Fantasy Football: Andre Brown (Beast or Bust)

Fantasy Football:

Andre Brown (Beast or Bust)

By Muntradamus


Each week I take a look at a breakout Free Agent player to determine if they are going to be a Beast or Bust heading down the stretch of the season.  You can read what I said about Ogletree last week by clicking here.

To get you ready for the Week 3 Waiver Wire, check out what I said last week in the Week 2 Waiver Wire.  I will not be mentioning players like Scott Chandler and Martellus Bennett since they have already been listed.  Hopefully you listened.  Week 3 Wavier Wire will come out later Monday.




DeMarco Murray is the first name that comes to my mind when I think about Andre Brown.  Before you go off and add him just based off that sentence, there are a lot of variables to take into place.  Brown is a motivated runner, in way like Kevin Smith was last season.  Somebody who has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for his opportunity to come.  Ahmad Bradshaw is not a reliable RB if we go off of injuries alone.  His ankles are weak, and now he showed Sunday he cannot take big hits.  Andre Brown may be the goal line guy if anything moving forward.  The Giants want Bradshaw to be healthy, at the same time they want the best RB in the game.  David Wilson could have had his chance to shine earlier than expected. A fumble against the Cowboys on opening night has him still in the dog house.

What makes Andre Brown great is the Giants system.  The Giants will pass the ball and get down field quickly.  Then when the defense is playing back, Brown can slash them up the middle like Cedric Benson did this week to the Bears when they overplayed the pass.  If Bradshaw misses any games, Andre Brown is a Must-Start.  If Bradshaw is healthy, then Andre Brown is a Solid-Own bench player who should get his call sooner than later. If anything, you can expect a Michael Bush role that is similar to what the Bears do with Matt Forte.

PREDICTION: BEAST. Brown has BEAST potential, someone that you obviously cannot start if Bradshaw is healthy.  If Bradshaw misses any games, Andre Brown is a threat to rush for over 80 Yards a game and possibly score multiple TDs with how dynamic this Giants offense is.  Go out there and add Brown, just do not drop someone who has too much value if Bradshaw is healthy.  I would rather own JacQuizz Rodgers if Bradshaw is not going to miss more than a handful of games.


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  1. I’m in agreement, Muntra. Coming from a Giants fan and not a fantasy perspective, Brown was the unsung hero in yesterday’s game. Drafted in the 4th round in 2009, this was his first game with real game action and I think he was playing with a chip on his shoulder after all those teams released him due to the ruptured achilles. Coughlin is going to use him and get him his carries.

  2. I’m new to this site this year, but the information has been clear and on point. By the way, thanks for the heads up on Bennett. He’s gonna be huge. As far as, adding Brown, I’ll be first in line in one of my leagues. Would you use a waiver #1 claim? My Running backs are struggling: Chris Johnson, Fred Jackson, Shonne Green, Jonathan Dwyer, Michael Leshoure (do back this week), BJGE being the only one producing out of this group. Thanks.

  3. Hey Munt! Hope you’re doing great. Just became a member of this site and I was hoping you could help me out.

    My current squad consists of:

    QB Peyton Manning

    WR Wes Welker

    WR A.J. Green

    RB Ray Rice

    RB Dexter McCluster

    TE Jermichael Finley

    W/R Demaryius Thomas

    Matt Schaub
    Fred Davis
    Denarius Moore
    Jared Cook
    Stephen Hill
    Martellus Bennett
    Coby Fleener

    I got crushed this week and I just got offered a trade: Welker/Hernandez for Austin/FInley

    Any advice? Thanks in advance

  4. No Catch Blackmon by a mile.

    Andre is good only for this week and then you have to sit and wait.

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