FANTASY BASKETBALL Daily Show: Week 11 (Mar 5th – Mar 12th)

FANTASY BASKETBALL Daily Show: Week 11 (Mar 5th – Mar 12th) 2012

By: Muntradamus




  • On every page there is a chat room to the side.  Beast Dome encourages all fantasy owners to give their thoughts and analysis of fantasy players, and everyone can respond.  Trade Questions, Lineup Questions, this is a community so you can open up as you are part of it.


Due to Baseball Season starting up, Daily Show will now be headlines on what my fantasy eye notices in every game, every night.  Making the Player Updates at the end of the week that much more valuable.  Feel free to ask questions as an expert will answer them.

*Updated 3/12/12


Monday (3/5/12)


  • Devin Harris left Monday’s game with a knee injury.  Now is the time to watch Earl Watson very closely.
  • Gordon Hayward came off the bench to score 23 Points.  This could be more of a fluke than anything.
  • Kyrie Irving and Antawn Jamison shot the ball a combined 37 times to both lead the way with 22 Points.  With no Anderson Varejao these guys are both fantasy studs.
  • Alonzo Gee made some noise with 15 Points and 3 3PTM with his new starting role.  I will be watching him.
  • Ekpe Udoh started and went 7/7 from the FT line to finish with 17 Points and 1 block.  Those blocks will come a lot more frequently and is definitely worth adding in all leagues with the news he will be starting the rest of the way.
  • Monta Ellis put on a nice performance shooting 10/16 from the Field with 8 Assists.  Games like this will keep his owners happy, though they may not come long when Stephen Curry who played 9 Minutes starts shooting the ball at will.
  • Jordan Crawford (2-13 FG) vs. Nick Young (9-14 FG).  We could have a changing of the guard, truth is they should both be starting anyways.
  • Andray Blatche 13 Minutes, 4 Points and 4 Rebounds is still in the dog house.  Speaking of dog house Javale started and recorded a double-double with 2 blocks.  He is safe for now.
  • Jason Richardson played 37 Minutes, (2-10 FG) and J.J. played 31 Minutes, (3-10 FG).  It will be interesting to see if they both get consistent PT like this.  Hedo Turkoglu had 9 Assists and 0 Points while Dwight Howard dominated a weak Raptors front court.
  • James Johnson (13 Points, 7 Rebounds, 7 Assists, 1 3PTM, 1 Block, 2 Steals) not a lot of fantasy options do what he does.  DeMar DeRozan went 9-22 from the field, I do not expect those FG attempts to be so high when Bargs returns.  Calderon is barely staying relevant because of his assist totals like 7 last night.
  • Paul George led the team with 21 Points to go along with 2 steals and a block.  Hibbert only got 2 Points, while Granger struggled with 11.  Bad game for Pacers all-around especially Darren Collison who scored 0 Points with 3 dimes in 30 minutes.
  • Joakim Noah and Luol Deng both had big games in the blowout win against the Pacers. Carlos Boozer went 2-9 from the field and will look to bounce back.
  • Jason Terry played 37 Minutes and shot the ball 19 times.  His owners will be happy about that.  Brendan Haywood got injured, no word on the severity.  Dirk put up 27 Points, nothing new.  Shawn Marion stayed relevant with a double-double and 3 steals because he played 35 Minutes.
  • Serge Ibaka played 38 Minutes and got 6 blocks.  That is what his owners know he is capable of.  Durant and Westbrook both chipped in with 20+ Points each.
  • Mo Williams, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin were not enough to carry the Clippers against the Wolves. Mo played 31 minutes as oppose to Foye’s 15 and scored 19 Points.  CP3 needs to have better games than 18 Points and 5 Assists.  Blake Griffin dominated with 26 and 10.
  • Ricky Rubio continues to struggle with his shot going 1/7 from the field.  Kevin Love is possessed right now putting up a 39 Point, 17 Rebound, 5 3PTM performance.  Nikola Pekovic may miss Wednesday’s game as well with a bad foot.  Derrick Williams is starting to see decent minutes off the bench putting up 15 Points, and 9 Rebounds in 25 Minutes.
  • Evan Turner started at SG and put up 12 Rebounds, and a 1/12 FG performance in 32 Minutes.  Time to pick him up if he continues to start.  Lou Williams scored 23 Points, while Jodie Meeks was great off the bench scoring 13 Points in 18 Minutes.  Jrue Holiday continues to struggle.
  • Brandon Jennings is starting to catch fire and scored 33 Points Monday.  Ersan Ilysova continues to impress with 18 Rebounds and 11 Points.  Drew Gooden is having a remarkable season with another strong 21 Point, 10 Rebound game.  All three are the Bucks to own in all leagues.  Mike Dunleavy was nice off the bench getting 32 Minutes and hitting a couple 3PTM.
  • Isaiah Thomas is starting to go in a downfall.  I would wait the rest of the week to see if he bounces back as he was too valuable before the break to leave on the waiver wire.  Marcus Thornton and Tyreke Evans both dominated with 27 Points each.  They are the heart and soul of the team, especially when DeMarcus Cousins gets in foul trouble and puts up a soft 5 Points, 5 Rebounds, and 5 Assists.
  • Kenneth Faried aka the Manimal is turning into a fantasy beast.  20 Points, and 12 Rebounds it will be interesting to see what they do with him when Nene gets his legs back.  Al Harrington is staying fantasy relevant despite all the added depth.  Danilo Galinari like Nene returned but only saw 17 Minutes.  Corey Brewer looks to lose a lot of value with the return of Danilo, and the same can be said about about Aaron Afflalo who is still lighting it up with 32 Points.  Did I mention this team also has Ty Lawson who is the poor man’s Rajon Rondo and Andre Miller who is the poor man’s Jose Calderon.  The Nuggets are so deep that there will be headaches along the way.
  • Marco Belinelli and Chris Kaman were the only two players who had decent games in the blowout loss for the Hornets.
  • Raymond Felton returned to the starting lineup to put up 11 Points and 10 Assists.  Nicolas Batum continued to dominate with 19 Points and 7/16 from the field.  He will be a fantasy force the rest of the way.  Marcus Camby may be on the start of a hot streak after putting up a 16 Rebound, 2 Steal, 2 Block performance.  Gerald Wallace went right back to struggling with 13 Points and nothing else, trade him if you can.  Jamal Crawford and Wesley Matthews were not huge fantasy contributors, though it appears Matthews is a better fantasy option coming off the bench.


Tuesday (3/6/12)


  • Jeff Teague and Josh Smith both played 39 Minutes and led the Hawks to win over Indiana.  When Joe Johnson is hurt, both of these guys get a huge boost in value.
  • David West got something going with a  24 point game.  It would have helped if he could add more than 3 rebounds.  Darren Collison owners are in trouble now that George Hill appears to have it going scoring 15 Points off the bench.  It will not take long for this to be a split timeshare.
  • Ryan Anderson has double-digit rebound games already twice this week.  His owners are more relaxed.  Dwight Howard is a fantasy machine racking up 17 rebounds, 15 points, and 2 blocks.  Hedo Turkoglu is really struggling with his shot lately, and J.J. Reddick is starting to feel it.  Let’s see if the Magic are tempted to play with their set in stone lineup.
  • Bismack Biyombo is a monster.  Watch the video.  He recorded 7 blocks, to go along with 15 rebound and 10 points.  If he is still a free agent in your league, I do not know what else you need to see from this guy.  Corey Maggette was a scoring machine racking up 29 points.  Gerald Henderson may start to get it going now that Boris Diaw is basically off the team.

  • Samuel Dalembert miraculously played 41 Minutes.  It will be interesting to see if he continues to put up minutes like that, as he would become fantasy relevant once again.  Kyle Lowry is putting up Jason Kidd 2.0 numbers all season long.  Kevin Martin struggles with 11 points, and Luis Scola is playing his best basketball right before the trade deadline.
  • Paul Pierce took 21 shot attempts, the second highest on the team was Ray Allen with 15.  So you know whose team this is as Rajon Rondo failed to score in double digits but still ended up with 12 assists.  Kevin Garnett double-doubled again starting at center.
  • Brook Lopez may possibly be shut down for the season.  In his first game out, MarShon Brooks took as many shot attempts as he had combined in the last two games.  Deron Williams had his first bad game in who knows how long.
  • Dwayne Wade’s injury is not supposed to be serious.  He could even play tonight.  That is good news for his owners, but bad news for Chris Bosh owners as they were hoping their velociraptor would get in some sort of 20 point rhythm.  Lebron James was nearly perfect shooting 9 of 11 from the field.
  • Andrew Bynum had his breakout game offensively scoring 30 points.  Kobe and Pau both scored 22 and 20 respectively and that was not enough for a Laker win.
  • Rodney Stuckey is on fire as he scored 34 points in a win against the Lakers.  Brandon Knight was worthless with 0 points and 3 assists, he will soon lose his job temporarily to Ben Gordon who can really rack up those 3PTM when he is hot.  Greg Monroe scored 2 points and racked up 15 rebounds.
  • The Knicks lost and Carmelo Anthony shot 2/12 from the field.  What a surprise.  Jeremy Lin is starting to fall off the fantasy wagon, but is still relevant with 14 points and 7 assists.  Amare Stoudemire was the lone bright spot for the Knicks racking up 26 points and 7 rebounds.  Maybe he will finally get it going as that is two strong games in a row.
  • Jason Terry reminds us that he is still inconsistent scoring 9 points in 32 minutes.  Dirk Nowitzki on the other hand is very consistent getting another 20+ point game.  Since February he has fallen short of 20 only 4 times.  Shawn Marion continues to stay relevant playing 30+ minutes consistently every night.




Wednesday (3/7/12)


  • Kobe Bryant shot the ball 31 times and scored 30 Points.  Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol combined for 19 shot attempts and 38 Points.  Lakers lost by 6.
  • Nick Young and Jordan Crawford shot the ball 19 times each.  They can coexist, especially when John Wall only scores 4 points.  Javale McGee had a rare double-double. Trevor Booker 18 Points continues to hold off Andray Blatche 10 Minutes.
  • Devin Harris and Earl Watson continue to share time at 23 Minutes apiece.  Al Jefferson is on fire as he goes for 31 Points, a night after almost recording a 3×2.  Josh Howard managed to get 30+ Minutes which will bode well for his fantasy owners.  Paul Millsap, 16 Points, and 5 Rebounds is a better player when Al Jefferson is out.
  • Corey Maggette scored 24 Points.  That is his 3rd straight game of 20+.  Bismack Biyombo fouled out with 2 Points, and 9 Rebounds.  Byron Mullens came off the bench to have a 5 block Biyombo type performance.  Bismack is still their guy.  D.J. Augustin is similar to Jose Calderon with assists and low scoring.  Kemba Walker scored 19 Points off the bench and is ready to make a big splash in the fantasy playoffs.
  • Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce combined for 31 Points.  They got blown out by 32 in the loss.
  • Evan Turner started once again, 36 Minutes, 26 Points, 9 Rebounds.  Jrue Holiday is suffering the most with this new move as he only saw 29 Minutes of action.   Lou Williams is staying fantasy relevant off the bench with decent scoring and assist numbers.  Nikola Vucevic got a double-double and saw 29 Minute of action, his role could increase.  Elton Brand had a big game with no Thaddeus Young putting up 18 Points and 9 Rebounds to go along with 2 Blocks in the blowout win.  Andre Iguodala put up an almost very soft 3×2.
  • Kyle Lowry tweeted that his ankle is in pain and that he is getting a MRI.  Fantasy owners can only hope Jason Kidd 2.0 is okay.  Kevin Martin owners on the other hand are not feeling okay after a 1/7 performance.  Kev Mart cannot get it together, though he has enough talent to snap out of this funk.  Samuel Dalembert had another good minute game with 34, though he only put up 6 Rebounds and 1 Block.  Chandler Parsons is pulling away from Triangle Slash as he saw 40+ Minutes to put up 19 Points, 3 Steals, and a Block.  Luis Scola had a rough game in the blowout loss.
  • DeMar DeRozan continues to be a huge scoring threat putting up 23.  His role is due to decrease when Bargnani returns, for the time being he has put up 20 Points or more in 8 of the last 10 games.  Jose Calderon is staying fantasy relevant in the Raptors offense putting up 17 Points and 12 Assists.  His value is on the rise again as he appears safe on this franchise.  James Johnson lost playing time due to Linas Kleiza having a big offensive game scoring 19 Points in 24 Minutes.  This happens about once a week.  Amir Johnson and Ed Davis are going to have some serious PT problems when Andrea Bargnani returns which could be this weekend.
  • Jeff Teague went 8/12 from the field before spraining his ankle.  Josh Smith scored 23 Points on 9/22 shooting, he did not add much more to that as the Hawks managed to lose by only 3 points to the Heat, with no Joe Johnson.
  • Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and, Lebron James managed to shoot the ball 51 of the teams 80 attempts.  Bosh failed to double-double, with 9 Points and 8 Rebounds.  His value will fluctuate the most of the three to close out the season.
  • Derrick Rose dominated with 30 Points, 11 Assists and 8 Rebounds including the game-winner.  Carlos Boozer managed to semi-bounce back with 15 Points on 7/13 shooting, but only added 6 Rebounds.  Joakim Noah got another double-double.  Luol Deng played 45 Minutes, and only scored 12 Points on 5/8 shooting.  If Ben Gordon played 45 Minutes, he would put up 50 Points.
  • Brandon Jennings went right back to being inconsistent with a 4/18 from the field performance.  Ersan Ilysova continues his breakout campaign with 32 Points and 10 Rebounds.  Not far behind him is the former Bull, Drew Gooden who put up a 27 Point, 6 Rebound performance against his former team.  The Bulls are wondering where that was when he played for them.
  • Chris Paul is starting to have a nice fantasy season after a slow gap.  His assists are in the double digits more consistently and his scoring is higher exemplified by last nights, 22 Points and 10 Assists.  The 6 Rebounds, 5 Steals, 3 3PTM are a nice addition.  Randy Foye put up 24 Points to Mo Williams’s 9.  That will create a PT situation that Foye can build off of.  Caron Butler continues to struggle with 2 Points on 1/6 shooting.  DeAndre Jordan scored 2 Points and gathered 2 Rebounds in 18 Minutes.  Against a Nets team with no center.  Blake Griffin exploded for 28 Points and 17 Rebounds, the 10/17 from the free throw line does not help.
  • Deron Williams bounced back with 21 Points, 10 Assists.  MarShon Brooks continues to get his shot attempts (13) with Brook Lopez out, he put up 19 Points.  Rumor has it Lopez could be out for the season.  Kris Humphries will double-double all day 12 Points, and 11 Rebounds with no BroLo.
  • Steve Nash is the Kris Humphries of Assists.  Double-doubles galore racking up 13 dimes Wednesday night.  Jared Dudley grabbed 11 Rebounds along with 17 Points.  He can be huge down the stretch like he was a season ago.  Marcin Gortat was a monster with 28 Points and 11 Rebounds.  Story book season for Nash’s go-to-guy.  Grant Hill and Channing Frye put up respectable games to their standards with nothing standing out.
  • Russell Westbrook dominated with a 31 Point, 10 Assist line.  On the same night Russell scores 30+ Points, Kevin Durant and James Harden also get into the mix with 30 each.  Huge break out game for Harden who has been without a 30 Point game until this point.  Speaking of huge performances, Serge Ibaka got the chance to play 40 minutes.  18 Points, 20 Rebounds, 3 Blocks will make Ibaka owners sing whatever song they want.
  • Gerald Wallace channeled his inner Andre Iguodala and put up 11 Points, 9 Rebounds, and 9 Assists.  Please trade him, his value will go up and down all season long, this is a high point.  Check out the Trade Analyzer to figure out a solid upgrade deal.  Raymond Felton is doing a nice job back at the starting PG role picking up 23 Points and 9 dimes.  Nicolas Batum struggled with 9 Points, while LaMarcus Aldridge cannot get his dominant streak back of consistent big double-doubles.  Jamal Crawford shot 3/13 from the field, his value is falling.
  • Ricky Rubio continues to struggle and only put up 4 dimes and 8 Points.  Luke Ridnour is taking full advantage of the situation as he scored 22 Points.  Kevin Love is maybe the hottest fantasy basketball player on the planet adding 29 Points, 16 Rebounds, and 3 3PTM to an already amazing season.
  • Jeremy Lin put up 20 Points with 4 dimes.  His playing time at 29 Minutes is a bit of a concern moving forward.  Carmelo Anthony bounced back from a terrible performance to put up 27 Points.  He put up 24 Shot attempts, and you can guess it.  The Knicks lost.  Amare Stoudemire is heating up with his 3rd straight double-double going for 18 Points and 11 Rebounds.  J.R. Smith had his first big 3PT mirage off the bench knocking down 4 of them for 18 Points.
  • Tony Parker put up a huge 32 Points.  The 6 Assists leave his owners with wanting more.  Manu Ginboili is just about at full strength and put up a 17 Point, 6 Rebound, 4 Assist game. Not far from my 15-5-5 prediction.  Tim Duncan is still drinking from the fountain of youth with a 17 Point, 8 Rebound, 1 Block game.  His value should decrease at some point this season.  Not yet.
  • Antawn Jamison is a monster after putting up a 33 Point mirage.  His fantasy value continues to grow with no Anderson Varejao.  His owners can only hope he stays a Cav the rest of the season.  Kyrie Irving is a consistent solid fantasy option putting up a 18 Point, 8 Assist, 5 Rebound performance.  Hard to argue this guy will not be a fantasy superstar throughout his career.  Alonzo Gee is officially hot as the starting SF.  After putting up 19 Points and 7 Rebounds, he has now put 15 a game in his last 3 starts.  Tristan Thompson has fallen on the bench and is not putting up fantasy worthy quality any longer.
  • Ty Lawson remains an elite option putting up a 18 Point, 6 Assist, 5 Rebound performance.  Aaron Afflalo only took 8 FG attempts in 39 Minutes.  Nene started at center which will leave room for Kenneth Faried, 9 rebounds in 19 minutes, to be a fantasy option going forward.  Al Harrington will also have less competition for PT as he put up another strong performance with 22 Points, and 8 Rebounds.  Andre Miller racked up 16 Points off the bench.  The 4 Assists are not enough to keep his owners happy.  Danilo Gallinari is still getting back into game shape with only 20 Minutes played.
  • Jarrett Jack bounced back with 25 Points in 32 Minutes after only getting 3 Points the night before.  Chris Kaman channeled a bit of Al Jefferson coming a couple assists shy of a 3×2.  Trevor Ariza was solid with 20 Points and remains as good of an option as he was with the Rockets.
  • Isaiah Thomas train is coming to an end.  Only playing 17 Minutes, it is unlikely he will help your team anytime soon.  He could be back for another good run to close out the season.  Marcus Thornton is turning into a consistent fantasy star putting up another 20+ Point effort.  He racks up steals, and knocks down the 3PTM.  In only 5 games since February he has scored less than 20 Points.  That is Dirk Nowitzki quality.  Jason Thompson is battling for his role again putting up another strong 12 Point, 8 Rebound performance to keep his job.  Tyreke Evans continues to be less of a fantasy option with Marcus Thornton on the court at the same time.  The move to forward helps his fantasy value, but 13 Points and 4 Assists is Hedo Turkoglu quality at best.  DeMarcus Cousins sat this one out with food poisoning.
  • Mike Conley racked up 12 Assists, and 2 Steals.  Tony Allen (30) played more minutes than O.J. Mayo (26) leaving both as not safe options.  Rudy Gay had a monster performance with 27 Points.  Word on the street is Zach Randolph will return Tuesday which should hurt Gay, and Marc Gasol.  Gasol in his last days of glory put up 17 Points, and 12 Rebounds, with a couple steals.  Marc only shot the ball 9 times from the field which is a good target number for him going forward.
  • Brandon Rush played 32 Minutes, and that number could be constant going forward as Dorrell Wright put up another 0 Point performance.  That is three times in the past few weeks of NBA action.  Terrible news for his fantasy owners, good for Brandon Rush owners like myself.  Stephen Curry is getting back to 100% shown by his 7/11 FG performance off the bench and playing 24 Minutes.  Monta Ellis is already seeing his value go down as he went 7/19 from the field with 16 Points.  David Lee struggled with 11 Points, and it could be heading in the wrong direction for him as well with Curry coming back.  Ekpe Udoh started once again, played 33 Minutes, and blocked 4 shots.  That’s what you can hope for every night.


Thursday (3/8/12)


  • Jameer Nelson has been putting up some decent assist numbers lately, and adding 7 last night shows his value is on the right path.  Jason Richardson dropped 18 before admitting he hurt his ankle, we will know more about the situation later.  Dwight Howard was a monster with 29 Points and 18 Rebounds, no surprise there.  Hedo Turkoglu remains Andre Iguodala version 0.8.  Ryan Anderson continued his strong rebound grabbing another 10, to go along with 11 Points on 3 3PTM.  J.J. Reddick may draw a spot start if Richardson cannot go.
  • Luol Deng’s wrist continues to bother him.  It is getting re-evaluated which is basically putting him on death row.  Will he escape?  Derrick Rose is playing well, but not dominating with 17 Points and 9 dimes.  Joakim Noah just missed out on a double-double but still put up 3 Blocks and 3 Steals.  Carlos Boozer put up 26 Points and will look for a huge role increase if Deng misses any time.
  • Vince Carter put up 21 shot attempts and scored 18 Points.  This hurt Jason Terry as he only managed to find the court for 20 Minutes and put up 6 Points.  Terry is inconsistent and has a lot of competition for PT.  Jason Kidd is not a terrible PG option in very deep leagues, still fills up the stat sheet, just with less volume.  Dirk Nowitzki failed to score 20 Points, one of the rare stats since February.  Lamar Odom 15 Points vs. Shawn Marion 12 Points may bring some company to Marion’s value.  If Shawn plays less than 30 Minutes he will not be a consistent fantasy option going forward.
  • Jared Dudley is starting to heat it up with a big 18 Point, 3 Block, 11 Rebound performance.  He was huge down the stretch of the fantasy playoffs a season ago.  Steve Nash continues to be the Kris Humphries of assists grabbing an 11-11 game.  Channing Frye played 31 Minutes and scored 5 Points, hopefully his PT does not fluctuate for his owners.  Marcin Gortat grabbed 16 Points to go along with 12 Rebounds.  What else is new.  Grant Hill, 36 Minutes and 15 Points.  That is what he has been producing as of late fairly consistently.


Friday (3/9/12)


  • Deron Williams injured his calf.
  • Kris Humphries shows what life could be as the go-to-guy (20 Points, 15 Rebounds).
  • Bismack Biyombo returned with a double-double (11-11) and two blocks in 31 minutes.
  • Corey Maggette snaps his 3 game, 20+ Point streak after scoring 17.
  • DeMarcus Cousins is starting to come down from his beast mode stage.
  • Isaiah Thomas played 24 Minutes, knocks down 4 3PTM.
  • Dirk Nowitzki scores 13, Jason Terry scores 24.  Mavs lost by 13 Points.
  • Paul Millsap 15 Points, 9 Rebounds outplays Al Jefferson14 Points, 6 Rebounds.
  • Evan Tuner plays 43 Minutes, 16 Points, 12 Rebounds, 6 Assists.  Must ADD
  • Gerald Wallace 23 Minutes, 2 Points and 5 Turnovers.  Value went into free fall.
  • Paul Pierce 22 Points. He is going to have to carry this team, not Rondo (8 Points, 5 Assists).
  • Joe Johnson returned and scored 18 Points.  Hawks are 12-1 when Johnson scores 20 Points or more.  Hawks lost by 1.
  • Rodney Stuckey came back to life with 11 Points and 7 Assists.  Fantasy owners would be happy with that life.
  • Andrew Bynum scores 26 Points.  2nd time this week he has scored 20+.
  • Nikola Pekovic had the game he needed to get his fantasy owners back on the train (25 Points, 13 Rebounds).
  • Ricky Rubio out for the season.  Kevin Love should benefit from this as the offense will be more direct and set up so the ball gets to Love quicker.
  • Alonzo Gee is a nice guy to pick up in fantasy leagues if you need help. 12 Points, 8 Rebounds, 36 Minutes.
  • Serge Ibaka 13 Points, 7 Rebounds, 6 Blocks.  Hopefully his minutes are set come fantasy playoff time.
  • Chris Paul 36 Points, 11 Assists.  Starting to play like a 1st round pick ever since around the All-Star Break.
  • Manu Ginobili 22 Points, 6 Assists, 28 Minutes.  He is back.
  • Amare Stoudemire started at center, with 27 Points, 11 Rebounds.  When Chandler comes back that will change.  Carmelo Anthony and Jeremy Lin chipped in for 22 and 20 points.
  • Mike Dunleavy 25 Points in 35 Minutes.  Had his bi-weekly breakout game.  With Tobias Harris the only man in front of him, Dunleavy will be a solid pickup going forward.
  • Jarrett Jack 17 Points, amazing that he is still doing this well all season.  Solid PG in fantasy basketball.
  • Al Harrington 20 Points and 9 Rebounds.  4 Straight solid games coming off the bench.





Saturday (3/10/12)

  • Chris Kaman took 21 shot attempts.  That will keep his fantasy value high.
  • Luke Ridnour 14 Points and 10 Assists in first game without Rubio.  All the other T-Wolves were fine.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge had the 30 Point, 10 Rebound game that reminded his owners of the good day.  Hopefully he builds off of it.
  • Nick Young took 16 Shot attempts off the bench.  His value is not done.
  • Andrea Bargnani returned with 8 shot attempts in 20 Minutes.
  • Rodney Stuckey stays red hot with 20 Points and 8 Assists.
  • Roy Hibbert 5 Points.  The scoring slump continues as double digits are not coming often.
  • Chris Bosh only had 13 Points and 6 Rebounds.  Not the option he once was.
  • Kevin Martin 5 Points.  His fantasy value is a roller coaster.  Keep riding it out.
  • MarShon Brooks exploded for 23 with no Deron Williams or Jordan Farmar.
  • Corey Maggette jumps right back in for a 21 point performance.  Red Hot.
  • James Harden scores 33 and goes back-to-back 30 Point performances.  He did not have one all season before that.
  • Paul Millsap outperformed Jefferson again with 26 Points and 7 Rebounds.
  • Kyle Korver played for the injured Luol Deng and put up 6 3PTM and 26 Points.  That will get fantasy owners attention if Deng misses more time.
  • Marc Gasol 21 Points, 8 Rebounds, 5 Assists.  Putting together his last nice game before Zach Randolph returns.
  • Jared Dudley stays hot with 19 Points and 7 Rebounds.
  • Jason Terry got the start and put up 15 Points on 5-14 shooting.
  • Stephen Curry re-tweaked his ankle.  Terrible news for his owners.



Sunday (3/11/12)

  • Evan Turner put up 15 Rebounds and 24 Points.  Fantasy stud.  Good news is Lou Williams scored a season high 28.  Jrue Holiday suffered with 8 Points.
  • Amare Stoudemire fell right back to his 9 Point, 5 Rebound old self.  Hard to trust him for the long run, needs a bounce back game.  Carmelo Anthony is still scoring 20+ a game.  Jeremy Lin put up 14 and 7.
  • Andrew Bynum put up his 3rd game of 20 Points or more for the week.
  • Rajon Rondo bounced back from his bad week with 24 Points, and 10 Assists.  All other Celtics did what they normally do.
  • Paul George concluded a nice week to lead the Pacers with 22.  David West put up a 2 Point, 3 Rebound performance.
  • Ryan Anderson continues his strong rebounding week adding 9 to his total.  Dwight Howard is a beast with 30 Points twice in one week.  Dwight is shooting 49.5% from the FT line.
  • Ersan Ilysova keeps getting better and adds 31 Points to go along with 12 Rebounds.
  • Jerryd Bayless had 16 Points and 6 Assists in start #1 for Calderon.  Andrea Bargnani played 30 Minutes and looks to be close to healthy, 11 Points and 8 Rebounds.
  • Goran Dragic explodes for 20 Points and 8 Assists.  Great pick up for 2-4 Weeks as Kyle Lowry sits with a bacterial infection.  Kevin Martin scores 3 Points, while Luis Scola adds 30.  I would be worried about Kevin Martin, but with no Lowry he should continue to get looks.
  • Antawn Jamison, and Kyrie Irving can be counted on for 20+ a night.  The Cavs have no consistent offense besides the two.  Ramon Sessions put up 15 Points and 7 Assists in 20 Minutes.  He needs to get traded.
  • Rudy Gay 7 Points is now suffering from concussion symptoms.  Stay tuned.  O.J. Mayo 35 Minutes compared to Tony Allen 17.  Let’s see if Mayo can build off of the 22 Points and keep seeing the extra PT.
  • Danilo Gallinari 0 Points in 21 Minutes.  Terrible start to his recovery.  Ty Lawson 5 Points, and 4 Assists.  Hiccup game.
  • Kirk Hinrich drew a start.  If this continues, you can scoop him up as he will give you solid 3’s and low-end assists.  Hawks won and Joe Johnson scored over 20 Points.  13-1 when that happens.
  • DeMarcus Cousins may be back after a 28 Point, 17 Rebound performance.  Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton combined for 20 Points between the two.  The Kings are starting to let their bench play deep.
  • Stephen Curry played 9 Minutes.  No reason to send him out there.   Monta Ellis added 21 Points to go along with 11 Assists.  Dorrell Wright semi broke out with 20 Points, and 4 3PTM.
  • DeAndre Jordan, Caron Butler, and Mo Williams combined for 8 Points.  Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are the only safe options on what was once a championship caliber team.  Blake is shooting 55% from the FT line.  The Clippers need Ray Allen at the deadline.




  1. If you can get Kemba Walker straight up for Devin Harris that is not a bad trade. I expect Kemba to have fantastic fantasy value to close out the season as he should get plenty of PT.

    Adding J.R. Smith to a trade really does not add a lot of value as he has not proven anything yet. Soon he will explode, but if you can move Harris for a solid guard who gets consistent stats, maybe even Mario Chalmers. You may be doing yourself a favor. It appears Earl Watson should be a threat all season long, especially if he performs well tomorrow with Devin Harris questionable to play.

  2. Hey M! I have been busy but looking forward to registering and joining you on the chat and forums soon. Quick question for now… Bro Lo out for 3 weeks, fantasy playoffs start in April for me… keep him or drop? Thanks a bunch as always.

  3. Rumor has it he may be shut down for the season. If this guy in the video below is still available, you can make the move. If he is not, let me know your FA’s and I will let you know if there is anyone worth taking for a guy who will put up 20+ shots a game when healthy.

  4. LoL dude awesome video. I want to see Biyombo have one more breakout game. Also, are you worried about him sharing time with diaw/ tyrus thomas/ mullens / dj white / derrick brown ? As for Brook, should I just keep him since my playoff spot is pretty secure?

    The FA pool is crap in the league that has BroLo. Its a ESPN 8 category. I need help in all categories except percentages. My totals in the standings are terrible because of all my injured players. I’m not desperate to get a center – still have JaVale McGee and Drew Gooden with center eligibility. mario chalmers, marshon brooks, gerald henderson, michael beasley, brandon bass, diaw, maggette, blatche, jj redick, oj mayo, ken faried, luke ridnour, james johnson, jr smith, metta world, pachulia, josh howard, ekpe udoh, and of course biyombo.

    (my team jrue holiday, kobe, ilyasova, gooden, mcgee, calderon, gay, cp3, jord crawford, ginobili, joe johnson, galinari, broLo)

    On a totally different note – i tried a cbs league – points based h2h – dimes worth 2 points. what do u call this kind of league where the percentages don’t matter? Blocks, steals, boards, points all get you 1 point. I need to drop Marreesse Spreights and I need a backup forward to put on the bench. I’m debating between Grant Hill (getting old, could be traded) and Josh Howard (worried about sharing PT with CJ Miles). Both get about 25 fantasy points each week, who would you get? Sorry for all the questions and thanks again.

  5. Thanks Mike, I did what I could with a 56 overall player rating.

    Diaw basically asked to be traded or bought out. Tyrus Thomas will not play center in the NBA, Charlotte should move him as well as they can get something in return. D.J. White will not play center, Derrick Brown is a SF, and Byron Mullens has the strength of a Middle School gymnast. Word on the street is BroLo could be shut down for the season, you can wait to see if that holds true. When healthy, he is a fantasy monster who showed he is not afraid to shoot the ball 20+ times a game.

    If you don’t get Biyombo, someone else will and you will have to face those blocks in the playoffs. Bismack will outperform Javale McGee the rest of the season unless he magically turns on a switch.

    H-2-H Points is what I would personally call it. Grant Hill is the safer option because you know he will get 30+ Minutes. Josh Howard should be the better player but will also be more inconsistent. The safe option is definitely Grant Hill.

    *Cough *Cough if Biyombo is available in that league, you should snatch him for the forward spot.

  6. I would rather have Carmelo Anthony. Melo is a NBA super star and even though he’s been slumping in the Jeremy Lin offense, he will eventually get it together. Rudy Gay has Zach Randolph returning at some point which will take away some of his fantasy value. Mayo, Conley, and Gasol already demand enough touches, it will be hard for Gay to stay as a top option every night. That last part did not sound right.

    Kevin Martin may not be a safe player for the duration of this season, but he always has the chance to explode for monster performances. I would not trade him away unless I was getting a great player in return. He is always capable of 30+ Point games with huge steal and 3PTM numbers. Also Kev Mart is one of the top FT guys in Fantasy today.

  7. Hello Muntra, weekly update time.

    Had a bad week last week and lost 6-3 to a team worst then me. That can be attributed to Love’s injury + bad game. Currently in 7th place, but I will make the playoffs because there is a drop off after me. I’m beating the best team in the league now 7-2 which is good news.

    My team now:
    PG- Kyle Lowry
    SG- Ray Allen
    G- Ty Lawson
    SF- Danny Granger
    PF- Kevin Love
    F- Corey Maggette
    C- Serge Ibaka
    C- DeAndre Jordan
    Util- Bismack Biyombo
    Util- Jarrett Jack

    B- Mario Chalmers
    B- Anthony Morrow
    B- Anderson Varejao

    I’ve been getting trade offers for Granger but none have been worth it, and was recently offered Al Jefferson and Jeff Teague for DeAndre Jordan and Lowry. I’m thinking of taking that b/c I have blocks covered with BB and Ibaka, and adding Al Jefferson’s 19 points and 9 rebounds would be nice. Thoughts? Any players worth trading now? Thank you!


  8. Thanks, if I were to hypothetically speaking give up Kevin Martin, whom should I ask for in return? Also, when I try to sign up for the forums (tried to do so with two emails), it says it will email me the password, yet does not? (I’ve looked through spam, junk, and regular inbox sections as well)…Madden Arena Chat would be an awesome perk to use.

  9. Hey M.,
    I’m considering making a play for Russell Westbrook possibly offering a combination of Carmelo and other pieces. The only issue is that Westbrook’s owner is top in my league by a fairly wide margin so I don’t want to bolster him too much. Given my roster and his would you recommend pursuing a trade and if so who would you offer? Thanks much!

    PG Ty Lawson
    SG Tyreke Evans
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF Kevin Love
    C Nikola Pekovic
    UTIL Marcus Thornton
    UTIL Josh Smith
    UTIL Channing Frye
    UTIL Jordan Crawford
    UTIL Bismack Biyombo
    Bench Ramon Sessions
    Bench J.R. Smith
    Bench Jamal Crawford
    Bench Devin Harris
    Bench James Johnson

    PG Russell Westbrook
    SG Jared Dudley
    SF Ersan Ilyasova
    PF Al Jefferson
    C Marcin Gortat
    UTIL Marc Gasol
    UTIL Paul Millsap
    UTIL Mike Conley
    UTIL Antawn Jamison
    UTIL Jason Richardson
    Bench Stephen Curry
    Bench Rudy Gay
    Bench Danilo Gallinari
    Bench Andray Blatche
    Bench Jose Calderon

  10. Tough with Love last week. Still have to be thrilled about the 41 Point game he put up Sunday. It felt like it made up for the whole week.

    Now would be a great time to sell high on Maggette. His value is at a nice level after scoring 3 consecutive games of 20+ Points. When the Bobcats decide to start playing for their future, Maggette may be on the wrong side of shot attempts when Kemba gets his time.

    If you lose Kyle Lowry you’re going to lose your main source of assists. However the upgrade of Big AL for DeAndre will be huge in the scoring department. If you can live without the assists, this is a great trade. DeAndre’s value is on the way down, the Clippers won’t give him consistent playing time no matter what he puts up.

    Teague’s value seems a bit higher at the moment with no Joe Johnson. More minutes, less competition for playing time.

    Personally looking at your team, you need Lowry more than Jefferson, especially when Varejao comes back.

  11. I can set you up with a username and password. Just respond back to the next message with an e-mail address.

    Trade Analyzer will be posted tomorrow. There you will see where his value stands.

  12. Interesting strategy here.

    I personally like your team more going forward.

    Antawn Jamison is going to lose value when Varejao returns, same with Gasol and Zach Randolph.

    You have to give me more information on where you can move up and down in the standings. Same with his team.

    Trade Analyzer comes out tomorrow, so look out for that.

  13. Thank you. I know hiss team will definitely suffer when injury issues clear up. I like my team as well, but I’m looking into any possible way of further bolstering my roster for a championship run. My biggest fear is Carmelo pulling a Carmelo (as we’ve come to know this season) in the playoffs. I’ve already offered D. Harris and J.R. Smith for Kemba, which I think has a 50/50 chance of getting accepted. With the extra spot I’d likely pick up Beaubois, Booker, Delfino, Bayless or Pachulia. In my 10 team H2H league each category counts as a game and the top six go to the playoffs with the leader in each division getting a bye. I’m currently second in my division, sixth overall. I can improve to 2nd overall by taking the division lead. I am 12 games back. I’m also 13 games back of the third and fourth overall teams. I am matched up with the absentee team next week so I will pick up at least 10 or 11 cheap wins there. Westbrook’s owner is 14 games ahead of the next two contenders (26 ahead of me) , so he is likely to finish tops. I’ve also considered making another trade to bring in an elite player from one of the long shot teams. One owner has both Kobe and Monta and will not make the playoffs so I’m trying to figure what she might take for either of those. Any thoughts? For measure here are the rosters of the worst team with good assets and my division leader, respectively.

    PG Monta Ellis
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Shawn Marion
    PF Carlos Boozer
    C Samuel Dalembert
    UTIL Caron Butler
    UTIL Carlos Boozer
    UTIL DeJuan Blair
    UTIL Luke Ridnour
    UTIL Corey Maggette
    Bench Iman Shumpert
    Bench Grant Hill
    Bench Goran Dragic
    Bench O.J. Mayo
    Bench Ed Davis
    Bench Tony Allen

    PG Derrick Rose
    SG Rodney Stuckey
    SF Paul George
    PF Blake Griffin
    C Amare Stoudemire
    UTIL Kyle Lowry
    UTIL Elton Brand
    UTIL Al Harrington
    UTIL Drew Gooden
    UTIL Brandon Bass
    Bench Andrea Bargnani
    Bench Darren Collison
    Bench Arron Afflalo
    Bench MarShon Brooks
    Bench Isaiah Thomas

    Sorry for the lengthy post. I just wanted to be as thorough as possible. Thanks as always!

  14. Category Breakdown

    PTS: 2nd (Can move up one or down one)
    FGM: 2nd (Can move up one or down one)
    FG%: 9th (Can move up four or down one)
    FTM: 2nd (Can move up one or down one)
    3PT: 3rd (Can move up one)
    OREB: 1st (Can move down one)
    DREB: 5th (Can’t likely move up or down)
    AST: 6th (Can move up one)
    A/TO: 7th (Can move up one or down one)
    STL: 4th (Can move up one)
    BLK: 3rd (Can move down one)
    TO: 9th (Can move up one, possibly two)
    DD: 5th (Can move up two)

  15. Thanks for doing the standings update.

    For being the first follower @Beast_Dome on twitter. I will answer this question in full depth and treat your team if it were mine.

    I do not think Melo will pull a Melo this season. He is an elite scorer and can put up 35 Points in a game when he gets it going. The Knicks will be in the thick of the playoff race and you know NY will call on Carmelo to bring it home. Do not sell short on him, he wants a championship and this is his Syracuse moment.

    Harris and J.R. for Kemba will be a great trade for you. Kemba should have great value come playoff time as the Bobcats decide to let their young ones run as much PT they can take.

    If Tristan Thompson or Alonzo Gee are available I would snatch them before the other guys. Thompson would be perfect for your team. Out of the group you posted Trevor Booker would be the best fit for your team short term. None of those guys have long term value.

    If you have playoffs then your team should be fine. If not here is a possible trades to orchestrate that should benefit you either way.

    Channing Frye is definitely the guy you want to get rid of. His value is due to drop with him struggling, and a good chance the Suns play Markieff Morris towards the stretch end of the season with the Suns having nothing left to play for.

    You should also give up Jamal Crawford who is on the downside of his Blazer career, yet still has decent fantasy value on potential alone. The season is coming to an end, and using Crawford for major minutes for Portland to make the playoffs is not likely.

    Those two will be your trade bait and you should package them together to acquire one of the following players:

    Kris Humphries
    Luis Scola
    Tyson Chandler
    Carlos Boozer (Worst team)
    David West
    Elton Brand

    Your team needs double/double guys who do not turn the ball over and shoot a high%. Jamal Crawford and Frye are not that worthy on your team, and still hold nice trade value.

    That is your best chance of moving up in the standings and hopefully winning it all.

    Thomas I hope this helped and I want you to update me on how your season turns out.

    Good Luck

  16. Sounds awesome! Thanks Muntradamus, I just traded Thaddeus Young for Rudy Gay (decent trade?).

  17. Decent trade..Try great trade.

    Count down is still ticking till you win your championship.

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