It is the Playoffs. Do-Or-Die for most of you.  The more opinions on each question the better.


You can discuss all assets of Fantasy Football and help make each others team stronger (Lineups/Trades/Free Agents).  I will come in with comments from time-to-time.



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  1. Hi. Chris Givens vs BUf. or Kenny Britt vs IND. provided Amendola is out in 0.5ppr league? Thanks

  2. Here are my RB’s

    F. Jax
    Deangelo Williams
    James Starks
    Jacquizz Rodgers
    Reggie Bush

    I need help bad… Who should I drop to pick up either?
    Marcel Reece: I know DMC is coming back
    Dwyer or
    I’m thinking Williams for Dwyer

  3. JT1432,

    I would probably drop James Starks. He’s 100% in a timeshare with Alex Green in GB, and they don’t run enough as it is.

    DeAngelo is at least the main back while Stewart is out and is probably guaranteed more touches than Starks.

    I would drop Jacquizz if you really need to pick up someone, and I think it would be Dwyer.

  4. Who would you guys start in the below scenarios:

    QB: Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman, Tim Tebow (assuming starting)

    RB: Knowshon Moreno, DeAngelo Williams

    K: Janikowski, Hanson, Crosby (kid im playing has Rodgers at QB)

    Thx for any input! If you answer, I’ll try and get back to you on a question you have and keep it going

  5. I like Freeman at home because Matty Ice sometimes plays poorly on the road. And Tebow… I don’t even know what to say… I feel so bad for the Jets.
    At RB- I still like Knowshon because he has Peyton at the Helm and the team is playoff/superbowl hungry. And at kicker Hanson all the way in what could be a high scoring game with lots of field goals. Crosby is just way to inconsistent! Hope this helps.

  6. With Eric Decker recent decline in production and targets should I start either Givens STL, Avery IND, or Gordon CLE 2 points per reception

  7. I would definitely keep DeAngelo with Jonathan Stewart being out. Dwyer is the better option to pick up long-term. For this week, it looks like Donald Brown is injured so Vick Ballard will probably get the #1 role back. So I would say drop James Starks and Jacuizz Rodgers for those two, since they’re both in time shares.

  8. My team is a hot mess going into the playoffs. I limp in w Percy, Bowe, Fitzgerald & d Moore… Pretty sure I’m gonna use a rb at flex….. Murray & b.Brown r locked but I can’t decide between b.Powell, beanie, Reece or DMC. Do I roll the dice w DMC? They wouldn’t bring him back if he was healthy they do play Denver…. Tough tough tough

  9. My team is a hot mess going into the playoffs. I limp in w Percy, Bowe, Fitzgerald & d Moore… Pretty sure I’m gonna use a rb at flex….. Murray & b.Brown r locked but I can’t decide between b.Powell, beanie, Reece or DMC. Do I roll the dice w DMC? They wouldn’t bring him back if he was healthy they do play Denver…. Tough tough tough

  10. Moreno over Williams is a clear choice. I’d favor Moreno in general, and Moreno has a slightly better matchup — OAK vs. ATL — plus there’s a much better chance of Denver going ahead and using the run more late. Only downside is Moreno hasn’t found the end zone yet (and McGahee was cold for weeks too before he got hurt), but Carolina’s RBs haven’t any better in that respect.

  11. For rest of season PPR, T.Y. Hilton or Dwayne Bowe?

    Week 14 doesn’t matter to me. For 15 & 16, Bowe is @OAK then vs. IND. Hilton is @HOU then @KC. I’m expecting I’ll want a low-risk play week 15 and more upside week 16.

    Neither gets much love on Beast Dome, Hilton because of the crowded WR scene in Indy, and Bowe because of the KC QB situation. But Hilton seems to be getting more consistent targets last several weeks (aside from one zero reception debacle), and Brady Quinn actually looked like an NFL QB last week. I am torn.

  12. Which to start as my Flex:
    Ridley (vs Houston), Moreno (vs Oakland).
    WR: J. Nelson (questionable), H. Nicks, Stevie Johnson, D. Alexander, TY Hilton.

  13. Is it PPR? I’m staying away from DMC against Denver. No on Beanie vs Seattle.

    In standard I’d probably roll Bilal vs Jax, he’ll get 12-15 carries and maybe some goal line work. If it’s PPR, I’d think about Reece – he’ll probably rack up 4-6 catches or DMC if he’s practicing fully most the week.

  14. I also own DMC and wish I didn’t. I have Reece also but the whole situation just reeks when you throw Oakland’s office into the mix; there’s just not much to go around. They’ll also be sharing the ball more when DMC is back because Reece has proven to be a beast. For that reason, I’m steering away from both, because I have the option to.
    They may use Reece more as a goal-line back as they did with Michael Bush last year so that’s something to think about.
    Compare them to Beanie and Bilal Powell, damn that’s tough. The Cardinals are TERRIBLE and going against the run-stuffing seahawks this week. The Jets…are a slightly better option, but will Powell get enough touches?
    If you’re for sure going to go RB at flex, which you might want to think about more, I’d say take a roll on one of the Raider RBs.

  15. I wouldn’t drop Williams. Stewart could be out another couple games with the high ankle sprain and Williams has tons of upside.

    If you were to drop anyone, I would say Quizz or Starks… Even though I like Starks and he had the TD this week, I don’t think the Packers run the ball enough, and for some odd reason they continue to give the ball to Alex Green. The same can be said of ATL though with Quizz.

  16. I have a good problem. I need to make the correct decision amongst some good names, because it’s PLAYOFF TIME, baby!

    RB: Ridley, Murray
    WR: C. Johnson, D. Thomas
    FLEX: V. Jackson

    BATTLING for that coveted FLEX:
    M. Leshoure, DMC, M. Reece

    To me, it boils down to Leshoure or Jackson?
    But maybe you guys think differently…

  17. It easily boils down to Leshoure or Jackson.

    Either will be a good choice I think.. Leshoure is a TD beast, even though Bell quietly sneaks some of his carries away. Jackson is due for a big game since he’s been shut down for 3 weeks straight and Philly’s D is HORRIBLE.

  18. Here’s my lineup that tanked last week, should I make any substitutions? PPR

    QB: Ryan
    RB: D. Martin
    WR: R. White
    WR: H. Nicks
    TE: J. Graham
    Flex: M. Lynch
    K: M. Bryant
    D/ST: Denver

    I normally love this lineup, but they’ve been shaky the last couple weeks.

    C. Palmer
    M. Reece
    D. Moore (yea, Oak trifecta)
    R. Bush
    B. Hartline
    D. Alexander
    J. Blackmon

    I’m thinking about picking up R. Wilson in case something happens to Ryan. Or should I just trust Palmer and his cushy schedule?

  19. In a league with 2RB, 2WR, 1FLEX, 1TE, and 1DEF I have:
    RBs: F Gore, A Bradshaw, B Brown, K Moreno, and M Reece
    WRs: C Johnson, E Decker, R Cobb, G Jennings, and D Alexander
    TEs: A Gates, B Myers, and D Clark
    DEF: BAL, CLE, and CIN

    Obviously I am playing C Johnson and A Bradshaw but I am torn from there.

    I am thinking RBs Bradshaw and Brown, WRs Johnson and Cobb, FLEX Gore, TE Myers, and CLE.

    What do you think?

  20. I only have one RB which is CJ then I have to play WRs. Im playing Andre, Cobb, Nicks, and thinking of playing Garcon over Austin. Is Garcon the better start now? Also, should I bench the bears D for a better D? Thanks

  21. I figure that DEN will have the lead against OAK pretty quick, which makes me think they will be running a lot, not needing to throw as much. So i would go Moreno over Williams.

  22. I’m leaning towards Givens on this one. Should be a game filled with intermediate passing; plus Givens has double the yardage Britt does over the last 2 games.

  23. Freeman for sure, but I’m 50/50 on the others. I really think Moreno has the best potential; however, it is the Thursday game.

    Same thing with your kickers. I would normally take Janikowski, but again it’s Thursday.

    Superstitious me says to take Freeman, Williams, Crosby.

    Un-superstitious me says Freeman, Moreno, Janikowski

  24. I like Garçon over Austin and I would stick with the Bears D even though AP usually runs well against them.

  25. Playing top seeded team in 1st round of the playiffs and need to chose 3 WR from this list, standard scoring league.

    Roddy White, Pierre Garçon, Steve Smith, Greg Jennings, Danario Alexander & Miles Austin

    Need some help to make it to the next round!

  26. I’d say it’s between Ridley and Hilton, with Nicks close behind.

    I didn’t play Ridley because of how Miami played against Lynch, but Ridley got some good points.

    Ridley is guranteed to get the ball and it’s MNF…could be big even though projections don’t indicate it.

  27. Your lineup is strong.
    Is it a 1 RB league?

    As a Matt Ryan owner, I own Kaepernick, but will not be starting him this week.
    I think Ryan will have a come-back game against a team he scorched earlier this season. I just can’t bet on him having four crap weeks in a row.
    But if he does, yea it’s panic time. See: Kaepernick, Colin

  28. Moreno vs. Ridley is close. I’m a Moreno owner & and a Patriots fan who went against Ridley last week. While the consensus favors Ridley this week, I don’t buy it.

    I expect these guys to put up similar yardage week-to-week. Usually the big difference is Ridley regularly finds the end zone, while Moreno (and McGahee before him) rarely do. But the matchups flip the TD expectations on their head. Houston gives up the fewest rushing TDs while Oakland gives up the second-most. Ridley did get a rushing TD against a top 5 Miami rush D, but this was a fluke, since Brady blew a couple throws earlier. Everyone’s scoring rushing TDs on Oakland, and I expect even Denver will.

  29. I also own DMC and wish I didn’t. I have Reece also but the whole situation just reeks when you throw Oakland’s office into the mix; there’s just not much to go around. They’ll also be sharing the ball more when DMC is back because Reece has proven to be a beast. For that reason, I’m steering away from both, because I have the option to.
    They may use Reece more as a goal-line back as they did with Michael Bush last year so that’s something to think about.
    Compare them to Beanie and Bilal Powell, damn that’s tough. The Cardinals are TERRIBLE and going against the run-stuffing seahawks this week. The Jets…are a slightly better option, but will Powell get enough touches?
    If you’re for sure going to go RB at flex, which you might want to think about more, I’d say take a roll on one of the Raider RBs.

  30. I would go Nicks. The matchup with N.O. is too good, and he’s getting double-digit targets every week.

    Hilton has a good matchup too, but I just don’t trust him even with three nice point totals in a row. He had nice-looking matchups too against Jacksonville and Buffalo too in the last 4 weeks, but just 1 target vs. Jacksonville and 3 vs. Buffalo. Now he did turn those 3 targets vs. Buffalo into 3 catches and a TD, so he avoided being a total bust 2 of 4 weeks, but I don’t see that kind of good fortune continuing.

  31. Brady, almost matchup-proof, except last week at Miami where he always seems to struggle. No way he plays a second bad game in a row at home vs. Houston, whose pass D isn’t all that great either.

  32. Hey guys need some help! non-ppr
    Pick 2: Garcon, D.Alexander, R.Wayne, C.Shorts
    Pick 1: leshoure or k.Moreno….or try to pick up dwyer?

  33. I was leaning towards Jennings over Steve Smith because I have been burned by Smith so many times this year. Thoughts?

  34. I’m in a win and I’m in situation in a standard league, so my choices are critical. Please help me out.

    RB – Moreno @OAK, Leshoure @GB, B.Brown @TB
    WR – I’m starting V-Jax, but Shorts may be out with a concussion, my bench has Maclin and Fitzgerald, but I don’t trust either. My league has Hilton and D. Alexander available. Should I pick one or both up to start with V-Jax (there is no flex in my league).

    Thanks for helping a first timer!

  35. Murray for sure he practiced fine yesterday after getting a very healthy amount of carries. Ride Him as far as you can in the playoffs!

  36. Hey beast Nation need help at flex this week cant figure out who to start!

    Johnathan Dwyer at home VS the Chargers
    James Starks at home against the lions

  37. As the regular season comes to a close, I sit victoriously in 1st place atop both of my leagues. Do to this fact, I, like many others out there, have earned week 14 off. If you’re one of those fortunate enough to coast into round 2 of the playoffs, there’s a good chance you’ve planned ahead enough to know what your week 15 & 16 lineups are going to look like. While the rest all prepare for week 14 matches, I find myself looking to replace my fringe players with a couple extra DEFENSEs & KICKERs to play the match ups with in weeks 15 & 16. Gostkowski & Tynes have done me great all year, but both have horrible match ups in wk 15 & 16.

    My question for Muntradamus (and whoever else wants to answer) is, which defenses & kickers are widely (or even possibly) available, that have the most favorable match ups for the championship weeks?

  38. I have Leshoure and Jackson too. Been swapping them out at flex.

    Last week was confusing with Jackson getting so many carries.

    Both are middle of the pack run ds.

    Go with your gut since it will come down to a random td. I would guess MK gets a td against the pack.

  39. brad, thx for the input..i was leaning towards them also

    Id go with Jennings if Nelson is out and falcons are tough against the pass

  40. Dwyer is def. a more certain choice since he is the starting RB and they will be running him hard….Starks will be splitting carries anyways

  41. I’d go Bowe in 15 &hilton in 16.Bowe is safe bet for 10 pts in ppr, Hilton is boom or bust… I see more boom vs oak than vs Texas

  42. Hi guys,

    Torrey Smith, Lance Moore, Cecil Shorts or Josh Gordon?

    Vernon Davis or Greg Olson (ugh, I took the wrong one last 4 weeks)

    Steelers D or Browns D

  43. I agree with DRDR. You can tell Manning really wants to give Nicks the ball and the NO game should be a good night to do it.

    I do think Hilton is becoming the most reliable WR for the Colts. Wayne has been the decoy lately and I think it will continue. Think of it this way; Wayne and Hilton will probably average the same amount of of yards most games, but Hilton is more likely to get a TD.

    It’s a shame Fitzy has been yonking points with his rushing touchdowns, but I have a gut feeling to take Stevie over Alexander.

  44. Yeah Murray looks like a solid start, yet I can’t help but think that he has a 50/50 chance of a minor set-back; prompting more sharing with Jones.

  45. Gore could get at least 60 yards and a touchdown, so it’s hard to choose between him and Moreno…I don’t know how you feel about TNF games either.

    If you go with Moreno:

    RB: Bradshaw
    RB: Moreno
    WR: Johnson
    WR: Cobb
    FX: Brown
    D: All 3 are about equal as far as the match-ups are concerned

    If you don’t play Moreno: Put Brown at #2 and move Decker to flex.

  46. If you want a guranteed 10 points Austin is the one to look at; especially this week.

    If defenses haven’t figured out how to contain RG3 by now (protect the middle and don’t bite on the play-fake) they never will.

    Baltimore has a better chance to watch Garcon than the Bengals do Austin, Bryant, and Witten

  47. We have similar issues…I decided to pick up leshoure, but if he doesn’t produce against GB I will get Dwyer. The Steelers NEED to win games, so you can expect a lot of hard work. But for this game, go with Leshoure.

    I’m in the same boat with Shorts. If he cannot play, go Wayne and Garcon, but if he can play go with Shorts and Garcon as your WRs.

  48. I have an interesting situation.

    My team finished 2nd in points, with a 4-9 record. Ouch. Didn’t really matter how many I scored, my opponent scored 5 pts more. I scored 147 pts in standard scoring one week, and lost by 3.

    We are keeping 3 this year and I have some obvious choices. It is just hard to let some of these guys go as I know I will not get them back.

    QB Luck/Freeman- Keeping Luck
    RB T Rich, Ryan Mathews, Marcel Reese
    WR – AJ Green, Demaryius Thomas, Vincent Jackson
    TE Rudolph
    Patriots D
    Connar Barth

    I started the season with Matt Forte and Larry Fitz. Once I saw the writing on the wall I orchestrated a fantastic trade of Forte/Fitz with a rashad jennings cherry on top for AJ Green. I was mostly out of the playoff hunt and wanted to upgrade my keepers.

    I have to keep T Rich. He is a beast and will only get better. Best RB talent I have seen in a while.

    I have to keep Luck. That doesn’t even have to be qualified.

    AJ was the top WR for most of the year (until Calvin caught up) I have to keep him.

    But it hurts to let go of DT and VJax. I am a Bucs fan so Vjax hurts even more. I will have the 3rd pick and should have a good shot at Vjax in the draft. People love to doubt the Bucs.

  49. No. I wouldn’t go with a GB RB unless you absolutely have to, or want to.

    What other options are available to you?

  50. Jackson is a great WR who will usually pull himself out of a hole halfway through the 4th. But after watching the last few Denver games it’s obvious Peyton wants Thomas to get the ball; probably every down if he could.

    However, I would play Jackson this week and go with Thomas from here on out.

  51. I’ve got a decent problem of not knowing who to play this week:

    QB (1): E.Manning/ Dalton
    WR(2): Julio Jones / Miles Austin / DNX / Greg Jennings
    RB (2): B.Brown / Knowshon Moreno / BenJarvus / DeMarco Murray / LeSean McCoy (probably out)
    Flex: 1 WR or RB
    DST: Houston

    I’m thinking of going Knowshon / Brown and flexing Green-Ellis, but I’m not sure.
    Also, I’m debating dropping Houston for Seattle for the easier schedule, and Houston DST suffered a few injuries this weekend.

    Thanks #beastnation

  52. Also, drop Vernon Davis for Brandon Myers or Greg Olsen? I want to believe in Davis, but I miraculously made it to the playoffs 5-7, and I blame Davis for more burns then wins.

  53. Who do you all think is the best player to pick up off the wire for the ROS? Blackmon, Hilton, Givens, or Amendola?

  54. I have the same question. my potential flex options are:

    Vick Ballard
    Beanie Wells
    Danario Alexander
    Larry Fitzgerald (if Lindley’s not the starter)

    and then I should be able to pick up Alex Green off waivers. I’m already down 20 points in my first playoff matchup so I need the highest upside guy (which makes me hesitate on playing Ballard). if only Alexander didn’t have the worst possible matchup….

  55. Qbs rg3,freeman
    Rbs McCoy ,Morris, Greene, Reece
    Wrs cruz , Cobb , l Moore, shorts ,
    Te gates ,rudolph
    Def broncos,jets(waiver wire week 13 def)
    K gostowski
    My running back situation is Teribble McCoys injury slaughtered my team. Should I start Greene or go with v Ballard off waiver wire? And might be stupid question but rg3 vs ravens or freeman vs eagles.

  56. I have VINCENT Jackson, not Steven Jackson.
    Had S.Jax earlier in the season but swapped him for an injured Murray (Thanks Muntradamus)

    My gut tells me Vincent Jackson is a beast, and just had a shitty situation with Champ Bailey and the Denver D last week.

  57. Doesn’t Greene have a good matchup this week? I’d roll with him over Ballard any day.
    The QB situation is a toss up for me. RGIII has crazy upside though.

  58. Thanks metalhead….I was looking to add him to the bench in place of D. Richardson. Thought being with Starks unavailable he would get more touches. GB has a easy RB matchup with Ten Wk 16 (?). (not to say he’ll do anything) Just looking ahead. My backs are Martin and Morris.
    I was trying to find out how legit the story was.

  59. Hey guys In a bit of a pinch due to recent injury news.

    I have Shorts/DX/Hilton/Marshall at WR Seems like Shorts concussion has me a bit concerned, he’s been good for me the past weeks, helped me win 3 in a row to get into the playoffs, Givens and Bowe(dropped him for shorts) are available, who would you go with? Would you start Hilton over DX? Steelers Defense looks tough with Troy back.

    D/ST – I have cleveland and pittsburgh, who do you think is primed for more points?

    RB – CJ2K, Leshoure, McCoy, Moreno, so far Im starting CJ2K and Moreno, McCoy’s injury really hurt my depth… not sure if he’s even coming back this year, but anyway would you go with CJ & Moreno over others listed above? Thanks in advance help is much appreciated, going up against the number 2 scorer in my league.

  60. Should I pick up Dwyer or Moreno as my backup RBs?

    I also have Foster, Green-Ellis, Reggie Bush, Vick Ballard.

    Drop Ballard or Bush for Dwyer or Moreno?
    Drop Chris Givens for Dwyer or Moreno?

    Many options. Ive clinched the playoffs im just trying to plan ahead for week 15 and 16 the final showdown.
    — non-ppr league, 3WR, 2RB, no flex

  61. I have to choose two of the following players for a wide receiver spot and a flex spot this week in a standard league.

    Marques Colston
    Reggie Wayne
    Mikel Leshoure
    Demarco Murray

    What do you think?

  62. What the hell is going on with Decker? Should I start him? I play in a 1pt PPR league. I need to choose 4 WR/TE (my RB situation is not good so I’m using WR/TE in my 2 flex spots) from the following list:

    Garcon vs. Baltimore
    T.Y Hilton vs. Tennessee
    Cobb vs. Detroit
    Blackmon vs. New York Jets
    Decker @ Oakland
    Myers vs. Denver
    S. Rice vs. Arizona

    I’m currently starting Cobb, Garcon, Decker, & Myers. What do you think?

  63. Hey Nation,

    So I have Romo and Freeman as my QB’s, but I’m playing a team that has Dez Bryant. I also have Dan Bailey as my Kicker.

    Who should I start? I feel that If I started Romo, I would have the QB/K advantage, plus I would be able to counter anything Dez B scores. Freeman is playing Philly and Romo is playing Cincy. Freeman def. has the advantage.

    Also, I have D. Thomas and the team I’m playing has P. Manning as his QB.

    Let me know what you think. I feel like I’m gonna get crushed this week.

  64. Also,

    My RB #2 is horrible! I’ve got D. Rich, J. Starks, B. Powell….who should I start? I’m thinking Bilal

  65. That’s exactly what I thought going against the Titan with Reggie Bush, but was completely hosed come game-time…Just saying don’t bet on the match-up. You have some great RBs, so I wouldn’t worry about them.

    Oh and yeah sorry, Starks is on IR now.

  66. Beastdome Nation!!! I need some input here.

    QB: RG3
    RB1: B. Brown
    RB2: K. Moreno
    WR1: C. Johnson
    WR2: B. Marshall
    TE: T. Gonzalez
    FLEX: H. Nicks
    DEF: Jets
    K: Janikowski

    QB: E. Manning
    RB: D. McFadden, J. Dwyer, L. McCoy, M. Jones-Drew
    WR: P. Garçon, G. Jennings,
    DEF: Browns

    Any possibly changes you think I may need to make? Help a brotha out! Thanks a lot Beastdome Nation

  67. I would drop either WR (not Shorts) for Hilton. He will probably be the more reliable WR out of that list. I just picked up Leshoure because GB will have to worry a lot about the pass, hopefully allowing Leshoure 60 yards and a score.

    I myself am in my first year too. Pretty fun stuff!

  68. Oh sorry man, yeah he’s on IR now.

    You’re welcome! You have a couple of solid RBs, so why not look for another WR?

    As far as RBs go, the rest of the season belongs to Dwyer. The Steelers are in a slippery spot and need a solid back to run hard ’til the end.

  69. Dallas Clark has been looking like a “save the day” player recently in FF. I would pick him up, with Powell next in line.

  70. Nice line-up!

    The only tweak I would make is substituting Dwyer for Brown. Your D could burn you in the end though.

  71. Yeah it’s always tough deciding on if you should play based on your opponents line-up or on who you think will do the best regardless…

    If they are starting Peyton, definitely go with Thomas. Actually I would go with Thomas either way. I really like Freeman against the Eagles…

    Obviously go with your gut, but I say play Freeman over Romo. There will be enough drive stalls for Baily to do something.

  72. I think Freeman has a great match up. Romo up against Cinci will be interesting but I think Freeman has the advantage.

    I’d play D. Thomas. It’ll offset some of Peyton’s pts.

  73. Need some Beast Advice please…

    QB: Stafford or Luck?
    WR (Need 3): H. Nicks, S. Johnson, D. Alexander, J. Gordan, C. Shorts (possibly out)?
    RB 1: A. Foster
    RB 2: Bryce Brown, R. Mathews or K. Moreno?
    TE: Gates or Cook?
    K: Janikowski
    DEF: Buffalo

    Thanks Beasts!

  74. QB: Stafford
    WR: Hicks, Gordon, Johnson (if Shorts can’t play)
    RB: Foster, Moreno
    TE: Gates

    If you don’t want to play Gates, play Alexander in place of Johnson. But I think Gates has the best chance if SD gets close to the RZ.

  75. Jake,

    Stafford/Luck is a tough choice, but I like Luck’s chances against Tennesee. IMO Nicks/Johnson/Gordon are your best options DNX has a terrible matchup and Shorts should be out this week. I look for Brown to get a lot of touches this week to minize Foles mistakes and I think he is more explosive than Moreno. Cook against Indy over Gates against Pitt

  76. I have a hard time putting any faith in Steve Smith this year. Newton and the running game have been inconsistent, allowing defenses to key in on and frustrate Smith. I wouldn’t categorize last week’s performance as a breakout game when half of Smith’s yardage came on a last second Hail Mary. I guess I’m just venting here but can anyone give me reason to trust Smith again??? I have a tough matchup in 1st round of playoffs this week and need to play the right guys. I have to pick 3 WR from this list, non-ppr. Roddy White, Steve Smith, Greg Jennings, Miles Austin, Pierre Garçon & DNX. Need some help!

  77. Ok guys Im in the Playoffs I hope you can help me out here. Im in a 12 Team .25 ppr and pts for return yards and Tds. We have 2 WR 2 RB 1TE and 2 Flex spots one including TE. Im starting Foster and Bradshaw and My WR AJ Green , R Cobb TE Hernandez rest of my roster

    Julio Jones, TY Hilton, Chris Givens, Greg Jennings
    RBs Bryce Brown, Moreno, Mcfadden, Wilson
    TE Myers

    Would you bench Julio for Bryce Brown, I would consider bencing Hernadez in Leu of Myers but guy has Brady and Luck. What would you do for the 2 flex spots? I help you out any way I can..Thanks

  78. Dalton for sure.

    It seems that every time I don’t think Julio is going to play well, he gets over 15 points. Austin is one of the safest players for 10 points. DNX is a 50/50 blessing/bust. Who the heck knows what Jennings will do?

    Go: Dalton, Jones, Austin, Brown, Moreno, and DNX at Flex…Option #2 is the same, but swap Austin and DNX at WR and make Murray your flex.

  79. Dude Im with ya I would not trust Smith I would roll with Roddy, Jennings (Jordys hurt) he was limited reps last week this week should be good, and Garcon

  80. Seems like all of you here have the exact same line-up issues.

    Are you looking for that one big play? Or would you like solid points?

    I’d like to think that White has a good game this week (90-100 yards maybe a TD) as opposed to his recent blunders. Austin is the same way, he may get you 2 or 3 points one week, but all the rest he scores at least 10 a game. Garcon will probably be that “one big play” everyone hopes for, so start him too.

    White – 75 yards, 1 TD
    Austin – 105 yards
    Garcon – 65 yards 1st half, 48 and a TD 4th quarter

  81. 0.5 ppr league and need to start two of the following:

    TY Hilton vs TEN
    G Jennings vs DET
    B Myers vs DEN
    T Smith vs WAS


  82. Get Jennings in there! No jordy and now that Starks is gone, GB can’t rely on green to sustain their offense. Look for GB to go pass heavy against the lions and for Jennings to be the #1 target for rodgers

  83. Denver D stinks against TEs, I would play Myers in a heartbeat, hes the only sure thing reciever Oak has

  84. FLEX question for anyone who has the time.

    Hakeem nicks, Pierre garçon, or Greg Jennings.

    Nicks- tasty matchup against NO
    Garçon – been hot lately/RG3’s #1 target
    Jennings- no jordy and no Starks = Green running the ball = not a ton of success = GB abandoning run = Jennings getting plenty of looks.

    Thoughts anyone? Beast Dome nation let me here ya! Thanks for the responses

  85. Anybody like Kapernick over Romo this wk?
    I have Kap on the bench home w/Miami and Romo @ Cinc seems like home game should move him up

  86. Rudolf for sure! Without Harvin, Rudolf is the only one who can catch the ball (if Ponder gets it there). He wasn’t getting the ball because Percy was Ponder’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd looks.

    Just because Denver’s D stinks on paper against TE doesn’t mean Myers will get points… Last time they played, Myers only had 22 yards.

  87. I think Cobb and Jones are going to continue to be quick looks for Rodgers, but maybe Jennings gets that one 50 yard TD.

    Saints D has looked a lot better recently so they aren’t the sure thing they used to be.

    I say your best bet is Garcon. Defenses still take the bait on RG’s fakes, so if Balitmore can’t help but bite look for Garcon to be wide open.

  88. Ok guys Im in the Playoffs I hope you can help me out here. Im in a 12 Team .25 ppr and pts for return yards and Tds. We have 2 WR 2 RB 1TE and 2 Flex spots one including TE. Im starting Foster and Bradshaw and My WR AJ Green , R Cobb TE Hernandez rest of my roster

    Julio Jones, TY Hilton, Chris Givens, Greg Jennings
    RBs Bryce Brown, Moreno, Mcfadden, Wilson
    TE Myers

    Would you bench Julio for Bryce Brown, I would consider bencing Hernadez in Leu of Myers but guy has Brady and Luck. What would you do for the 2 flex spots? I help you out any way I can..Thanks

  89. I would definitely start Bryce Brown over Julio (assuming McCoy doesn’t play) as the RB position is much more consistent than the WR position and Brown has been on fire. As for your other flex spot, I would start Moreno against a dreadful Raiders defensive unit.

  90. Who should I start? I can play two of Stevan Ridley, Chris Johnson and Benjarvus Green Ellis. At this point I have Ridley and Johnson starting.

  91. opps forgot that theres bonus for 40yd Rec and Run and another for TDs… go AJ, Cobb, Foster, Brown, then Moreno over Bradshaw?

  92. I personally would go Johnson and Green Ellis I know its hard to do but Texans have only allowed 2 Rush Tds all year

  93. Ah. I was actually even referring to Fred Jackson. Misread your post.

    I think Vincent J has more upside than Leshoure in general but DEFINITELY against Philly.

    Vincent is your man.

  94. Something has happened to Ryan. He’s becoming unreliable.

    Not sure I trust Wilson that much more but it’s not a bad gamble.

    If you’ve been watching him and believe he’s becoming a better QB than he was before week 8 then you can feel more confident. He looked sharp against the Bears and Rice should be ok.

    Don’t really like Palmer against Denver.

    Any other free agent options?

  95. Hey Mike, I always use RB in my flex spots if possible, more touches more pts imo. Brown would be my choice and hope for ball security

  96. Any advice for a rookie fNFL coach for this week’s start/sit and WW options?

    Q (1): Newton, Flacco
    RB (2): Rice, Dwyer, F-Jax, Owens
    WR (2): Marshall, Bryant, Givens, DX, Shorts
    TE (1): Gonzo, Hernandez
    Flex (1): RB or WR
    K: Prater
    DST: Bucs

    WW: Freeman, Wells, Blackmon, Powell, Reece, Bell, Green, Tate, Forsett

    Any advice is welcome!

  97. I have V-Jax too and desperately want to start him, but he was added to the injury report as questionable today, so monitor him carefully. Fingers crossed that he can play!

  98. It is but it keeps ya honest you need to know whats up not just look up rankings and such….at the moment in the league AJ Green and Randall Cobb are the top wr….Rbs Martin, AP, Foster

  99. Thanks brotha I agree with your logic it just makes it hard cause Jones is either on or off and when hes on hes scores me 20 pts when off 1 to 2 pts…so thats my contemplation he plays well outdoors but AJ and Cobb are so consistent and I need a win to defend my championship… You need any help hit me up

  100. I think I would roll with Garcon every game hes started he has scored double digits….Nicks Im thinking hes not healthy yet plus Saints D has been tough past 4 games….with Jennings I agree with you but with GB you never know how Mr Discount Double check will spread the love too…IMO thats why Garcon is a safe bet he is clearly the #1 WR for the Skins and Ravens D isnt what it used to be

  101. Hi guys, I have a tough call this week with my QB/WRs, here is a quick rundown of my team:

    QB Matt Ryan, Atl QB
    RB Arian Foster, Hou RB
    RB Matt Forte, Chi RB
    WR Roddy White, Atl WR
    WR Demaryius Thomas, Den WR
    TE Jimmy Graham, NO TE
    FLEX Knowshon Moreno, Den RB
    D/ST Seahawks D/ST
    K Lawrence Tynes, NYG K
    Bench Darren McFadden, Oak RB
    Bench Fred Jackson, Buf RB
    Bench Mike Williams, TB WR
    Bench Marcel Reece, Oak RB
    Bench Danario Alexander, SD WR
    Bench Jacquizz Rodgers, Atl RB
    Bench Josh Freeman, TB QB

    should I bench Matt Ryan and Roddy White and switch to Freeman and M Williams? Also, if it makes a difference, my opp is starting Peyton and I have D Thomas starting. if you see any other things I should change let me know… thanks beastdome!

  102. I would roll with luck, they both played the teams they are playing this week before and Luck seems to have the better matchup

  103. C Sizzle; I hope you have other options. I have both on a team and they both blow chunks. I guess if i had to pick between them i would wait for the ratings tonite and go with what ever it said. Personally I threw them both away and grabbed ww backs for this team.(never again will I draft either one)

  104. Nation,
    Luck or Stafford?
    and on D:
    Hou (NE)
    Buf (StL)
    TB (Phi)
    Jax (NYJ)

    win and I’m in. Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for taking a look.

  105. That’s a tough one! They’re both great options, but Stafford didn’t do so well against them last time they played and his receiving corps is a concern so I would go with Andrew Luck.

  106. Bryce Brown is really hot right now and A.J. Green has an amazing matchup. I would definitely find some room for both of them in your lineup.

    I would play hernandez as your TE. A.J. Green and Julio Jones as your WRs, leave your RBs the same, and then put Bryce Brown in your flex.

    For that last flex spot, I would either go with Randall Cobb, but you could also go with Greg Jennings (He’s the riskier option, but Jordy Nelson may be out for the game).

    Myers has only had three good games all year.

  107. Pick 2: Decker, Rudolph or Givens? Standard…

    Decker can always go off but has been quiet lately and the 2nd option to Tamme.

    Rudolph has had 8-9 targets each week 50-60 yards and a td.

    Givens has 20+ targets and 200+ receiving with a td in the last 2 weeks and has emerged as the clear #1.

    Which 2 get the start?

  108. As much as it pains me I think it’s gotta be Mathews.

    McFadden did poorly against the Broncos when he was healthy and both his health and workload are unknown.

  109. dordo212:

    I like Luck over Stafford because Indy doesn’t have that strong of a running game compared to the Lions = Luck throwing more.

    Tampa Bay Def all over that shaky O line of Philly and no more Vick.

    My question:

    Beastdome nation I need a flex option in a PPR league.

    G. Jennings vs Detroit or D. Alexander vs Pitt?

  110. Actually which of these should I use as my flex in a PPR:

    G. Jennings
    D. Alexander
    V. Ballard
    S. Greene

  111. Who should I start in my flex? Eric Decker, James Jones, Michael Crabtree or Montrell Owens?

  112. Kel,

    I’d go:

    QB: Newton (he won’t end the season poorly)
    RB: Rice, Dwyer
    WR: Marshall, Bryant
    TE: Hernandez
    Flex: DNX

    and for the hell of it I’d probably drop Flacco for Freeman if it is worth it, TB has a nice rest of season schedule and Freeman can produce (See Munt’s “TD’s To Make ‘Em Dance Vol. II).

  113. Def. Rudolph, has a TD and double digit points since Harvin went down.

    Decker has the better QB, and is due for a big game.

    Givens is a good play only when Amendola is out. Hes mainly a deep threat, but Bradford looks his way more now.

    Tough situation with the Thursday Night Game. I’ll roll with Decker sensing hes due for a big game, easy match up, and better QB. Rams are now starting to employ a run base offense with Sam throwing less and less.

    Would u still roll with Alexander even though hes going against the #1 pass D on the road?

  114. QB Controversy: Matt Ryan v Carolina or Andrew Luck v Ten? I’ve got a tight race this week.

    Also, Reggie Wayne is my WR2, which factors in. If Luck slumps, Wayne will probably slump and I’ll be out of the playoffs. Leaves me indecisive.

    Thanks guys!

  115. Pretty good line up.

    QB: Newton
    R1: Rice
    R2: Dwyer
    W1: Bryant
    W2: Marshall
    TE: Hernandez
    FX: Fred Jackson

  116. Need your help Beast Nation:
    Flex question: Mikel Leshoure or Cecil Shorts in a .5PPR league?
    Also, Matt Schaub or Colin Kaepernick?
    One more: Gresham or Finley at TE?

  117. He has a terrible matchup though, and I say that as someone who started him the last 2 games and plans to start him as my regular WR2 after this week.

    Out of those options, I’d go with Jones. I could see the Broncos running the ball alot, because the Raiders run D is awful and Denver will probably have a lead for most of the game. I know Jones and Decker have both been inconsistent this year, but they’re talented enough (and have awesome QBs) that I’d still feel confident rolling with either of them in this situation.

  118. Yeah, the match up is not fun at all, but Ike Taylor is out, and i sense they will be down, so throwing alot at the end of the game ala Raiders and Palmer’s garge time pts.

  119. Your over thinking it, always start Roddy, And I would go wth Ryan, Although Freeman is getting hot lately with those tds.

  120. Made the playoffs and i want to thank each and everyone of you for guiding me thru.
    My question this week is defense I have San Fran D but for my playoffs they play N.E. and Seattle and that scares me.
    These are the best D’s available for the next 2 weeks i would like to hear what your opinions are on who to pick up and play i have room for 2 if i should drop the 9rs.
    Bengals vs. Philly and Pitt.
    Rams vs. Minn. and TB
    Miami vs. Jac and Buff.
    Car vs. San diego and Oak
    Bills vs. Sea. and Miami
    I am leaning toward Bengals next week and Car. or Buff. for the championship game.
    Thank you for your opinions and Good luck to all of you.

  121. DST – I have Baltimore and the Jets on my team, but Miami and Pittsburgh are available.

    Should I make the swap? Pittsburgh has a good match up this week and Miami has good match ups week 15 & 16.

    Holding onto Baltimore really only makes sense for week 16, but Miami seems comparable that week.


  122. I like Miami by a long shot for next week. They’re not bad for week 16 either, but would run with Carolina in the final.

  123. Sf against Sea isn’t that bad so I thinks need to focus more on next week and out of those I’d pick Cincy if they win this week. If they lose then I’d go with Miami or buffalo.

  124. DST- For Defense I have Baltimore who’s playing Washington. What do you think of that defensive line up? I have available Miami, Bills and Pats…Also for QB I have Newton or RGIII…Which one do you think will have a stellar game? Thank you for your help…

  125. Nicks is questionable this week, which 3 wrs should I play? I have cobb, Alexander, nicks,blackmon, Dez, white.
    Std league

    Also should I play Bryce Brown or Chris Johnson?

  126. Everyone has

    ranked higher than

    but Ridley is playing Houston, and Leshoure playing Green Bay.
    GB has been getting torched lately so there’s some serious upside there. Do you guys agree?

  127. I’d go with Scaub, stands to be a more high scoring games.
    The thing with the Niners is that when they play other defensive teams (Miami), it tends to become a low-scoring affair (a la St Louis).
    Im battling with my own start/sit on Leshoure, except in regards to Stevan Ridley.
    I think Shorts is out this week isnt he?
    II’d go with Gresham in TE because he’s much more integral to that offense than Finley is to his.

  128. IMO Leshoure will have see a ton of touches and have a big game. Detroit should try to control the clock an keep the ball out of Rodgers’ hands

  129. Jdustinb,

    I like the Jets matchup against Jax. BTW I played Myers last night. Luckily I used Munts “sink you battleship” strategy and played Prater since my opponent played Manning and Moreno

  130. What def should I play this week… My gut tells me Tampa is going to have a great weekend. But are the Browns or Jets really that much better of a play?

  131. I’m playing the Browns against KC. KC has given up most fantasy points to defenses this year and are averaging 2.6 turnovers/game

  132. I do agree. I also like the fact that it’s supposed to be snowing during the game, which should help Leshoure’s numbers.

  133. Freeman is a strong play this week but IMO Ryan and the ATL offense will get back on track against CAR. I would go with Ryan

  134. Snow cover field possible in GB DET game.

    I have G.Jennings going and J.Hanson

    Should I put in L.Moore and find a kicker or just roll with it!

  135. Flex: Blackmon or S Greene?
    D/ST: Cleveland or Pittsburgh?

    Blackmon stands to be heavily targeted now that we know Shorts is out, but the Jets Secondary has been good all year. On the other hand Jax has been awful against the run, but I’m always hesitant to play Greene, especially with Powell lurking, vulturing TDs.
    What do you guys think? My opponent played Moreno so I’m already in a hole this week! Thanks for the help!

  136. Any other opinions on Freeman vs. Ryan? I am so undecided. Somebody CONVINCE me one way or another, so that the choice I make, I can live with (I’m in a do or die).

  137. IMO Go with Freeman … he is at home, the weather is nice unlike Matt Ryan in Carolina where they expect 20mph wind gusts and a chance of rain. Matt Ryan is mediocre at best on the road and may get a touchdown or two but I think Freeman is going to open up throwing all over Philly to take Bryce Brown out of the game. It is your call and a very hard one. Go big or go home.

  138. Quick look found this:
    -Since week 8, Philly has allowed over 32 points per game compared to carolina’s 25. That’s one more TD that the QB could throw.

    -Since week 8, Ryan has thrown for 0 TDs twice and 1 TD twice (3 in the other 2 games). Freeman has thrown at least 2 TDs (threw 3 twice) in every game except 1 (0 TDs against atlanta).

    -For the season, Philadelphia is giving up ~20fppg to quaterbacks. Carolina is allowing ~15fppg.

    Factor in the weather forecast for Carolina this weekend, and I have no qualms about starting Freeman over Ryan this week.

  139. i would start Montell Owens over Beanie Wells.

    JAcksonville is at least playing at home and if Beanie could only rack up 22 yards against a soft run D like the Jets, then i don’t see any hope for him against Seattle. plus, he’s had a sore knee all week.

  140. need suggestions on who to start at the FLEX spot this week in my PPR league.

    starting line up this week is:

    QB: Cam Newton
    RB: Bryce Brown
    RB: Doug Martin
    WR: Chris Givens
    WR: Josh Gordon
    TE: Jason Witten
    DEF: 49ers
    FLEX: ????

    i have the following on the bench:

    Alex Green
    Jeremy Maclin
    Brandon Lloyd
    Ben Tate
    Beanie Wells

    i’m leaning towards Alex Green at this point since he’s the starting RB for Green Bay this week, but Jeremy Maclin is high risk, high reward potential. Maclin has a great matchup against the Bucs (who have given up the most fantasy points against WR’s this year). but outside of Bryce Brown, nobody on the Eagles is trustworthy and Maclin has had a very poor year.

    what do u think?

  141. Alex green but knowing GB, I would not be surprised to see Grant in the mix, but he’s still your best bet.

  142. Should i use QB/K strategy if its Rodgers/Crosby? Croz has been terrible! Weather a factor? I hav bye today, @CHI wk15, home 16. Thanks!

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