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The Regular season is coming, and starting next week all the content will be geared towards Week 1 as opposed to the Preseason. So this is the farewell article for Free Preseason content, hope you enjoyed it and I hope you all BEAST your leagues.

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The BEAST Strategy is like nothing you have ever seen before. From Head to Toe this Strategy is unique and it will give you the winning EDGE to BEAST your League.

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Not a more dominant player in the NFL than Le’Veon. Also helps he plays behind the best offensive line in the NFL, as well as the best WR in the league in Antonio Brown to take away loaded boxes. It also helps that JuJu is coming into his own and defenses still need to respect Big Ben. All of these weapons gives Le’Veon way too many opportunities to beat players one-on-one, and Le’Veon will win.

Bell is also going to likely be playing on a 1 year deal. Which means you know you will get everything out of Le’Veon that he can possible give as he looks for that next big contract.

The Steelers are great, their defense is improved, he is the most talented RB in the NFL, and he can catch the ball 100x this season if the players are drawn up. If you end up with Le’Veon Bell, you will be in line to win a Championship.


If there is one person who got snubbed of a MVP in any sport the past few seasons, Todd Gurley is that guy. Gurley was a big reason the Rams went from a team that nobody wanted in LA, to a team that will likely be sold out and ticket prices jumping through the roof in 2018.

Gurley is a BEAST of a RB and he can catch the ball as well. While Gurley definitely does not catch the ball like Bell, he will get just as many touches in a game as the Rams have now paid their star RB and will want to use him to the MAX they can get out of him.

With the LA Football market on the rise, the Rams want nothing more than for Gurley to be MVP in 2018, and to make that happen they are going to give him every opportunity to score every TD they can score. The Rams Defense is a Super Bowl worthy Defense, and they will be giving the ball back to the Rams offense to score points and eat as much clock as they can. Gurley could see 10+ Carries in the 4th Quarter nearly all season long.

Despite all this greatness that was just mentioned, we did not even mention how amazing Sean McVay made the Rams offense and Jared Goff last year. When you add that they got Brandin Cooks to expand that field and keep safties playing 20 yards deep, there is no defense that will have any idea how to stop this Rams team. Jared Goff can cook up any secondary that is not playing middle/heavy to defending the pass, especially with all of his weapons.



The biggest reason to take Todd Gurley #1 is this. When the Rams are about to score a TD, they will give Gurley the ball as often as they can to get him that MVP trophy.

When the Steelers are about to score, they know every TD Le’Veon records, is another couple of Million he will ask for in his next contract. The Steelers will play Bell to the MAX that they can and allow James Conner to learn, because if the Steelers cannot get Bell Long-Term to start the season, then in 2019, Le’Veon Bell will be on a different team.




As we all know Fantasy Football is a cruel mistress. Bringing us both exhilaration and heartache on Sundays. The ’12 Fantasy season did not end in a championship for me, I finished a hard fought third in a competitive 12 team league.  Where as most teams when they say they finished third, its with a shrug or a bit of disgust in their voice.  Knowing that it was caused by an off week or two during their season.  One player not showing up when needed.  However in this case.  My team started the season 0-6….Let that sink in.
0-6 in a 12 team league is basically rebuild mode. Except I wasn’t playing in a keeper league.  Instead of giving up. I turned to my VIP secret weapon.  Muntradamus was there helping me supplement my solid team that was sputtering.  Each week after that 6th loss became a playoff game.  Muntradamus was there each week, helping me select my waiver claims, with not just an eye for that weeks crucial victory, but the coming week’s as well.  This helped me beat the waiver claim rush for key players, sometimes 2-3 week’s before other so called experts began to spread the word. Articles such as TD’s a make them dance, Had me triple dipping with the Tampa Bay Crew.   Also suggesting trades for players who were underperforming at the time.  And most importantly claiming and trading players that the other experts were hyping as the next big thing in exchange for consistent proven producers, ie turning Felix Jones into Jason Witten.
One win, turned to two, which became three.  Then my solid draft choices started performing like their drafted slots. Four wins in a row turned into five. My team went from laughing stock, to worrisome, to playoff spoiler, to threat for a playoff spot. By week 13, We had actually worked our way to a game over .500 and most importantly the last playoff spot.  And I used the term we, because Muntra had basically become a co-owner. Reveling in each victory and working harder to help keep the streak alive.  We won the first playoff game and put the streak at eight.  At that point my team was feared. And thought of as the 2nd best team in the playoffs.  Sadly the streak came to an end against the eventual champion, losing by 5.  However we finished strong with another win to take 3rd place.  After starting 0-6, i thought I was playing for pride, so the combination of winning 3rd place and the awe and envy of my competitors made this season almost as sweet as a championship run.  I couldn’t have had such a strong finish without Muntradamus.  The VIP service was worth every penny.  I will not only be back for the VIP service for football next season. But I will be using it for the upcoming baseball season.  There are many fantasy sites you can go to for generic regurgitated information, but if you want unique and fresh analysis with someone that buys into your team look no further.


  1. I was 10th out of 10 in my draft and I took Melvin Gordon then Dalvin Cook. Now I’m hearing Cook may get vultured at the goal line and split carries with Latavious. I’m worried he is going to be assuming the Jerrick McKinnon role. IHe may do well in that role but maybe not top of the 2nd round pick well. I’m also concerned about the Vikings o-line. It looks pretty bad this year. The guy in my league who lost McKinnon has offered me ODB jr. for Cook straight up. I have T.Y. Hilton(I know not good but 4th round) Woods Crabtree Ahgolor ar wr. I have Gordon Drake Freeman Barber Thompson and just picked up Alf Morris. Would you trade Cook for ODB?

    1. How did this happen? This wasnt the BEAST DOME Strategy at all to get Cook this year.

      Probably should make that trade because you can turn Odell into a better RB later on, good think you got some good RB depth but Dalvin should have not been on your roster in the first place I did not say anything encouraging about him all preseason long

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