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When you think of the best WRs in the NFL over the past 5+ Years, Dez Bryant is a name that comes across most minds. Dez is a BEAST who can put up big numbers and big catches with the best of them. With only 1 Weeks away from opening Thursday Night, Dez is still without a team. In Fantasy Football Drafts, he can be had at the very end of many and as a piece of Free Advice, I suggest you take Dez Bryant because he has the potential to be a WR2 in Fantasy Football the second he signs with a team. Here are 10 Teams that need Dez Bryant more than they know.



Pierre Garcon is more of a slot WR, Marquise Goodwin is not really good enough to beat #1 Cornerbacks every week of the season.

If Jimmy G. had a weapon like Dez Bryant, the 49ers offense would be tough to stop is an understatement. Dez Bryant would turn into the #1 option and give the young QB a perfect BEAST veteran WR to lead him to an automatic Pro Bowl season.


DeAndre Hopkins is a BEAST! Besides him, the Texans do not have great weapons in the passing game. Will Fuller is more of a HR deep ball threat, than someone who can run a lot of routes. Bruce Ellington and Broxton Miller are in a close battle for the slot.

If Deshaun Watson had Dez Bryant, DeAndre Hopkins would never see double teams and the Texans offense would be able to move the ball against anyone. It is crazy that the Texans do not make the move for the superstar WR.


With Eric Decker retired, Kenny Britt not on the team, Julian Edelman suspended 4 games, Tom Brady needs some serious weapons. Sure Chris Hogan can make some plays here and there, and Gronk is Gronk. However what made the Patriots so great last season was the weapon in Brandin Cooks, and the Patriots did nothing to replace that missing factor.

If Dez Bryant was on the Patriots, Dez would be like Randy Moss going to New England and would be primed for a HUGE season. Automatic #1 vertical threat and it would give Brady a ton of room for his short passes to all his other weapons. Patriots have nobody who can expand the field and deserves respect.


Alex Smith and the Redskins offense looks lost this preseason. You can blame the no Crowder/Reed factor, but the truth is, the Redskins do not have a BEAST #1 option. Even last season with Cousins, his numbers took a HUGE dip when he lost both Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson and the Redskins did nothing to replace them.

Josh Doctson and Paul Richardson are really #3/#4 WRs and the Redskins are forcing them to be top guys. Dez Bryant would automatically make the Redskins offense way better and teams would have to respect the pass. Without Dez, this offense is ready for a big step back.


With DeVante Parker still recovering from a broken finger, the teams is crazy to rely on Kenny Stills as the only downfield WR who can make big plays. Kenny Stills is worst than Ted Ginn Jr., and no team would feature Tedd Ginn the way the Dolphins are prepared to with Stills as the listed #1. Dez Bryant and Kenny Stills do not even belong in the same sentence, and DeVante Parker could turn his career around with the mentorship of Dez Bryant.

Without Dez, the Dolphins have a horrible offense that is not going anywhere all season long. Kenyan “I’m On One” Drake is a solid RB, besides that, nothing to be excited about.


Similar to DeAndre Hopkins, AJ Green does not have any help from his WRs. Andy Dalton was a great a few years ago when he had AJ Green/Marvin Jones/Mohamed Sanu, since he lost that trio, Dalton is no longer a Fantasy threat to be worried about.

If the Bengals had Dez, the Bengals offense would compete to not only make the playoffs, but they could make a run as one of the best teams in the AFC.


Kelvin Benjamin is good, but outside of him the Bills really do not have anyone they can rely on. Zay Jones is still a work in progress and the Bills are wasting away the best days of Lesean McCoy this season if they plan to roll this team without him. Josh Allen has a great arm, but a great arm needs a great WR.


TY Hilton definitely has wheels, but he also needs a lot of help as he cannot deal with double teams. Double teams is what Hilton will see all season long until the Colts prove they have another weapon in the passing game that can make plays downfield, and the Colts do not have another weapon.

Without Dez, Luck and the Colts are asking for a long season with a lot of Hits that Luck will be taking. Dez could open up the offense and instantly be the #1 targert.


While Devin Funchess is turning into a solid WR, the team is extremely raw at WR after him and besides Olsen and McCaffery, there is no one Cam can rely on consistently. Funchess at times can be shut down as well and he needs a true #1 WR that can make big plays. Dez Bryant/Cam Newton would instantly become one of the most exciting duos in the NFL.


Cowboys are ready to be a horrible team because they are not giving Dez the money he should earn. While many can blame Dez for his horrible 2017, people have to look at Dak and realize he is not that great of a QB. Without Zeke to force teams to stack the box, the Cowboys pass offense was no threat last year. This year the Cowboys have a bunch of average toys, nobody sticks out and that is going to make Dak look lost at times. If his first option cannot get open, and his section option cannot get open. The play is over.


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