FANTASY FOOTBALL HAIKU: Montee’s Inferno (Week 3)


Montee’s Inferno (Week 3)


By Muntradamus





Where were you when Montee Ball fumbled in Week 2.  The entire BEAST DOME NATION was in shock when Montee was inches away from getting a TD and running away with the job.  Moreno took over the rest of the game. Montee looked average at best the rest of the game.  Clearly Rookie Jitters.   Where were you when Montee Ball fumbled in Week 3.  Clearly looking like the best RB that Denver had by a long shot breaking tackles, spinning off defenders, but then Montee losses the ball in kill the clock mode.  Montee pounds the ground frustrated.  Peyton Manning shakes his head.  The RB coach yells at Montee on the sideline.   So now that leaves us as a Fantasy Football Nation with a question on our mind.  Is Montee Ball going to be the RB for Denver this season.  Will he ever get the job to himself?   The answer is simple.


Knowshon Moreno played himself out of the title “Full-Time Starter” on Monday Night, he has not shown the burst or skill this season.  Yes he had a couple of nice runs against the Giants, but for the most part he goes down on any contact.  He has no broken tackle ability and is good for a plunge up the middle.


Hillman is the size of a toothpick.  It is hard to see him lasting one bone crushing hit at his size and speed.  Sure he looked good against Oakland and had his moments in Week 1 against Baltimore.  For the most part, this guy is not a RB who can take too many hits with the NFL playing at this speed.  He is too small and there is no other way of putting it.  A huge windstorm could knock this guy over.  Once he plays a real defense that is not Oakland, I would hold my breath.


Then there is Montee.  Who clearly looked like the RB I saw in my mind when I projected him as the #5 RB in Fantasy Football, and a MUST-OWN 5th Round Pick in all Fantasy Football Leagues.  He runs with power, he runs with speed, he is one of the best Running Backs in the history of college Football, and he is on a high scoring offense.  In front of him are two Running Backs who are just about worthless on any other team.  Week 1 Montee showed us a glimpse of what he can do.  Week 2 Montee fumbled away any chance of being the starting RB from there on out in the 1st Quarter.  Week 3, Montee who could of easily been the talk of Denver camp all week fumbled away his chance of being thee Denver Running Back for at least the next couple of games.   Will he be benched for good?  Definitely not.  You can tell the RB coach was yelling at him to not lose confidence and realize that he is the best thing this team has.  He knows his potential.  Denver knows his potential, and trust me Knowshon Moreno knows his potential.  It is a long season, and Montee will continue to get his touches and show what he can do.  For now he moves to RB #4 quality, but that does not mean RB #2 is not far away.  Once an injury occurs to a Denver RB, he moves to RB#1 very quickly.  With the way Denver is moving the ball this season, a Bronco RB can average 17 Points a half. 50 Yards/2 TDs.   If he is Waived in your League, you have no excuse not to pick him up now.  This is a thing I preach all season long.


If you can make the playoffs and have Montee Ball on your bench.  Then life is good.  If you write off Montee, then face him in the playoffs and lose your league. Coming Week 4 is the second most important part of my season long strategy.  ROB GRONKOWSKI.




ROTO CHATTER (Week 3 Completed)

#1 Overall

#1 QB

#3 RB

#1 WR

#1 TE


#4 Kicker

#1 D/ST



GENO SMITH looks like a QB that is not ready to give up his job.  Brings some excitement to the team.

BILAL POWELL a Beast Dome favorite of 2012 is showing huge life with the Jets this season.

CHRISTOPHER IVORY is a player that can sit on your bench for the time being.

SANTONIO HOLMES is clearly back to being the #1 WR on this offense.

STEPHEN HILL had a nice long TD Catch, WR #4 at best in Fantasy Football.

KELLEN WINSLOW can be dropped in all leagues.

NYJ D/ST looks better this year than expected.


EJ MANUEL finally started to run the ball.  The more he does that, the more valuable he will be.

CJ SPILLER owners should not panic on the early season struggles.  He should be ready to go next week.

FRED JACKSON is turning back the clock to 2010, which makes Spiller owners scared.

STEVIE JOHNSON is clearly the #1 WR on this team.

ROBERT WOODS is getting his targets but a work in progress.

SCOTT CHANDLER is the poor mans Gronkowski.

BUF D/ST has holes.



TOM BRADY finally will get his weapons back.  Hopefully you bought low while you could.

STEVAN RIDLEY looked worthless on Sunday.  His value continues to free-fall.

LEGARRETTE BLOUNT ran hard against his old team, the job is his for the taking.

BRANDON BOLDEN made things interesting with a 46 Yard run.

JULIAN EDELMAN is just about done with his one night stand.  WR #4 at best.

DANNY AMENDOLA should return next week. Instant Results.

KENBRELL THOMPKINS is going to get lost in the mix.

AARON DOBSON is waivable in all leagues with all the healthy options coming back.


NE D/ST is looking ELITE this season.



RYAN TANNEHILL is looking like the QB we all expected him to be this preseason.

LAMAR MILLER is doing well but still has Daniel Thomas right on his tail.  DT stole his TD.

DANIEL THOMAS is rosterable as a RB#5.  He is this years Michael Bush as of now.

MIKE WALLACE is reminding us of his inconsistent days at Pittsburgh.

BRIAN HARTLINE does well in good matchups.

CHARLES CLAY continues to have his moments and is a nice TE #2 in all leagues.

MIA D/ST is a strong unit, but does show weakness at times.



JOE FLACCO went into game manager mode early in this one.

BERNARD PIERCE has RB#2 value as long as Ray Rice is out.

RAY RICE is questionable for this week, likely out at this point.

TORREY SMITH is trusted every week with Flacco, would not panic.

MARLON BROWN he will surprise you every now and then.

DALLAS CLARK has made Ed Dickson not relevant.

BAL D/ST stepped it up another Level on Sunday. Getting hot.


ANDY DALTON did not take enough shots at the Packers Secondary.

GIOVANI BERNARD clearly is the better RB between him and Green-Ellis.

BENJARVUS GREEN-ELLIS did a good job of eating up a lot of carries.

AJ GREEN should have had a much bigger day.

MOHAMMED SANU was the #1 WR on the day, but forgot to score.

JERMAINE GRESHAM clearly trumps Eifert.

CIN D/ST held its ground against a good Offense.


BRIAN HOYER led the team to victory and threw for more yards than most QBs.

CHRIS OGBONNAYA did not do enough to impress in his one chance.

WILLIS MCGAHEE will take over that job sooner than later.

JOSH GORDON had a breakout week, a WR most of you have as he was part of the initial Draft Strategy.

DAVONE BESS saw an impressive 10 Targets.  More than AJ Green.

JORDAN CAMERON stole the show with 3 TDs, his value is growing by the second.

CLE D/ST limited Adrian Peterson to ZERO breakout runs.


BIG BEN did a good job moving the chains and threw for an impressive 400 Yards.

FELIX JONES is the best RB they have, but he is not worth much.

JONATHAN DWYER who was cut a few weeks ago showed an okay game.


ANTONIO BROWN had his monster game.

EMMANUEL SANDERS has moved to WR #5 long-term.

PIT D/ST continues to limit the yards.



JAKE LOCKER showed the potential that we all know he has.

CJ2K has yet to have his CJ2K moment.

NATE WASHINGTON is still the man crush for Locker.

DELANIE WALKER is becoming more relevant.

KENDALL WRIGHT has moved Kenny Britt out of the way for now.

KENNY BRITT can be waived in most leagues.

TEN D/ST is a very underrated unit.


MATT SCHAUB could not get anything going.

ARIAN FOSTER is only a shade of the player he once was.

BEN TATE continues to take away precious carries (9 of the 21 carries between him and Foster).

ANDRE JOHNSON could not get open.

DEANDRE HOPKINS saw more targets, but did not do much.

OWEN DANIELS led the way in targets, but none were at the right time.

HOU D/ST is still strong, Special Teams and Schaub was bad.


ANDREW LUCK saved his day with his running TD.  Still well below average.

AHMAD BRADSHAW made things interesting for a game or two.

TRENT RICHARDSON is ready to BEAST with this offense, look for Bradshaw to slowly fade.

REGGIE WAYNE led the way with targets.

DARRIUS HEYWARD-BEY could have had a monster game had the Colts thrown to him more.

COBY FLEENER was too slow for 49ers secondary.

IND D/ST stepped it up to another level.


CHAD HENNE is going to bench in Week 4, not his fault and look for him to get the job back.

MAURICE JONES-DREW was saved with a redzone TD.

CECIL SHORTS will be much better when Blackmon is back, BEAST of a game.

JAX D/ST had no chance.



ALEX SMITH is a game manager, that is all.

JAMAAL CHARLES is looking like the #4 RB by a long shot.

DWAYNE BOWE will eventually get his chemistry with Alex Smith.

DONNIE AVERY had a nice day, that is all.

KC D/ST is the real deal.


PHILIP RIVERS only had 24 Pass Attempts. Defense did not give him the ball.

RYAN MATHEWS looks good, but not good enough for his fantasy owners.

DANNY WOODHEAD had 12 Touches, he is eating precious PT.

ANTONIO GATES is clearly the #1 option for Rivers.

EDDIE ROYAL is showing his inconsistency, you have been warned.

SD D/ST was without Donald Butler.


PEYTON MANNING is a surgeon.

KNOWSHON MORENO did just about everything he can to show he is nothing.

RONNIE HILLMAN is the flavor of the week for now.

MONTEE BALL will be the RB at some point for this team.

ERIC DECKER stole the show as Oakland had no answer.

DEMARIYUS THOMAS who was a Sell HIGH player I mentioned this week, showed why.

WES WELKER is a weapon that cannot be stopped.

JULIUS THOMAS scored on a play to save his day.

DEN D/ST is a strong unit.


TERRELLE PRYOR is the clone of Jamie Fox from ‘Any Given Sunday’

DARREN MCFADDEN does not have that same burst as he once had.

DENARIUS MOORE is back to being the #1 option with the Raiders. It will stay that way.

ROD STREATER has no explosion.

OAK D/ST has holes.




DAVID WILSON is proving to be worthless, as BEAST DOME predicted.

HAKEEM NICKS did not get a target in Week 3.

VICTOR CRUZ had a dreadful day of 3 receptions.

BRANDON MYERS and RUBEN RANDLE led the way for Eli, bad news.

NYG D/ST could not stop Cam.


TONY ROMO played a lot of game manager, 3 TDs was a nice bonus.

DEMARCO MURRAY slashed the Rams.

MILES AUSTIN once again suffers the dreadful hamstring.

DEZ BRYANT was a BEAST who disappeared in the second half.

JASON WITTEN was nothing more than a target over the middle.

DAL D/ST is definitely improved from a season ago.


MICHAEL VICK even in a bad game had 99 Rushing Yards. Hold onto him for now.


DESEAN JACKSON just didn’t have his game.

JASON AVANT led the way in targets, his upside is WR #4 at best.

PHI D/ST has holes.


RGIII had trouble in the Redzone.

ALFRED MORRIS was a non factor outside of one big run.

PIERRE GARCON is thee target for Griffin.

SANTANA MOSS had a day to remember.

JORDAN REED could have had a big day, if it wasn’t for Paulsen.

WAS D/ST has holes.



AARON RODGERS needs JerMichael Finley more than we think.

JAMES STARKS was looking good before leaving with an injury.

JONATHAN FRANKLIN stole the show with over 100 Yards, Fumble hurt.

EDDIE LACY is not going to be the RB everyone drafted him to be.  Too much competition.

JORDY NELSON still gets his numbers.

RANDALL COBB did not have the break away play that usually saves his day.

JERMICHAEL FINLEY should be fine for Week 4 after concussion.

GB D/ST looked better than usual in Week 3.


JAY CUTLER was playing manager mode.

MATT FORTE has been in BEAST MODE all season.

MICHAEL BUSH is now officially the goal line RB again.

BRANDON MARSHALL only could have one big play when Cutler does not throw a lot.

ALSHON JEFFERY is barely rosterable.

MARTELLUS BENNETT had a TD to save his day.

CHI D/ST is a lethal TD group.


CHRISTIAN PONDER saved his day with his legs. Stole a lot of points from AP.

ADRIAN PETERSON could not have his breakout run, still a BEAST.

GREG JENNINGS was locked up by Joe Haden.

KYLE RUDOLPH could not get anything going.

MIN D/ST has more problems than we thought.


MATT STAFFORD was a BEAST on Sunday. Another TD would have been nice.

JOIQUE BELL stuck a sword to the heart of REGGIE BUSH.

REGGIE BUSH was a sell high candidate in Week 1.

CALVIN JOHNSON is in a league of his own.

NATE BURLESON may be rudely interrupted by Broyles.

BRANDON PETTIGREW had zero catches, stay away from all TEs.

DET D/ST held its ground.



JOSH FREEMAN is on a downhill roller coaster, still a long season.

DOUG MARTIN needs the passing game to come alive.

VINCENT JACKSON left game with minory injury, should be fine Week 4.

MIKE WILLIAMS got his targets, not a big game to show for it.

TB D/ST was okay, not strong enough in Redzone.


MATT RYAN wishes he had a healthy Roddy White.

JASON SNELLING had his moments but clearly does not have an edge on JacQuizz.

JACQUIZZ RODGERS was a TD away from having a big fantasy day.

JULIO JONES is enjoying the no Roddy White days.

TONY GONZALEZ has no speed.

ATL D/ST is not as strong as we all hoped they would be.


CAM NEWTON destroyed the Giants defense.

DEANGLO WILLIAMS was a TD away from a monster performance.

STEVE SMITH could not do much on his 7 targets.

GREG OLSEN was okay, but not good enough.

BRANDON LAFELL/TED GINN JR. stole all 3 TDs from both players.

CAR D/ST had a game to remember, good unit all year.


DREW BREES finally had his breakout game.

PIERRE THOMAS saw the most carries by far, nothing to do with them.

DARREN SPROLES showed why he is picked too high every year in Fantasy.

MARQUES COLSTON is starting to get his targets.


LANCE MOORE left game with injury, you can safely waive.

NO D/ST is playing to another level in 2013.




CARSON PALMER could not get it done against this new and improved Saints Defense.

RASHARD MENDENHALL will be fine, just not healthy.

LARRY FITZGERALD could not get it done.

MICHAEL FLOYD is still not consistent enough for WR #4 value at best.

ARI D/ST could not stop Brees.


COLIN KAEPERNICK needs Vernon Davis.

FRANK GORE had his TD vultured, best performance of his season.

ANQUAN BOLDIN could not get open.

SF D/ST looked horrible on Sunday.



RUSSELL WILSON vultured 2 Marshawn Lynch TDs.

MARSHAWN LYNCH was worth nothing on Sunday not scoring from the goal line multiple times.

SIDNEY RICE broke your neck butsa rhymes style.

GOLDEN TATE had some plays to remember on Sunday.

ZACH MILLER really vultured the Lynch TDs.

SEA D/ST was great until blowout time.



SAM BRADFORD could not get it done on Sunday.

ISIAH PEAD does not have a lot of talent, but that RB job could be his soon.

TAVON AUSTIN is the #1 option for Bradford.

CHRIS GIVENS runs deep routes exclusively.

JARED COOK will have a breakout day again.

STL D/ST had no chance with Murray crushing them.

  Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #8 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for all DRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS (MLB/NFL/NBA) in 2012So far to start out 2013 Muntradamus has qualified for the FanDuel Baseball Championship, and DraftStreet Baseball Championship.  Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History. 


  1. Best waiver wire pick this week? Pick one WR and RB

    WR: D Moore, Blackmon, Heyward-Bey, Bess, Thompkins
    RB: Boldon, McGahee, Snelling, Pead

  2. Hey guys, help with a trade would be appreciated:

    QBs: P. Manning, Palmer
    RBs: Adrian Peterson, Murray, Pierce, Ball, Mendehall
    WRs: Nicks, Wallace, Shorts, Royal
    TEs: Graham, Gates

    Been proposed a trade involving Peterson for Jamaal Charles and Reggie Wayne. I am 3-0 in our league but I am lacking a consistent receiver.
    Any advice would be appreciated!

  3. CHUH-CHING! Munt puts the sledgehammer down on his Week 3 bust picks! By my math he called 7/8 on the money. Since Im a Forte owner in 2/3 leagues Im breathing a sigh of relief that that’s the one he missed…again. Munt…are you from Wisconsin by any chance? LOL. Good to see some Forte BEAST love in the haiku this week. However, I am taking note and looking to stash M.Bush behind Forte (and his feeble ankles) on both teams.

  4. I’m giving up on Montee. Same thing was last year with J.Rodgers. You just didn’t give up the hype. Montee will not break out this year.

  5. I’m in the process of a trade. I have Reggie bush and can get back Andre Johnson or DTHOMAS from Denver. I need WR help badly. My WR are Steve smith Carolina, Boldin, Austin,DMoore , hartline and britt. Who should I get?

  6. I have Reggie bush. I need WR badly. I have Boldin, smith (carolina), Austin (cowboys),DMoore,britt, hartline. I can get either Andre Johnson or DThomas(wr). Who should I get?

  7. if you have to you have to, but hes 1 injury away from being the lead back on a high powered offense. If you have the space keep him.

  8. Yea im not buying the hype either…This is Peyton’s team, he runs this offense like no other and has a lot to say with who’s playing on the field with him. If Moreno and Hillman keep running decent and making blocks then thats good enough for Peyton as he has what it seems, thousands of targets to throw to

    Munts banking on hillman and moreno to get hurt so montee will actually start

    Montee will keep his rookie garbage time and try not to fumble

  9. So am I. This reminds me a lot of the Jacquizz Rodgers hype from last season. He burnt a hole in my bench while waiting for the Michael Turner benching that never happened.

    I also fell for the Steve Nash hype on this site. Hey, if Munt can cherry pick his good calls. I can cherry pick his bad calls lol! Just kidding…beast on!

  10. What do yall think it would take to grab B.Marshall in a full point PPR league. I tried offering Reggie Bush and RG3 but got denied. My team:

    AJ Green/M.Wallace/D.Hopkins/Amendola/Blackmon/Broyles
    A.Peterson/R.Bush/Sproles/Leveon Bell/FJax
    Bennet(did NOT score a TD)
    streaming D but gotta trade or drop somebody to make room.

    Basically, which players should I package for maximum value in return?

  11. Jaquizz did not get the hype that Montee Ball got this year…because Jaquizz is not a better back than Montee period. Nor hillman or rodgers can run inside like ball and they cant break tackles like Ball. You guys are acting like he said draft him in the first 3 rounds. 4th or after if you could get him after 4th round. Moreno got hot in the second weee, but he’s slow and doesnt have the burst. Hillman can catch and has speed, but he cant run good inside, run over defenders, or have the agility like ball. Denver didnt expect Ball to get hot right of the jump..they know his potential though. Fox keep pulling this Shanahan crap with the rbs. There is no arguement on who would put up the better stats, if each back got a half or game to start by them each…ball would when. If anybody watched any of the games hes better moves, agility, power, and he can catch. Yes, he working on pass blocking..but give more time in the game to get in a groove. Moreno’s wheel will burn off soon and hillman fumble again and get slung around like a rag doll. I like balls upside later in the season.

  12. Munt this is the second year I am taking advantage of your advice and most of it I really like but I gotta say that you need to man up and admit that your were wrong about monte ball. Also I dont mean to be a jerk but you charging your loyal fans that come to you for advice is not cool. I still will take what I can get but if you can throw us a couple more bones I would really appreciate it. I am 3-0 in one league and 0-3 in my other, that is so so, BUT the 0-3 league is a 12 man with 100 buy in. I could really use some help or guidance.

    MY Team: Cam Newton, EJ Maneul, Steve Jackson, David Wilson, Fred Jackson, Darren McFadden, Mendehall, Pierre Thomas, Andre Brown, Hakeem Nicks, Tavon Austin, Edelman, Jason WItten, Tampa Bay, Garrett Hartley

    Any suggestion would be super helpful

  13. david, this whole post is just re:dickyoulass. You mention Montee as if YOU know he WON’T be a top back?? Then WHY ARE YOU ASKING ADVICE IF YOU HAVE A CRYSTAL BALL???? Ball is not even on your roster so wtf are you talking about? you’re a hater looking for free advice?
    Also, 1.25 years is not a “loyal fan”.
    Also, “loyal fans” don’t have Cam on their roster. Or David Wilson. Or Wilson’s handcuff.
    Tone is difficult to show in posts, but you didn’t make me angry–your post actually made me ROFL, so thanks!

  14. No flex.2RB 3WR. The person with marshalls team:
    Welker/marshall/shorts/s.hill/s.smith/roddy white
    Orange Julius
    Dan bailey
    KC d/st

  15. I assume you work for free, right? So you’re willing to take advantage of Munt’s advice, but are unwilling to pay for it? Who is taking advantage of who in that situation?

  16. You are right I do not work for free. Also I had no thoughts of getting Cam or Wilson got screwed on my draft by getting the 12th pick….not a hater but I just don’t think monte is the answer. That is all guys, I wasn’t trying to be a dick but I would still appreciate some help with that team or am I just fucked for this season.

  17. 1) Sell McFadden high. That’s your best trade piece currently.
    2) If you can, sell Edelman before Amendola and Gronk come back. (likely won’t work though)
    3) see if Spiller’s owner is interested in Fred Jackson and upgrade at receiver.
    4) desperation: sell Cam + Andre Brown for decent QB and RB1

  18. I really don’t see any moves you can make with your team at this time. SJax, Wilson, Nicks are hurting your team. You could sell high on DMC, but you don’t have the playable RB depth at this time to take the hit.

    You just have to weather the storm and hope your players pick it up. Try picking up JStew, dropping Brown or Thomas. Is Blackmon available? Not sure what’s available on your waiver wire, but there’s definitely some work to be done with your team…

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