FANTASY FOOTBALL 2016 Do Not Be Late Drafting Golden Tate


Do Not Be Late Drafting Golden Tate


By Muntradamus


The time is almost here. The time to adopt a new family of Fantasy Football Players. Many of the BEAST DOME Superstars from 2014 are no longer an option, or a shade of their former self.

Marshawn Lynch (Retire)
Calvin Johnson (Retire)
Arian Foster (coming off of Torn Achilles)
SSS (coming off of Torn Achilles)
Montee Ball (Domestic Abuse)

Added to that list is the QB we all depended on last year.

Matt Stafford (No more Megatron)

Last year we were all in on Matt Stafford. While his start was slow which included a switch at Offensive Coordinator mid-way through the season. Stafford was a BEAST from Week 12 on as he collected 17 TD and 1 INT to close out the final 6 games of the season (32 TD/4262 Yards).

With no more Megatron on the field, the Lions are a completely different team and while Stafford will still be productive when the matchup is right. He will also be much more of a QB2 than QB1 in 2016. In 2014 when Megatron went down for 8.5 games, Golden Tate and Matt Stafford were forced to lean on each other. The result of that season was 1331 Yards. 4 TD. 99 Receptions. Superstar to the next level for Golden Tate, and guess which Fantasy Expert Ranked him Top Tier?


In 2015 Megatron was healthy all year. Golden Tate was a check down target machine in what was a season where the Lions switched up their passing scheme mid-way through the year. Stafford threw for over 4,262 Yards last season. Golden Tate never had one game over 100 Yards. Tate did not even break 1,000 Yards as he digressed with 813 Yards. 6 TD. 90 Receptions.

46 of those 90 receptions came in the last 7 games with their more recent OC Jim Bob. That is an average of just under 7 receptions per game. Total that average out for a full season, you have over 100 Receptions on the year. Now imagine Megatron is no longer on the team.

It is amazing to think that Stafford could throw for over 4,000 Yards and Golden Tate not even have 1,000 on the season. Calvin Johnson made up for more than 25% of the production with 1,412 Yards, but now that amount is missing. Marvin Jones is going to be an automatic Top 25 WR in Fantasy Football this season as he comes in from Cincy to try and replace Megatron shoes. However look for Matt Stafford to throw the ball to Golden Tate 15+ a game easily. The checkdown throws, the quick slants, then those 70+ Yard Deep Bombs we saw in the preseason last year between the two.

Golden Tate will join a new club with his 15+ Targets each week.

1500 Yards. 150 Receptions. 15 Touch Downs.

While those numbers are semi-unrealistic, do keep in mind that Golden Tate has a HUGE advantage over a few WRs such as Odell Beckham Jr. and even Julio Jones. Golden Tate takes more quick hit screen passes than those two WRs combined. Screen passes to Golden Tate are vital in the Lions offensive scheme as it allows Stafford to build confidence while giving him a safe play to let Golden Tate do what he does best, break peoples ankles.

While I am sure Golden Tate will not rank ahead of ODB JR. or Julio Jones when my Rankings come out, also have to mention BEAST DOME Legend Brandon Marshall. You can expect Golden Tate to easily be a true #1 BEAST in Fantasy Football this season.

Golden Tate is locked and loaded as a Top 10 WR when my first Rankings come out

It also helps the Lions play Dome Games Week 5-14











  1. Ohhhhh snap!! Golden Tate is going to BEAST. Everyone says Megatron on the field helps Tate, but I actually disagree on that. The two games of the 2014 season where Megatron was hurt, Tate blew up for 31 fantasy points those very same two weeks. I agree I think he will be Staffords go-to guy. BEAST

  2. Genius, I’m all aboard the Tate train nice article. Makes perfect sense with no mega he will be getting more 2014 volume and produce much better numbers than 2015. Meanwhile the sheep with short memories are only remembering what just happened.

    His is what I’m talking about you find the undervalue gems “beasts” guys that everyone is sleeping on. And build a strategy out of them.

    Trying to land Tate and Marshall as two potential undervalued WR1’s my top picks will be running backs.

  3. The Tate outlook is trending upward, but i’m thinking Marshall will be lost without Fitzmagic at the helm….

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