Fantasy Basketball Trade Market: DeRozan’s Are Blooming (Week 8)

Fantasy Basketball Trade Market:

DeRozan’s Are Blooming (Week 8)

By Muntradamus


Fantasy Basketball community. Once Football is over there will be articles like this consistently to keep you on top of the competition and take home the league trophy.  Hopefully you listened to my advice earlier in the year when dealing players such as Kris Humphries and Tyreke Evans.  The purpose of this article is to get your brain working and ready to make some big impulse moves to shake up your team.




Jodie Meeks was recommended on MUNTRADAMUS.NET more than a week ago as a solid add for 3PTM.  He is now the starting SG for the Lakers, and should be owned in every single league.  He will give you 3PTM/steals/and enough scoring to leave you satisfied.





For whatever reason, Deron Williams is playing like a 4th round fantasy guard at best.  The Nets are simply a well balanced team where nobody dominates and everybody shares the ball.

While that may not work out for Deron, there is no reason to think this 20/10 guard, will not adapt his game to become a 15/13 guard.  Brook Lopez is getting to full strength soon, which will open up the door for Williams to really start racking up those dimes.  If you can give up an ELITE performing guard such as Lillard.  To grab the #1 PG in Fantasy Basketball a season ago.  Make the move.


Bad back, lost touches, not a lot of rebounding.

All-in-All, Fantasy Owners are not getting ELITE performances from their superstar Forward.  Some may have grown frustfrated that the Grizz are simply too deep of a team to let Gay dominate consistently.  While that may be the case, Gay is a talent that only comes around the NBA ever so often.  He can put up 20 Points with intangibles across the board.  Almost like a better scoring Gerald Wallace in his PRIME.

Right now you can give up a couple of solid players to get Rudy.  Throw in a Klay Thompson and Jason Thompson combo.



With Andrea Bargnani down, DeMar DeRozan has to be the leading scorer by default for the Raptors.  DeRozan could easily be the next Vince Carter/Tracy McGrady type of Raptor that has NBA star potential while playing for the Raptors.  Most of the big name guys that are not foregin leave Toronto, right now DeRozan is making his mark on that team for a long career.

DeRozan can start racking up those 30 Point games sooner than later.



Iggy has been struggling.  Once again his shot is not the most consistent, and his low-end 3×2 numbers are not coming as often as fantasy owners hoped for.

The fact that they have already come this early in the season, as frequently as they have.  Means Iggy could be in for a HUGE second-half of the season. If not any day now.  He is one of the most talented players in the game, and can get to the rim whenever he wants.  Sometimes he is too un-selfish and will not look for his shot, other times he falls in love with a 3PT shot that would make a HS coach scream.

Regardless, the tools are there for a superstar.





George is the flavor of the past two weeks for the Pacers.  He is finally lighting it up consistently, and is by far their best premeriter player.  A few problems.  One David West will get going again like he was earlier in the season.  Two their is way too many mouths to feed in this Pacers offense.

While George may be going off one night, it is entirely possible another George, George Hill scores 25 the next.  David West is always a candidate to get his 17+ shots, and Roy Hibbert is playing at a fraction of what his Fantasy Owners expect.

Did not even mention Danny Granger coming back.  I will keep putting this out there to make sure no BEAST DOME fantasy owner has one of these guys come Fantasy Basketball playoff time.



There are not many fantasy players I like less than Scola.  One, he is not a consistent rebounder.  Two, there is a phrase playing beneath the rim.  Scola plays beneath the ground.  Nothing sexy about his game as he is a mid-range jump shooter that will miss wide open shots more than not.  He is a crafty post player that is too small to post up against most NBA players.

Not worth it.



J.R. may be having his last few big games before everything changes.  Once the Knicks have a healthy Amar’e, there will not be enough touches for J.R. to be a must-start player in Fantasy Basketball.  His potential for MONSTER games is still built in his system, but the shot attempts and inconsistent minutes will make it harder to predict than ever.  Now is the time to use J.R. as bait to grab a player you really want, if you could figure out a way to turn him into Klay Thompson.  Then you are heading in the right direction.



If a fantasy player had more breaks than Paul Millsap did as of late, it would have to be Jose Calderon or Ed Davis.  Paul was fortunate to have a hobbled Al Jefferson for a couple of games, some good matchups, and most importantly.  No Derrick Favors.

With Favors back, comes trouble for Paul who will be on the bench more than a player of his caliber should, simply because the Jazz have to find minutes for Favors. He is a big part of their future, and the Jazz are crowded with their big’s.



Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings, first time in Fantasy Sports History.  To check his Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings Click HereHe also won a 1,000 person tournament in Fantasy Football to qualify for a trip to Vegas to play for $500,000 in Prizes.


  1. agree all across the board. if you guys can swing a trade for deron or rudy gay you won’t regret it.

    mo williams and mike conley are kinda slumping and i thought about targeting them as well.

  2. I’m trying to trade West for Millsap. I can definitely get a better player with Millsap since his yahoo rank coming into the season was 18…

  3. I’ve been trying to buy Deron all season with no luck. I’m gonna make another run. Is it worth it for me to offer Ty Lawson and Klay Thompson/Nikola Pekovic/Jordan Crawford? Thornton and Stuckey are FA so I can recoup some numbers that way.

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