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With Marshawn Lynch down. There is a new Chapter in the season of Jimmy Graham. While many are wanting to bench Jimmy Graham for Vernon Davis or other TE Options. Like all scary movies even including, ‘Silence of the Graham.’ You have to watch the end of the movie to see what happens.

Will Jimmy Graham start to get 10+ Targets a game?

Will Jimmy Graham score a TD?

Will Jimmy Graham be a consistent Top 5 TE?

All of these are questions where you have to wait and see how it all plays out. With Marshawn Lynch gone, the Seahawks will have to rely on their passing game a little more. Thomas Rawls is good, but when he faces a real run Defense there is reason to believe he will be a 50-60 Yard RB. Russell Wilson has done a good job in getting Tyler Lockett and Doug Baldwin involved the last two games, defenses will definitely not double Jimmy Graham like they may have been to start the season.

The only thing we can say to defend Jimmy Graham in Week 11 is that the 49ers gave up TDs to Seattle in their first three drives. The score was 20-0 before anyone could blink. Yes we would have loved to see a TD or two to Graham in that process, but at least Tyler Lockett is now a name defenses cannot leave wide open. In the process Seattle did not throw much/at all in the 2nd half.

It is not really an excuse as it amazes me even with Russell Wilson throwing the ball more times than he ever has in his career, he is not throwing it to his superstar/potential Hall of Fame TE (Consideration before this season). Graham has seen 6+ Targets in only 5 games this season. This trade from the Saints has been a larger fail than Trent Richardson to the Colts, and the only thing that can save Jimmy Graham is to step up and be their BEAST to close out the season. Not only to win you a Fantasy Championship, but to carry Seattle’s offense into the NFL Playoffs.

My advice is to watch ‘Silence of the Graham’ until the final Credits and play him every week. You will not forgive yourself if he puts up a HUGE week on your bench, and the upside of your backup TE is likely nothing that is going to take over the game and re-write history books.

While Graham has been nothing short of a Mega Bust in 2015. He can still be your savior if he can get on track for a strong Fantasy Playoff Run. The reasoning behind having everyone grab Jimmy Graham along with Marshawn Lynch on Draft Day was simple.

When Marshawn does not get the ball, Graham likely will.

While that has not been the case as Graham is nearly a ghost more often than not, the cards are now officially in his favor.


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