50 SHADES OF GRAY (Sonny Gray)

By Muntradamus


Sonny Gray is a stud pitcher. There are a few players that would move from Tier 2 to Tier 1 in the Rankings of Fantasy Starting Pitchers if they had a better offense behind him, Sonny Gray is one of those pitchers.

Throughout his career Gray has been a dominant ace and lone bright spot in what has been a very interchangeable Athletics Pitching Rotation. Sonny Gray this season is pitching as if he does not even belong in the MLB with an ERA at 5.84, and a WHIP of 1.54.

When you analyze his Game Log in 2016 you can see one thing is clear.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.50.39 AM

What a tough schedule!

Road games against Boston/Detroit/Toronto. Let the man breathe for a second. Gray could of had a very dominant start against Tampa Bay last Sunday if it was not for a costly error in the 2nd Inning which led to a 3 run HR and 4-1 deficit that should of never been there.

Gray has been dominant in home starts minus a hiccup against Seattle. Despite giving up the 7 ER he still pitched 7 INN while striking out 7. Sonny is not walking hitters, he is not really giving up that many hits. The reason Gray is doing as lousy as he is right now is 100% due to the tough schedule. Wait until Sonny gets some Home Games against more AL Teams that are not power houses.

The Athletics offense is slowly getting better. Khris Davis is proving to be the real deal, and Josh Reddick/Stephen Vogt/Coco Crisp lead the way to a solid group of role players. While nobody on the Athletics Offense is a Superstar, they all combine their strengths together to give themselves a decent chance to give Sonny Gray the ability to get those Wins.

Gray is going to get it together, and he is an extremely attractive Buy Low Option in all leagues. Through a combination of two pitchers to get him. A combination of Drew Smyly and Matt Moore is worth it to get the consistent ACE BEAST.



  1. Great Article! I’m in a six man league so a bit unusual. Gray is on the waiver wire (Picked up Matt Harvey off the wire over the weekend.) Would you drop Gio or Garcia for Gray?
    SP Jose F, King Felix, Strasburg, Zimmerman, Gio, Harvey, Garcia, Darvish on DL
    RP Chapman, Rosenthal, Familia, Osuna,

    I was using the Garcia spot to stream pitchers. If I keep all pitchers, JBJ would be the odd man out, currently filling in for Marte/Polanco.

  2. Thanks Munt… Had to drop Gray though… Still a couple starts behind my opponent to close off the week.
    Points are about the same.

    I’ll try to reclaim for his next start.

    Any thought on Carrasco? On the wire. With Yu coming off the DL, thinking about picking up Carlos and sliding him in the DL spot.

    Trade thought, with Stratton struggling last couple, thinking about offering Marte? Or should I use Marte for SP? Tough to put JBJ on bench.


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