Fantasy Basketball Draft Strategy (2012-2013): Center Of The Earth

Fantasy Basketball Draft Strategy (2012-2013):

Center Of The Earth

By Muntradamus



Fantasy Basketball starts in only a couple of weeks.  This week BEAST DOME is making a huge announcement about Fantasy Basketball, so stay tuned for that.  Today we are going to analyze some of the middle tier centers in the Fantasy Basketball world.  We will explore each position this week as we get closer and closer to tip off.  Center Rankings are at the bottom of the article.


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Brook is in a situation which appears good, but could lead to a lot of inconsistent value.  Let me explain.

With the Nets having such a deep starting 5 (Williams/Johnson/Wallace/Humphries/Lopez) there are going to be nights where Brook does not get as many touches as he needs.  Either another star is going off, or Brook is simply having an off night.  While rebounding seems to be one of the main concerns for Brook over his career, you can expect that to be a concern with Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries now flying in to grab as many boards as they can.  Brook has the offensive skill set to be a consistent 20 Point scorer.  Chances are, you will not get that production.



A lot of question marks surround McGee heading into this season.

Will he get 28+ Minutes a game consistently?  Will he even get 20 Minutes a game consistently?  We all know how quickly he can fill up the block shot category in all fantasy basketball leagues, but if he is not going to play how can we trust him?

Too many questions for me and I would be happy to let another owner reach high on him based off of his potential.  Plenty of fish in the sea, consistent scoring is also something you have to worry about.



The Warriors finally have a respectable center.

All these years this team would run down the court and jack up a shot trying to be one of the highest scoring teams in the leagues.  Then Mark Jackson took over as the head coach and made this a defense first unit.  Now the Warriors got the perfect man for their offense to really slow up the game and work in a good shot.  We all know about Bogut’s 20/10 potential, and if he can remain healthy.  There is a good chance he has the type of potential out of the gates.  Right now conditioning remains a factor, but the season is long.  Sooner than later he will get in shape.



Nene could dominate the Eastern Conference.

Could is the key word in that statement as his foot seems to be a problem that could last him the whole season.  The upside is definitely worth the risk with how far he has been dropping, but do be aware that you could be drafting a player that sits on your bench for a good part of the season.  He still has not trained with team this preseason, and there is no timetable when he will return.  Though when he is healthy, you can expect near 20/10 production every night.



We have heard multiple times that DeAndre Jordan has fixed his FT shooting woes.

After a 1/10 performance, I am not going to even think about drafting this all hype alley-oop only machine.  The pressure has built up too much on him to deliver, and I do not see a mature enough player to handle the pressure.  The Clippers team chemistry is off right now, and CP3 has two weeks to get this team on track heading into the regular season.  Not looking promising, but there is a glimpse of hope.




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  1. Hello! Just finished my fantasy basketball leagues draft tonight and wanted to know what you thought of it.
    PG: Nash, Curry, Brandon Knight and G.Vasquez
    SG: Evan Turner and K-Mart
    SF: Rudy Gay and Batum
    PF: Love, Tristan Thompson and J.J. Hickson
    C: Cousins and Bargnani
    You helped out my fantasy basketball team A LOT last year and look forward to using your advice this year. Thank You!

  2. I didn’t want to post in chat since all eyes are on football right now, but I just did my first fantasy bball team of the year.. what do you think of it?

    12-man 8-cat roto league:
    PG: Deron, Parker, Collison, Vasquez
    SG: Klay, Hayward
    SF/PF: Thad Young, Beasley, Novak
    C: Marc Gasol, Monroe, Brook, Bass

  3. I just drafted this team and I am not sure I like what I ended up with. What do you think? 12 team HxH
    D Wade pg
    S Nash g
    T Evans sg
    Kirilenko sf
    Ilyasova pf
    varejao f
    gasol c
    g davis c
    teague util
    d west util
    ridnour util
    Hayword b
    gooden b
    fields b
    sessions b
    Zeller b ( a flyer)
    Thanks for any input and advice.

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