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The time is finally here.  The strategy I will be using on Draft Day has been figured out, and I am here to share it with you.  If you are a V.I.P member, you will have my official CHEAT SHEET which will be released on Muntradamus.NET this weekend. My Cheat Sheet has alternative Strategies and is tailor made to Rank every single player in Order as well as have the backups to select per player.



Coming Up This Weekend In The Dome

THE QB PLAN (Friday Night)


RECAP OF PRESEASON Week 1 (Sunday Night)



– Hanley/Mo

I used Munt for fantasy football and fresh off that amazing 9 game win streak. Seeing all the articles and the camaraderie on the site got me juiced for fantasy baseball season.  I selected the VIP Package and he laid out a draft plan, with specific players to target through the first 10 rounds, and alternate options if the plan went awry.  Luckily for me the plan did not go awry and I walked away from the draft with a large population of the Beastdome must haves for the year. And just as Munt predicted. My team has been dominant.  I have a 22 game lead in my division.  And it has been pretty much smooth sailing all year. As injuries have arisen, Munt has kept up to date with sometimes weekly check in’s on how our team is doing.  Also G-Chats for questions on pitching.  And the must important part is letting me know when to buy and sell on certain players has helped me play and keep our team as a front runner.  Given these results in baseball and the success I had with Munt in football last year. I am counting down the days to football season and ready to win a championship with my secret weapon by my side all year. Thanks Munt


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2013 Fantasy Football DRAFT STRATEGY

To make a draft strategy, you first have to understand every position.  Follow along as I am giving you a Blueprint to win your Championship, even if you are not a V.I.P., you can still win your Fantasy Football League through BEAST DOME.

Being a V.I.P. makes it easier.




The QB position is 14 Players Deep.  Out of those 14 QBs, there are probably 7-10 of them you want to trust on a consistent basis.  Out of those 7-10 QBs, only three of them will be consistent monsters.




DREW BREES – Round 2

In Mock Drafts and ADP value, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are taken in the 2nd Round of many 12 man Fantasy Football drafts.  Leaving Peyton Manning in the early 3rd Round.  While it might make sense to just grab Peyton, I would not do it.  QB is a position in Fantasy Football that goes deep.  If you can grab a TE BEAST in Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham.  I would grab them to get the all-around team.




RGIII – Round 7

QBs like Russell Wilson/Colin Kaepernick/Robert Griffin III all go past the 6th-7th Round range in Fantasy Leagues.  The play here would to grab one of them as soon as that pick arrives.   There are only Two TEs who will put up consistent monstrous numbers at the position.  Make sure to grab the star TE with the 3rd Round Pick.

If you end up with one of those Speedy QBs in Round 6-7, it is important to go after a solid QB you can trust if your running QB has a tough matchup.  The QB to target is Eli Manning in Round 8-9.   With a healthy Hakeem Nicks and no consistent running game, Eli can put up low-end ELITE numbers.  If you miss on Eli, Josh Freeman will go very late and is going to be the Steal of your Draft.  ADP says 12th Round on Freeman.


This is the first season you can say there is some good depth at the RB position.  There are about 22 Running Backs you can almost count on every week.  After those 22 RBs, there are only about 12 more who can be considered RB #2 level, but mostly RB #3 quality. Outside of Montee Ball/Ryan Mathews/Ahmad Bradshaw, the other 19 RBs all usually go within the first three rounds.  The strategy here is obvious.





DOUG MARTIN – Round 1 




RAY RICE – Round 1 







C.J. SPILLER – Round 1



FRANK GORE – Round 3

MATT FORTE – Round  3




1st Round, you select a RB.  There is no doubting this rule.  If you go with a WR or a QB, and your 2nd Round RB gets injured.  You will be scrambling on the Waiver Wire all season just to hope you hit the right guy.  Since RB is the most scarce position year-after-year, it is important to be ROCK SOLID at it.

Round #1 – Select a RB

Round #2 – Select a RB

Unless Calvin Johnson falls to you in Round #2, there is no reason to look the other way and just grab the best RB on the board.  You can always find WR talent on the Waiver Wire, you can always draft Peyton Manning in Round 3 or get a great sleeper QB like Kaepernick in Round 7.  You should grab the RB to play it safe.  The key for all of your drafts, grab Montee Ball in Round 4 as your #3 RB.  If your league has a FLEX position, Ball will likely be one of the best FLEX players in your league.  Do not drop the Ball, Draft Ball.


After you draft Ball in Round #4 to be your #3 RB.  Look to grab Bradshaw later as he should have a solid season with that Colts offense.  Sleepers to target who could make ELITE RB #3 quality.

EDDIE LACY – 6th Round

LE’VEON BELL – 4th Round

DAVID WILSON – 3rd Round


LAMAR MILLER – 4th Round


Remember, you take Montee Ball in Round 4.  You should go after Ahmad Bradshaw/Eddie Lacy/Rashard Mendenhall in Round 6.  Giovani Bernard does have the potential to be a game-changer.  If you see a value play on the board, and want to wait one more round for your RB#4.  Bernard is the guy to grab.   David Wilson/Lamar Miller/LE’Veon Bell go way too early.

Do yourself a favor and have 4 RBs you can trust this season.  Montee Ball being #3 RB will lead you to your championship.

Always draft your #1 RB handcuff.  The Golden Rule on when to draft is.
Arian Foster to Ben Tate after Round 8.  The rest can wait.
Tate can be instant Top 5 RB if Foster goes down.


If you are a V.I.P., then you are already covered at the WR position as that is my claim to fame.  I know what to look out for with WRs and that is why I was ranked #1 in-season for the WR position in 2012.

WRs will pop up on your waiver wire all season long, it is important not to draft this position high at all this season.














SIDNEY RICE – Round 10

Draft 4 – 5 of these players.  You can your 1st WR in round #5.  You can take your 2nd WR in Round #6.  You can take your 3rd WR in Round #8.  You can take your 4th WR in Round # 9.  If you are a V.I.P. you will have my guidance on which option to start each week, making this position your, “Musical Chair.”  Punt the WR position early on draft day, and let me guide you to your championship.


There are only two TEs this season who will dominate the game every week.




It is vital you take Rob Gronkowski in Round 4 of all Fantasy Football drafts this season.  His total points will likely classify him as a Top 10 WR when you compare his final numbers.  Tom Brady is going to throw to him every single week consistently.

But wait, isn’t that supposed to be the round you take Montee Ball??

Yes it is.  Which is why you grab Rob Gronkowski in Round #3 to secure the BEAST TE.

If you decide to wait on TE

Wait till the 8th Round to select Jared Cook.  He will be Sam Bradford’s main target this season.


Unless your team is completely filled out.  You have the ELITE backup RBs, you have the Speedy QB with a solid backup QB, you have 4 WRs you can play musical chairs with, you have the Kicker that goes with your QB.  Then it is time to draft your Defense.  D/ST is a position that will always have better options than your option on the Waiver Wire.  Since 85% of this position week-to-week is based on matchup, it is important to not rush this pick.  Even if it’s taking SF/SEA in Round 8-9.

You can still get 10 Points from your Waiver Wire Defense consistently if you make the right selections.


ROUND 1 – Take the best RB

ROUND 2 – Take the best RB

ROUND 3 – Take Gronkowski/Graham

ROUND 4 – Take Montee Ball

ROUND 5 – Take Danny Amendola

ROUND 6 – Take Colin Kaepernick/Russell Wilson/RGIII

ROUND 7 – Take Ahmad Bradshaw/Eddie Lacy/or WR

ROUND 8 – Take WR

ROUND 9 – Take WR or RB

ROUND 10 – Take Eli Manning

ROUND 11 – Take WR or RB

ROUND 12 – Take Kicker that goes with your QB or Best Player

ROUND 13 – Take Kicker that goes with your QB or Best Player

ROUND 14 – Take D/ST




Fantasy Football Team

Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #8 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for all DRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS (MLB/NFL/NBA) in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. AMAZING stuff as usual! Can’t wait to beast all my leagues with this draft strategy! Does this strategy apply to PPR leagues as well?

  2. WOW!! I couldn’t have ask for a easier draft day!!

    VIP …. If your in the fence I would highly recommend!! Muntz breaks down the weekly waiver waiver and who to play each week just as easily!!

  3. In PPR, just upgrade guys who are dual threats at RB, or the slot WR types that pass catch in bulk, maybe move up a round. For example, if Danny Amendola can stay healthy, he probably will catch around 90 passes. Thats more than the average WR will catch so adding 90 points to his total will move him up in value, as opposed to adding 70-75 points for most WR.

  4. Like Munt said in the QB Strategy article… 2 QB leagues mean that if you’re in a 10 team league, 20 QB’s will be starting, but there’s only playable depth up to 14 players, with 7-10 solid, consistent contributors.

    That means if you wait until round 3 as this draft strategy suggests, you’ll be lucky to get one of the top 10 QBs. I would recommend getting 2 ELITE QB’s as soon as you can as this will provide a MASSIVE advantage over your whole league, and I’m sure Munt will agree with that.

  5. Monte’s on the fence whether he’ll be avail or not when i’m selecting. I have to look into Hillman’s ranking, but thinking about grabbing him as a cuff if I’m able to pick up Monte.

  6. See my dilema is that I don’t HAVE to start two QBs. I have to start 1 QB and then I have a flex position that is QB/RB/WR/TE. If I can grab a stud of a rb to plug in for that flex position it may give me more value than a QB depending on the skill of that QB.

  7. If you can start two QBs.

    I.E. Peyton Manning and Matt Ryan.

    I would tailor my draft to making sure I get two BEAST QBs. QB is the most consistent 20+ Point position in the game, grab two of those those superstars no doubt and leave the rest of your draft to filling out your RB Depth/WR Depth and grabbing a good Tier 2 TE that fell too late. Antonio Gates looked more nimble than I have ever seen him in the last two seasons last night, he will go very late.

  8. With that being the case, maybe a Maurice Jones-Drew will fall to you in Round 4 instead.

    If Chad Henne is the QB, MJD would see a very nice boost in value as Henne moves the ball like a Stud. At least he did in 2012..

  9. What tweaks would you make to this awesome strategy for an 8 man league, standard scoring? There’s obviously going to be a lot of depth at QB… Maybe make sure to jump on one of the top 2 tight ends?

  10. I was doing a mock draft on espn today and in the blurb about Gronk it said he is more likely to start on the PUP list (which is at least 6 weeks out) then he is to start week 1…. So risky

  11. Take Gronk or Graham in Round 3.

    Take 2 RBs in Round 1 – 2.

    Montee Ball might slip to Round 5 in that draft. If that is the case, I would aim for a more sure Matt Ryan in Round 4. Since there will be more RB depth in your league as well, you can survive without going RB/RB/TE/RB.

    While it might be tempting to take Maurice Jones-Drew in Round 4, you can always take Montee in Round 5 and likely end up with better production.

  12. I’ve heard otherwise..

    Truth is, it is risky if you have a draft today where Gronk is still somewhat on the fence. While drafting Gronk in Round 3 could hurt you big time if he misses the first 6 Weeks of the season, he will still be a BEAST that nobody wants to face in the Playoffs.

    The only goal of Regular Season is to make it to the playoffs. Unless your league payouts for highest total points.

  13. The Answer…

    I would avoid Brady (5th Round ADP) in 2013 unless he falls to the 6th Round of your draft. While he is a great QB who can still probably put up 300+ Yard/2 TD games in this offense fairly consistently, it is more important to draft the RB depth and get the Running QB in Kapernick/Wilson/RGIII in Round 6 instead who can easily outscore Brady some weeks.

    The Patriots are a different team this year than last, they finally have a STAR defense again.

  14. I have a yahoo league that goes 2 rb’s 3 wr’s no flex. So I’m thinking about a tweak to your plan.
    1. RB
    2. Brandon Marshall or get lucky and Calvin drops
    3. Gronk
    4. Ball

    What do u think?

  15. I’ve been drafting like crazy and mixed up 12-13 picks forte and jack MJd and rid. Want most bang for buck. Mind say forte and jack gut say step and mjd. Ughhhhh I’ve done them and got gronk twice. And demarco/McFadden and or miller as flex. Ball gone

  16. Do your rankings assume 4pt TD or 6pt for QBs? I am in a 6pt TD league with a bonus for QBs at 300 yards (+5 points). How would that change your QB strategy?

  17. Too much risk.

    Even though Ball will be Ballin’ all season, you will want Ball to be drafted as your #3 RB. The Fantasy Football season is too long to depend on 2 RBs. If you draft Ball as a #2, your depth behind him will be pushing the envelope on what is acceptable for a RB #3.

    Say you get DeMarco Murray as your RB #2, and you comeback and get Ball as your RB #3. There will be some weeks you do not want to play Murray, there will be some weeks you do not want to play Ball.

    Having 3 ELITE studs gives you flexibility.

    Plenty of WR depth late to play musical chairs.

  18. If Ball is gone at Round 4, and you can get MJD/Forte/S-Jax/Ridley, then that is a fine consolation.

    While in a perfect world you would want Ball, the other options will give you great value for that pick. Ball goes before all of them.

  19. The Rankings/Strategy are all 4 Points TD.

    If your league is 6 Points a TD for the QB spot. You have to take Peyton Manning/Drew Brees/Aaron Rodgers in Round 1 or 2. 40 TDs at 6 Points a piece is far more valuable than 15 TDs at 6 Points a piece. You do not want to face any of those QBs in the Playoffs with those rules.

    Skip the TE strategy in this format, go with all RBs the next 3 Rounds. Then start filling out your roster.

  20. In a 10 Team League.

    You are going to end up with a stacked roster regardless. Montee Ball could easily drop to Round 5. Those star Running QBs could drop later than Round 7. Your WR Depth in your league is going to leave your mouth hanging wide open.

    Leave the same strategy for the First 3 Rounds. Aim for that Star TE in Round 3. Grab Montee with confidence in Round 4. Then the fun begins. If Matt Ryan is there, you can nab him off the board in Round 5. If not go after those WRs and sneak in an ELITE RB#4 like Bradshaw. Make sure you get one of those star Running QBs if you miss out on Ryan a little bit later in your draft.

  21. Hey Munt! Was wondering if the strategy of RB-RB is still A GO at the TURN POSITION when you’re looking at tier 3 RBs vs tier 1 QB/WR ….. in a standard (0.5 PPR) 12 team snake draft?

  22. Thanks for adding the comment about 6 point QB alteration to the plan. I’m in such a league that’s 14 team. Trying to modify your strategy to fit the those parameters.
    Looks like throwing out the heavy price you’d pay for Graham or Gronk is essential if you pay for top3 QB in rnd 1 or 2.
    Gates or Cook for TE, then Freeman late for QB back up.
    Just worried about WR depth in 14 team

  23. so you said take an elite Qb over gronk if your league is 6pts for TDs. Does this still apply if rb and wrs also get 6pts for TDs too thx?

  24. Munt, where would you draft JJ Watt? I’m in a 10 man 2QB, 3RB, 5WR, 1TE, 1K, 2LB, 2DB, 2DL, points league. I’m planning on taking 3 RB’s and 2 QB’s the first five rounds.

  25. muntz, are you saying you would take s-jax ahead of run dmc, alfred morris, and d. murray?

  26. Awesome advice yet again Muntz!!

    I’ve been doing your QB/K strategy in mocks as of late and was wondering if you should draft a different kicker if you end up w/ a QB/WR on the same team?? I’ve been getting Roddy and Matt Ryan. Also how do you feel about having a QB/WR on the same team?

  27. I’m in an 8 man .5 PPR league w/ some old ARMY buddies. I have the 8th pick. Any advice on a draft strategy?

  28. I’ve really been nailing down this draft. Not exactly like yours. Say forte/jack and or Ridley and Morris. Then hitting on l miller or bush then gronk. Then another RB say bell. Ball still scares me if its still RBBC and I can nab a stater. QB which is one of the runners or staff. wR have been Austin/Nelson/ shorts and Ty or boldin. Hope to tweak in a few more times. If any ideas to really make it solid. Thanks

  29. The Turn position meaning Picks 12/13. You must select RBs in that spot. If you do not, you will really be weak at the position.

    Even if they are players like Alfred Morris/Steven Jackson.

    If you don’t draft a RB with that pick, you are looking at Montee Ball being your #1/#2 RB as you would have to grab him in Round 4.

  30. After the Top 5-6 RBs are gone. LeSean McCoy being the last, I would take a chance with Peyton Manning setting record numbers in Denver this season.

    6 Points a TD is too good to pass up. Especially when that player could easily get over 40 TDs.

  31. I am saying that.

    Steven Jackson will have more Redzone carries than you can count on both hands nearly every week. He will also be the 3rd Down RB and is out to prove he has a lot left in the tank. He rushed for over 100 Yards last season against the 49ers, Marshawn Lynch was the only other RB to do that. Jackson also had no team around him and never got those precious (Kill the clock) carries.

  32. While J.J. Swatt is a IDP machine.

    You will still want to focus on filling out your main core roster before going after IDP players. There are always Waiver Wire picks for that sleeper 2 Sack game, or the 10 Tackles, or maybe even 2 INT.

    The other positions, you cannot find on the waiver wire as easily.

  33. The reason a QB would go higher than the RB/WR/TE is because Peyton Manning/Aaron Rodgers/Drew Brees could throw for over 40 TDs any given season.

    Good RBs/WRs are usually good for 8-12.
    TEs are good for 5-7.

    Gronkowski/Graham have Bust Seasons if they are under 10. That is why in a 6 Point all-around league, or any league. Gronk/Graham go above a majority of those skill players.

  34. Standard Leagues.

    Doug Martin is the #4 overall Picks. TB has a defense this year, that should help Martin be more of a factor all 4 Quarters, few are as explosive.

  35. I love the strategy, but I’m having problems picking up a speedy QB like Wilson/Kaep/RGIII because they simply getting drafted in the 4th or 5th rounds in the mock drafts I’ve participated in. Also having trouble getting Danny Amendola and Ahmad Bradshaw in the rounds you say I should target. He is my most recent mock draft, what do you think?

    QB Eli Manning
    RB Marshawn Lynch
    RB Darren McFadden
    WR Jordy Nelson
    WR Mike Wallace
    WR DeSean Jackson
    TE Rob Gronkowski
    K Mason Crosby
    DEF Tampa Bay

    BN Montee Ball
    BN Miles Austin
    BN Sidney Rice
    BN Jared Cook
    BN Josh Freeman
    BN Michael Bush

  36. wow so you wouldnt wait til round 2 to take peyton manning if mccoys gone in 6pt td league?

  37. Here’s what happened in that mock draft.

    Danny Amendola was taken with the 5th pick in the 4th round. I used the 9th pick in that round to draft Montee Ball.

    RGIII was taken with the 8th pick in the 4th round and Colin Kaepernick was taken with the 11th pick in the 4th round. Russell Wilson was taken as the 1st pick in the 6th round. This means I would have had to take Russell Wilson as the 4th pick in round 5, where I ended up taking Jordy Nelson to be my WR #1.

    Ahmad Bradshaw was taken as the 1st pick in the 7th round, which would mean I would have had to have picked him in the 6th and given up Mike Wallace. Had I drafted Russell Wilson and Ahmad Bradshaw, I would have had 4 RB when I only play 2 and no WR through the 6th round, which didn’t sound like a good idea.

  38. I’m confused by your WR to Target list. Are they listed in order of ranking? If not, what it the order? You list the RB in order as “Top 22 RB” so I am bit confused by the WR list. Also, looking at ADP, these WRs are are going much sooner in PPR. So, i guess this Draft Strategy is non-PPR? Are you going to release a PPR draft strategy? It seems to me that PPR and 4 pts for passing TDs is what most leagues are using are are moving towards.

    One final question, why aren’t you listed on the Fantasy Pros website as an expert? I wanted to import your rankings into Fantasy Pros Draft Wizard.

    Thanks. Awesome writeup as usual.

  39. So should i take TIER 1 RB for my first pick and come back around with TIER 1 QB on my 2nd pick and then fill out my roster accordingly?

    I have the 4th PICK overall …

  40. In 10 man mocks if I jump on Matt Ryan in the 5th, usually Amendola/Nicks are gone late 5th or early 6th and I end up with Steve Smith as my #1 WR and usually Boldin as #2.

    Would you still recommend this over using my 5th round pick to secure Amendola/Nicks if I typically end up with Wilson as my QB with that strat?

  41. Don’t worry about this. Obviously the risk is if Matt Ryan has a pitiful week, Roddy White and all of the Falcons WR’s are prone to bad weeks as well. However, it really is about risk diversification and there’s not even really too much concrete evidence that supports not putting a WR and QB together.

    As far as adding the kicker into that mix, it actually does help diversify risk– but for your QB. The reason you do the QB/K combo is so if Matty Ice stalls in the red zone 3 times, instead of getting 0 points, you’ll end up with 9 kicker points, which can essentially be attributed to the QB.

  42. Brendan,

    You followed the strategy really well. Although you didn’t get a speedy QB, it’s fine. You got a solid RB1, RB2, Montee, and good RB4. You got A good grouping of WR’s that have WR2/WR1 potential. You got Gronk. You got Eli, but could have passed Eli and taken Romo instead. If you couldn’t snag romo, Eli is a good option. You got Freeman. Lastly, you probably don’t need to draft Jared Cook where you did with Gronk- presumably healthy- on your team. A lot of much later round options to better serve as a back up to continue adding depth at RB.

  43. In 6 point TD leagues, you are going to want to take Peyton in round 1. As it is, 1-2 QB’s get taken by the end of round 2 usually. When passing TD’s are inflated, unless you’re at the end of round 1- you might have a chance here-, you can bet you won’t get Peyton in round 2 if the other owners are aware of how much more valuable passing tds become.

  44. I know most all your draft information is based on the common snake draft, ever consider information for an auction draft?

  45. I play in 6 pt TD league. I pick 12 and snake 13. Now reading this thread and going off of MUNT draft strategy. Do I A go top RB at 12 then tier 1 QB. Or go RB RB and cont with draft as u have told us too? Many mocks I’ve gotten Matt r, Matt s and room. Sometimes one of the running QBs.
    Went with RB and QB and Rb suffer deeply.

  46. im in 6pt td league as well and have been trying to figure this out. with the 4th pick you guarantee yourself a top level RB take best one available. Then round 2 grab best QB hopefully you’ll be able to land manning. Then take rbs in the next two rounds

  47. Fantasy Animal,

    I still feel that the majority of fantasy footballers are playing on standard, non-PPR formats. Also, the WR are not really in any particular order from what I can tell. Check out the WR Rankings to see Munt’s rankings for all WR.

  48. Munt’s strategy is really to get 2 top level RB’s in a standard scoring league. With the 4th pick, you can probably get a duo of Doug Martin and Steven Jackson. Then in Round 3, hope Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronk is still there. Rd. 4 go for Montee Ball. Rd 5 you can get Kaepernick, or a WR. Then continue accordingly.

    The earliest I’d get a QB is Rd. 2 if your tier 1 RB’s are all gone, or Rd. 3 if Graham/Gronk are gone.

  49. Go for the latter strategy. If you can get one of Kaepernick, RGIII, and WIlson late into the 6th, 7th, or 8th rounds, go for that. You also have the option to wait until round 9 and grab Tony Romo. This way you can get Amendola/Nicks as your #1.

  50. It doesn’t matter as much in 6 pt TD leagues because you will suffer more if you don’t get a top TD thrower. Get an RB and QB.

  51. Aaron Rodgers fantasy points in 4 pt vs 6 pt leagues:

    4 pt: 342.8
    6 pt: 420.8

    There is a SIGNIFICANT value increase there. Thats 4.9 pts per week. If you have a lower tier QB and are on the wrong side of that 4.9 points per week, you will be suffering, regardless of your RB depth.

  52. Great article…

    Do you have any advice for auction league drafters? We get $100 to spend and I’m trying to mainly budget what I want to spend at each position. It’s a 14 team league that starts 1QB, 2RB, 3WR’s/TE’s, K, Def.

    Any advice on amount of my $100 to spend on each of those positions?

    I’m thinking about $15 for my QB…Which possibly could get me somebody like Ryan, RGIII, Kaep, Stafford…

    Then about $40 total for my RB1 and RB2…I really like McCoy and TRich as one of the choices for RB1…Then guys like Murray, McFadden as RB2…

    Then about $30 total for my WR’s…I usually am amazed at the WR’s that go for around $10 in this league….DJax, Wallace, Nicks, T Smith, Bowe, Ant Brown are some guys I have my eyes on.

    That’s $85. I also want a solid RB3 on my bench…Monte Ball, Leveon Bell are two guys I’d love to have. My hope is to get my RB3 before my 3rd WR…If I need to, I’d spend less on my 3rd WR….I could even plug somebody like Gates or Vernon Davis into that spot for cheap…

    I’d love to have Brees or Rodgers at QB…But it’s only a 4 point TD league and I think those guys will cost around $25-$28…Which would really downgrade my other positions. I’d also love Calvin or Dez at WR…But think they will also go for around $25…which is a lot.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Generally, I like trying to build a balanced team and not overspend on the top tier studs that end up leaving your lineup and bench very thin.

  53. Without coming up with exact dollar values, auctions are essentially the same as snake drafts, in that there is an opportunity cost and a max amount you can spend on each player and position. Except in the snake draft, the values are hidden. You don’t see that you are “spending” a higher cost, or $ value for Darren McFadden if you get him in the 2nd round, as opposed to getting him in the 5th round. That is essentially the same was paying $40 for him, or paying $25 for him.

    So think about it like that, and apply Munt’s snake draft strategy to the auction and assign dollar values appropriately.

  54. Picking 3rd in a keeper league, Rodgers is my keeper. Most of the other keepers are the 1st round Rb’s, I’m looking at TRich or McCoy 1st rd. should I move all your guys up a round or still try to hold steady? Other keepers are AP, Martin, Foster, Calvin Johnson, Spiller, RRice, Morris, and Lynch. Thx!

  55. 10 team standard league, if Gronk and Graham are gone in round 3 would you grab a tier 2 QB or WR?

  56. With Jamaal Charles injury which may linger beyond preseason, should I draft McCoy or somebody else ???

  57. Munt – Awesome stuff as always. One of my leagues is a 12 man league w 6 pts TD for QBs, 5 pt bonus for going over: 300yds passing, 100 yds rushing OR 100 yds receiving. PPR of 1 pt for every catch over 8.

    Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE.

    My plan would be to go QB in Rd 1 if I can get Peyton, Brees, or Rogers. RB in round 2, 3, & take Ball 4 ? I don’t have a flex so Montee would be a RB3 on the bench and I need 3 WRs. Should I plan QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR?

  58. I’d definitely go with the RB since all those other top RB’s are taken. Yeah move it up a round because essentially, the first round has been kept.

  59. If you can get Cam or Matt Ryan, take them. Otherwise, get the best WR available.

  60. Right now just be patient. When is your draft? Charles injury could easily be nothing, and it could be something really serious. We have no idea yet. If you are worried about injury risk, McCoy is still a strong RB1.

  61. MRich,

    In this format of a league, I would go with Brees over Peyton and Rodgers. He is probably the “safest” bet for 5,000 yards if there is such a thing… And considering your bonuses for 300 yards passing, that will boost him from strong #1 QB consideration to most likely #1 QB.

    As for the rest of your draft plan, I think you have to go WR’s earlier than RB’s and here’s why. The way your bonuses are set up do not really benefit many RB’s, but will benefit the elite WR’s. To start off, most RB’s will NOT ever reach 100 yards receiving. So that bonus is essentially 0. Second, very few running backs average 8 yards per catch, so that bonus is very low. Then obviously RB’s have a good chance to get 100 rush yd bonus, but may only eclipse it a few times at most unless you are AP going for it every week.

    If you end up with target hogs like Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant, etc… you will be setting yourself up for consistent 100 yard receiving bonuses, as well as taking HUGE advantage of that PPR bonus because these receivers average 15 yards per reception at a minimum. Getting two of these studs is more beneficial in this scoring format I believe.

  62. with these scoring settings below. with my pick 4. should i go with qb , rb, rb , or wr etc ….

    Passing Yards 20 yards per point; 2 points at 300 yards; 3 points at 400 yards 25 yards per point
    Passing Touchdowns 6 4
    Interceptions -2 -1
    Rushing Yards 15 yards per point; 1 points at 100 yards; 2 points at 150 yards; 3 points at 200 yards 10 yards per point
    Rushing Touchdowns 6
    Receptions 1 0
    Reception Yards 10 yards per point; 1 points at 100 yards; 2 points at 150 yards; 3 points at 200 yards
    Reception Touchdowns 6


    Passing Yards 20 yards per point; 2 points at 300 yards; 3 points at 400 yards 25 yards per point
    Passing Touchdowns 6 4
    Interceptions -2 -1
    Rushing Yards 15 yards per point; 1 points at 100 yards; 2 points at 150 yards; 3 points at 200 yards 10 yards per point
    Rushing Touchdowns 6
    Receptions 1 0
    Reception Yards 10 yards per point; 1 points at 100 yards; 2 points at 150 yards; 3 points at 200 yards
    Reception Touchdowns 6

    Should I plan QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR?


  64. Wess, your post is kind of confusing. You give multiple point values for certain categories such as passing touchdowns. I’m not sure if it’s 6 or 4.

    Either way, if it’s 6, just be ready to take a QB much earlier (1st/2nd) and the rest, you honestly have to go with the flow of the draft. It’s hard to ask a question like should you plan RB for round three, because if Jimmy Graham is sitting there in round 3, you take Jimmy Graham, but if he’s not, you take an elite RB. If there’s no more elite RB’s, then you go WR. It’s all about finding the correct values. Locking yourself into picks beforehand is a losing proposition.

  65. @ Seth, Thanks for the reply. Are you affiliated with the site?
    Think you misunderstood the scoring system. There is a 5 point bonus for 100+ rushing AND 100+ receiving. For the PPR – the +1 point is for the 8th catch and each catch after, its not YPC.

  66. Team looks good.

    Keep in mind all drafts are different and ADP will change. There will be times Kaepernick or RGIII fall to Round 6 and that is when you pounce.

    Also as weeks keep getting closer to the season, players like Bradshaw and Amendola will continue to move up the draft boards.

  67. Peyton Manning could and should easily get over 40 TDs this season, that is too many points on the board. He will be the Fantasy MVP in 6 Point TD passing leagues.

  68. Not listed on FantasyPros Mock Draft Page because overall Rankings are for V.I.P.s only like yourself until the end of August.

    Even in PPR leagues, you still have RB depth problems if you do not attack the position.. You need to pounce and get 4 of those top 22 RBs.

    WR Rankings will be updated in the next Rankings update (Tuesday Night) as well as PPR rankings.

  69. If your League is 6 Points for a passing TD. I would go Peyton Manning with your 1st Round pick. If not go RB/RB/TE

    If it is 4 Points for a passing TD. I would wait on QB and try to snag one of the running QBs in Round 5-6.

  70. I would definitely go with the strategy of waiting one more round to get your QB. Especially in a 10 man league, you can even grab RGIII possibly as the #10 QB off the board.

    Getting a WR like Amendola will make the world of difference, Russell Wilson can still outscore Matt Ryan, but his ranking will change…

    New Rankings coming Tuesday Night

  71. You can do it, but there are going to be weeks where your other strong QB can carry your team.

    Here you are just hoping your #2 QB does well enough to make up for the fact your team lacks a second QB you can count on.

  72. 16 Team League

    You need to draft RB/RB/RB. No team is going to have 3 strong RBs, so you find a way to be that team to have 3 of the Top 22 guys. Then you go after your QB since that position can run away from you if you are not on top of it. After that fill your team out with WR and skip out on getting the Gronk/Graham. Not worth the loss of depth at RB.

  73. Grab the RB with your first pick, see if you can get the TE with your 2nd pick. Then go RB/RB (montee ball). Then WR/WR/WR. Ronnie Hillman.

  74. In a 10 Team League, I would grab my #3 RB and then Montee Ball in Round 4 to have 4 Strong RBs and I know I don’t have to think twice about that position. Plenty of WR depth, the #10 QB can be RGIII which is a fine later pick. Hopefully you get Kaepernick instead.

  75. Standard scoring. 6 point for passing and scoring.
    Drafting on the 31st of Aug.
    4th pick on a 12 team league
    snake draft

    Would it be wise to draft a top wr, rb, or qb ?

    Pretty AP , Foster are going 1 and 2

  76. in the 6pt league i will have a top tier Qb and good rb after first two rounds. would the better move be to take back to back rbs in rounds 3 and 4 or take gronk or graham in round 3 or even 4 if available?

  77. Love the strategy…but how would I apply this strat to an auction league with 10 people and a 200 dollar limit? What is the general amount of money I should be spending on these picks?

  78. Munt – This is my first time on this website. Extremely helpful! Im in a 10 team yahoo league with settings of QB/2RB/3WR/TE/Flex. Should I start off 1. RB 2. Graham 3. Bush 4. Ball (RB, TE, RB RB) or 1. RB 2. RB 3. Cobb 4. Ball (RB, RB, WR, RB) and hope to get V. Davis at TE in the 5th rd?

  79. Hey Munt-
    I have my draft comming up and have the 11th pick, im confident with my later round picks but quite lost with my first 4-5 rounds and was wondering if you have any advice for me…

  80. Hey Munt, thanks for the site. I’ve been following from the tail end of last season and you helped me go from 12/14 to 4th place. Looking to come back stronger this year, but have a difficult road with the first draft picks. Any help is much appreciated.

    Keeper League, PPR, 6pt TD. I’m pick 14 of 14 and traded my 2nd and 3rd round picks last season. I can keep Doug Martin in lieu of my 1st round pick and have 2 picks in the 4th (43 + 45).

    Should I keep Martin as my first round pick or give him up for a tier 1 QB? They go fast and I won’t have another opportunity. 43 + 45 would target Gronk/Montee?


  81. in 6pt td league are there any RBS you would take over a QB in round 1 like peterson or foster? Or is it better just to grab peyton even with the 1st or 2nd overall pick

  82. Im in a 12-Team, PPR, RB/WR/TE-FlexOpt.
    Have no idea on what pick I have until 15 mins before draft starts.
    What would your draft strategy be after my keeper(ShadyMcCoy)in RD1?
    Would you keep McCoy??
    I plan on going RB/RB…then either Graham or Best WR.
    What do you think of drafting Gronk if he fell to Rd.5?
    What RBs or WRs would you pick ahead of Gronk in Rd5?

  83. What if passing Td’s worth 5 points? Do you still like taking a Manning/Brees/Rodgers early or would you go RB/RB/Gronk?

  84. Beast Dome…..again getting it DONE!! MUNTz is a beast…..Im so confused that Rodgers/Brees keep going in the 1st RD? Thanks I guess..RBs than my QB of choice, RWilson

  85. Munt-I have pick 7 in 10 person league, ppr, 6pts TD and Wilson and Kaepernick are being kept. RGIII is available. No flex QB. I know Drew Brees/Manning will likely fall to me, do I go with either Rd1, and then use your Rb in next 3 rds strategy?

  86. Here are my keeper options and round I have to give up
    Julio Jones/6th, Lamar Miller/13th, AJ Green/2nd, Decker/11th, Garcon 7th
    Think I’m going to go with Jones & Miller. What do you think?

  87. tulameenmike, i like that move. those are strong keepers at those picks and keep you freed up for the most value at earlier rounds. According to Munt – Jones is WR6, Green WR 8, Decker WR31, Garcon WR 33. Miller is RB27 and is going early. 13th should be great value for him.

  88. Julio & AJ Green would be no brainers….then you can draft RB/RB or RB/QB whichever 1st & 3rd…im assuming you can only keep 2? If you can keep 3 MillerTime#6 is a huge bargain @ 13th. But me personally I would lock up those 2 WRs, get TopRB 1st Rd and BestAvailable in the 3rd. GoodLuck!

  89. I have the 13th and 16th pick (1-2) in a 14 team league.. The league scoring gives 6 pt for Passing TD… After reading a bunch of the threads, I’m now thinking Brees-Rodgers-Manning with 1st pick if there, then followed by either best RB avaialable (S JAX, S Ridley, C Johnson) or should I go Graham TE. Does the question get more complicated if I select Brees, and Graham is avaialable when I pick at #16? Does that add double value to the QB-RB position dominance? I would then have no choice but to go RB-RB in 3-4, and maybe in #5. Does this strategy option leave me too thin at RB spot all year? Thanks-Brian

  90. Most drafts are longer than this.

    If your league has enough bench spots to get 2 QB/4 RB/4 WR/2 TE/2 K/2 D/ST

    That is the proper way to go. Any extra picks, I would use it to stack RB/WR/QB

  91. Yes he has been dropping.

    Here is the thing though…I see you have 1st Pick so definitely take AP.

    BUt if you do not, and you take Peyton Manning 1st Round. I guarantee you teams will follow suit and start taking QBs like Rodgers/Brees very soon after.

  92. Brian

    Yes going no RB in Round 2 would kill you too much. While you can go with Peyton, I would definitely take a RB like Steven Jackson in the 2nd Round if he is there.

    You are looking at possibly Montee Ball/Ahmad Bradshaw on the way back. While that is okay, you would want those guys to be your #3/#4 in a perfect world.

    Definitely go with Peyton and the best RB on the board.

  93. BigFan

    Glad to have you back in the Dome this season.

    Russell Wilson is dropping in my Rankings. Not because he is bad, but because Romo and Eli have the better options on offense. Nicks/Austin are healthy, that was not the case in 2012.

    Newest Rankings come out Tuesday.

  94. Have to keep Montee

    At QB if you can land Romo or Eli, you will be golden.

    If not, get 3 QBs. Vick/Freeman/Cutler.


  95. Hey Munt. My league is a 12-team ppr snake draft with 6-pt td. I got 1st pick in the lotto. Assuming I have to take AP with my first pick, do I go RB + RB when it gets back around to me, or see what’s there for QB? Thanks.

  96. My league rewards 5 pts for TD passing, -2 pts for interception in 14 team league- QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, and flex…what do you recommend?

  97. Great insight Munt. 12-team ppr and I pulled 11th spot. would you suggest sticking with above plan RB + RB or would I go another way RB + TE? ANy suggestions or recommendations?

  98. A twist on m ball…. what if your league has flex ,but it can be a TE? …AND…. TE…is the only position that gets PPR??? Hmmm… I own graham…but what u think about gronk in flex ?

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