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  1. Please advise if I should change any of my line up
    Flex-Danario Alexander
    Make any changes?

    Thank you,

  2. Advice on lineup for PPR:

    QB – Cam Newton
    RB – Doug Martin
    RB – Jamaal Charles
    WR – Julio Jones
    WR – Reggie Wayne
    FLEX – Chris Johnson
    TE – Jimmy Graham
    DST – Lions


    RB – DeMarco Murray
    WR – Brandon Lloyd
    WR – Danario Alexander
    WR – Antonio Brown
    WR – Cecil Shorts
    DST – Bengals
    DST – Dolphins

    (Up until this week, carried only one DST, but wanted to pick up DSTs with best matchups so my opponent wouldn’t grab one. Have a 40 point lead after last week, need to close him out this week.)

  3. Toughest match is this week. Win and I pretty much get the championship, so could really use the advice in PPR league. My team:

    QB: Tony Romo
    WR: Andre Johnson
    WR: Pierre Garcon
    RB: Adrian Peterson
    RB: Arian Foster
    TE: Jason Witten
    FLEX: Torrey Smith
    K: Shayne Graham
    DST: New York Jets

    Bench: Jeremy Maclin, Denarius Moore, and Baltimore

    Available on waivers: (wr) Kenny Britt, (rb) DeAngelo Williams, (k) Crosby, (k) Janikowski, (dst) Detroit

    Was thinking about the following moves:
    1. Starting Detroit in place of the Jets (drop Jets, keep Baltimore for next week)
    2. Starting Crosby or Janikowski in place of Graham (drop Graham)
    3. Flex = no clue: Maclin/Smith/Moore/Williams/Britt – thoughts?

  4. You’re looking pretty golden IHMO. Chris Johnson as your flex? How many teams in your league?

  5. Spiller’s your RB1 this week.
    CJ2K is your RB2. (Good matchup vs Jets)
    Alexander’s your WR1. (WR2 for most)
    Cobb’s your WR2. (Even w Nelson, still top target in GB)

    Flex comes down to either Moreno or Wallace. I’d lean towards Moreno. Ravens DST has given up ~300 yards and 2 rushing TDs in the past 3 weeks. Wallace is facing a decent Cowboys secondary. Brown doesn’t even factor in, imo. Bad week against TB (top rush D, but still) and Bengals are still 11th in the league versus the run..


    QB: Matt
    TE: Aaron
    RB: Spiller, CJ2K
    WR: Alexander, Cobb
    Flex: Moreno or Wallace (tip to Moreno)

    Obviously just my opinion..

  6. I’d play Alexander over Wallace for WR, then play either CJ2K or Bryce Brown in Flex spot personally.

    One step further, I’d even consider dropping Moreno to Bench and playing both CJ2K and Bryce Brown as RB2 and Flex.

  7. +1

    I actually like this play better than what I suggested when factoring TB in. Same idea, Alexander and CJ2K definitely move up.

    Moreno or BB over Wallace for flex.

  8. 1. I agree in starting Detroit over Jets. Arizona has given up the most fantasy points this year and their offense is horrendous (Kolb is on IR, running game is a mess even with Wells and without a QB, Fitzgerald is rendered useless). Just look at what happened last against Seattle…

    2. Toss up between Janikowski and Graham, but I’d stick with Graham. While both teams are playing at home, I think Houston will have an easier time moving the ball against Indy defense, which should give Graham more opportunities.

    3. Out of the players listed, I’d safest choice might be DeAngelo Williams. Jon Stewart still recovering from ankle injury and as of today, didn’t return to practice so his chances of playing this weekend seem to be low. Plus with the way Cam Newton has been playing, Stewart should be able to compliment nicely. Other than Williams, Maclin might be another choice, but I’m not totally sold on him. He did nothing in 3 quarters and then suddenly came alive in the 4th quarter against Tampa and he also has a groin injury on a short week (Thurs night game)

    good luck!

  9. 1. I agree in starting Detroit over Jets. Arizona has given up the most fantasy points this year and their offense is horrendous (Kolb is on IR, running game is a mess even with Wells and without a QB, Fitzgerald is rendered useless). Just look at what happened last against Seattle…

    2. Toss up between Janikowski and Graham, but I’d stick with Graham. While both teams are playing at home, I think Houston will have an easier time moving the ball against Indy defense, which should give Graham more opportunities.

    3. Out of the players listed, I’d safest choice might be DeAngelo Williams. Jon Stewart still recovering from ankle injury and as of today, didn’t return to practice so his chances of playing this weekend seem to be low. Plus with the way Cam Newton has been playing, Stewart should be able to compliment nicely. Other than Williams, Maclin might be another choice, but I’m not totally sold on him. He did nothing in 3 quarters and then suddenly came alive in the 4th quarter against Tampa and he also has a groin injury on a short week (Thurs night game)

    good luck!

  10. 1. It’s hard to argue with anyone wanting to start the Lions this week. Arizona’s horrible in every sense of the word, and I don’t see a fix for them at all. I’d drop the Jets D to play the Lions this week, imo.

    2. I’d pick between Graham or Janikowski. I don’t personally feel that Crosby should even be in the mix there. Crosby’s missed at least a FG in his past 7 games. Hitting 17/27 FGs so far this season. While Janikowski was a fantasy bust last week, he’s converted 24 of 26 FG attempts this year and has hit 8 from 40+. Safe pick. Graham’s been held to one attempt over the past two games, he’s 21 of 26 on the season. I’d roll with either Graham or Janikowski.

    3. Torrey Smith by a longshot. The only one close is Maclin, but I’m still really hesitant to start any Philly WRs with Foles at QB. Of course, he looked much better this past week, but I think Smith’s the safer option.

  11. Pick 3 WR and a flex…
    B Lloyd

    B Brown
    D Murray
    J Dwyer
    J Bell
    A Green


  12. In response to #3: Sorry man, but the only viable rushing option in Carolina is with Cam. Yeah, Williams had his best fantasy week of the season, but he’s still in a timeshare with Tolbert and Carolina knows they have to throw to win. If you’re looking for upside in fantasy, Carolina’s backfield is not the place..

  13. very tough opponent this week, but if i can get a win, then i’m off to the Super Bowl. any thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    QB: Cam Newton
    RB: Doug Martin
    RB: Bryce Brown
    WR: Josh Gordon
    WR: Chris Givens (hopefully Amendola will not play or be limited…and Givens will have to start catching the passes thrown to him)
    TE: Jason Witten
    FLEX: Alex Green (ok game last week, but DuJuan Harris stole some touches and a touchdown)
    DEF: 49ers (tough match up against Pats…)

    QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick
    WR: Cecil Shorts (cleared to play, but if he lines up against Cromatie, then i’m not so sure how effective he’ll be…)
    WR: Jeremy Maclin (quiet through 3 quarters, then exploded in the 4th against Tampa. playing toughter defense against Cincinnati this week)
    WR: Brandon Lloyd (hoping his Monday night performance will carry over this week, but against 49ers def and hard to trust Pats players not-named Brady, Welker, Gronkowski, or Hernandez)
    RB: Ben Tate (back to #2 RB behind Foster)
    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew (most likely won’t play again this season)
    RB: Beanie Wells (useless…)

    i’m in a 14 team league, so most of the waiver pick ups and good players are off the board.

    given that the 49ers are playing the Pats, i’m considering on of the following defenses based on their match up this week:

    Carolina (@ SD)
    Oakland (vs KC)

    help me Beast Nation!

  14. Let’s hear what y’all have to say

    Qb: freeman/Eli/RG3
    Rb1: McFadden
    Rb2: Moreno
    Wr1: megatron
    Wr2: b marsh
    Te: Gonzales
    Flex: b. brown/Dwyer/nicks/garçon/Jennings
    D/st: Miami/patriots/jets
    Kicker: Hanson

    Any lineup advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks beast dome nation

  15. RBs: Martin and Brown, obviously. Tate, MJD, Wells are garbage.

    WR: I’d start Gordon and Maclin at WR1 and WR2. Shorts is hurt, like you said. Givens could see a decline in production if Amendola plays. Lloyd’s feast or famine, and too many times I’ve started him and wound up with sub-5 point games. All too risky in the playoffs, imo.

    Flex: Choose between Givens, Shorts or Green. I’d stick with Green, imo.

    DST: Tossup between 49ers and Oakland. I like 49ers because of skill, but matchup against Pats is a nightmare (like you said). I’d MUCH rather face a maligned KC O instead of Pats O. Edge goes to Oakland.

  16. Thanks guys. In response:

    1. I’m hesitant in going with Detroit over the Jets only because Jets D is better than Detroit, and they also have a great match up with Tennessee giving up the 5th most fantasy points. But, Arizona has been a gold mine for opposing defenses the past four weeks. Decisions.

    2. Crosby is only in the mix due to the SUNK YOUR BATTLESHIP strategy. I’d agree, Graham or Janikowski otherwise.

    3. Upside is what I’m after, so have a hard time rolling with Williams for this reason. The Panthers RB situation has been anemic from a fantasy standpoint. But, Smith has been anemic the same the last few weeks. I’ll be rolling the dice on the fact that they fired their offensive coordinator for sure. I’m still curious what people think about Denarius Moore this week. I’m wondering if he doesn’t have a breakout game against a beatable KC backfield. With Maclin, Cinnci’s backfield while small, has been stingy, and their pass rush scares me.

  17. QB: Freeman. (Saints allowing 280 passing YPG and ~2 TDs.. Eli’s risky.. 8 games with 1+ INTs, ATL’s D is 5th in league in INTs. RG3’s risky given the injury.)

    RB’s and WR’s: No changes.

    Flex: B Brown, no contest.

    DST: Miami. Jacksonville is terrible.

    K: No change.

  18. Response to 3) I’d still roll with Smith. He was only targeted 3 times last week but is the team’s undisputed deep threat, and they fired the guy who was taking the ball away from him.. I agree that it’s a risk, but I do see your rationale behind Denarius Moore and a bad KC secondary, something in my gut always makes me second-guess Oakland WRs..

  19. Super Bowl game this week! Greg Jennings or Justin Blackmon at WR. Also should I play Lions or 49ers DEF?

  20. Any thoughts? I’m up against the top team in the league and if I win I’m in the Superbowl:
    QB: Eli Manning
    QB: Josh Freeman
    WR: Randall Cobb
    WR: Pierre Garcon
    WR: Mike Williams
    RB: Adrian Peterson
    RB: Knowshon Moreno
    TE: Heath Miller
    FLEX: Darren McFadden
    K: Janikowski
    DEF: Broncos

    Bilal Powell
    Dez Bryant
    Marcel Reese
    Stevan Ridley

    If Dez is cleared to play I’m thinking of starting him over of Garcon if RG3 doesn’t play or Mike Williams.
    Other than that any other suggestions/comments?

  21. This week I would roll with Detriot they’re playing arguably the worst team in the league while the 49ers are playing the top offense in the league

  22. Just wanted to get an opinion how I look going in to the first week of the playoffs…

    QB- Aaron Rodgers
    RB- Jonathan Dwyer
    RB- Reggie Bush
    WR- Randal Cobb
    WR- Julio Jones
    WR- Mike WIlliams
    TE: Jimmy Graham
    K: Matt Bryant
    Def- Broncos
    BN- Miami Def
    BN- Lions DEF
    BN- DeAngelo Williams
    BN- Jacquizz Rodgers
    BN- Denarious Moore
    BN- Antonio Brown

    Joquie Bell, Alex Green and Bilal Powell are all still on the wire. So is Brandon Lloyd, Kenny Britt, and Brian Hartline… Any suggestions

  23. +1 on going with Maclin over Givens, although given PPR, I’d say flex is a toss up between Givens and Lloyd over Green as Chicago is a tough matchup, and in a shared backfield, he’s not an option IMO. If Amendola is out, I’d definitely go with Givens. If he’s not, I might lean to Lloyd.

  24. I’m in the first round of the playoffs. Any advice?

    QB: Matthew Stafford
    RB: Ray Rice
    RB: Bryce Brown
    WR: Demaryius Thomas
    WR: Marques Colston
    TE: Tony Gonzalez
    Flex: Montell Owens
    K: Matt Prater
    D: Miami Dolphins

    BN: New York Jets
    BN: Carolina Panthers
    BN: DeAngelo Williams
    BN: Pierre Garcon
    BN: Beanie Wells
    BN: LeSean McCoy

  25. I was thinking of picking up the broncos. But can they really stop ray rice and a sometimes decent Flacco? By the way Lindley is starting at QB for Arz.

  26. My standard league team is getting murdered with injuries, but I’m still standing in the Semis. It looks bleak with this matchup, please advise:

    My linup:
    QB: P. Manning
    RB: Arian Foster
    RB: ???????
    WR: D. Alexander
    WR: Julio Jones
    WR: Dez Bryant???
    TE: Rudolf (should I stand pat or FA?)
    K: Prater (thanks Munt)
    D: Seattle or Detroit (picked up detroit just so my opponent couldn’t – should I play them?)
    BN: Tate
    BN: M. Owens
    BN: L. McCoy
    BN: D. Bowe
    BN: Maclin
    BN: Britt
    BN: Detroit
    Wire: Jacquizz, A. Green, Dallas Clark, B. Watson, D. Keller


  27. Hey Guys.. Need some help..

    QB: Freeman/Dalton/Cam

    RB: Forte/Moreno/Morris (pick 2)

    D: Bears or Bengals


  28. First thing, just want to say thanks for your input on my post…

    Now from the looks of it your team looks solid…
    only thing I’d say is with Jake Locker at center, Chris Johnson’s production really is thrown out (IMO). I believe opposing teams would rather take their chance with Locker throwing, and stack against Chris. Thats just me…Just sayin’

    If you don’t think you’ll need to play it safe and would take a risk, go for Danario at flex, his upside is really high, especially if Rivers plays catch up.

    Good Luck…

  29. HELP!

    QB Brady
    RB Morris
    RB S Jackson
    WR Marshall
    WR Cruz
    Flex Greene
    TE Graham

    Bench RBs McFadden; Dwyer; Rodgers; J Bell
    Bench WRs Wayne; Britt

    What do you guys reckon?
    McFadden worth the risk? And should I go with Reggie Wayne over Shonne Greene (or another RB) in flex?

    Cheers guys.

  30. Thanks for replying to my post, let me say first.

    From the looks of it, you’ll have a pretty good cushion from Arian + AP from the start.
    Houston is going to come back with a vengeance this week, from being lit up by Brady.
    With that being said, go with Shayne as Kicker, he’ll have many opportunities. He only had 2 games below 8 points, I believe, I could be off by 1.

    For DST I’d go with whoever is against ARI for the week, which is DET, there is no way Brian Hoyer will save ARI.

    Torrey is a great WR, but his QB is his problem. Maybe the new OC can change that, but do you really want to risk it this week? I’d say go with Maclin or Britt.
    Maclin & Foles are starting to get on the same page.
    Britt as been productive the past 3 weeks.
    IMO I’d take the risk with Maclin, cause Cromartie might be on Britt on Monday.

    Good Luck…

  31. Thanks for your reply to my post.

    For your DST, I’d rather go with DET.
    Something I believe in, an elite offense will always beat an elite defense.
    HOU last week was a good example.

    for WR, I’d take my chance with Blackmon, Hene might be chucking deep and Blackmon might have Shorts out there taking some coverage off him.
    Greg seems to still be rusty and its GB vs CHI. Cobb seems to be the main target for Rodgers.

    Good Luck…

  32. 1. Need 3 of these 4. Who would you recommend? Wayne, Julio Jones, Welker, D. Alexander

    2. Detroit or Cin Defense?


  33. Please Help Nation…..
    QB Peyton
    RB Foster
    RB Lynch
    WR Garcon
    WR Jennings
    Flex Charles
    TE A.Hernandez

    Bench WRs Jordy, Antonio Brown, Hawkins…
    Waivers: Kerley, McCluster, G.Tate, Jeffery, Meachem, Mike Thomas, Streater, Devery..

    Which 2 of the above WRs do I start?!?!

  34. Studs… Wayne, Julio, Welker, they probably got you to the playoffs.

    I have the same 2 defenses – i think i’m going Lions (esp since Cards named Lindley the starter)

  35. Non-ppr league
    QB: P.Manning
    RB: Lynch
    RB: Spiller
    WR: Colston
    WR: Alexander
    TE: TGonz
    Flex: Moreno
    D: Denver
    K: Prater

    BN: Luck (QB), Forte (RB), Bryce (RB), McCoy (RB), Garcon (WR), Stevie Johnson (WR), Nelson (WR)

    Thinking of dropping someone for Detroit D, but am pressed whether Forte or Moreno is the play, I think Moreno gets more touches. Any other advice out there? Thanks

  36. Gotta go Cam. He’s one of the hottest players in fantasy right now.

    I’d go Moreno and Morris to guarantee touches. Who knows how the bears utilize Forte, they didn’t get him involved early enough last time vs the Packers.

    Gotta go Cincy D. They’ll rack up the sacks and maybe some INTs.

  37. Looking for advice on a lineup, thanks in advance:

    RB: D-Martin
    WRs: Wallace
    WR: Nicks
    TE: Graham
    D: Miami
    K: Prater

    BN: Stafford, RG3, Bryce, Matthews, Beanie, D-Williams, McCoy, Jennings, Gresham, Chicago

  38. Lineup suggestions?

    QB-Matt Ryan
    RB1- Ray Rice
    RB2-Marshawn Lynch
    WR1- AJ Green
    WR2- Danario
    TE- Jimmy Graham
    Flex- Josh Gordon
    DEF- HOUSton

    David Wilson
    Greg Olsen
    Owen Daniel
    Denarius Moore
    Jacuizz Rodgers

    I’m seriously considering Kaep over Ryan since the NYG D has shut down Brees and ARod recently. Still waiting on Bradshaw update but still considering Wilson over Gordon if Bradshaw suits up…..Thanks Guys! First time poster, but been reading stuff on this site all season!

  39. You cannot bench DX, Jones is facing a horrilbe giants pass d. I would lean towards Welker since Luck is throwing to other guys like TY and Avery.

  40. Last week until the playoffs, and I have a 16pt lead (combined 2-games for the playoffs)

    standard league, 2 QB system. Is this my best line up possible?

    QB (2): Luck, Kaep
    RB (2): Lynch, Spiller
    WR (2): Cruz, Cobb
    WR/RB (2): Moreno, Decker
    TE: Graham
    DST: Lions
    K: Barth (gonna pick up suisham via Munt’s advice)

    BIg Ben, Mike Williams, Amendola, Hou D, Dwyer, David Wilson

    anyone to change? I dropped Shorts for Wilson, should I pick Shorts back up?

  41. Week 1 of playoffs!
    Non-ppr League. 3WR no flex 2RB
    Here’s who I have locked in:

    QB: Matt Stafford
    WR1: Victor Cruz
    RB1: Arian Foster
    K: Hanson
    DEF: Broncos

    WR2 and 3: (Hakeem Nicks, Danario Alexander, Pierre Garcon, Lance Moore)

    Pls Pick 2–> I’m leaning towards Alexander and Nicks but its shaky b/c Nick’s knee is problematic and so is RG3 with Garcon. Moore seems solid enough but I cant have points on my bench.

    For RB2 slot: (BJ.Green-Ellis, K.Moreno, Reggie Bush, Vick Ballard)

    For me its a straight up tie between Green-Ellis and Moreno. Lemme know what you’re all thinking.


  42. i’d say those are all solid picks, Amendola you cant trust as much as Cruz and Cobb. Cobb will at least get more looks than Amendola.

    Good picks on RB as well I had Dwyer and got rid of him for Moreno.

    As far as Big Ben goes, its up in the air. Though he hasn’t really been around at all and at the very least he has experience in these types of games. Luck and Kaepernick are as rookie as they come. But hey rookies inspire. Keep Luck and roll the dice with K.

  43. I’d go with Moreno as he’s guaranteed the high volume of touches. As far as defense goes, I’m in the same boat as you, trying to decide whether to stick with Broncos or roll with the Lions. I’d probably stick with the tried and trusted Broncos rather than gamble on the suspect Lions, regardless of match up.

  44. First time poster, long-time fan…

    Been playing from Argentina all season — thanks Beastdome for getting me to the playoffs with only being able to watch MNF in Spanish every week! Couple questions for this week:

    Carson Palmer or Eli Manning?
    Kyle Rudolph or Jermichael Finley?
    David Wilson (if starts) or Knowshon for RB 2?

  45. This is a PPR league.

    I need 1 flex and 1 WR out of these : Powell, Ballard, Amendola, Hartline, Hawkings.

    I need 1 TE : Bennett or Myers


  46. Lions… I would never play a Defense that is going up against NE… and Blackmon over Jennings.

  47. Very good points, thanks for the input! I can see your rationale behind stacking the box and forcing Locker to throw. (Jets DST are 6th versus opposing QBs, and 18th versus opposing RBs.) I wasn’t really considering Alexander this week, but I may have to. We’ll see.

  48. Deckers targets have been down, but if Thomas misses any part of the game (which he has in the last couple of weeks) it’s a toss up between him and Mike Williams who is up against the Saints.

  49. Your lineup’s solid, but I still have to disagree with starting the Broncos D above the Lions and Dolphins.. I’d start either of those units before the Broncos this week, but definitely the Lions.

  50. QB-Brady

    Bench-Cobb, G.Jennings, Stafford, Gronk, 49ers D.

    I hate the thought of playing Brady vs my 49ers D which is why I picked up stafford and the lions D..But again it is Brady. Does anyone think this is Mathews week to shine, or do I keep riding Cobb until the wheels fall off? Answers are much appreciated. Good luck to all of the Beast Nation

  51. Most of your lineup is set. Great that you picked up McCoy’s handcuff.. The only point of contention I have is with your flex position. I’d personally start Garcon over Owens, regardless of who starts at QB for Washington. Owens had a good week against the 49ers DST who are first in the league vs opposing RBs, but I don’t see him having a repeat performance against a great Dolphins run D. Garcon’s averaged 15.6 fantasy points in the last 3 weeks (non-PPR) and is playing a Cleveland secondary that’s 28th in the league against opposing WRs.

  52. David Wilson (vs. ATL) over Ridley (vs. SF) if Bradshaw is OUT??

    My other RB is Spiller and my WRs are Marshall, AJohnson, VJax.

  53. Yes I’m benching ridley this week myself, I think it’ll be a low scoring game all around. Wilson has the ability to dominate ATLs shaky run D.

  54. they’re all pretty close, but I will agree with C-Siz. Brown (16 pts) and SJax (12 pt), leaving Wayne (10 pts) out.

  55. Playoff week one for me. Pick 1WR, 1RB, and 1 Flex:

    WR: Wallace, Austin, Nicks, Alexander
    RB: Murray, McFadden, Ridley

    Thanks boys

  56. These are not easy choices. I like NYG over ATL, so I will say Nicks for WR… I think NYG turn it on at then end of the season.

    As for RB, I’d say Mcfadden. Ridley and Murray face really good run D’s and if Mcfadden stays healthy, he will get all of the touches against a lousy KC team.

  57. I need two to start this weekend
    Reggie Bush vs. JAC
    Jonathan Dwyer @ DAL
    Jacquizz Rodgers vs NYG
    DeAngelo WIlliams @ SD

  58. DX is a must start, DMC has a good matchup, ridley doesnt. Murray has no o line. NYG game might be a shoot out. When u think of Touchdowns think of Hakeem!


    Please see mine above, Gots 1 Hour left.

  59. Need to choose two of the following for this weekend…

    Reggie Bush vs JAC
    Jonathan Dwyer @ DAL
    Jacquizz Rodgers vs NYG
    DeAngelo Williams @ SD


  60. Thanks I’am starting the Lions this week and I dropped the Dolphins for Crosby to pair him with Aaron Rodgers

  61. Bush has a juicy match up at home.
    Quizzy is playing way more snaps than turner.
    Dwyer will probably get more touches and goal line carries. SD run d is pretty stout. Bush and Dwyer.

  62. RG III wants a playoff berth — if he´s healthy, you play him. I think Bryce Brown for RB2 and Matthews for Flex. Both have good matchups.

  63. I know Britt looked good last week, but I dont like his matchup this week, and I would avoid. Carolina run D is pretty awful and I think Matthews can have a good game (i know weve all been waiting long for that one, could be it) especially since the focus will be on DX and the passing game. Bryce and SJAX are both up against decent run Ds, but I think Bryce will work hard to make up for his dud performance last week. However this could also mean that he gets less carries especially with the passing game really gaining speed. All in all, I expect very similar RB2 numbers from all of them but I would personally rank as follows:


    Follow your gut – good luck

  64. Week 15 Semi-Finals Lineup…. Advice????
    QB: Brees
    RB: McFadden
    RB: B. Brown
    RB/WR: Moreno
    WR: White
    WR: Blackmon
    TE: Gonzalez
    DEF: Dolphins
    K: Prater

    QB: Romo
    RB: Reece
    RB: Powell
    WR: S. Johnson
    WR: Amendola
    DEF: Jets

    On the wire that I am considering:
    WR Golden Tate
    RB . Joique Bell

    Appreciate any thoughts you have, as Im going up against a team with Kapernick, Adrian Petersen, T-Rich, V-Jax, Ridley, and Jimmy Graham. Best of luck to all of you guys and thanks for your input!

  65. Stafford is an easy choice. At flex I would roll w Matthews and Jennings since its too late to start Bryce.

  66. Im a Chargers fan and its been horrible to see how Norv Turner and AJ Smith have turned this once talented team into the ground. That horrible OL has not given Rivers anytime, nor given any opening for Mathews to run through. He has been to injury or fumble prone this season. Roll with Cobb.

  67. I’d roll Eli. That game will be a shootout in the dome, and since Bradshaw looks to be out (local beatwriters think so) I’d think NYG airs it out to not put so much load on D Wilson. Palmer and Raiders are just way too inconsistent and dont seem motivated this late into the season. Roll wilson over moreno, if bradshaw is out. I’d go Jermichael cuz Ponder sux and doesnt get the ball to Rudoplh…but if Greg olsen is on waiver, pick him up and start …good luck!

  68. Which two of these Rb’s should I roll with this week.
    D. Wilson/ McFadden/ Knowshon?

    Thinking of going with McFadden and Wilson, Right move?

  69. Idk if you should bench Ryan, I wouldn’t. I think if Roddy plays you have to go with Ryan, after all he’s probably the reason your in the playoffs. Bradshaw looks like he’ll be out, I’d roll with Wilson.
    Good Luck

  70. Here are the starters I am still contemplating

    TE – Dallas Clark or Scott Chandler

    RB2 – David Wilson or Montell Owens

    Also should I start Chris Givens OR Kenny Britt over EITHER Miles Austin or Sidney Rice (based on matchups and injury?)

  71. I’d probably go Wilson (if Bradshaw is out) and Knowshon.

    DMC if you need a home run to win, but he could also do absolutely nothing.

  72. Thanks, def going with Eli. It’s tough to ignore Moreno’s 20+ touches for a rookie who broke out against the Saints D, though. And the only other TE I’d consider on the waiver is Pitta. Not sure who to trust! Thanks again for the advice.

  73. Need one for flex. (Not a PPR league).

    Antonio Brown
    Alex Green
    Quizz Rodgers
    Beanie Wells
    Donnie Avery
    Brandon Gibson

  74. I like Wilson, Coughlin claiming possible heavy workload if Bradshaw out and Knowshon. DMC is surposed to have a easy matchup against KC but they seem to be pass happy lately.

  75. ahh man where did B. Brown go?? I dropped Reece once DMC came back and just dropped Powell for a another D/ST when I read about his fractered toe. I thought he was a good pick up on waivers. Jets have some easy RB matchups but Powell might be limited. I grabbed Bell since I have Leshoure and they seam to be leaning Bell’s direction. I have the benefit of benching both to see what happens this week. Watch White game time decision. My thought would be to drop Powell for Bell. If Detroit goes Bell you will have the matchup agianst Atlanta next week. Except for this week Seattle will have some tough matchups last two games.

  76. I like Bush and Dwyer, Dallas lost Ratcliff and some middle linebackers. I expect Steelers to run.

  77. I hope you started BJGE.

    for your WRs: I agree with Alexander and Garcon.

    Garcon = only if RGIII plays.
    Nicks and Moore have great matchups with suspect secondary play, but I’ll give the edge to Moore b/c the Buc’s secondary is porous. Also, Nicks, from the reports, hasn’t been fully recovered, so he might go out sometimes due to tiredness.

    WR Order: Garcon (if RGIII is in), Moore, Nicks

    i hope I don’t make you lose. lol

  78. dunno about olsen, but Gates’ has busted too long. rivers only throws to danario alexander now.

  79. with bradshaw out, i would roll with wilson and knowshon. i have a hard time trusting mcfadden & denver seems to have no problems feeding knowshon the rock 25+ times. even with ray back, bal is a pretty good matchup.

  80. Week 15 Semi-Finals – PPR and IDP tackle-heavy league

    QB: P. Manning
    RB: A. Peterson
    RB: ????
    WR: R. Wayne
    WR: ????
    TE: J. Witten

    K: Prater

    LB: J. Freeman
    LB: D.Jackson
    LB: ?????
    DB: R.Harper

    RB: Chris Johnson
    RB: Demarco Murray
    WR: Dez Bryant
    WR: Kenny Britt
    LB: Ray Lewis
    LB: Thomas Davis
    LB: Colin McCarthy
    DB: Daniel Manning
    DB: Glover Quin
    DB: Stevie Johnson

    Question 1 – Chris John or Demarco Murray?
    Question 2 – Dez Bryan or Kenny Britt?
    Question 3 – Ray Lewis, Thomas Davis, or Colin McCarthy?
    Question 4 – Daniel Manning, Glover Quinn, or Stevie Johnson?

    Best of luck to all of you guys and thanks for your input!

  81. Gates has been very disappointing for me this year. They keep projecting him high. I’m debating him or Witten this week, Witten is always good for 5 or 6. Gates might be due…key word “might” be. Fantasy Pros has Olsen ranked higher, and it looks like Car has a easier TE ROS. I would say right move.

  82. Definitely Clark and Wilson. I’m so high on wilson starting that I’m considering him over Murray and ridley who both havebad matchups

  83. Leshoure might get the goal line touches but I’m afraid the Lions are going to go up early and fast. Leaving Joique Bell to get a lot of garbage time work. I would say Leshoure though because if RG3 doesn’t play Garson’s value decreases big time.

  84. Agreed go Brown or Quizz. With Roddy White questionable and possibly a GTD the Falcons will need Jacquizz to play a Darren Sproles type role. Brown is the safer play.

  85. i haz password !!

    but no infos here =)

    no need to make the huge rankings this week tho

    good luck to all!

  86. .5 PPR league and I’m lucky enough to be playing Brees, Martin and Graham

    QB: Stafford
    RB: McFadden
    RB: D. Wilson
    WR:V. Cruz
    WR:D. Alexander
    TE: Bennett
    RB/WR/TE: ????

    Stevie Johnson
    A. Jeffery
    J. Baldwin

    Free Agents
    G. Olsen

    2 Questions
    1.So should I pick up Olsen and drop either Bennett or Gates?
    2.Who should I play at flex?

    Thanks in advance

  87. I need to pick 2 RBs and a flex:

    Jacquizz Rodgers
    David Wilson
    Reggie Bush
    Matt Forte
    Knowshon Moreno

    Leaning towards Forte, Bush, and Wilson…

  88. Go Warrior, what’s up? Long time no see. Beast Dome Nation, conrades, good luck to all of you.

    Here’s my 2 teams:

    Fitzpatrick, Schaub, Foster, Murray, Jennings, Garcon, Colston, Meyers, flex: CJ2K, S. Graham (k) Cincy, Lions. Bench: cousins, Foles (fools gold), Stevie Johnson, Mike Williams, B. Tate, Rams

    Mattie, Romo, Schaub, Foster, Demarco, AP, CJ2K, Megatron, Andre, Dez, Miles, Witten, Hernandes, Prater, Seattle, Cincy, Dallas, IDP Von Miller

    Okay who should I start, both teams are standard with 1 flex.

  89. jt1432, Bush and Dwyer have good matchups, but Bush really hasn’t done a lot lately. I think DeAngelo will also have a decent day, especially with Cam finally playing better. Quizz, is getting more touches, but don’t see him killing thr Giants. I would go with Bush and Dwyer, but if you play DeAngelo, I think you’ll still be okay

  90. Pierre should be okay. But Cobb and Dez, broke finger and all, will out score him, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I agree on Garcon, but it depends on RG3, don’t know how he would be with Cousins, if no RG3. I would also consider Big Mike Williams, I think he will have a good day. Cobb is good, but Jennings is back and Aaron will be looking to rekindle things with original #1 ]

  91. Alexander, Murray, and Wallace. I would pick Miles, but he really hasn’t been playin all game all year. If Dez doesn’t start, play Miles he will get most of the targets.

  92. Matty Ice and Shaub
    Megatron, Andre, and Miles
    Foster and AP
    Flex CJ2k
    and hopefully you played Cincy

  93. plz help me with my lineup:

    qb – tom brady
    rb1 – jamaal charles
    rb2 – alfred morris
    wr1 – brandon marshall
    wr2 – hakeem nicks
    te – jimmy graham
    flex – danario alexander
    k – garett hartley (opp got brees @ qb-position)
    def – detroit lions

    bench: frank gore, law firm, david wilson, greg jennings, torrey smith

    i am not sure about nicks and alexander, particulary because benching cobb is such a tough decision… and what about wilson against atl. run def…??

    thanks in advance

  94. Good advice Killahbeez, I think I’ll change my lineup since it’s becoming more apparent that RG3 will not be playing. But Garcon is still tempting, Cousins can sling it too. I think I’ll play BIG Mike Williams

  95. Here’s my scoop, standard scoring, playoffs 15 & 16 combine total points.
    QB Freeman
    RB Foster, Moreno
    WR Marshall, V. Jackson
    TE Graham
    FX Ridley
    K Bryant
    DEF Sea
    The only real options from my bench is Ryan, D. Alexander and NE. Any thoughts?

  96. Hey Beasters:

    TE: Brandon Myers v KC or Greg Olsen v SD?

    I currently have Myers, but am considering Olsen. I am projected to lose by 30 points this week (opponent has Foster, Martin, and Richardson…….) so I am willing to task a risk. Who has bigger upside?


  97. Wilson, Moreno and Forte, all are starters. I see you picked Bush, I think he’ll be okay too, just saw who he’s playing.

  98. Friends,

    Pick two: Trent Richardson, Knowshon Moreno, David Wilson

    I’m worried about Richardson’s health, matchup and loss in carries over the last three weeks. It’s also very tempting to start Wilson, but maybe too risky for a playoff match. What do you think?

  99. It’s the playoffs my dude, you got to put it all on the table and go with it. Play Moreno, it’s gonna get fed the ball, and it looks like Wilson is the starter so he’s a good pick too.But I would go with Richardson, he’s going against Washington’s defense, they’re not that good. Check you waiver wire, who has them as a defense? And every back is dinged up this time of the year, that’s why bryce, mcfadden and murray will/should produce this week, they’re fresher than the counter parts. I think he will find the end zone at least twice, imo.

  100. It’s the playoffs my dude, you got to put it all on the table and go with it. Play Moreno, it’s gonna get fed the ball, and it looks like Wilson is the starter so he’s a good pick too.But I would go with Richardson, he’s going against Washington’s defense, they’re not that good. Check you waiver wire, who has them as a defense? And every back is dinged up this time of the year, that’s why bryce, mcfadden and murray will/should produce this week, they’re fresher than the counter parts. I think he will find the end zone at least twice, imo.

  101. Asked this earlier… which two would you start out of welker, wayne, and d. alexander?

    im leaning towards welker and d. alexander

  102. Lost Gronk, McGahee, Bradshaw and Nelson, somehow I’m still in it. Who’s the best play out of Blackmon, Rice and Amendola?

  103. I like both Moreno and Wilson this week. Between Forte and Bush it’s about the match up and your gut felling. They both have only scored 1 TD in the last fives games.

  104. Go with my “stud” Matt Ryan or Josh Freeman? Don’t wanna lose with my “best player” putting up 25 on the bench, with Freeman putting up 15… thoughts?

  105. Guys need some advice,

    RG3 is out my options are Carson Palmer or Rusell Wilson, also Murray or Ryan Matthews PPR league.
    Thanks and good luck all!

  106. Richardson has been a stud all year. It would be hard to bench him at this point. I think you have to go David Wilson, because his upside is far beyond Moreno’s I just can’t get over D. WIlson’s 0-100 speed, he takes the pitch, sees the hole from about 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage, and if the opponent wasn’t lined up to play defense on that side of the field, sorry about you. I don’t even like the Giants. I’ve been fed up with there running back committee all year(Bradshaw with bulk carries/Brown with redzone), but this is like a gift wrapped christmas present D. Wilson having the backfield and kick returns on week 15 semi-finals in the playoffs. imo.

  107. Matt Bryant or Mason Crosby for today? I have Aaron Rodgers at the Helm and following Munt’s advice to pair my kicker with my QB. I have picked up Crosby but I’am very reluctant on starting him.

  108. Matthews for sure. Ronnie Brown is out so he should see more touches and play more passing downs.
    I’m a Raider fan and feel equal with ur QB, so that probably means go with Wilson :)

  109. Hopefully you had Byrant, Hey JT1432 went with Schaub, Mattie, Megatron, Andre. Roddy (turned out to be the one bad move) Foster, ALL DAY AP, Witten, Demarco, End up with 221 points to my opponents 148, Had it sewed up by 4.

    Anyway, it’s on to the big games. AP is going to win me a title.

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