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If you have been to BEAST DOME before, this is nothing new as I introduced this concept to the Fantasy Football game two seasons ago when BEAST DOME first started.

But to all the new BEAST DOME subscribers for 2013, this is the most important Draft Strategy. 

What is the QB/K Combo Draft Strategy you ask?

Let me paint you a picture..

It is Monday Night.  Your team is in comeback mode, with your QB remaining, Tom Brady.  Brady has 1st and goal at the 5.  You are already counting the 4 Points to your Fantasy Score to see where that will get you, but he lets you down.  Tom ‘The Choosen One’ Brady cannot score from the 5 on 3 Plays.  You end up losing by 3 Points.

You start yelling at your TV, you tell your Kids to get a Job, they are only 11..You are furious

Now what if I told you, if you would of owned Stephen Gostkowski, every time that situation happens where Brady fails from the Redzone.  You would shrug your shoulders as Gostkowski makes a 42 Yard FG, which is the same amount of Points as a TD.  “Oh well I lost two potential points.”

It is Vital to do the QB/K Combo strategy.

If you draft Matt Ryan, make sure you own Matt Bryant.  If you draft Aaron Rodgers, make sure you own Mason Crosby.  The list goes on.  You are protecting yourself with guaranteed points for a failed Redzone attempts.  QBs fail in the Redzone more than you could ever imagine.

Those extra points will help you make the Playoffs in your Fantasy Leagues.  Those extra points will help you win your playoff matchups.



Last season Matt Stafford put up this line too often 300 Yards/1 TD.  Jason Hanson in those games kicked 3-4 FGs a game.  Let’s go deeper.

Week 16  

Matthew ‘The Robot Arm’ Stafford threw for 443 Yards and 0 TDs.  That only translates to 17 Points in Standard Leagues.

Jason Hanson went 3-3 from FG range, with 1 Extra Point.  In standard leagues, he scored 12 Points with distance.

Combined: 29 Points

Week 3

Matthew Stafford throws for 278 Yards and 1 TD.  15 Points in Standard Leagues.

Jason Hanson goes 4-4 including a 53 Yard FG.  18 Points in Standard Leagues.

Combined: 33 Points

That is more than enough to cover your opposing teams QB..

Last season Drew Brees in non INT leagues led the way with 23.5 Points

Getting double digits from your Kicker any week is a great week.  Only 8 Kickers the entire season averaged 10 or more points a game.


It is the position you need 20+ Points a Week from to remain dominant.
If your QB has a bad game, your Kicker just won you the Week.

Fantasy Football Overall IDP Rankings..Coming Tuesday Night


There are “experts” in the fantasy sports world, and then there are ELITE experts such as Muntradamus.  Being my first fantasy football experience, I conducted extensive research on predictions and analysis online in order to win my championship.  Although I discovered a lot of information through fantasypros and their top experts, I discovered BEASTDOME during week 4.  I knew after a few minutes of reading, that Muntradamus and his amazing site was for me and would help me dominate my league with his amazing and unparalleled insight and analysis.  I quickly invested in one of his VIP packages and the journey to winning my league and championship followed.  I would call him the Amazing Kreskin of Fantasy Sports, but I feel that would be an understatement!  The various VIP packages are well worth the investment and I highly recommend them to anyone serious about winning their fantasy sports league.







Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #8 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for all DRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS (MLB/NFL/NBA) in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. Ok, I understand where you are coming from with this, and I agree with the strategy, and I use it. I do have one clarifying question.

    Why does it matter that your kicker is getting the points from YOUR QB’s failed red zone attempts? Isn’t any kicker getting the points from any QB’s failed red zone attempts? Don’t you want the kicker on the team with the worst red zone conversion rating (or whatever statistic reflects failed TDs that become FGs)

    e.g., In the above example of Stafford/ Hanson, wouldn’t you want Hanson no matter who your QB was?

    PS: You are the best fantasy football expert as far as I am concerned, your advice is almost always accurate and since I found your site I have read it almost religiously

  2. Ethan, the reason for this strategy is more about risk diversification than anything else. Chances are, unless you’re extremely lucky and get the #1 kicker who usually stands out a bit but it is at complete randomness, your kicker is going to be just like every other kicker in terms of points per game. Like Munt said, the QB is the most important position on your team so you should help diversify risk with your QB investment and help protect that position.

    Every QB outside the top elite tier is bound to have at least one or two stinkers this year. The goal of the QB/K combo is then to say when your QB has that crappy game, most likely it will be your kicker picking up the slack. If Brady gets stalled in the Red Zone a bunch and ends up with 300 yards / 1 TD (16 points), if you owned Gostkowski who then hit 2 FG for 35 yards each, thats 6 points picked up from Brady’s scoring total, which now brings his theoretical combined score to 22 to help compete with the other QB you’re facing. Then you add on whatever other FG’s Gostkowski gets for that game, even if it is just 1 more… That’s a 10 point day.

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