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With NBA around the corner and MLB Playoffs starting up (BEAST FRANCHISE Championship Qualifier Time). I am going to start producing two articles a day, one during the night, one during the day.

With that being said, the BEAST FRANCHISE CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIER #2 will be Wednesday Night, $2.50 Entry. Beat Kenny Lofton or myself win your money back. Come in 1st Place Qualify for the BEAST FRANCHISE CHAMPIONSHIP and win a signed Kenny Lofton Baseball.

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Power. Speed. More speed. More Power.

There is no doubting that Matt Jones has the tools to be a superstar RB in this league. There is one thing to doubt though, and that is Alfred Morris. While Matt Jones is a fierce RB and he would start for a few teams in the NFL, he is firmly behind Alfred Morris who is the Heart & Soul of the Redskins offense. Yes it was nice to see Matt Jones spell Alfred Morris after a dominant first series only to see Jones sprint down the sidelines for a long TD run, but it all came because Alfred Morris kept moving those chains.

While Matt Jones will continue to have some nice games here and there, he is essentially a RB #4 who you cannot trust in Fantasy leagues unless something happens to Alfred Morris. While you can add Matt Jones for depth, it takes a serious set of balls to start him in Fantasy Leagues as the Redskins offense will not be consistent and there will be times where Matt leaves you with 36 Yards Rushing in your starting lineup.

So while the hype of Matt Jones is real, the final result as far as consistency goes, is not. Do yourself a favor and let the Sheep overpay for Matt Jones in FABB leagues, or early Waiver Wire claims. This is a RB who is more Waiver Wire Friendly, than RB #2 status. He should be owned in all leagues, but he should never leave your bench as a RB#4 at best.


*Only way Matt Jones is a BEAST is if Alfred Morris goes down.









  1. The biggest dick in my 14 team has Matt Jones stashed. I really hope Alf stays healthy all year =). Last thing I want is for that prick to get him on the starting lineup.

  2. my waiver wire is so thin but jones is there and I have the #1 claim so I am scooping him now as woodhead or spiller are my RB2. I think taking Graham in the 4th round screwed me.

  3. I believe the reason Matt Jones did so well sunday was because the Redskins hae the most dominate O-line?running game in the entire league. The Rams D-line is no joke and the skins killed them like they were the hogs of the 80’s! I think the skins like

    The Redskins O-line flat out killed what could be the best D-line in football sunday. Jones looks better than Morris and this team wants to be a power run team. 30 carries a game is very possible and half will go to Jones who looks like he wants to make the most of them. I’m grabbing this kid tonight!

  4. MUNT- did u actually watch that game? as opposed to week 1, matt jones mixed in early and often. right after a huge morris run they pulled him for matt jones, which led to his first long td run. they lined up matt jones a couple times in the slot as a WR (never do that with morris). he was used as a checkdown option.

    but really the most telling thing is, up 17-3, jones loses a fumble, resulting in the game going to 17-10. gruden didnt go away from matt jones, he stuck with him. and then gave him 3 straight goal line carries the next time they were in the red zone.

    Why is alfred the heart and soul of this offense exactly? hes a mediocre athlete that was the last regimes guy, in the last year of his contract that wont be renewed. that fact that jones got 2-3 more touches than morris doesnt even touch on the fact that morris got 3 extra touches to close out the game. all of matt jones extra touches were high quality touches.

    so, if you are with me and think munt has lost his touch: MATT JONES, BEAST

  5. I did actually watch the full game on replay the next day and just like you said and I said, after a long Morris run they put Jones in the backfield and he scored.

    I never doubted Matt Jones talent in this article, Alfred Morris is their guy look what he did Week 1 against the tough Dolphins Run D, Matt Jones is a power lightning in a bottle. Never lost my touch, never will. Have fun starting Matt Jones every week if you decide to go against my advice.

  6. MUNT- Im teasing a bit. I have hyde and evans in my keeper league from the draft last year, in part to your rookie scouting last year. You do good shit.

    I’m not ready to start matt jones every week, but it IS healthy to wonder if the changing of the guard is starting to occur. the current regime has nothing invested in alfie and he is gone after this year. which makes matt jones a potential BEAST next year if you are in a keeper or dynasty league. and if his usage continues like last week he has real flex appeal this year. we’ll find out tomorrow lol

  7. The Cowboys should just run Christian Michael, he would kill behind that O-line. The thing with the skins is their O-line looks like it could be as good or better than the Cowboys O-line. The Skins want a power run game. Their D is improved and Cousins can just manage the game. 30 runs a game is not impossible and if Jones keeps out producing Alf why not a changing of the guard? I can see it happening in the next 3 weeks.

  8. Lol, the Skins o-line as good or better than the Cowboys? Somebody doesn’t know much about football. What a joke of a comment.

  9. cowboys would love matt jones right now. I also saw alfies usage vs the dolphins. he tore them up. I have a theory that the coaching staff went all alfie week 1 cause they really really didnt want to lose the opener after convincing bruce allen to go with cousins. and they really trust alfie.

    the real interesting thing to me– the final line shows jones outtouched alfie 20-18– but alfie had 3 runs to run out the clock to close out the game. so functionally he outtouched him 20-15. it very well could have been gameplan… big dude vs stout rams D…. but the redskins O line kinda looks like the best in football thru 2 weeks, so why not give him a shot?

  10. The person that said that stupid comment that knows nothing about football was none other than Rams coach Jeff Fisher. I think he knows just a little something about football. Having said that Jones was a disaster last night mostly because his QB Cousins just flat out sucks and can’t help his team move the chains. Also traveling on a short week. Football is all about matchups and for some reason the Skins matched up real nice vs. the Rams but not as good vs. the Giants. The fact that Cousins was sucking ass and got them in a hole right from the start limited the carries and the run game.

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