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Looking for this year’s Sleepers in fantasy baseball.  Of course you are.

Each player will be ranked within the position.  Feel free to ask questions at the bottom.

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(Catcher Spring Training Rankings)

J.P. Arencibia – Prediction (.230 AV. 35 HR. 87 RBI. 65 Runs. 2 SB)

J.P. can easily be a top 5 catcher this season.  His power potential is top tier, and if he can hit closer to .300 like he did in the minors he will be huge.  The BlueJays offer a lot of great players in the lineup which should result in plenty of RBIs, and plenty of hittable pitches.  Do not let him fall, or trade for him now.

Wilson Ramos – Prediction (.279 AV. 22 HR. 67 RBI. 55 Runs. 1 SB)

Ramos is a big man.  He can smash the ball with the best of them and the Nationals are very excited to have him play a full season.  70+ RBIs should easily be in the bank for this guy, if he hits 20 HRs, which is more than possible, than he will be a steal in all drafts.

Chris Iannetta – Prediction (.240 AV. 22 HR. 65 RBI. 50 Runs. 1 SB)

If anyone needed a change of scenery to reach their potential, Ianetta got it.  Moving to this Angels lineup will provide RBI chances, great pitches to hit, and most importantly, everyday PT.  He can succeed 20 HRs this season.


First Base (1B) Sleepers

(1B Spring Training Rankings)

Kendry Morales – Prediction (.290 Average. 32 HRs. 107 RBIs. 1 SB. 87 Runs)

Morales appears back to form and 30+ HRs seems like a very easy possibility.  He is getting multi-hit games nearly everytime he plays this Spring.  The Angels are a dangerous lineup and the RBIs will be there all season long.

Mark Trumbo – Prediction (.265 Average. 31 HRs. 100 RBIs. 2 SBs. 80 Runs)

Trumbo eventually is going to qualify at 3rd Base to add to his 30 HR potential.  He hit 29 HRs as a rookie and did not play a full season, in this Angels lineup he will be a great fantasy option everyday he plays.

Adam Dunn – Prediction (.240 Average. 40 HRs. 100 RBIs. 1 SB. 80 Runs)

Dunn has always been a streaky hitter.  This Spring he is showing the confidence that he is back.  Besides hitting HRs in two separate occasions, he also had a 2 HR game.  The White Sox are confident in his bounce back.

To learn more about Adam Dunn read this article.

Freddie Freeman – Prediction (.280 Average. 25 HRs. 85 RBIs. 3 SBs. 78 Runs)

A lot of people are expecting him to hit a Sophomore wall, after seeing him hit 5 HRs so far this week, and we are only at Thursday, I am willing to believe he can take the next step in being an elite 1st baseman.  He is not at Eric Hosmer level, but 30 HRs is in reach if he can carry over his hot bat into the regular season.



(2B Spring Training Rankings)

Jemile Weeks – Prediction (.300 Average. 7 HRs. 40 RBIs. 44 SBs. 103 Runs)

Weeks can easily give you 40+ SBs this season.  The A’s play small ball which means when he gets on 1st, he better score as everyone run is scarce.  He does not have the power like his brother, but he does have a chance to break double digit HRs.  He gets drafted too late and he is worth the snag.  His ADP is 169.

Ryan Roberts – Prediction (.260 Average. 24 HRs. 70 RBIs. 22 SBs. 95 Runs)

Roberts went 19/18 in 143 games last season.  He had himself a great Spring and looks destined to be a 20/20 guy with his eyes closed.  He qualifies at 3rd on top of 2nd and has no competition for PT.  He goes late enough where he is well worth the risk as well.  His ADP is 164.

Danny Espinosa – Prediction (.240 Average. 23 HRs. 75 RBIs. 22 SBs. 70 Runs)

If Danny had a big 2nd half last season, he would be drafted as a top 10 option.  He has 20/20 Potential easily in him, the question is can he take it to the next step and play a full effective season.  You should take a low-end risk as he goes well past the big names.  His ADP is 191.

Ryan Raburn – Prediction (.260 Average. 22 HRs. 75 RBIs. 3 SBs. 60 Runs)

Raburn should be a lock for 20+ HRs.  Nobody had a better Spring hitting 8 Bombs as we have a little less than a week left.  He has always been around the 15 HR mark in about 115 games, so if he can earn about 40 more games those HRs will go way up.  This Tiger offense is stacked this season as well.  His ADP is 230.

Mike Aviles – Prediction (.290 Average. 15 HRs. 65 RBIs. 17 SBs. 75 Runs)

Aviles playing everyday in that Boston lineup will be huge for his fantasy value.  If he can manage to hit near .300 with 10+ HRs, and 10+ SBs, the RBIs and Runs will come in huge form.  He goes so late and can qualify at nearly every INF position.  No reason on not taking a late round flier on Aviles when finding depth.  His ADP is 243.



(3B Spring Training Rankings)

Ryan Roberts – Prediction (.260 Average. 24 HRs. 70 RBIs. 22 SBs. 95 Runs)

Roberts went 19/18 in 143 games last season.  He had himself a great Spring and looks destined to be a 20/20 guy with his eyes closed.  He qualifies at 3rd on top of 2nd and has no competition for PT.  He goes late enough where he is well worth the risk as well.  His ADP is 164.

Mike Moustakas – Prediction (.270 Average. 21 HRs. 75 RBIs. 2 SBs. 70 Runs)

3rd base is not very deep, but why not take a risk on a guy who is ranked as one of the top prospects a year ago.  He played plenty of time in the majors to know what to expect, and the Royals are ready to see him reach the next level.  A top 15 Finish at the position would be great, a top 10 would be excellent.  Not likely, but possible.

Matt Gamel – Prediction (.270 Average. 18 HRs. 75 RBIs. 2 SBs. 75 Runs)

Gamel will have to replace the shoes of Prince Fielder.  He may not fit, but if he can hit 20 HRs this season, then the Brewer nation will be looking at a great future for the young highly touted prospect.  He probably went undrafted in a lot of leagues for good reason, but do not be surprised to see him be one of the first players picked up at this position.



(SS Spring Training Rankings)

Dee Gordon – Prediction (.267 Average. 1 HR. 34 RBIs. 65 SBs. 100 Runs)

He is not really a sleeper, but he should be drafted much higher than he is.  10 SBs this Spring, and he has the green light whenever he wants.  Dee Gordon will easily steal 50 Bases this season if not more.  My new ranking for him is #4 at SS behind Tulo, Han-Ram, and Reyes.  The SBs are going to come all season long.  24 in 56 Games last season is just a small sample.  Easy pick to lead the league in SBs.

Ian Desmond – Prediction (.264 Average. 13 HRs. 68 RBIs. 27 SBs. 70 Runs)

A lot of people are ignoring the Nationals SS, for no reason at all.  He is a definite 10-20 guy with the chance to steal over 30 bases. He is batting leadoff so there will be plenty of opportunities to rack up the SBs, and Runs.  Do not let him fall too low as I project 27 SBs.

Zack Cozart – Prediction (.290 Average. 11 HRs. 59 RBIs. 19 SBs. 68 Runs)

Everytime you look at this guy in the box score you will see multi-hits.  He offers a decent amount of pop and could steal 20 bases this season.  The Reds love him and will give him every opportunity to succeed, and so should you as a .300 batting average with good numbers across the board are very possible.

Mike Aviles – Prediction (.290 Average. 15 HRs. 65 RBIs. 17 SBs. 75 Runs)

Aviles playing everyday in that Boston lineup will be huge for his fantasy value.  If he can manage to hit near .300 with 10+ HRs, and 10+ SBs, the RBIs and Runs will come in huge form.  He goes so late and can qualify at nearly every INF position.  No reason on not taking a late round flier on Aviles when finding depth.



(OF Spring Training Rankings)

Delmon Young – Prediction (.270 Average. 31 HRs. 104 RBIs. 4 SBs. 85 Runs)

Delmon has 30-100 potential written all over him this season.  Batting 5th behind Cabrera and Fielder will mean big numbers across the board.  He was great as a Tiger last season, and he has looked great as a Tiger this spring.

Cameron Maybin – Prediction (.280 Average. 9 HRs. 55 RBIs. 50 SBs. 104 Runs)

Maybin will steal 50 bags easily for the Padres this season as they have no other way of getting runs.  He goes well past the Bourn’s and Gardner’s when looking for a SB guy, he can also give you 10 HRs potentially.

Jason Heyward- Prediction (.265 Average. 27 HRs. 89 RBIs. 12 SBs. 85 Runs)

Heyward looks primed for a big comeback season.  The Braves are not going to bench him like they did last year, and he appears 100% healthy.  He is getting drafted too late as he has a lot of power/speed combo.

Coco Crisp – Prediction (.280 Average. 5 HRs. 55 RBIs. 40 SBs. 80 Runs)

Coco stole 49 bases and hit 7 HRs last season.  If he approaches those numbers you probably got great value for him as he went way after the Cameron Maybin, Gardner, Bourn type players.

Lorenzo Cain – Prediction (.270 Average. 19 HRs. 70 RBIs. 11 SBs. 60 Runs)

Cain is a Must-Own in all keeper leagues.  He may not be elite this season, but can still put up good enough stats to be in your lineup when he is hot.  The future is very bright for him as the everyday CF option in KC.

Alfonso Soriano – Prediction (.250 Average. 30 HRs. 85 RBIs. 3 SBs. 70 Runs)

Soriano looks like a player who will be way under the radar and still hit 30 HRs.  He goes cheap enough where he is a great option to fill your bench.  After a huge Spring, I am expecting a very nice season.

Ben Revere – Prediction (.260 Average. 3 HRs. 45 RBIs. 40 SBs. 85 Runs)

A lot of people need speed, and Revere comes as cheap as they do in that department.  A sleeper to steal 40 bags this season, Revere is a great option to either pick up or trade for before the season begins.

Brennan Boesch – Prediction (.280 Average. 23 HRs. 84 RBIs. 5 SBs. 70 Runs)

Boesch could be a monster this season as long as he finds the lineup everyday.  Should not be a problem and the Tigers offense will give him plenty of chances to do his thing.

Vernon Wells – Prediction (.260 Average. 25 HRs. 75 RBIs. 5 SBs. 70 Runs)

Vernon is having a big Spring and looks ready for a big bounceback season.  He is worth the late round pick in all leagues.  The biggest problem will be everyday PT, but if he earns it he should be safe as the season moves on.



(SP Spring Training Rankings)

Doug Fister – Prediction (3.30 ERA. 17 Wins. 170 Ks)

No pitcher was better than Fister in September.  He went 5-0, had an ERA less than 1.00 and struck out a batter per Inning.  The addition of Prince Fielder makes the Tigers a better team all-around, and Fister should be huge in his first full season with Detroit.

Ervin Santana – Prediction (3.80 ERA. 16 Wins. 180 Ks)

Pitching for the Angels is a blessing as they are maybe the top offense in the AL with Pujols on board.  Santana has been an inconsistent pitcher throughout his career who has 200 K potential.  If he can put it all together this season, the Angels will win a lot of games for him.  So far a very solid Spring.

Vance Worley – Prediction (3.20 ERA. 15 Wins. 160 Ks)

Worley was having a flawless Spring up until yesterday’s blow up.  The Phillies are going to give him a rotation spot all season, and his career ERA of under 3.00 in 23 career starts shows you how good he can be.  If he exceeds 160 Ks, you got yourself a huge steal come draft day.

Hiroki Kuroda – Prediction (3.40 ERA. 18 Wins. 153 Ks)

Pitching for the Yankees means a lot of run support.  Last season with the Dodgers he had an ERA of 3.07 and won less than 15 games.  The nice thing about Kuroda is that he can also give you over 150 Ks.  He has a lot of upside heading into the season.

Derek Holland- Prediction (3.60 ERA. 18 Wins. 185 Ks)

Holland was one of the best pitchers in the second half of last season racking up 9 wins.  The Texas offense will do wonders for him all season, but he really earned his Ws as he threw a lot of 8 INN, 1 ER, 8 K type of games.  I am going to target him in all drafts this season.

Francisco Liriano – Prediction (3.60 ERA. 12 Wins. 195 Ks)

About as high-risk/high-reward as they come.  He now goes late enough where he is worth the gamble.  He is having a fantastic Spring and could potentially throw CY Young quality stuff.  Just make sure you have a good backup plan if he loses his marbles.

Rick Porcello- Prediction (4.20 ERA. 17 Wins. 120 Ks)

I am not telling you to spend a high pick on him at all.  What I would tell you is that he can easily get 16 Wins pitching for this Tigers team.  Nothing else will help you besides the W’s, which makes him an intriguing option to put on your bench when he has good matchups.



(RP Spring Training Rankings)

Huston Street- Prediction (3.70 ERA. 43 Saves. 2 Wins. 67 Ks)

Remember how many saves Heath Bell got in SD year after year.  Well now Huston Street has that job and he is a very solid closer.  Andrew Cashner would be his only threat of competition, but the Padres are going to conserve the 100 MPH flame thrower for another season.  Street is very underrated and is close to guaranteed in the 9th INN.

Jason Motte- Prediction (2.70 ERA. 34 Saves. 3 Wins. 68 Ks)

Motte is the man in STL.  The Cardinals are going to win a lot of games this season, so you can expect Motte to get a lot of save opportunities.  He can easily record over 30 saves, and now that La Rusa is not there to mix the bullpen, he should be good for the long run.

Brandon League – Prediction (3.10 ERA. 35 saves. 2 Wins. 55 Ks)

League has no competition for the closer job and is a very solid pitcher.  Pitching for a Mariners team that has to scrape and claw for every victory means that League will get plenty of opportunities.  He is a very safe option come draft day and is a clear tier above the Thornton, Guerra’s of the world.

Addison Reed – Prediction (3.20 ERA. 19 Saves. 2 Wins. 70 Ks)

If one guy is going to be this year’s Jordan Walden and emerge as a Must-Start closer, it is probably Reed.  He has electric stuff, and Matt Thornton is far from safe for the closer job all season long.  Robin Ventura likes him, but the White Sox nation wants Reed.

Vinnie Pestano- Prediction (3.10 ERA. 17 Saves. 3 Wins. 75 Ks)

Chris Perez is not an effective closer.  He does not Strikeout a lot of batters, and he is far from a guaranteed save in a one Inning game.  Pestano is a dynamite K pitcher who struck out over 80 Batters in 64 Innings, and had an ERA under 2.50.  Soon the Indians will turn the ball over to him full-time.


  1. Dropped Bourjos and picked up Josh Reddick on Oakland to try to get in on the Sea v. Oak week 1 games. Turns out, the guy goes 2/3 with a home run in my first game with him. Now suddenly I’ve got a weird sleeper feeling. Thoughts?

  2. Before you get too excited he has never been a player that has hit more than 20 HRs in a minor league season. Yes he has potential and this is finally his first season being a full-time starter, but chances are he hits around 15 HRs that are paced throughout the year. You have nothing to lose holding onto him now during this Japan showcase, but when the season starts and he does not do anything else besides this game. I would look for the next best option.

    For now it is no risk, be ready to drop him. I personally would not be attached to him by any means and would be looking for the next best option.

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