Fantasy Football Rankings (Update): Optimus Prime (Week 13)

Fantasy Football Rankings (Update):

Optimus Prime (Week 13)


By Muntradamus

Week 13 may be your last chance to salvage your season, for some of you.  If that is the case, keep in mind that there will be plenty of ways to be re-cooping your losses as we close out the year in the BEAST DOME LEAGUE.  More information will follow next week about the Week 17 Championship and how to qualify. 










THURSDAY: R.O.S Rankings + Playoff Choke






Before you look at my rankings, you are probably curious how BEAST DOME ranks in the 100+ Fantasy Football Experts so far this season.









*Would Be #1 Overall by a large margin if TE was not dragging*

WEEK 12 Rankings


QB RANK (#1)









*12th consecutive Week BEAST DOME has finished in the top 5 of at least one category*

*Some information is kept discrete due to other Experts reading the Notes.
Updates to Rankings will be announced on Twitter (if any).

Take Home your Victory and join us for Week 14. Way to Dominate BEAST NATION.


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  1. I see Gates rated high everywhere every week, yet the guy is killing me (only 3 weeks of decent performances). Am I crazy to want to start Clark over Gates?

  2. Holding on to 4th place with 2 weeks to go.
    Standard scoring.
    Starting Martin and Beanie at RB
    Need 1 flex and 2 wr.
    vincent Jackson
    cecil shorts
    ryan broyles

  3. I’ve been feeling your pain man. The way I see it there are only 2 or 3 at this point reliable TE that see substantial and consistent points everyweek: Gronk/Aaron, Jimmy and Gonzalez. Outside of those 3, the rest are always a crapshoot. So know, I don’t think your crazy. I’ve been starting Gates every week hoping he wakes up, but it never happens, Rivers or Norv seem to hate him as he gets no targets.

  4. I agree. Gates has been killing me this year. I’m starting Miller over Gates this week and will drop Gates (been saying that for weeks….) if he underperforms vs Bengals.

  5. I love the call on Dawson. I had a feeling he would be high on the list this week and was looking for an excuse to start him.

  6. I totally agree with the ranking on Dawson this week. Would you start him over Matt Bryant though? I’m playing against Ryan tonight so am hesitant to pull the trigger.

  7. very surprised to see Brandon Lloyd ranked in the top 20 this week, but i guess you’re expecting a break out week for him…? only reasons i can think of are favorable matchup, Edelman’s concussion status and i believe Lloyd was on the field 90% of the plays in week 12 (though he was only targeted 5 times).

  8. The Chargers have problems on the O-line (they’re waiting on a new left tackle from Amazon), so Gates has to help keep Rivers alive. He still has potential for TDs each week, so he’s up in the rankings, but not consistently getting targets like the guys you named and Witten-the-touchdownless-wonder.

  9. Is it safe to plug in McFadden? What can we expect his workload to be this week? Split carries with Reece or full load?

  10. What’s the reason for Mike Williams being so high this week? My season depends on playing him or beanie wells at flex.


  11. What are your thoughts on Mercedes Lewis this week? I think he has potential based on his match up and the coaching staff utilizing him more.

  12. Must win situation this week to make the playoffs & going to rely on the BEAST community to give me the needed push. Faced with a FLEX dilemma. Not clear cut answer because of injuries. Need to start one:

    Steve Johnson @ Jac
    Law Firm @ SD
    Forte / Bush VS. SEA (I have both)

    I realize if Forte is healthy there is more upside. However, if he starts there is always a risk of re-injuring the ankle. Also, Forte’s carries might be limited. If Forte is out, would Bush jump into the Forte ranking range against a stout Seattle D? Should I simply stay away from the mess and start Steve Johnson? The Law Firm makes me nervous too. Would love your thoughts!

  13. So Amendola ranked over C.Shorts and D.Alexander??? I was going with shorts…any reasons why Amendola(foot) is ranked higher?

  14. I’ve been rolling with the Falcons for offensive firepower (Ryan, Jones, White) and have a bye into the semis but am worried they’ll wrap things up and rest people in 16 (if not 15). Have Mathews and Moreno as candidates to cut for back-up WRs (Blackmon, Broyles, etc). Am sitting on Romo; other RBs are Lynch and Ridley. Make a move now? Only have 12 player rosters and need to sit on Gronk so he doesn’t beat me later.

  15. Need to start one TE. I’ve been rolling with Brandon Myers all year since I dropped Finley. He has a bad matchup but his output has been fairly good all year with the high amount of targets he receives. Other options on the wire include Jared Cook, Pettigrew (bad matchup), Keller (bad matchup) and Dallas Clark.

  16. I feel you I was gonna roll with DNX over amendola, he was seen back in a walking boot and could easily not play, 18th when the ecr is 37th??

  17. I like M. Williams to take what Champ allows from his match up with VJAX, although I am debating starting him, Broyles, or Torrey. Also debating taking a absolute shot at J. Wright from MN….

  18. There will be a Rankings Update Saturday Night like every week.

    When we learn more about the injuries to all players, changes will be made. The purpose of the preliminary rankings is to get you ready with who your best possible players could be.

    By Saturday Night. You will have a clearer picture of all the Final Rankings.

    Sunday on Twitter is for all the last second Updates.

  19. Reece looks like he’s going to be the top dog in Oakland. He is the safest play, but JacQuizz is the all-or-nothing.

  20. To make the playoffs i need to win a tie-breaker which is total points scored for the season. Need to outscore a team by about 30. You think Quizz in that situation? Thanks for the advice

  21. Trying to pick 2 WRs….I have Fitz, Moore, Broyles, Blackmon, and Mike williams.

    Im leaning Blackmon and Broyles. What do you think?

  22. Blackmon and Alexander are ranked above Broyles in the WR section, but Broyles is ahead in the flex section. I need to start 2 of those 3 this week.

  23. Gosh, Tharko…I respect Munts, but you can’t really feel good about Lloyd. Since week 4, he has only surpassed 50 yards once. That was week 6 when he had 80 yards. It would be tough to simply start Lloyd hoping for a TD. Shorts seems like the MUCH safer option. I know the Bills 23rd ranked defense to WRs may be improving as of late, but that much?? Lloyd is facing the 15th ranked pass defense to WRs in the Dolphins….I’m still not seeing the logic. Does that fact that Gronk is out really boost Lloyd that much? Man, would sure take some stones to start Lloyd or Cecil. Stones that I don’t have apparently…

  24. Munt would obviously roll with Mike Williams but I’m with you and don’t like what Williams has been doing recently.

  25. If Reece is going to be the top dog then he should be ranked ahead of McFadden. I own both but I’m leaning towards keeping them both on the bench until things clear up.

  26. Rankings Update Saturday Night. Reece will definitely be getting an upgrade among other players as we learn more leading up to Sunday.

  27. CHARGERS BLOW! Also feeling you with Gates luckily for me I actually have a decent consistent tight end unlike ANY tight end in the league this year; Gronk, Jimmy are not consistent in the slightest bit unless you are stuck in the year 2011, last time I checked Drew Brees favorite target this year by far isn’t Jimmy, Moore for sure. Maybe I am way off but I think Gronk is OUT! My backup TE who actually, is my #1 now, Gresham. I have a feeling I am going to be sick however when I start Gresham and Gates has one of his few big weeks. Grab Mercedes or Charles Clay, he is hot now and had a ton of targets last week plus a division game. I need help with my RB’s this week if anyone in this thread or anyone else has any input.

    My starters are Morris, Spiller and BJE in the flew, my dilemma is that I have a feeling DeMarco is coming back with a fury. This is a really important matchup this week will set apart if I win regular season or barely make playoffs….CRAZY league. Another flew option is Steve Smith. If anyone wants to hear it I have a strange feeling DeAngelo Williams is going to have a big week.

  28. I am assuming its too late for sproles, probably a good thing, he got robbed of a TD. Start Jackson, Decker, and Shorts!

  29. LOVE the Benzo this week!! I don’t think it’s the Coaching as much as it is Henne realizing he is a player that can make plays and needs to balls thrown his way.

  30. This game tonight did a number on me but I still can win I pplayed roddy njimmy g tonight n only got 7pts I have Brady at qb I need help who to play at remaining 2 spots at wr n 2 spots at rb choices:


    Chris Johnson
    Beanie wells

    Std league please help this game gets me in to first place and can make point leader. Thanks in advance nation.

  31. Defense : I had Green Bay, but without matthews and woodson, they seem blah….Trying to scoop up cinci , clev, or carolina….who seems to be on track to produce?

  32. I’m going with Dallas… They have a matchup that is a must win if they want to make the playoffs. Saints losing only helps their cause. Of all the teams this weekend Dallas will be the most hungry for a win. Plus its a Sunday Night prime time slot. And they have no DeSean Jackson, and Foles is a bust.

  33. Cross-posting from the Championship thread:

    I’m 9-3 and locked for the playoffs, but I could use some depth at RB. My league is 0.5 PPR, QB/2 RB/2 WR/Flex/D/K, and 16 teams, and I think my weakest spot is at RB unless the Texans D/ST continues to get worse.

    QB: Romo, Kaepernick
    RB: Foster, B.Wells, Dwyer, B.Tate
    WR: AJ Green, Stevie Johnson, Sidney Rice, Edelman, Heyward-Bey, Sanu
    TE: H.Miller, D.Keller
    D/ST: Texans
    K: Vinatieri

    Any suggestions for preparing for playoffs? There aren’t many worthwhile available players, but I was considering dropping a WR (Sanu?) for B.Powell, J.Bell, or maybe D.Wilson. Also considering stashing Henne just to keep anyone else from using him.

  34. I have sidney rice
    denarius Moore
    Mike Wallace
    Miles Austin
    And Julian eldeman
    And Andre Johnson

    Who should I start beside Johnson of course
    And should
    I drop any of these guys to get Lafell? (excluding Johnson )

  35. Broyles is the safer play. Lions are gaining 400+ per game. He runs all the cross routes and is getting a lot of targets. Williams is the gamble. If you need a homerun; let’s be real, they are probably going to have to play shootout with Peyton, this is the play.

    Jennings is too high a gamble. Are Rodgers and the scheme really going to jeopardize a game forcing him the ball? Too much uncertainty. If he’s healthy, he’s the favorite. We don’t t know that.

  36. QB-Matt Schaub
    RB Doug Martin
    RB Bryce Brown
    WR Blackmon
    WR Broyles
    TE Graham-already played….disappointed
    K- Dan Bailer

    What do you think? starting schaub over freeman benching leshoure and murray…also benching moore, fitz, and mike williams….Def is a stuggle with bengals, giants, pack, panthers, and browns.
    Help/. 6-6 Need to win to get in

  37. Dawson not looking good now with the weather forecast being a tropical storm during the game, wind gusting up to 45mph and rain,anyone else??

  38. Rankings go through another update Saturday Night once injuries and Weather is more clear. Changes will be made of course if the weather looks as bad as it is going to be.

  39. I’m torn too. I think he is going to get lots of targets with Moore being covered by Harden, but lots of uncertainty with the storm coming in makes me hesitant to start any Raiders I have.

    I have –
    QB: Stafford (Palmer)
    RB: Morris, Wells (Moreno, Reece ; Royster, Stephens-Howling as handcuffs)
    WR (2), WR/TE(1) Flex: Wayne, Nicks, Garcon, (Amendola, Moore, Blackmon)
    TE: Myers
    D/ST: Bears
    K: Hanson

    Any lineup
    changes I should make? Only really questioning Wells/Moreno.

    I’ve carried D Murray at RB all season and traded him for Hanson and Stephens Howling as my QB+K pair and a handcuff for Wells if needed. May have been a bad call if Murray does well and is fully recovered during playoffs, but I really wanted my K pairing and figured that I was strong enough at RB to make it.

    I’m in the Playoffs, but want some opinions on my ROS options.

    Heard Reece might get starting touches and that DMC was floated around to throw off the Browns. With Moore definitely getting coverage, Im thinking Reece might be a sleeper dual threat and that DMC isn’t going to be as involved as they are floating.

  40. Yea, im def goin with shorts…amendola is doubtful to play anyways but im sure if i played him DNX would have a huge game haha

  41. Pick 3: D.Thomas, R.Wayne, C.Shorts, D.Alexander, P.Garcon
    Im thinking the first 3 but would like other opinions

  42. J.Wright or J.Edelman as WR3? I have Amendola, but can’t really trust him right now. Edelman also is a risky play. If there is another out-of-box WR that could be huge sleeper then who would it be? :) Any suggestions? Must win game this week!!

  43. Alfonzo Dennard (NE CB) needs to be in the top 15 for DB’s this week (and likely moving forward).

    Also, Anthony Spencer (Dal LB) will finish in the top 15 at LB this week.

    These guys are great late year IDP pickups to help get you playoff wins.

  44. 5 RB, which 3 should I start:

    Bryce Brown, @DAL
    C.J. Spiller, JAC
    Darren McFadden, CLE
    Ryan Mathews, CIN
    Alfred Morris, NYG

  45. Should I bench VJ against Champ? I have Broyles, Mike Will, and Greg Jennings that I could start over him.

  46. I SHOULDVE STARTED MIKEY WILLIAMS… CRAP….Fighting for the last spot. won my game, but share a common record with another team 7-6….he has more points ……need a miracle

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