Free The Busts (WEEK 14)


By Muntradamus


Got some nice feedback from people saying that the Bust of the Week article was the same players over and over again. While it does seem like that was the case, I was proving a point as those players were going through cycles where everyone thought those players were BEAST like. Eventually the player fell off tracks and fell to the Ranking I projected them to be.

Now we will turn this into a Daily Fantasy Advice Article where I will tell you what players you should not play in Daily Fantasy this week, according to FanDuel Prices.




#10 QB according to FanDuel

The Weather outside is supposed to be raining and windy. Rivers will be without his #1 option Stevie Johnson. Antonio Gates is starting to slow down a bit as far as getting open down the field. Malcolm Floyd is his true go-to with Inman out of the game. The Chargers O-Line is beat up and they cannot block the fierce pass rush of the Chiefs. The Chargers are also on the road.

There was not one good sentence in that paragraph supporting Rivers.



#1 RB according to FanDuel

Devonta is a PPR machine, and he should continue to be that for the rest of the season. Going up against the Panthers is a whole different animal, an animal that could leave Devonta on the sidelines if this game gets out of hand. After suffering from a concussion a few weeks ago, the last thing Devonta wants to do is take hard hits in a game where they are trailing late in the 2nd half. Once this game gets out of hand, look for Devonta to live another day and Tevin Coleman will get action in garbage time. Devonta has been so great in garbage time this year through the passing game.

BUCK ALLEN vs. SEA – $7000

#10 RB according to FanDuel

The Seahawks Defense has hit their stride, as has their offense. The Ravens have been getting a lot of production from Buck Allen who is essentially Arian Foster Jr. This week against the Seahawks, the Ravens will be lucky to get anything going as Matt Schaub should be intercepted and sacked all game. While Buck has been great, this is a week where he will need to save you with PPR points. Not enough to justify Top 10 RB Status.

Top Fantasy Article of the year: Young Buck (Waiver Wire Week 5)


#11 RB according to FanDuel

Sooner or later, the Eagles will have to just give the ball to DeMarco Murray an entire game and see what happens. The most annoying part about Murray this season; besides the fact they run East to West, out of shotgun, Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles, Bradford Sucks, Eagles O-Line sucks. Is that the Eagles always take out DeMarco Murray when he gains momentum. He will have two big plays in a row, then they pull him for somebody else.

How can a BEAST ever gain momentum with continually getting pulled out of games. While I do like Murray to have a big game before the season is up, I would not roll the dice this week against the Bills. It has been shown time and time again that 3rd down RBs are better against the Bills than power RBs. DeMarco definitely has the skill set of a 3rd down RB, but Darren Sproles has a lot of momentum and it is hard to see him getting a huge downgrade in work. Ryan Mathews being healthy as well this week makes Murray risky.




#3 WR according to FanDuel

People want to blame Matt Ryan for Julio Jones falling off the map as of late, but I will tell you whose fault it is. The only reason why I did not rank Matt Ryan a Top 3 QB this season is because of OC Kyle Shanahan. Never has he ever done a good job with QB’s and once again he proved his theory true. While he did wonders for the running game as Devonta Freeman is going through a career year nobody saw coming. Similar to what his dad used to do in Denver all those years. The passing game has always sucked no matter where he went.

With the Falcons passing game falling apart as of late. Hard to justify using Julio Jones as the #3 WR overall on FanDuel. When you throw in a road game against the hottest team in the NFL, things are not shaping up for a pretty matchup. Still, Julio is Julio and he will find a way to put up 100 Yards, I would not pay the $8800 to get him on my team this week.

T.Y. HILTON @ JAX – $7000

#21 WR according to FanDuel

The biggest downfall to T.Y. Hilton is no Andrew Luck. Hilton used to make a living off of deep bombs from Luck, as all it took is one deep connection for a big Fantasy Day. With Matt Hasselbeck at QB, the Colts run a very conservative offense and the amount of shots taken per game continues to drop. T.Y. does have potential in this matchup, but $7000 is too much for a WR that is too hit or miss. Andre Johnson has seen more targets with Hasselbeck who compliments his conservative approach.

MARVIN JONES vs. PIT – $6200

#32 WR according to FanDuel

With Tyler Eifert back, Marvin Jones is simply a waste of money for $6200. You cannot guarantee anything from him as his competition rate is too high for targets and his ability to get open will not even matter in most cases. Do not forget that Jeremy Hill is starting to gain momentum which will lead to more rushing attempts. When you add this together, fitting Marvin Jones on your FanDuel team is too hit or miss.


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