FANTASY BASEBALL WAIVER WIRE: Do not Over Estimate Players (Week 2)


Do not Over Estimate Players (Week 2)


By Muntradamus



What an opening Week of Fantasy Baseball it was.

You can check my Preseason Predictions here

(Ranked Chris Davis Higher Than Any Expert)


Finished 15/1400 for Championship



Finished 8th of 1962 Entries



Finished 13th of 600 in a 3 Day Tournament








Ianetta has always been a catcher with 20 HR potential with the Rockies.  Moving to the Angels in 2012 was not the best situation for his power, but the Angels offense was good enough to give him a 65 RBI season.

Right now Ianetta is crushing the ball and looks like a legitimate potential 20 HR/70 RBI season.  Of course the season is very young, but we all know the talent is there.



Parra is hitting leadoff every game now for the D-Backs.  His balanced power/speed could find himself near the 20 HR/20 SB range, but 15/15 is more like it.

While this nice almost .500 batting average is nice to start the season, we all know .267 is a more realistic number.  Ride this streak out as long as you can before they start playing Eaton full-time.  Cody Ross and Jason Kubel are the two solid OF options.


Did not take Franklin long to make noise in the Fantasy Baseball world.  2 HRs in the 1st week is good, but to have a .304 batting average makes him very attractive.  The 20 SB potential form the past appears to be in the past, which means Franklin will have to club 25 HRs to have big fantasy value.

For now ride it out.


Every season people write off Colby Rasmus as not a quality starting Fantasy OF option.  He is now looking like a solid 25 HR player with consistent pop.

The Blue Jays offense will give Colby a lot of run support, which means we can expect a nice 20 HR/80 RBI season at the worst if he stays healthy.



Just in case you really wanted to do some soul searching for an OF option, look no forther than the lefty crusher Jeff Francouer.  Jeff has the chance to be a Jonny Gomes type of player for the Royals, who do appear to be an offense that can get more hot before they cold.

If you can use him in situation players, he is a decent start.  Otherwise keep him on the bench, but play him while he is hot.





Hafner already batting a cool .350 with 1 HR.  Hafner is going to continue to kill it in that Yankees ballpark that is built for lefties to crush 30 HRs.

Travis is looking comfortable, and he will only get better as the Yankees get healthier with more bats surrounding him.


We see the .450 average with 1 HR after 1 Week, and we have to automatically assume that the 2011 Lance Berkman is still in there.

There is no reason to leave him on your waiver wire as he is the everyday #3 Hitter for this potent Rangers offense.



Kozma was one of the bright spots for the Cardinals in Spring Training, and in 2013 he is continuing to hit the ball strong with a .333 batting average and 1 HR in Week #1.

While his speed is likely below double digit, and his power is likely to be less than 15 HRs.  Kozma is more or less a backup but a good warm body.




Did not take long for Carlos Marmol to remind the world that he is a horrible closer.   Nearly 3 Blown Saves in every appearance he had in this young season.  We have seen Fujikawa dominate teams, but the other day he was dominated giving up 4 ER in 1 INN.



The Tigers are really losing a lot of hope in their bullpen as they should.  Next up in musical chair is Joaquin Benoit, and it is very possible he is good enough to run with that job for at least the rest of April.  We will see.


Starting Pitchers is a Game-by-Game situation since the match up determines so much.

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  1. I’m looking to trade for a closer. Here are the guys I’m willing to trade. Which closer(s) should I target and what should I offer?

    J.P. Arencibia (already have Rosario)
    Trevor Plouffe
    Jhonny Peralta
    Lance Lynn
    C.J. Wilson
    Tim Hudson
    Ian Kennedy

  2. Brendan,

    what league are you in, I would love to trade you a loser for everybody on that list. You really shouldn’t have to do that, trade away any of these players to get closer. Who did you want, Kimbrel? Who are the closers on the waiver wire?
    Look for Fuijkawa, Jansen, Cook, Iwakuma. Or list some here before you give away your team for 1 category that you can win without giving away Plouffe, CJ, KENNEDY, etc

  3. If you can find a way to give up Plouffe for a quality closer in the range of Betancourt that would help you.

    But the most realistic player other owners will want is J.P./Lynn/Kennedy.

    Do be aware that there will be new closers everywhere during the season on the Waiver Wire.

  4. I managed to grab Jim Henderson the other day and he got his first save today so it looks like he will replace Axeford (at least for now). I also grabbed Valverde hoping the Tigers being him back. We will see. I think I might hold still for now.

  5. Who is the better waiver wire pickup for the season? Need more hitters than pitchers, but not opposed to getting another SP.

    Colby Rasmus
    Paul Konerko
    Torii Hunter
    Chris Young (OAK)
    Carlos Gomez

    Jose fernandez
    Hae Kim/Jin? sp.
    Josh Beckett

    Any input would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

  6. When Carlos Gomez gets going, he will be swooped off the Waiver Wire before you can even blink.

    You can jump the gun and grab him now. His ability to steal 30+ Bases and hit 20 HRs makes him the most unique player on the list. Chris Young is also right around the corner from a huge week.

  7. Hey Munt, I have Parra, Morse, Holliday, Jackson, and Reddick as OF. Would like to trade one, do any of these have sell high potential?

  8. Hey Friar, I think I live Gomez the most , Konerko can be good too, all those players are pretty solid and you couldn’t really go wrong. I would pick up whoever you think is heating up and fits your positional needs the most!

  9. Parra’s value is getting crushed by the day. Not much to sell.

    The others I would keep. I am not a fan of Austin Jackson since his speed is around the 20 SB range, and his power is around the 10 HR range. Yet everyone thinks he’s a Must-Start Fantasy Player because of his run potential. You can sell him.

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