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Battle. It’s a word that we all know, but a word we dot not incorporate in our lives nearly enough. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Week 1 was a week to forget, the haters loved it and were crowding the site as if I have never accomplished anything in my BEAST Fantasy Sports Career.

I had to shut them up. I am Muntradamus, 11x Daily Fantasy Championship Qualifier, 4x HR Champion, the man who picks BEASTs before the public even realizes it. Not once, not twice, but literally everyday there is an event because I work harder than you.

So what did I do to respond to Week 1?

(Just a Taste of my DFS)





or signup and get the picks now, like Phillip Dorsett/Siemian instead of being a week or two behind.


  1. The people who have known you throughout the years know you are a man of your word and a straight up fantasy stud (and in real life). Keep up the good work. BEAST.

  2. Hey Munt,

    Great job on the season thus far!

    I hope I can get a little advice from you.
    Had a chance to drop Jax D yesterday and grab Semaje Perine after Fat Rob went down, so I did. But now, someone has dropped Adrien Peterson, and he’s waiting for me to add him. Should I drop Willie Snead, Semaji Perine? or Randall Cobb for him?

  3. What’s up Munt glad to be back!!! Let’s go get these championships! Guys if you are new to Beastdome this guy knows football you don’t need to go anywhere else for information he’s got u covered. Last year he helped me pull off a miracle win against a dream squad!! Not to mention some good $$$$ in dfs!
    Beastdome has it all glad I decided to signup the return is unreal lets Beast !!!

  4. Haters are going to Hate no matter what!

    Does Munt have his misses, absolutely, and so does every other FF “expert”. Over the 6 years of following Munt the one thing I can tell you from my experience is Munt has far more hits then he does misses and always is ahead of the others when it comes to pointing out sleepers, Studs, Dudes, Fallers etc.

    Munt provides a ton of solid player information every week, imo, far more then any other FF site. However, it’s up to you to decide what to do with that information and whether or not you pick up, drop, start, or sit a player that Munt recommends. I know this might come as a surprise to the haters but MUNT DOES NOT CONTROL THE PERFORMANCE OF A PLAYER!! I know, shocking right!!

    Ditto to what Ben A said ” The people who have known you throughout the years know you are a man of your word and a straight up fantasy stud ”

    Keep doing what you do best Munt and ignore the haters.


  5. They are 0-2 and Kamara is looking like trash. Cannot block, cannot catch, runs for 2 yard gains at most. Either Payton has to switch it up with the RB rotation and take Kamara out of there. Or continue to lose games.

    If Ingram was getting the plays Kamara would get, the Saints offense would be great right now. Including AP as the Saints would be moving the ball

  6. Clueless,

    Most fantasy experts on ESPN other outlets have more hits then misses too. Its just the mi Munt is just a contrarian. He picks against the normal logic and points out all his hits while not mentioning much in the way of his misses. He does the same thing the other “experts” do except he does it in reverse. This means his hits look like HUGE hits, but his misses look like super horrible misses. Take Kareem Hunt for example. Every other expert said he was going to be great and the feature back. Munt had him as the bust of the week I believe in week 1. (Conveniently that page is no longer accessible at the moment.) But when Munt says joe blow is a breakout guy, and everyone else doesn’t mention him, it looks like a super awesome hit.

  7. This is the one hater comment I will allow so all the little haters who have no lives can shutup.

    What you are saying is not true on so many levels.

    1. If you look from site to site, you will see all the rankings are nearly identical -3 or +3 a player. Never do they have breakout calls.
    2. Look at the BUST of the Week article, I show all my Bust Calls
    These are players your beloved sheep Experts have penciled in to your lineup and I am telling you no don’t be a fool and listen to someone who does not actually watch all the games.
    3. For every Kareem Hunt bad call, which all articles are accesible via the search. There are 100s of calls I do not even talk about that I was so right on I do not have time to mention them all. Nor do I want to share them all because I see something that other people do not see and I do not choose to share that information for free to the public so I can exploit it for DFS in the future.

    You are on BEAST DOME for a reason. To get my knowledge. If you are on here for any other reason, time to re-evaluate your life or waste it watching me BEAST.

  8. Speaking of trash, enter AP. He will never be getting the rock much in NO. 9 carries is probably his CEILING. And why on Earth would Payton give him the rock more when he’s done NOTHING with the chances he’s had.? He can barely beat defenders in a sprint to the sideline. AP is absolutely WASHED. Also, is NO suddenly going to be a run-heavy ground and pound team? Is the NO defense suddenly going to keep them from getting in shootout after shootout? NO will be behind often, which would mean a RB that can actually catch the ball (AP is even more useless as a receiver than he his as a runner) would be valuable…

    And that RB is Kamara.

    Respect your pompous attitude Mr. Munt but either you own serious Kamara shares and are steering the sheep to another pasture, or, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  9. The Saints are getting crushed right now because they are without Willie Snead. Their passing game is missing their Wes Welker and they are falling behind early and often.

    The Saints are 0-2. Kamara has been trash in both games and the Saints would be a better more effective team if Ingram was getting the touches that Kamara was in the passing game, which would open up more 1st Downs and more carries for Adrian Peterson. The Saints were without 2 of their Top O-Line last week and it showed.

    But no. Go ahead and be a sheep and just rush to conclusion thinking you know the situation better than me, or listening to another expert in the same boat.

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