(WEEK 4)

By Muntradamus


After a strong showing in FantasyPros for Week 3, my Busts of the Week are back for more action. Last week a few of my Busts ended up sitting out the game before it even started (Brees/Alshon). To avoid that problem we will avoid Questionable players heading into the article.




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ECR #11 QB

One thing you will learn quickly about Philip Rivers if you have not already, Rivers has a weak arm. The Chargers offense is not really that much of a threat these days with no Antonio Gates and the running game yet to reach it’s potential. While the matchup against the Browns looks good on paper thanks to Derek Carr tearing up the secondary last week. I am going to chalk that up to Carr and his arm strength making great deep passes all game. We can chalk it up to Cooper just being so dominant that Haden could not even stop him. All you need to know for this game is that Rivers and his floating duck arm will not get it done against easily one of the best secondaries in the NFL, on paper.





AP going up against the Broncos spells disaster before it even begins. Denver’s Run D is too good for this league and the Vikings are going to fall behind before the game even begins. Once the game goes into blowout mode, if AP did not get his numbers in the 1st half he will not get them all game. There is a good chance he sits the 4th Quarter during the blowout.



ECR #11 RB

While Devonta was nice for all VIPs who purchased my Weekly Package, this is a week to avoid the hype and sit out Devonta. Texans Defense does one thing and only one thing right, they stop the run. With Wilfork and Watt creating pressure up the middle, Devonta will have to get his numbers PPR style. With that being the situation, Devonta will have trouble cracking Top 10 RB status this week.



ECR #14 WR

Two words for you. Joe. Haden. Haden is too talented for Keenan Allen whose fantasy game was saved last week on a TD right before the half. With Rivers likely to take less shots and rely on a running game once the Chargers have the lead, Keenan Allen will likely find himself on the wrong end of the fantasy spectrum this week. With Antonio Gates coming back for the next Chargers game, now would be a good time to sell high after a BUST performance in Week 4.



ECR #10 WR

Life has been good for the Arizona Cardinals offense. Matchup against the Saints/Bears/49ers is having everyone think the Cardinals are the best offense in the NFL and Carson Palmer is a Top 10 QB, no questions asked. While Palmer and Fitzgerald is looking as good as ever, some reality will set in with the Rams Defense coming into town. Rams D does play quicker than most teams and 5x the speed of the previous opponents the Cardinals have been facing. Sure Fitzgerald can always get his TD being too big to cover in the Redzone, but if he only ends up with 70+ yards this week, that will not be enough to get it done.

Now would be a good time to sell Larry Fitzgerald high as you can get a Superstar Talent, even Calvin Johnson if you throw in a little extra. Michael Floyd is now close to 100% healthy and Carson Palmer and his fragile twice repaired surgical knee is one hit away from all this success going down the drain.



ECR #14 TE

Remember when everyone was hyping up Zach Ertz last preseason, I said he was a BUST. Then they were hyping up Ertz again this season, and once again I reminded them that his nickname is not, “Ertz-Rent-A-Bust” for nothing.

At this point the consensus #6 TE in Fantasy Football is nothing more than Waiver Wire garbage. The Eagles O-Line has so many problems they have no choice but to play Brent Celek who is far superior of a blocker, who can also catch passes. Ertz has his few moments here and there, but to have a part time TE on an offense that is looking like a High School Football Team, chances are he will end up on the Waiver Wire before on someone’s starting lineup.




  1. Your number 12 ranked running back for the week is a bust ??? Who has Denver Blown out??? Oh thats right a 12 point win over the “Lion King”!!!!!

  2. On paper, at least so far, the Browns secondary is trash. Haden was not only chewed up by the Raiders, but he was also chewed up by the Jets, he was fine vs the all-rookie team Titans at home. Now he has to play in San Diego on the road.

    Rivers is at home after 2 road games vs Minnesota and Cincinnati, both teams that have underrated pass rushers and secondaries. I’m sure he’ll be fine for a bounce back game vs the Browns at home.

  3. You’re talking about Brandon Marshall in that Jets game. Allen isn’t even on the same level as far as physical and athletic ability as Marshall or Cooper. Allen would be the #3 WR on a team like the Broncos, and a #2 WR for a lot of teams that have a good #1.

    The real Joe Haden will show up this week.

  4. Fair enough, I can get on board with that. However, I think you are underestimating the Chargers offense as a whole. Stevie Johnson, Floyd, Woodhead, Allen, all together give Rivers a ton of options… more-so than the Jets just peppering Marshall every passing play, and Carr only throwing to 2 guys all game. He might not have Gates, but the Jets and Raiders don’t have a TE to rely on either. I think as long as Rivers can get some time in the pocket, he’ll put up points this week. I don’t think Haden is the deciding factor, it’s the protection upfront. The Browns definitely have the pieces to penetrate that O-line, so we will see. I still think Rivers puts up 20+ this week, regardless, and if he gets time, then 30+ points.

  5. I agree with me underestimating the Chargers offense, but I don’t think they’re ready to break out of their funk quite yet.

    Only time will tell

  6. Melvin Gordon may ball out this week which could potentially take a TD or two away from Rivers.

  7. As a Chargers fan, I hope that turn comes soon. I know that Gates will help big time as their o-line needs more threats to take the pressure off. That connection is undeniable.

    On another note, Munt, do you have an opinion on Crowell? Is he worth a drop for Hillman if I have CJAnderson?

  8. Is it too early to pick up Christine Michael, starting to get excited about him being the next emmitt smith…

  9. Ya you can drop Crowell for Hillman if Crowell is sitting on your bench. Browns are definitely ready to see what the Duke Johnson future holds, he is an exciting back and his touches are increasing each week.

  10. If Emmitt Smith had fumbling issues and less tackle breaking ability then maybe you can make that comparison. With Joseph Randle running really well this season and DMC not looking like a slouch either when he is in the game, I doubt there will be a time where Michael will warrant anything more than RB#3 potential on any given week. That RB#3 is really pushing it unless there are injuries.

  11. Hope AP does better than you think this week.

    Im struggling with my QB this week though Dalton, Tyrod Taylor, or Carr. Who should I roll with and who should I try to trade away so I don’t have to hold all three.

    Also, Ivory or Demarco in PPR this week. Thanks!

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