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57 Days remaining, let us grab another BUST.

Robby Anderson can run fly routes better than most. Last season he was on my BUST list, and that prediction could not be more accurate.

5 WRs that will bust your draft (2018)

This year Robby Anderson is getting similar love, he comes in as the #28 WR according to the “Experts” which means he better perform like a WR2/WR3. While the addition of Le’Veon Bell does help by keeping the Safety at bay, instead of watching Robby run his fly patterns. There is still a lot of reasons to believe Robby Anderson will not help your fantasy team. Here are my top 5 reasons.


Last season Quincy was OUT, he is back. Darnold is going to fall in love with his big body bully WR who can run over defenders in the middle of the field, as well as catch a lot of tough passes in traffic. Darnold will definitely look to be a winning QB that plays it safe, as opposed to a high risk/high reward QB who will throw 5+ Deep bombs to Robby a game.


Crowder is a lot better than Anderson. Ya Anderson may have more speed, but Crowder has a lot of really good moves that can free him up to get wide open. Crowder was a household fantasy name two years ago, a move to New York and a clean bill of health will bring him back to his vintage days. Crowder/Enunwa are two great targets in the middle of the field that Darnold can pick and choose from.


Unless you were sleeping under a rock last year. Le’Veon Bell is the best catching RB in the league. With so many weapons over the middle of the field for Darnold in Crowder/Enunwa, the checkdown to Le’Veon Bell will be there more often than not. Bell is amazing in the open field, and the Jets will do what they can to get him all the touches he can get.

#4 Dowell Loggains

This guy is the worst OC in the history of the NFL. He was a major part of the Browns/Bears/Titans/Dolphins offense, all when these teams were at rock bottom in offense. The guy does not know how to call plays, he does not know how run schemes. However he is friends with Adam Gase?

#5 Jets Culture

Jets made a big move this off-season, no not getting Dowell Loggains and Adam Gase. No not getting Le’Veon Bell. The move was they grabbed CJ Mosley at MLB. He is good enough to transform a defense by himself. The Jets defense is going to play to win, they will be very tough and they will keep scoring low.

When scoring is low, total points from the offense will likely be low. Robby Anderson is the type of player who would thrive on an offense that needs to throw deep and be in shootouts, but the Jets are not that Football team. You may get the occasional 100+ Yards and 1 TD game. More often than not you will see less than 70 Yards and a Big BUST you have to spend a 5th-8th Round Pick on.

Do Not Draft Robby Anderson

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