It does not matter what your regular season record is, as long as you make the playoffs.  

You could be 14-0, and lose in the 1st Round of the Playoffs.

You could be 7-7 and win the entire thing.  

It is all about getting hot at the right time, just like in real sports.




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  1. I want to pick up Keenan Allen, but need to drop one WR to do so. I’ve got Amendola, Boldin, Jennings, Miles Austin and Harvin. I think Austin would be the one, what do you guys think?

      1. TRADE one of those away. Unless youre in a 6 team league or something…. or theres a jerk who vetoes everything.

        RULE OF THUMB–if somebody snatches up your drop off waivers, you shouldve negotiated a trade….

      2. dola is made out of porcelain, but can’t drop him until you know more about the injur. drop austin or jennings first

  2. Have DThomas and TRrich on my team. Good to time to sell? or hang on to them? Rest of my team consist of ROMO, GORE,ALF , GRONK,VERN, HARVIN,JJONES,TERRANCE WILL, GORDON, …. also need K for this week. Been streaming all year.

  3. Keenan Allen…real or apparition? I could use a WR with the byes coming up. I’m thinking about dropping $25 free agent bid on him.

    1. Damn I shoulda picked him up last week. He looks polished and the chargers are on fire with this well rounded offense. He’s legit. Im using #1 waiver pickup on this guy

    2. I would say the WR1 right now in San Diego is Allen. Vincent Brown isn’t getting it done consistently, Eddie Royal seems like a 2 week anomaly, Floyd out…there’s no other WR’s.

      The trust between Rivers and Allen is the key. Rivers is threading it to difficult points where only Allen can go. Though Allen isn’t Super Hands, he’s making enough of a difference.

    3. Keenan Allen is the real deal. Played a solid secondary and looked ELITE. movement was sharp quick and he can get separation. I bought in already and will continue to do so. Lots of options in their passing game so they can’t focus in on just one guy.

  4. I was just offered to receive Arian Foster for B.Marshall and Gio Bernard. My other receivers are J.Gordon, 10mode and Percy H. Other RBs are Lynch, D.Murray, Young Monte and Andre Brown. What would the beastdome nation and Munt do?

    1. Depending on how many RBs and WRs you start, but I would probably make that trade. You’d still have Gordon and D. Jax as your starting WRs. For your RBs you could have Lynch and Foster start. Question is, who would you start at the flex while Murray is out?

      1. 2WR,2RB,1Flex. I’m very tempted to grab a first round stud. I’d either play Ball, or add Bryce Brown and hope for a good game. Does this trade really make my roster stronger?

  5. Need to pick up a backup RB in case Demarco Murray takes a while to come back. Looking matchups for the next few weeks, who would you pickup off the wire?

    Steven Ridley, Zac Stacy, Brandon Jacobs, Joseph Randle

    Thanks Beastdome

    1. I would look at the schedules for these running backs. Looks to me BJ has the easiest in the next few weeks. No shootouts for Eli.

    2. Agree with Don Mega that Ridley’s probably the best long term pickup. If he has another good week or two, you might be able to flip him to fill another hole in your roster once Murray comes back. And, while Jacobs definitely wins the matchup battle this week (vs Vikings while Ridley is @ Jets, the most and least favorable RB matchups respectively), Ridley follows that up with MIA (giving up 22.16 pts/game to opposing RBs) and PIT (giving up 20.92 pts/game to opposing RBs).

  6. Riddle Me this is on the wire? Snatch him up. With Gronk due back soon, blocking will improve, LBs will be outta the box which will open up more run lanes. Brady will move the ball better to get those red zone touches for Ridley. He is the best long term pickup.

  7. My Beast Dome Nation Brothers, Mighty Munt, help me out,
    Just got offered a trade of Colin Kap and Calvin Johnson for my Tony Romo & Dwayne Bowe. I’m thinking this is a sweet deal for me but I’m wondering if there is something about Megatron’s health that is an issue. Also will Kap get better or stay in the middle of the QB pack?
    My team:
    Tony Romo
    Doug Martin, MJD, Willis McGahee, Zac Stacy, Bryce Brown
    Demaryius Thomas, Miles Austin, Terrance Williams, Bowe
    Gronk, Jordan Reed
    Prater, Matt

    1. For QB’s, Dallas definitely has the easier strength of schedule down the line. And I think Romo definitely has a stronger receiver core and will be more pass-first given Demarco’s injury. Huge upside and possibility for Romo.

      Calvin is definitely a huge improvement over Bowe though. Top 5 WR when healthy versus…Bowe who Alex Smith has a natural aversion to.

      I’d take the deal but with the way Kap is performing eventually I would think about getting another QB off the waiver if the weekly matchup is juicy. Bradford, Rivers, Cutler were all on my 10 team waiver and they are producing solid numbers.

    2. I’d keep Romo. Calvin Johnson wont make up for the gap in points that Romo can supply. If it was me, I would trade D.Thomas and Z.Stacy for a pair of good WR2’s.

  8. Thanks.. The QB’s on the wire right now are Dalton, Foles has a good match-up this week (Dallas), Tanehill, Freeman, Geno, the usual suspects and retreads. If I pickup one of these QBs who would I drop? Austin? Williams? ..

    1. who would you go after? D thomas has huge upside, T rich is the #1 back in Indy. I am not sure what trade you could make. Maybe you could trade them for Lesean/Charles and a low end receiver.

  9. real frustrated with ray rice…im bouncing around the idea of giving up ray rice + bernard pierce + sproles for reggie bush. im 4-2

    my team
    rice, pierce, sproles, ridley, lamar, tate, ball
    andre, wayne, shorts, harvin, boldin
    jordan cameron

    1. Your giving up too much for Reggie, as a brutally honest ravens fan though it seems like ray rice has lost a step but then again our line is in shambles (gradkowski SUCKS). If you can trade rice and sproles for Reggie then that’s the route I’d go unless the other owner won’t do it without pierce involved too. Your other rbs (assuming Ridley is back to form) could make up for lost depth but I can’t see giving up 3 solid rb’s like that for Reggie

    2. I’d be patient with Rice, and with Graham banged up Sproles should get more work. Bush is too injury prone to give up all that for.

    3. No try and make that trade for Bush is one hit away from being out for several weeks. He is an older version of Murray, they both get hurt every season.

  10. Beast Dome nation, help! I have SJax on the bench and not expecting him back anytime soon. Is Stacy or Randle the better pick up, not just for this week but the next 4 weeks. Also, my WRs are weak with Marshall, Steve Smith, Wallace and Shorts. I’m tempted to pick up Reuben Randle because I think Nicks could get traded. Harvin is also available but not sure how much upside he has coming back from injury and in Seattle’s run heavy offense.

    1. Stacy has the job to himself but the only problem is how much will they run since they always fall behind. Randall is in a good situation but the Cowboys don’t commit to the run. Randall is probably better short term but Stacy better long term. Seahawks need an every game play-maker and Percy has skills other players are compared to but can’t match. He wont be back week 7 but if you can stash him for a few weeks, grab Percy and when he gets back, watch him work!

  11. Need an RB2 this week, pick up randle or Jacobs? I already have (marshawn) McGahee, MJD, Ball, and Ridley. Should I just roll with one of those guys instead? I already have Bmarsh, Jordy, and Desean as WR1,2, and flex so I’m pretty much using that RB2 spot for a flex

  12. Team

    Qb: Vick, romo
    Rb: Ridley, Martin, vereen, woodhead, Stacy, Ellington
    Wr: Marshall, Cruz, t smith, harvin
    Te: graham

    Been offered Alfred moris for t smith and Stacy. What you think? Should be able to pick up Keenan Allen this week. Make the trade or nah?

  13. domers..trying to keep a fresh line of hot receivers. Would it be worth burning a #1 waiver wire pickup on keenan allen? or save it and stash harvin because I can prolly pick him up as a FA

    MY wides are djax,gordon,blackmon,white,boldin

  14. currently 1 and 5, need help any ideas, with a team of Kaep/Bradford, J. Charles C. Johnson, R. Mathews, D Wilson MJD, and L. Blount. WR’s W. Welker, H. Nicks, B. Hartline, N. Washington, and P. Harvin. TE’s J. Graham, B. Pettigrew and Crosby. need a good defense this weekend. Detroit and Buffalo are available.

    1. If cutler is out there snatch him up and drop bradford. your RB situation is rough, you should pick up elington and drop blount. WR are OK but go get allen. For defense get the team playing the lowest ranked offense.

  15. my team:

    qb: Romo, Vick
    RB: Ridley, Martin, Vereen, Woodhead, Stacy, Ellington, Vereen
    WR: T Smith, Cruz, Marshall, Harvin
    TE: Graham

    been offered alfred morris for t smith and stacy. beastdome, what you think? trying to pick up keenan allen this week to replace and hopin harvin comes backs strong?

  16. my team:

    qb: romo, vick
    rb: ridley, martin, stacy, ellington, vereen, woodhead
    wr: marshall, cruz, t smith, harvin
    te: graham

    been offered morris for t smith and stacy…beastdome, what do i do???

  17. Waiver Wire help. D.Moore, Allen, Edelman and Shorts are on the wire. I have david wilson and fleener that are droppable. Which one of these guys should I go after? I think I am going to drop Wilson for brown or Ellington.

  18. Bittersweet question for starting flex: Gronk/white/Keenanallen/boldin/matthews? Have Jthomas as te, cant sit him. Fantasy pros says start allen…I was thinkin gronk if he plays..any suggestions?

    1. I wild start both JT, and Gronk. San Diegos game plan changes frequently. Gronk will smash, and JT will do his usual TD with 80yds.

  19. Keenan is hot right now and Rivers loves him. Go with him if D-Rose, I mean Gronk, doesn’t suit up. If Gronk plays, roll with him. He’ll score for sure, play it by ear as you have all year with Gronk

    1. stacey against panthers run d might be bad for him but get him if u need rb. If u need wide id go boykin over rice especially in ppr

  20. 6-0 vjax 1st WR now with Cecil dinged up. I have to resort to t Williams Boykin and Dobson and hartline on waivers. Have romo as QB

    1. Hartline is the safest bet but Williams and Dobson have some serious upside. If you wanna gamble… I really like Dobson this week, assuming Edelman draws Cromartie.

  21. Someone dropped Ryan Matthews…. should I grab him? My disposable players are:
    James Jones
    Montee Ball
    Zac Stacy
    Shane Vareen
    Mike Wallace

    I start Bardy, McCoy, Bush, VJax, Gordon, Antonio Brown, Vernon Davis, Julius Thomas

  22. Need some help this week guys.Starting Bush & Moreno. Need to pick 2 out of Giovani/ Woodhead/Spiller/ Fred Jackson. WR starting Desean Jkson, Need 2 WR out of Nicks/Larry Fitz/Miles Austin/Harry Douglas
    QB Matty or RG3?

  23. Alright Beast nation, start/sit questions. Eli Or Russell Wilson this week? Larry Fitz, Josh Gordon, James Jones, Nate Washington, Miles Austin are my WR’s, shoul I start Fitz? Need to get my Thursday lineup set

  24. Just traded B Marsh for Alfred Morris you guys think I overpaid?
    Other wr are jordy, desean, Stevie, Percy
    Other rb are lynch, Ridley, Mjd, ball, Ellington

  25. QB Luck & Vick
    RB Charles & Ridley
    WR DeSean, Blackmon, & Keenan Allen
    TE Jimmy Graham
    Flex Jordan Cameroun
    Def Chargers
    K Bailey
    Montee, Andre Brown, Stewart ( waiver claim for Pryor)
    Percy Harvin, Ammendola & Kenbrell
    Available stash : Vereen, Pryor and JakeLocker, and Donald Brown.
    Currently 3-3 but six teams advance to playoffs. How can I improve my roster?

    1. Your roster looks good. I’d try to find a way to pick up Vereen around week 9 or 10. He’s expected back week 11. And find a better Def

    2. Roster looks good overall, though you could use some depth at RB if Ridley doesn’t keep the pace he set last week against NO. Vereen could be a decent pickup, just so you *probably* have the top back in NE, one way or another (never know with Belichick). Otherwise, I’d wait for a week when several of your WRs (not DeSean, but you have lots of low 1/high 2 WRs) have big games and try to ship one or two out for a better backup RB.

    1. Welker has Peyton throwing for TD’s every game. I would still accept the deal for the upside that Calvin presents. Make sure u have a back up for week 7 just in case.
      Please see the post right above urs….. And comment about my roster. Thanks.

  26. Just traded Brandon Marshall for Alfred Morris good move? Deep at receiver (Nelson, djax, percy, Stevie) and short on rb (lynch, Ridley, mjd, ball, Ellington)

  27. should i trade orange julius for welker?

    i have heath miller who has had his bye, and hakeem, gordon, hartline, and jerome simpson at wr

  28. Im 5-1 with only J.Charles and D.Sproles as my RB’s
    My bench has Z.Stacy,J.Bell and M.Ball
    Should I drop one of the three on my bench to grab Andre Brown (vereen just got snatched up)
    Thinking playoffs with this move so would love to see Ball break out but not happening and starting to get sour with holding J.Bell in hopes Bush goes down.

    1. I try to keep players on the better teams, Detroit and Denver have much better offenses and Zac is starting. The Giants are a mess, no telling how much work Andre will get and if Wilson comes back that backfield will be anyone’s guess.

  29. I got offered Anquan Boldin for S. Jax… I didnt accept anticipating an S Jax return shortly… however the new update today says its not looking like anytime soon, within the next couple weeks atleast…..
    WR D, jackson / Ammendola / J. Gordon / J jones/ K wright / H douglas / M austin / E sanders
    RB Rice and D. Wiliams … Zac Stacy and S. Jax
    We start 3 WR , 2 RB and 2 FLEX….
    Do you think I should take this trade???

    1. I don’t think I’d do it for Boldin. You’re in pretty good shape at WR (although injuries are starting to kill you), and pretty thin at RB.

    1. I think this depends on the rest of your squad. You are definitely winning the RB exchange here, but Josh has been a top 5 WR since returning from suspension. How badly do you need the production at those positions?

        1. I’d do it with your lineup. Forte, Spiller, CJ is a nice setup at RB, and Dez, Cruz, and Allen are a pretty solid WR combo (plus you’ve got Harvin coming back soon).

          Only problem I see is that CJ and Forte both bye in week 8, which could leave you a little short handed at RB that week (and all with bad matchups).

  30. Roster arrangement question: who to start at WR2 and flex in a 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1RB/WR/TE lineup (starting lineup below).
    Do I start Decker or Alshon at WR2?
    Alshon (if Decker at WR2), Gonzalez, or LBell at flex?

    QB: Romo
    RB: McCoy, Foster
    WR: Bryant, [Decker or Alshon]
    TE: Davis
    Flex: [Alshon, Gonzalez, or LBell]

  31. I have 3 WR spots and 1 WR/TE spot. I have D. Jackson, J.Blackmon, J.Gordon, Keenan Allen, and Gronk. 4 spots for 5 players (4 hot players and 1 potential hot player in Gronk). Who sits?

    1. Great problem to have. By the numbers I would sit Keenan (esp. if you are in PPR league). Have to play Desean and matchups are too friendly for Blackmon and Gordon.

  32. Hi All,

    Could use your help as I’m 3-3 record. This is a 14-man keeper NONPPR league and Doug/Ray hurting my team. Which low priced RBs should I target to improve my roster. We use a 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex (RB/WR) format.

    QBs: Matthew Stafford, Nick Foles
    RBs: Doug Martin, Ray Rice, Gio Bernard, Roy Helu, Andre Brown*
    WRs: Demaryius Thomas, Pierre Garcon, Miles Austin, Danny Amendola, Michael Floyd
    TE: Jordan Cameron,
    D/ST (Streamline: Ravens D/ST
    K: Matt Prater

    Another team with Murrary also has Cobb, J2K and the Chief/Broncos D/ST. What would be a fair trade for either of his RBs and a good D/ST?

  33. In a 14-team half point PPR league and have a lineup question. I need a WR2, WR3, and FLEX from the following: Anquan Boldin, Julian Edelman, Keenan Allen, Emmanuel Sanders, the Law Firm, and Willis McGahee. What do yall think?

  34. PPR league, what is the better trade:

    1) Matt Forte for Josh Gordon and Trent Richardson


    2) Matt Forte for Jordy Nelson and Trent Richardson

    i think most would say #2, but i’m on the fence. while Nelson will be targeted more, he’ll most likely demand more attention from defenses as Cobb and Jones are out.

    on the other hand, the Browns have no running game and throw the ball a lot. Since J Gordon returned in Week 3, no one in the league has more targets or receiving yards. i just don’t like Wheeden at QB…

  35. Should I trade Denarius Moore to get Marques Colston? I know we can buy low on Colston now… is the price I’m paying too high or just about right?

    1. that seems to be a fair trade, but i think D Moore’s value will increase since he is Pryor’s fav target and Pryor seems to be improving each week.

    2. Stick with D. Moore. Colston hasn’t shown anything yet to suggest he’ll realize his supposed higher long term value. And I agree that D. Moore is only going to trend higher. There are a number of other players currently ranked lower than D. Moore with more upside, e.g. Decker, Wayne, Keenan, Blackmon. Moore has tougher matchup against Steelers coming up, but then soft schedule against Philly, and NYG.

  36. 12 team standard league. Have: Brady, Jamaal, Gio, MJD, McGahee, A.J., Jordy, Gordon, Keenan, Anquan. Offered Lesean and Nicks for Gio and A.J. Accept?

      1. True. But taking that a step further: is Jamaal, Gio, A.J., Jordy, Gordon > than Jamaal, Lesean, Jordy, Gordon, Keenan? (now v trade)

  37. I have Jimmy Graham.. My RB are Moreno, Lamar Miller and Bilal Powell.

    The guy that has CJ2K also has Gronk and Gonzo. My question is. Should I trade Graham and Powell for Gronk/CJ2K?

    He also has Boldin, Fitz, Welker, Marshall. If you are like me and feel like I wouldn’t be getting enough out of Jimmy.. I was think of trying to grab on of the WR too.

    1. On the margin Graham v Gronk is equal. If anything lean to Graham given proven current season track record. So it’s CJ2K for Powell. Significant upside on CJ2K and Locker coming back. Pull the trigger.

    2. On the margin Graham and Gronk are equal. If anything lean towards Graham because of proven current season track record. Effectively it’s CJ2K for Powell. Significantly more upside on CJ2K. Pull the trigger.

      1. PS – Assume you did not actually mean Gronk OR CJ2K when you said “Gronk/CJ2K”. If you did mean Graham and Powell for Gronk OR CJ2K, then NO and NO.

  38. Full PPR league
    My Forte for Spiller + CJ2K + Andre Brown
    Current RBs are Forte, D Williams, Pierre Thomas, Ball

    This is a 3 player Keeper league, only reason I haven’t pulled the Trigger

      1. I think you did great. Youre getting the #1 WR, and two top 15RBs. Hes getting a top 5RB and his insurance, along with a top 20WR when healthy. you win!

      2. That’s a pretty sweet deal. Spiller should continue to see more work, though he may not produce as much as Forte, but it’ll be closer. Megatron is Megatron.

        You won by a lot IMO.

      3. Which roster would you guys prefer?

        DJax/T. Smith
        L. Bell

        DJax/T. Smith

        T. Smith/Blackmon

  39. I have a trade question, I was just offered ArianFoster for my GioBernard+D.Jackson. Do I make this Trade?

    The rest of my WR are,
    B.Marshall,J.Gordon, and P.Harvin.
    My other RB’s are,
    Lynch, Murray, A.Brown, M.Ball.

    I’d appreciate any advice.

    1. I would not do that trade at all. Until Percy returns, you are playing waiver wire junk and you already are stacked at RB. You don’t need to add an older vet with the young talent you have at RB.

  40. Hey Beast Dome nation here is my question.

    This is a 12-team PPR keeper league. We start 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1TE, 1Flex, D/ST, K

    My current roster is as follows:

    QB – Cutler, Ryan, Pryor
    RBs – Shady, Forte, MJD, Ball, M. Bush, J. Stew
    WRs – Gordon, Jeffery, Boldin, M. Brown, Gibson, Britt, Manningham
    TE – Gonzo
    D/ST – Panthers
    K – Succop

    I was offered a trade of Foster for my Forte and Bush. Would you take it or Keep Forte?

    1. I wouldn’t make that trade. Foster and Forte seem to be performing at similar levels with Forte playing for an offense that’s clicking MUCH better. I’m general not terribly high on Forte, but I like his ROS better than Foster.

  41. I was wondering why Beastdome charges $ to get weekly rankings?? What is it like 10$ a week.. thats garbage.Especially after only ONE year of successful fantasy football advise. Is this an attempt to cash in just in case the luck of last year is gone? Just wondering.. Loved the site last yr. Now it’s just a bunch of fantasy nobodys giving advise to eachother. End rant!

  42. Which roster would you guys prefer?

    DJax/T. Smith
    L. Bell

    DJax/T. Smith

    T. Smith/Blackmon

  43. Waiver Wire Power Rankings.

    My team: QB: Ryan, Cutler RB: McCoy, Charles, Murray, Ellington WR: D.Jax, Nicks, Smith, Jeffery, Wallace. TE: Gronk

    Waiver Wire RBs available: Stacy, Brown, Vereen, BJGE

    Who is the best add out of this group?

    1. You don’t have to drop anyone to go after those WW guys, do you?
      Bryce is out, he’s just not getting the looks to justify a roster spot. From the other three, it’s a question of how much uncertainty you’re willing to exchange for upside. Stacy’s probably got the highest ceiling ROS as the number 1 guy in STL, but he hasn’t done anything yet. Vereen’s probably in line for the starting gig given the backfield struggles there, but Ridley looked better last week, and you never know what Belichick will decide to do with that committee. The lawfirm’s got a low ceiling, but will probably give you ~8 pts any given week, with a shot at the short yardage TD.

  44. His team: (wr- bowe, garcon, v. brown, boykin,harvin) (rb- peterson, ridley, Mcgahee & Ogbannya) (te- Gates, Gronk).
    My team: (wr- S. Smith, K. Allen, D. Moore, M. Williams, E. Sanders) (rb- McCoy, R. Bush, R. Matthews, Z. Stacy, J. Randle, Helu) (te- H. Miller, Clay)
    I was offered a trade of S. Ridley & V. Brown for S. Smith & J. Randle, but it will not be processed until after this weekend. So, my question – Should I make a trade even though the players are not processed before sunday’s games? And If I do, how should I counter for Ridley and …? Peterson and Garcon he will not move. Sorry for the long note, but I really need the help. Thanks.

      1. I meant Brown is a downgrade from Smith. I am also not a fan of the NE backs because they flip flop often as who gets more carries.

    1. Hard call. I would say Brown but austin dealing with these hamstring injuries and Terrance Williams looking solid its pretty much a toss up.

  45. I have been offered AJ and Blackmon for Hakeem and DeMarco. Very tempted.

    I have Hakeem, Gordon, Hartline and J. Simpson at WR, and Charles, R Bush, DeMarco, Woodhead, and Montee at RB

    Take it? YES?

    1. I would. You’re in great shape at RB with Jamaal, Reggie, and Danny, and you’ll have 3 guys with WR1 (or at worst WR2) potential after this trade.

  46. Looking for some advice on my flex spots. My choices are Finley, Durham, Pettis, Ogbonnaya, Austin, and Hillis/Cox. Hillis or Cox are super long shots since I won’t know Jacobs full status till MNF. Finley is reported to be lining up as a WR so I see he has definite upside. Need to pick two out of those. Thanks a ton

    1. Tough one, but I think it’s gotta be Finley.

      If he were healthy and involved in the offense, I’d say Miles was your man, but he hasn’t done anything since returning to action. Ogbonnaya showed last week that he can still have a decent RB2 kind of day with McGahee in the backfield, but GB has been tough on RBs, running and through the air.

      Finley and Pettis are both decent bets to give you 10+ pts, but Pettis has demonstrated the lower floor (<2 pts, twice) and he has the tougher matchup (CAR gives up 5th least to opposing WR corps), while Finley's going to be soaking up a few of those targets that used to belong to Randle Cobb.

    2. Sorry, didn’t see you needed two.

      Finley and Pettis, for the upside, since all of those guys have similar floors.

  47. BEAST NATION! What do you think about this trade? I receive Matt Stafford and Stevan Ridley for Russell Wilson and CJ2K? My QBs and RBs currently are Eli and Wilson, Shady DeMarco CJ2K Andre Brown Bryce Brown

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