FANTASY FOOTBALL 2015: Counting Crowells (Isiah Crowell)


Counting Crowells (Isiah Crowell)


By Muntradamus



Last season out of nowhere emerged a big strong RB from Cleveland when Ben Tate went down. He was BIG/STRONG/FAST and he was ripping off huge gains nearly every time he touched the ball. When Ben Tate returned from injury, Cleveland did not want to take away from Crowell. Terrance West got his work in, the highly touted rookie heading into the season, but it was Crowell who everyone wanted in Fantasy Football. Despite not rushing for 100 Yards in a game once all season, his 8 TDs kept him Fantasy relevant. Experts on FantasyPros are still high on Crowell ranking him anywhere from 20-30. Once again leading the herd of sheep to donating their money to the BEAST DOME NATION.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 2.11.25 AMISIAH CROWELL RB RANK 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 2.07.02 AMScreen Shot 2015-06-21 at 2.07.49 AM


Here are the reasons why Isiah Crowell will be a BUST in 2015.



The son of the famous Denver Coach Mike, who created a zone blocking scheme for the Broncos that allowed anyone and everyone to put up seasons to remember. Whether it was Terrell Davis putting up #1 overall Fantasy numbers, to guys like Mike Anderson/Olandis Gary/Tatum Bell to being PURE Fantasy Football BEASTS out of nowhere. Cannot forget Clinton Portis.

Regardless of all this above. Kyle was the OC for the Browns last season, he was responsible for implementing his fathers offense and it showed. While neither Terrance West/Isiah Crowell were STRONG RB#2 formula. They were good outs for all the Experts from last season who were so high on Bishop Sankey and Tobey Gerhart.


With Kyle and his formula now going to Atlanta to potentially bring a SUPERSTAR BEAST Tevin Coleman into the Fantasy Football Picture. The Browns offense will never be the same.

#2. The Browns Passing Offense

With the Browns losing Josh Gordon to being the most irresponsible Football player in the world. With the Browns losing Jordan Cameron to the Miami Dolphins. To the Browns bringing in Josh McCown to solve all their problems. This Browns offense is about as garbage as it gets.

If Josh McCown cannot be a Fantasy BEAST with Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson in 2014, how is he going to be a Fantasy BEAST with Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline as his top 2 Options?

The answer is, he will not. The Browns offense will have to run early in games in order to hide how bad the passing offense is this season. While the O-Line is always BEAST for Cleveland, Josh McCown has a huge uphill battle and if he cannot keep his offense in games where they need him to put points up on the board. That running game will be silent in the second half.


#3. Three Headed Monster?

It is one thing to have to compete with Terrance West for touches. It is a completely new thing when they bring in Rookie Duke Johnson with an early draft pick and start raving about him all OTAs.


(These Guys should lose their Expert Badge)

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 2.34.10 AMWhile Duke cannot handle a full load of carries. The last thing Isiah Crowell owners want to hear is another RB coming into town to steal touches.

#4. Schedule

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 2.32.01 AM


I am starting to think Experts on FantasyPros (Besides myself) just look at numbers from last season and put together their Rankings based off of that. Not looking at the brand new NFL rosters. Not looking at the loss of their OC who comes from a family line of creating RB BEASTS in Fantasy Football. Not even looking at a Schedule that is tough throughout, including Championship Fantasy Football Week 15/Week 16 @SEA and @KC. Are they serious?

Keep feeding the BEAST DOME NATION our Championships. Thank you Sheep.



  1. Def. hitting the mark on this one goodness..his AND Jeremy Hills schedule just look NASTY.. Good work

  2. I’m big on SoS and it looks like Cleveland is a mess as usual. Definately avoiding this shit… Keep it comin Munt.

  3. What about Hill’s schedule? How hard it is? I have him in a rookie keeper league.

  4. I think Hill is going to get WRECKED this year compared to his ADP… He plays SEA, AZ, Buff, KC, Broncos, ext, ext… NFC West I think is going to hinder his value.

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