The Yasmanian Grandal


By Muntradamus


Soon I will be releasing more VIP packages to help you BEAST the second half and close out the Fantasy Baseball Season on top.  I know there have been a lot of injuries along the way, and it is important for you to stay ahead of the pack and close out the season strong.


A lot of teams were hurt by the injury to Matt Wieters and are still trying to find a way to recover.  A lot of teams are relying on one catcher with no backup plan.  Or you are just missing a quality #2 catcher in a two catcher leagues.


If you are one of these types of owners in a very deep league of 12 teams or more, this article is for you.




Stats 6/28: .195 Average. 6 HR. 17 RBI. 2 SB. 16 Runs

When I list those statistics, you do not know what to think.  Why would I be promoting a player who is hitting under .200?  The reason is simple: Yasmani talent-wise is one of the best power-hitting Catchers in the game.  You throw a mistake pitch to this kid, and he can drive the ball over 400 feet.

In 2012 when Yasmani was called up late in the season, he had 8 HRs in 60 games.  Getting everyone excited for his huge potential to come, injuries followed quickly.  In 2013 Yasmani only appeared in 28 games following ACL Surgery.  This season the Padres had a 3-man catching rotation with Nick Hundley, Yasmani Grandal, and Rene Rivera.  With Yasmani not able to catch everyday, his Playing time was very scarce and he could never find his groove.

Since Nick Hundley was traded to Baltimore, Yasmani is now starting to see consistent playing time for the first time since he was healthy.  If he is not at catcher, the Padres move him to 1B.  His bat is LETHAL, and you can expect to see a big time POWER finish to the young season of Yasmani Grandal.

There is no risk to picking up Yasmani if you are in need of catching help.  His upside could carry your team to the next level as he can BEAST like a Top 10 Catcher down the Stretch.


.242 Average. 18 HR. 66 RBI. 4 SB. 44 Runs



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  1. With Evan Gattis now on the DL, I need another catcher to replace him. It’s obvious who I’m going to pick up :), however I need to drop someone. Who should I drop? Nick Swisher, or Michael Cuddyer. Thanks in advance!

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