FANTASY FOOTBALL 2015: Throw Some Tide Bleach In That Landry (Jarvis Landry)


Throw Some Tide Bleach In That Landry

(Jarvis Landry)


By Muntradamus



Down set. Hut 1. Hut 2. Hike. Hike. HIKE

Ryan Tannehill goes back to pass. He see’s veteran Greg Jennings open on the left side, he doesn’t throw him the ball. He see’s Kenny Stills streaking down the sideline, he doesn’t throw him the ball. Jordan Cameron sitting wide open over the middle, he doesn’t throw him the ball. There’s Rookie Davante Parker torching the Dime Corner, Tannehill does not throw him the ball. Lamar Miller open on a swing pass, Tannehill does not throw him the ball. There’s #2 TE Dion Sims, Tannehill does not throw him the ball. But wait..Tannehill see’s his clear #1 option according to all the Sheep Fantasy Football sites Jarvis Landry. TD Dolphinssssssssssss.


Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 11.21.27 AM

If there was one thing better than Martavis Bryant scoring a TD on blown coverage by a Rookie this preseason. Jarvis Landry catching a TD is probably the second best thing to happen.

Not only did Jarvis Landry score on a 4th down play, but it was on a 4th down play and it should have never happened. Kenny Stills nor Davante Parker played in that game, yet still Jarvis Landry only saw 2 targets (1 that should have never happened). While the sample size of 1 Drive is not enough to really gauge Jarvis Landry in his 2015 season. There are just too many weapons for Tannehill to throw to. Landry did not even see his first target until the Dolphins were in the redzone, so if that was a 3 and out. There would have been no action. To think that the situation will be that much more different during the season just does not make sense.

The 2014 Dolphins is a very different team than the 2015 Dolphins. More weapons, more proven veterans.


Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 1.55.16 PM

With less competition in 2014 Landry still fell short of 1,000 Yards, never had a 100 Yard game, and his target rate will drop in 2015.

The Dolphins are too deep in the passing game to support any of those WR’s from being Top 25 caliber, yet alone Top 30. While Jarvis Landry will have his 1 TD/75 Yard games. There will be a lot of 55 Yards and no Touchdowns mixed in. Ryan Tannehill will be a Top 10 QB with all of the additions, if there is one player from the passing game I am drafting from the Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill is that guy, even though I probably will not draft him since we are all in on the LION KING.


When your draft day comes around. When that one owner reaches out and grabs Jarvis Landry in Round 6. Smile to yourself and say inside your head, “Sheep.”

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  1. beast– insight usually good. but this is a fucking headscratcher. I mean claiming landry isnt a wr1 is one thing (he isnt)… but claiming you should laugh the guy that drafts him out of the room in round 6? round 6 is like wr3-4 range.

    I play in ppr leagues, can u honestly say with a straight face that a dude that got 84 recs as a rookie isnt worth a 6th round pick?? throw in things like cameron is a walking concussion and on a new team. parker is injured and doesnt love football. miller hit his ceiling last year. LOL @ greg jennings, stills, and dion sims. those guys will be lucky to combine for 60 recs across the 3 of them.

    i hate the dolphins. im a bills fan. but you are wrong here munt. landry is a wr2, gets a boost in ppr leagues, and is a solid by in round 6. honestly, who the fuck are you ‘stealing’ in round 6 while u laugh off the guy drafting landry?

  2. If you have the VIP Program you would see the WRs I would rather have over Landry.

    While he did have 84 receptions as a rookie, the Dolphins were also a lot thinner at WR. Agree with concussion factor for Cameron, but he is healthy. Davante Parker will be ready Week 1. Still he is the #3/#4 WR. Greg Jennings the other #3/#4 should do better with Dolphins, much better fit than the Vikings and the re-building QB program he went through. Miller will still catch his swing passes. Then you have Kenny Stills who should be the #2 option.

    Just too many players to compete with for consistency.

  3. Who would you consider to trade off for a rb or wr in a pprleague from this group? : Brandon Marshall,maclin, Andre johnson, donell, gio bernard, rashad Jennings. I didn’t have that good of a draft and really wanna change things up.

  4. Got him in the 8th round and liking it so far. Hope he has a monster game against the Bills this weekend.

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