BOOT CAMP 2021 (100 Days)

By Muntradamus


Downnnnn. Settttttt. Blue 42. Hike!

Last season I ranked MVP Aaron Rodgers higher than any Expert in the Industry. Not the first time I ranked the MVP higher than the field. Will not be the last either.

Football season is almost in full gear 100 days till game one, which means it is time for Fantasy Football Boot camp to start. More than just Fantasy Football Boot Camp, how I want BEAST DOME Fantasy Football organization as a whole to run in 2021. For the next 100 days, I guarantee you there will be Fantasy Football content daily on BEAST DOME.

Those that have been part of Season BEAST just know truly how dominant the advice is as you can guarantee yourself playoffs year after year with a very good chance of taking home the Championship. From the Preseason Draft Guide, to Free Agents and Trade Advice that is always ahead of the game. As well as Start/Sit from someone who spends more time on Football during Football Season than anyone in the world. Even coaches and players.


I am single at 33 years old because I know if you are in a relationship, you are not just focusing on purely Football. I quit my job that was paying me close to six figures because even that was taking me away from the game that I love. When it is Football Season. I breathe Football. I live Football. I eat Football. I know I am at another level and I need to make sure my mind is at ultimate peek performance to achieve it. The best way to do that, block off the world.

Last season the Draft Guide was legendary.

Not only did I rank MVP Aaron Rodgers higher than any expert and make him a viable part of the Draft Strategy. Not only did I rank Tom Brady #1 at QB and nobody outperformed Brady down the stretch of the season. Not only did I rank Alvin Kamara #1 when everyone else had CMC as the obvious #1. Too many to list, you can click link above.

My own advice

BEAST’d in the Sports Card Market selling Aaron Rodgers/Tom Brady cards for +500%

I have another surprise of a player I have been investing in huge that is going to blow your mind.

*Coming Soon*

So how do I want my organization to run is the question?

Like Aaron Rodgers taking his time to resolve his GB drama.

I will do the same when it comes to what packages I run.

Since we are in no rush I am going to jump into my process with protected articles and free articles to make sure we BEAST first and foremost. Of course, the Free content is not going to help you win a Championship but you will be entertained. Packages TBD.


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