It does not matter what your regular season record is, as long as you make the playoffs.  

You could be 14-0, and lose in the 1st Round of the Playoffs.

You could be 7-7 and win the entire thing.  

It is all about getting hot at the right time, just like in real sports.





For those of you who are new to the BEAST DOME NATION.  Welcome, this is a community of the most knowledgeable/die hard Fantasy Football Fans on the internet.  This site is made up of returning visitors, and bandwagon fantasy owners who catch on later in the season.






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  1. Hello!

    My WRs: Pierre Garcon, Marvin Jones, Keenan Allen, Nate Washington.

    My RBS: Reggie Bush, AP, Woodhead, Ivory, Pierre Thomas, and Vereen on IR

    Got an offer. I get Demariyus Thomas, Russell Wilson, and Jordan Reed. I give up Reggie, Keenan, and Pierre Thomas.

    Would you do it? My current TE is Wright and was thinking to flip him and Russell next week.

  2. Your RB core is pretty deep (but not ideal), but your receivers are atrocious. I love DT, but I would rather try to get a WR1 that doesn’t have to foresake so many looks and TDs week in, week out.

  3. im screwed..I had to drop keenen allen for a rb last week since murray didnt play. Now I cant use my waiver to pick him up and hope he gets overlooked by marvin jones. With that said..if i cant get keenan who would be the best option to wait after waivers hit..granted they are still there?

    Marvin jones, Kendall Write, Nate washington, lance moore, kerley, kenny stills

  4. Not sure who your other QB options are, but feels like a lateral move. I don’t like your RB situation after loosing Bush, and not sure if Bush or D Thomas is the best player in the trade.





  6. Off that list I’m going with the herd around here and picking up Nate Washington. I think the Nate-Jake love connection is 4-real & 4-eva

  7. I think normally a QB declines little by little, its not a night and day difference. I would buy very low.

  8. I don’t think Brady is going to have much of a fantasy impact this season. I think he’s still a buy low candidate in case he turns it around for the fantasy playoffs, but you need to have the depth in order to give him a bench spot until he turns it around.

  9. Tough call. His buy price is definitely at a very low and worth a shot. He will be getting Vereen back in a couple of weeks and that should help him out. One thing I did notice is that he is getting hit/pressured more often this year. Prior seasons he would have all the time in the world to throw but again this was with Welker, Gronk, Hernandez. He will need some time to get his groove, but I think by playoffs, he goes in conclusion, yes I would buy low now.

  10. 5-3 record. should i try to get chris johnson? what should i offer for james jones?

    QB: rodgers
    WR: andre, harvin, roddy, shorts,
    RB: rice, trent, sproles, lamar, pierce, ball, vereen
    TE: gronk

  11. Drop mike Wallace for DMC? I need to stream a defence for this week since niners are on the bye.. Thoughts on the cowboys?

  12. I would go with the owner receiving Matt Ryan. I think Ryan can still put up numbers with Douglas and once white is at full strength, did anyone see brady’s hand during the game it was like a watermelon

  13. I need to stream a defence this week since the niners are on a bye, what are the nations thoughts on the cowboys? DMC is also on waivers but my sure who to drop to pick him up.
    QB: Ryan, cutler
    RB: bush, Martin, l. Bell, G. Bernard, J. Bell, S. Ridley
    WR: Green, Nelson, Blackmon, Harvin, Wallace
    TE: Olson
    K: Walsh
    Def: niners

  14. YES!!! no doubt trade rg3 for brady…i mean whats wrong with you guys??? Brady does nothing but throw the ball and win….until that changes he is the man…c’mon….think about it rg3 was almost knocked out with another knee injury last week….rg3 is a football wuss…brady would be out there playing hurt or not…you can count on him…..take brady and rest easy knowing you have a sure consistant fantasy qb

  15. Hi guys,

    So recently I own both Jimmy Graham and Gronk and have been running them as my TE and flex. Do you think I should make a move to trade Graham and if so what kind of return would you look for?

  16. Hey beastnation trade away my graham for gronk? Im thinking id rather have a healthy gronk playing full time than guessing on how many snaps graham is going to play..with this foot injury. I have jordan reed to. Thoughts please?

  17. I’d say that Moore has a slight edge over Washington, though Washington could just as well find the better connection. the others are more of a gamble

  18. My roster:
    QB – Manning,Locker
    RB Charles,Sproles,Stacy,James,A.Brown
    WR B.Marsh,Decker,DJax,A.brown
    TE Olsen,Bennett
    have a trade offer of Gore and Hunter for Sproles and Decker.
    Should I pull the trigger?
    6-2 thinking (hoping) playoffs!

  19. Should I make a move on a different QB? Have RG III and Vick, neither have posted results to keep me winning. Currently 3-4 (Started a week late) and in 5th place.

    I feel like I need to make a move to stay strong.

    Have J. Charles, R. Bush, S Jax, MJD, Knile Davis and Andre Brown.

    WR: DeSean Jax. Vincent Jax, Keenan Allen, Boldin, Harvin

    With Julius Thomas at TE.

    Should I stick with my guns or try to make a play on a different QB?

    Dalton and Cutler both sitting on waiver wire.

  20. I would pull the trigger in a heart beat for this gem of a trade. Sproles shouldn’t be one of your lead backs as he is very inconsistent. Stacy is blossoming into something nice for sure. Adding Gore will give you 3 top RB’s to play week in and week out. Depending on your WR byes it seems like you could definitely get away with shipping Decker. Pull it baby, pull it.

  21. First you should change your RG3 icon to a Kirk Cousin icon. I would trade Jimmy Graham for Gronk just because the type of injury Jimmy has. He will either continue to play limited snaps or need to take 6 weeks off to let it heal. Then there is the possibility it gets worse. He has the same injury that Gates had a couple seasons ago and it really slowed his production and playing time. The plantar fascia tear is not something that will get better if he continues to play, at best it will not get any worse, remaining status quo.

  22. I would drop Davis and pick up Dalton. Or you could drop Vick, I think he is done for the season, maybe his career.

  23. Should I trade SJAX and Hakeem the dream nicks for Andre Johnson ??? Other rbs Trent Reggie McCoy. Other wr welker roddy Keenan Allen Blackmon

  24. Hey David,
    I would pick up Clay for this week at TE. Not sure who you could drop but instead I might consider trying to package Steve Smith and Nicks and offering a trade for a better (more targeted especially if PPR) WR…I’m thinking maybe targeting DJax, VJax, or Antonio Brown. I’m no Munt but Fitz, Gordon, Blackmon, and any one of those 3 will be a healthy receiver core. I’m pretty high on Earl Thomas. He’s been a real play maker and I’d play him over Pollard.

  25. This is a great deal I think. I agree completely. Sproles has been just awful and with 49ers always poundin the run game gore will give you yards on yards. Decker is kind of inconsistent because Peyton has so many options. Good trade. DO IT

  26. Reed is a definite upgrade over Wright, but I agree that unless your quarterback situation is weak it’s a pretty lateral trade. I do like Bush more than Thomas is both stay healthy. I think I’d also want to hold onto Allen. He has great upside.

  27. What do you guys do when bye weeks come and you’re using Munts Qb/k combo? Do you keep the kicker or drop them for the Qb/k combo plug and play of the week? I have P. Manning and with the combo I’m racking up a lot of points. If I hold the kicker I’ll have to drop helu. I’m deep at rb (McCoy, Bush, Matthews, Stacy, A. Brown, Vereen, Helu). Also, is there any other combo strategies or ideas like this. It’s really a smart move. Thanks for the help.

  28. If RG3 could stay healthy he has a cushy schedule but…. running QB’s get hurt. Brady is on a pass first team, stick with him

  29. to me it’s a coin toss, I would stick with Graham. N.O. is clicking on all cylinders. But….don’t know your league rules so, in PPR I would take the trade because Graham might be touchdown dependent with fewer snaps.

  30. Thanks for the push! Ive been leaning torwards pulling the trigger and had same reaction you did(actually thought it was too good a deal) and wondered what was up but hey if the guy likes decker then so be it!

  31. keep Vick, drop Davis, Kniles isn’t a strong handcuff and you have MJD and Jackson plus Brown after week 10

  32. you need a kicker and you are so deep at running back. Keep Prater at all costs even if you give up a running back.

  33. you want the qb / k combo for the playoffs, keep Prater and drop Helu for K this week, if all goes well you might be able to reclaim Helu back next week. If you don’t get Helu you might want to look at a QB for Week 17 when Peyton is on the Bench resting for the playoffs for the fantasy championship (with Moreno next to him)

  34. I think they’re about equal, but depending on graham’s injury you might want gronk for the playoffs…. I have Gronk and would not give him up for Graham. (Flashbacks of Albert Pujols this baseball season with his plantar fascia)

    It’s a toss up.. a limited Graham in a scoring offence or healthy gronk in a limited offence. If New Orleans wraps it up early you might not have graham around when you need him late in the season if NO decides to give him a break to have him for the playoffs

    Maybe you can get Gronk and boost another position.

  35. I’m struggling to fill in Peyton’s bye this week (in our 2 QB League)

    QB: Peyton (Bye), Matt Ryan
    WR: Dez, T.Y., Harry Douglas
    RB: Lamar Miller, Ryan Mathews
    TE: Reed
    FLX: Keenan Allen
    Bench: Colston, Moreno, Fitz, D. Martin, Shane Vereen (IR)

    Gotta drop someone and grab Nick Foles to fill in, can we assume Martin is done for the season?

  36. hey beast nation what do you think aboutttrading SJAX and Hakeem Nicks for Andre Johnson. My other rbs are mccoy, reggie bush, and trent. WR: roddy, keenen allen, and blackmon.

  37. I would steer clear of Chris Johnson, adjusted for strength of schedule the defenses he is coming up against are a lot better than they look on paper. For Jones I would see if the owner still believes in Sproles at all. If not try Harvin, who even knows if he will make an impact.

  38. Good trade? Already made it but figured I would ask anyway. I gave up Blackmon and got CJ Spiller. Good deal?

    My RBs: McCoy, Le’Veon Bell, Mathews, Lamar Miller, JStew, Bryce Brown
    My WRs: Megatron, Marshall, Gordon, Blackmon, K. Wright

  39. Good trade; You’re stacked at WR with Megatron, Marshall & Gordon; You’re banking on CJ gets his ankle right and shows the same type of game he had last season. Be patient with him, it may pay off.

  40. Have been offered Hilton for Harvin. My other WRs are: Amendola, Cruz, Jordy and Roddy. 0.5 ppr league. Little concerned over Harvin’s flare up and I think Hilton’s outlook ROS is favorable. Thoughts?

  41. I’ve been offered Hilton for Harvin. 0.5 ppr league and other WRs are Amendola, Cruz, Jordy and Roddy. I’m 5-3, and a little concerned with Harvin’s flare up last week. Plus, I think Hilton has a favorable outlook ROS. Thoughts?

  42. bye week QB issue!
    Manning is on a bye to I pickup
    Locker or
    I like the way locker has been playing but the game worries me.
    St.Louis stepped up last few games and if they dont score titans can just pound ball.

    A.Smith just doesnt get me excited so I am kinda stuck!

    Or is there maybe a better option? (Pryor got nabbed from Waivers already)

  43. yeah your stacked at WR so giving up Blackmon for a flyer on Spiller seems worth it to me. Spiller has some serious skills and hopefully gets it going soon.Ive been trying to pry spiller from a league member but he wont budge.

  44. Same here ctdog, I have manning on a bye so I scooped up Locker.
    Any other domers with CJ2K nervous about Munchak wanting Greene to get about 15 carries per game?

  45. Do you think SJax and Alshon for BMarsh and Sproles (or RMatthews) is good in 0.5 PPR? SJax would have been my flex

  46. I agree. If Spiller can get back to 100% by fantasy playoff time, you pretty much have 2 McCoys

  47. I would be more hesitant to do it, but you have 3 top 15 receivers left so I think getting another top 15 RB would be worth it

  48. Also, for some reason, Zac Stacy is still on my waiver wire. I could drop Nicks, Amendola, Harvin , Ellington, or T. Williams to get him, 0.5 PPR. Who do you think I should give up?

  49. I think it all depends on what you need this week. If you are the underdog and need to bank on a big performance I go with Locker. If you are projected to win I play it safe and go with Smith.

  50. I agree with @gslack56. Also, keep a close watch on Cutler’s return. His schedule down the stretch is great.

  51. I give Steven Jackson and Garcon for either forte, lacy, or foster? Would either of those backs be an upgrade over Steven Jackson ROS? Thanks!
    i have Steven jackson,charles, stacy, mathews, stewart, ball, and darryl richardson as RBS. My WRS are DeSean, Gordon, Garcon, and Harvin.

  52. I’d rank all of them higher ROS. That being said, you should try to include a WR with upside if possible. Go for WR + Lacy or just Forte

  53. Should I start Miller tonight at flex or or hope for either Stacy or Spiller? my only other option is M.Austin

  54. you might want to reconsider that, to me Hakeem and Andre are pretty close in value neither has a TD and throwing in Sjax is over paying IMHO

  55. Love the trade with Matthews 1st and Sproles 2nd the real gem is Marshall over Alshon. Cutler being out is a negative but since they are on the same team who cares LOL.

  56. I’m estimated to lose by 30 points, luckily only down by .8. Playing with no kicker. I picked up Andre brown for my kicker, and I have roddy maybe not playing and fitz on a bye, do I drop brown for a receiver or kicker? 6-2 should I take the loss?

  57. Beast nation I went 1-4 the first 5 weeks I trade most of my team and now am 3-5 what are my chance with this team going 8-5 here is my team if u see a weakness give me idea of trades to make better

    Qb. Rg3
    Rb. Alfed Morris
    Rb2. Eddie Lacy
    Rb.3. Zac Stacy
    Rb.4 Stevan Ridley
    Wr1 Brandon Marshal
    WR.2. Josh Gordon
    WR.3. Percy Harvin
    Wr4 Danny amadola
    Wr5 Markus Coleston
    WR.6. Brandon Boykin
    TE.1. Vernon Davis
    TE2. Jordan Reed
    K. Dan Bailey
    D. Green Bay

    In my league we start 1 qb 2 rb 3 WR 1 flex that can be WR, Rb, Te.
    Please some advise or suggestion!

  58. If DMC is on your waiver pick him up immediately, if you don’t have anyone worse than wallace to drop than definitely drop wallace. I like the cowboys this week, they were my second streaming option under the Colts but I did manage to get indy.

  59. Graham is still very high, but who knows after this week. I think I sell him for a RB1, or WR1. If you can’t get that I would settle for a WR2 and RB2. This injury isn’t going away and I’m hoping I can get one more week out of him and then sell him for Gronk or Cameron.

  60. Don’t like your QB situation but everything else is very solid. Target someone with two decent QBs on their roster and try and get the better of the two for RG3 and one other player depending on what they need. WRs I would be willing to package: Coulston, Amendola. RBs I would be willing to package: Ridley, Stacy (only RB if it is a top 5 QB though as they are valuable). Also I would package either of the two TEs if they need one as either one should be dependable ROS.

  61. @bcalum, they are all upgrades over SJax, but I’d prefer Lacy if you think you can actually get him at that price.

  62. Read into it as you want…
    Jeffery Laurie in his interview today mentioned
    “Finding a franchise QB Is top priority…whether it’s a YOUNG QB already on the roster…

    On sports talk in Philly on the way home Sal Palantonio (from ESPN) discussed that the Eagles may play Foles or Barkley ROS to determine what they got.

    Not saying you should drop Vick. But just be aware. Maybe think about a package deal for a upgrade???

  63. Beasters! Need help. Have Vjax twill boykins at WR. Stacy and Cameron too. Gronk at TE. So need 2 WR and flex…..7-1 first place 8-0 but took hit with red rocket

  64. Sup Beast Dome Nation,

    Someone just dropped J-Stew. Just I need another running back, but I do not know who to drop/trade away to make space for him.

    My team,

    QB- Russell/Eli Manning
    RB- Forte/Reggie Bush/Montee Ball
    WR- Denarius Moore/Harry Douglas/Mike Wallace/Boldin/Steve Smith/White
    TE- Gronk

    Thanks in advance.

  65. Whats up beastnation. Is it to risky to trade away Jordan Reed if I got Jimmy Graham? I am a little worried about his reps, might be a guessing game every week on how many snaps hes going to play. Last week playing 18 snaps and 2 touchdowns will not happen like that every my opinion. Thoughts?

  66. I think Graham should see his snaps increase as he gets healthy. The guy is a stud. I would not worry too much.

  67. Would u guys trade Vernon Davis and Danny amadola for either cam newton or Phillip rivers if so who would u go with I have Jordan reed as my other TE?

  68. So I dropped blackmon and now have aj green gordon hartline and ginn at wr. 3 wr league.

    Offered djax and hakeem for aj, awaiting a potential offer of brandon marshall and steve smith for aj.

    Do I sit tight? Or accept one?

  69. hey dome. low impact question here, ive stacked my 12 team nicely with trades this season, now im looking like:

    qb: luck
    rb: forte, spiller, cj2k, stacy, lamer miller, young montee
    wr: dez, cruz, amendola, percy
    te: gronk, heath
    k: prater
    dst: bears

    my lamer miller and amendola for his aj green?

  70. Beast nation. How u feel about this trade I just made. Danny amadola for Phillip rivers . I have had rg3 but he has been sucking what your thoughts I feel I was a steal….

  71. Not a bad trade, especially with Amendola’s injury history. I have Matty Ice and Just traded DJax for Kap. I had to do it, the QB position has lost me 3 games in a row now.

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