)


  1. Alright bro. I’m trusting you on this one. I have Palmer starting, but I will switch him out for Stafford this game. I need this win to get in the playoffs. Thanks for the advice Munt. Hold on to your butts!

  2. Had the same question. Went with Stafford + Prater and the trusted QB/K combo at least came through…..despite the dud that Stafford put up in the last 3 quarters

  3. Lions got way too comfortable with a 17-0 lead and barely threw the ball in the 2nd quarter. Had to be less than 5 pass attempts in 2nd Quarter.

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