Fantasy Football 2015: The Curious Case of Todd Gurley (Todd Gurley)

Fantasy Football 2015:

The Curious Case of Todd Gurley

(Todd Gurley)


By Muntradamus



There are not a lot of times a RB out of college will start Week 1 of the NFL Season, and then dominate all 17 Games.
There are not a lot of times a RB out of college who tore his ACL in November, is able to come back less than a Year Later and be the same player. Exception (Willis McGahee).
There are not a lot of times any RB who tore their ACL, come back less than a Year later and remain the same player.

While there are freak cases like Adrian Peterson who recorded a historic season after the injury. For many, their career takes a nose dive from that point forward, (Maurice Jones-Drew).

Toddy Gurley not only has to go through all of the above. He has to do it on one of the worst offenses in the NFL something Willis McGahee/Adrian Peterson/Maurice Jones-Drew all had to go through. He also has to do it as a Rookie in the NFC West. First let us look at the QB situation, as the QB is the most important position in determining an offense’s success. Unless we are talking about a High School Football team.

While Nick Foles did thrive in the Chip Kelly system (PHI) playing the cupcake NFC EAST schedule. Moving from the NFC EAST to the NFC WEST is like going to sleep at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas, and then waking up at a Hilton in Bismarck, North Dakota. What was once so soft and luxurious, became bone crushing, ‘you better have bleach to take out all those Jersey grass/blood stains.’ There have been many times in the last two seasons Nick Foles has stood in the pocket looking more like an actor in, “Dude Where’s My Car?” with Ashton Kutcher. Than a QB who will lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl. When you take out the Chip Kelly Offensive System, or even the Rich Rodriguez, 5 spread WR Offensive System at University of Arizona. The chances of Nick Foles adjusting to a real NFL offense ran by first time OC Brian Cignetti Jr. who has done nothing but lead average QBs to average seasons as the Rams QB Coach, it is not looking pretty for Nick Foles and his full head of flowing hair. When you lose WRs like Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson as his two best targets in his time with the Eagles. Then go to St. Louis and replace them with Brian Quick and Kenny Britt, or Tavon Austin. You are going to see a downgrade in production, as well as consistency. Consistency has always been a problem for Nick Foles.

Not only does Gurley have to deal with a bad NFL offense in the Hardest Hitting Division in the NFC, he has to do it with stiff competition at his own position battling Tre Mason. While there is no doubting that Gurley is the better player, Tre Mason is a ‘Torpedo’ who goes full speed at all times. Tre is very explosive and it is just too hard not to see him being involved here and there every week of the season with a good handful of plays. Easily the type of player who will vulture TDs from time to time this season. Benny Cunningham is the #3 RB, while he has shown promise, he is better suited as a strong change of pace RB. Regardless for Todd Gurley to shake off Tre Mason as a Rookie dealing with everything I show you above. Odds are not in his favor of being a Fantasy Beast in Year 1, yet alone a RB#3/#4 value.

While this argument should make perfect sense for some, the Fantasy Football Expert Public is leading the sheep right into the grinder with this one.


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.16.24 AMWhen it is the 4th Round of your Fantasy Football Draft, and someone in your draft room says Todd Gurley. You can give a smirk knowing that person has fallen victim to the Sheep System. Even if it is the 7th Round of your Fantasy Football Draft, and Todd Gurley is still on the board. That is when you know you are in a competitive league, yet you still let the sheep go nuts.

Even if Todd Gurley is able to battle all of the above, and leads that owners team to a Championship berth in your Fantasy Football League..

On Week 16 the Rams are @Seattle. Good luck with that.



  1. Article on Joique and Lions running game coming next week. As a preview to the article I will say that Joique is not worth a 4th/5th/6th or even 7th round pick. A player that should not be on your fantasy draft radar in general.

  2. Todd Gurley fell in an auction draft I was a part of and I was able to secure Gurley and Mason for essentially the same cost as Carlos Hyde or Ameer Abdullah. I think this author is being too hyperbolic when it comes to Gurley. Remember the Rams chose him early in the first round, they think highly of him and most experts consider him head above shoulders the best RB of this draft class. My thoughts are if you can get Gurley and Mason for cheap pull the trigger on both. Chances are you’ll end up with at least one RB2 out of it.

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