Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Speed Demons

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Speed Demons

By Muntradamus


Chances are, your team has a lot of power and zero speed. This article will help you find those speed demons that can give you a slight edge in your H-2-H leagues, or bring you up a category or two in rotisserie leagues. Speed is something that only a few players do really well in. Usually those guys like Michael Bourn, Brett Gardner, Emilio Bonifacio, and Cameron Maybin are already on someone’s roster.

All three of these players are MUST-ADD material, and they will be owned at some point this season. If not by the end of this weekend.  All three players can easily end up with 40 SBs when the season is over.



I had Coco Crisp ranked higher than any expert on FantasyPros coming into this season. Yes that ranking looks terrible now, but finally it looks like Coco is done battling the nagging injuries and sickness. This guy stole 49 bases a season ago, and in the last two games he has hit for the cycle including a SB with 5 RBI’s. Coco is a stud, and he will steal a lot of bases and score a lot of runs in this secretly loaded lineup. Add him now, he is KooKoo for SB’s…Had to throw that in there.


#2. Rajai Davis – TOR- OF

With poor play from Eric Thames, Adam Lind, and Travis Snider still not doing enough to reach the majors. Rajai Davis is getting his opportunity to be an everyday player. Rajai is one of the best speed guys in all of baseball today. He has 50 SB potential, exemplified by when he did it in 2010 with only 143 games played. He has never played a full season, but he does not need to in order to dominate the base paths. So far in 43 games he has 14 SBs, more impressively he has 4 HRs. In this Blue Jay offense, Rajai Davis is going to be all over the base paths, and he is a lock to make a huge impact on every fantasy team for the time being. Long-Term he is a bit more risky than Coco Crisp because of all the Blue Jay depth. But right now, he is the speed demon to own in all of fantasy baseball.


Revere is one of the most exciting baseball players in the game today. Playing in the OF, you can expect a web-gem at least 1/5 ball hit his way. On the base paths he will rumble and tumble to the ground legging out triples. But what makes Ben Revere an attractive fantasy option, is his SB potential. Last season he was called up late in the season, he ended up stealing 34 Bases in 107 games. This season, he started out in the minors, but since his latest call-up his batting average is up to .326, and he has 8 SBs in 92 ABs. With the extended pace he is going, he will 30 SBs in no time. Ben Revere will be a huge threat to all teams in the speed department.



Any other fantasy baseball Waiver Wire questions feel free to ask.  To see all the previous Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire articles that knock the other “Expert Sites” to the water.  Click the hash tag #FANTASYBASEBALLWAIVERWIRE.


Hitter Power Rankings for all positions will be released this Sunday!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I thank you for this article, I had Coco early this season, but saw no value in him. I just felt I would do without his stolen bases, try to win other categories, H, HR, W, K’s, you know like most of of do. I’ve been thinking lately that it, SB, needs to be a category I take seriously and try to win. The leagues I’m in are that competitive that it just might help me win the championship. So maybe I need to heed this article and pick up one of these guys soon.

    Hey anybody else feel the same way out there?


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