Fantasy Football Busts: Don’t Hold Back (Week 17)

Fantasy Football Busts:

Don’t Hold Back (Week 17)


Championship Week for all of you that are still left.  Thank you for choosing BEAST DOME as your primary source to take it home for you.  I have a very special treat this week for you with the Rankings since the Expert Competition is complete. (I find out the results this week, and will be sure to let you know).

The Chat is also up and running now that we have lost a majority of the community thanks to their seasons being over.  Let’s give it a go and we will have a Live Chat tomorrow at 4:00pm Pacific Time to 6:00pm Pacific Time.



Thank you all for trusting BEAST DOME as your primary source for Fantasy Sports.



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While Flacco was probably not a QB who led you to the situation you are in now.  He will definitely not lead you to a trophy on your mantle to celebrate the 2012 season.

Flacco all season has been plagued by being a terrible road QB, and now he faces one of the better defenses in the AFC who have improved drastically over the course of the season.

Spread your wings and fly away from this option.



Hey I just met you, and this is crazy.

But thanks for winning my Playoff game these past two weeks, I will call you Maybe.

Do not trust Bradford in Seattle, even if Sherman does not play.  No QB can go into that building and do well, no reason to think Bradford has any special privileges that Aaron Rodgers and Colin Kaepernick have.


The Book of Eli suggests, when you doubt Eli, he will prove you wrong.

While that could easily be the case this week as the Giants need an epic Eli Manning performance to give this team a playoff berth with some momentum, Eli has not been getting it done.  Victor Cruz continues to take huge hits, and Hakeem Nicks was not 100% all season long.  The Eagles are vulnerable against the run, and the Giants will likely exploit that quality to get the win.

There are better QBs than Eli.



He is back on this list.

Last week he threw for over 400 yards, but zero TDs, and one INT.  The lack of WR depth is a serious problem for this team, and Stafford will look to pull a magical 400 Yard game again, this time against the Bears.  Luckily the Lions are home, but this will not be an easy feat as the Bears should be at Stafford’s feet all game.

Megatron will get his, but is his enough to support a QB?  My answer is no.


This guy screams BEAST or BUST every single week.

This week he screams Bust in a matchup where the Broncos could be crushing the Chiefs all game.  The Chiefs know their season is over, and they want nothing more than Jamaal to go into 2013 with full strength.  Peyton Hillis is starting to turn his wheels, which could mean a feature role in Week 17 with the Chiefs literally playing for nothing.



If there’s no Carson Palmer, the Raiders will be the most predictable team in the NFL for Week 17.  Either an INT, or a 2 yard carry by DMC.

Just like Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs, the Raiders are playing for nothing on the road.  Yes the Chargers are a rival game the Raiders want to win, but will they really throw everything out to make it happen? No.

The season is over for this laughing stock franchise who will do what they can to avoid being embarrassed by keeping this to a low scoring game.  If they can.



Newsflash. Playing in Seattle is the hardiest thing for any NFL Team.

So with that being said, there is not much hope for Steven Jackson to break double digits.  But the man is running at the top of his game now, and he does also catch the ball.  While he maybe a bust, he is also as safe as they come for at least 80 Total Yards.

Though lets keep in mind that if the Rams plan on bringing Jackson back, which now may be the case.  Will they really run him 20+ Times in a meaning less game when they have all these rookies who are ready to rumble?  Probably not.




Danny was awful last week.

I even moved him to #6 in my Rankings right before kick-off, good thing I did not tell anyone as he failed to score a single point.  Which shows me Karma on my part.

This week I am telling you to not start Danny.  Even if Richard Sherman does not play.  The Rams are not one dimensional in their passing game like they were before the Amendola near death injury on Thursday Night Football.  Bradford has trust in his other WRs, and the Rams could go with a run attack on the road in tough Seattle.



If Flacco goes down, so does Torrey.

We all know that Anquan Boldin is the primary target, but Torrey was able to manage out a great season with 8 TDs!  He is 45 Yards away from 900 on the season, and I expect him to get that.  But not much more unless he comes up with a miracle long TD.  Which is always possible, but always less likely when on the road for Joe.



There is more risk than usual starting Tellus this week.

The Giants pass offense is not as sharp as it has been all season, and Tellus usually thrives when everyone around him is hot.  Playing against the Eagles Linebackers who are better at stopping the run, than the pass does cause an advantage this week.  But Bennett will really need Cruz and Nicks to step up their games, to give Bennett the space he needs to succeed.



The only good thing about playing Seattle is that the Rams will not be scoring TDs.  The problem is, they may have trouble doing anything which could lead to a very lopsided blowout where Greg the Leg will be delegated to extra points only to close out the game.  I would avoid.


While the Giants at home in a Must-Win game does sound like a good thing for this defense.

Playing against Michael Vick who wants to prove he still has it, and a healthier LeSean McCoy, and an inspired Eagles team to finish strong for Andy Reid…

This has all the makings of a situation you want to avoid if you can for your championship game.


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  1. Am I crazy to bench Victor Cruz this week? I need to win my championship game. I’d put either Wilson, Leshoure, Williams or Battle.

  2. My first time in a Wk 17 championship. Rolling with Wilson over Ryan, Olsen over Pitta, Bills over Chargers and plan to bench A. Brown in favor of Hardesty ONLY if it’s a sure thing Richardson sits. Muntra or Muntribe, agree/disagree?

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