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The gig is up. Jamaal Charles is nowhere near a Top 10 RB in Fantasy Football anymore. If you want to lose your Fantasy Football League this season, go ahead and Draft Jamaal Charles in the 1st Round.


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Last season I wrote a Preseason article calling out Jamaal Charles as the BUST pick of the Year, got a lot of heat for it, but was obviously more than correct.


Before I say anything about 2015, let us look at evidence from last season of what Jamaal Charles was able to put out for those Sheep Fantasy Football Owners.

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First thing that stands out. Jamaal Charles is no longer a Running Back who is seeing 20+ Carries a game. Jamaal only saw 20 Carries or more three games last season. Week 13-Week 17, Charles averaged under 11 Carries a game and failed to rush for over 60 Yards in 4 of those 5 games. He also had a few cupcake matches in there with the Steelers/Chargers/Raiders.

Second thing that stands out. Jamaal Charles was not clutch combining for an average of 6 Fantasy Points in Standard Leagues against the Raiders and Steelers in the Fantasy Championship Week 15 & 16. For someone to be the #1 or #2 or even Top 5 RB and have them consistently get less than 15 carries, okay. If you think it is going to get better for the tiny lady bug in Jamaal Charles, you are delusional.

Third thing that stands out. Chiefs Offense is still garbage in 2015. While Jeremy Maclin was a nice upgrade over Dwayne Bowe, it is still Alex Smith at QB. The same Alex Smith that did not complete a TD pass to a WR nearly all season. The same Alex Smith that has ruined Dwayne Bowe and arguably Michael Crabtree. Alex Smith is not a good QB and the Chiefs offense will not be driving down the field scoring 28+ Points a game. Even 17+ would be very nice.

Last thing that stands out. The Chiefs this preseason have been featuring Knile Davis a lot. Knile believes he is better than Jamaal Charles if not on the same level at the very least, he may not be wrong. Jamaal Charles looks very small this preseason, did not put on weight, does not look like a stronger player from 2014. With the Chiefs not improving much on offense, and Knile Davis only getting better and more hungry, the Jamaal Charles train is about to crash. Knile Davis only has a couple years left to prove he is worth that big NFL Contract, and he is worth it.

Conclusion. Drafting Jamaal Charles is equivalent to writing a Fantasy Football Suicide note before the season even starts. You are letting everyone know that you are donating your money to the Pot and that you will be having a lot of Sundays where you yell at your TV regarding how bad Alex Smith is, or Knile Davis vulturing key Fantasy Points throughout the season. Jamaal Charles and is his situation is looking so bad this season, I have him confidently ranked #15 with small upside of reaching Top 12 before the Preseason ends, or potentially falling all the way to #17 before the season starts. Mark Ingram will be scoring more Touchdowns this season than Jamaal Charles no questions asked at #14, and if you think Jamaal Charles will get way more touches to make up for it, read above.



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  1. Um, you were obviously wrong last year. Charles wasn’t a bust, he was the sixth-highest scoring running back last year and averaged just under 14 points a game in the regular season after two rough outings to start the year. That was despite a schedule that featured the Cardinals, the Seahawks, the 49ers, the Rams, the Jets, the Bills, the Patriots, the Steelers (how did you call that an easy matchup when they were sixth in the league against the run?) and the Broncos twice. All good to great run defenses. Charles won’t see any of those opponents but the Broncos this year. Your analysis makes no sense whatsoever.

  2. First of all he was #7.

    Second of all he averaged 6 Points per game to close out the season. Which is horrible since Fantasy Playoffs are the only thing that matters.
    Take out that 159 Yard game against Seattle on the ground, and he does not even rush for 900 Yards. Just a hair over 1,000 Yards Rushing on the season is not ideal for the #1 overall Pick.
    It is also not ideal that the #1 Overall Pick in Fantasy Football is consistently touching the ball less than 15 games to close out the final handful of games.

    While he was Top 10, he was still far from #1, he also guaranteed that you did not make money in your Fantasy Football League if you owned Jamaal Charles.

  3. Sixth among players who will actually play more than half their games, I forgot to count Arian Foster. And no, fantasy playoffs are not the only thing that matters. I play in a league that awards money to the regular-season champion. Even if you don’t, if you’re basing your picks on the last two weeks of the season, you’re an idiot.

    His yards were down because his schedule was loaded with great run defenses. The Chiefs don’t face the NFC West this year. They don’t play the Jets or the Patriots. Even with that, he was still seventh and sixth among running backs who will play more than eight games barring injury. Your analysis is a great way to ensure that you miss the playoffs. You were wrong last year, and unless Charles gets injured, you will almost certainly be wrong again this year.

  4. I still was not wrong last year. If you had the #1 Pick, which means you are picking the #1 guy who will make you money last season.
    Jamaal Charles was not the #1 guy to draft. He was the #7 guy to draft (Regular season only). Last Round if (playoffs only). I ranked him #10 which is much closer to #7 than #1.

    It’s also the last three weeks of the season he collapsed, not last two. Don’t call people idiots when you have your stats wrong.

    You are also not taking into consideration the emergence of Knile Davis..but you can find out the hard way.

    Also quotes like this…” Your analysis is a great way to ensure that you miss the playoffs.” You cant just say that without backing it up with nothing. I told people to take Arian and Marshawn, that was guaranteed Playoffs. Go to ESPN and have fun being a sheep

  5. No, you were wrong last year. You said he was a bust. Seventh is not a bust by any definition. You were proven incorrect, and you won’t admit it. Second, you’re the one who has your stats wrong. The last week doesn’t count in most leagues. In the week before the playoffs, he put up 15 points on Arizona, which had an excellent run defense. So you’re the one with your stats wrong.

    I’ve backed up my assertion by pointing out why Charles is set up for a bigger year than last year with a friendlier schedule. There’s also the fact that the Chiefs never give Charles much work in the preseason (most ever is 16 carries in four weeks) and that he averages five yards a carry, which is the mark of a great running back. The only way you’re going to get this right is if he gets hurt. The fact that you have Charles and Jeremy Hill, a pair of top-10 running backs, ranked 15 and 16, says that you’re just being a contrarian and throwing darts at the wall. This is definitely a case where the sheep has the advantage.

  6. And the reason I’m not taking Knile Davis into account is because Knile Davis shouldn’t be taken into account. Charles averages five yards per carry. Davis averages 3.5 yards per carry. There’s no way the Chiefs are going to cut into Charles’ workload to feature Davis. He has value, sure, but as a backup. Charles is the obvious bell cow in this situation.

  7. Ya darts at a wall.. ok. Have fun with ESPN and all the other sites no need for you to be here.

    I’m the one who has the stats wrong?..its still Week 15/16/17 as busts. Just because your league doesnt include Week 17 doesnt mean all leagues dont. Unlike your league, a majority of leagues offer a majority of their prize pool for the winners of the Playoffs. So while in Total Points leagues, no he was not a BUST just not the correct Top 5 RB selection. But in leagues where Prize money is heavily favored towards playoffs. He was a HUGE BUST.

    Hope you saw Jamaal take one hard hit to the knee last night, slow to get up, and never returned. But no just like you and all the other sheep, you don’t watch preseason and just assume everything is all the same heading into the next season.

    Get off of this site you are not welcome here just slandering. If you want me to ban you so you can’t get this information i have no problem doing that.

  8. Winnings in my league are regular season champ gets 10% of the pie both divisions, high score for the week gets 1% the rest is divided up in the playoffs. Arian carried my team to a division win,high score 6 weeks and 2nd overall in the playoffs.Your insight is top notch. Jamal was certainly an asset in the regular season but I was much better off with Arian in the playoffs. I stole Arian in the third round. I picked 5th so Forte in my PPR was my first pick, Montee, second pick and Foster my third. RG3 fifth and Montee in the second hurt but hey you can’t predict everything perfectly. You are still the best in my opinion and I’ve been doing this for at least 12 years.

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