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Many will argue who the best hitter in Major League Baseball History is. If I had to throw in my vote, it would hands down go to Barry Bonds. Besides the entire start of his career where he put up, 30 HR/30 SB, seasons without even trying. Which would make him potentially the #1 pick in today’s Fantasy Baseball.

Steroids version of Bonds was a BEAST that we will never see again. The fact Bonds was able to smash 73 Home Runs at 36 Years old is beyond amazing. The fact that Bonds also did it at AT&T Ball Park where Home Runs are so rare that if any Giant hit 40 Home Runs in a season today, everyone would treat him like a god. How can you not give Barry Bonds credit. On top of it all, he was walked 177 times that season as he had no protection in that order, which means he had to make every one of his 476 At Bats count, with the few good pitches he saw.

Barry Bonds faced some of the best pitchers in the last quarter Century. Randy Johnson/Pedro Martinez/Greg Maddux, you name it, every super star pitcher in the 90’s who are on a whole completely level better than today’s pitching stars like Clayton Kershaw and David Price.

Barry Bonds was infamous for many things in his career, one of them being he would never share his hitting secret’s with his teammates. Bonds felt that he could teach a player something one day, and then end up seeing that player traded to a team that faced him in a pivotal game.

The Miami Marlins now have Barry Bonds as a hitting coach. Which means, Barry Bonds is about to share his hitting secrets with a player that could hit a baseball 10x as far as Bonds could during the best days of his career. Giancarlo Stanton, meet your Yoda.



Giancarlo Stanton hits Home Runs so far, even Dodger Stadium was not able to handle one of his bombs in 2015 that ended up in parking lot. When you look at the new Marlins Ball Park that opened up in 2012, it has been considered for most part a pitchers ball park especially with the high walls nearly 12 feet high. The walls made it very hard to launch Home Runs, especially with Center Field over 420+ Feet away. With the Marlins attendance struggling, and the 2017 Home Run Derby and All-Star Game being hosted in their park. The Marlins spent $500,000 to alter the walls and bring some higher scoring action to the fans.

First they are bringing the wall in from Center over 11 Feet. They are shortening the distance between Left Center and Right Center, as well as lowering the walls 4 feet. They now stand at 7 Feet tall, which is more than easy to see a line drive laser go into the 3rd row. Giancarlo Stanton will now also be able to get some of those power pop flys, turn into excuse me Home Runs.

With the Ball Park now in Giancarlo’s favor, the next thing to see is if the Marlins fixed their lineup protection. The Marlins have left Giancarlo Stanton without another Bash Brother his entire career. Imagine if Miguel Cabrera was still a Marlin with Stanton..

Well stop imagining it, because once again the Marlins left Giancarlo dry not signing any new starting hitters. Sure Christian Yelich has potential to be a great #2 Hitter in his MLB Career, and Dee Gordon can turn a walk into a run better than many. There is still no true Bash Bro in this lineup as Marcell Ozuna, Justin Bour, and J.T. Realmuto are nothing more than good potential young hitters.

Regardless that Giancarlo Stanton does not have any true protection, which means he will see more breaking balls and pitchers can focus all their energy and spend more time studying in films rooms how to slow Stanton down. It does not matter. Barry Bonds is now his hitting coach. If there was anybody who was in this situation that has done better than Barry Bonds, Giancarlo Stanton is the only player that can achieve it.

Barry Bonds is the light at the end of the tunnel for Giancarlo’s career to go to a Hall of Fame Level instantly. At 26 Years Old, Stanton has already three seasons of 34+ Home Runs. The only reason he has not hit 30+ with his eyes closed every season is because of injuries (Besides Rookie Season Late Call Up). Stanton has missed time with leg injuries, hamstring, eye problems, and most notable of all, the infamous Fast Ball that broke Stanton’s Face. Last season he proved he was done with his fear and dropped the batting helmet with the face protector.



Predicting a Home Run in today’s MLB is close to sorcery. If you have the chance to get the clear favorite to lead the MLB in Home Runs, how can you not draft him in all leagues. Giancarlo Stanton is the Kobe Bryant of the Marlins, he is going to be on that team for the rest of his career and the Marlins Organization is giving Stanton all the tools for their $325 Million Dollar Investment pay off. From signing Barry Bonds who wants to start his legacy as the greatest hitting coach, to the Outfield Walls. Ignore the ADP of Mid-Late 1st Round. You have the potential to get a player that will hit 50+ Home Runs.

Draft Giancarlo Stanton #1 in all Leagues



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