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  1. Should I count on CJ Spiller thurs or pick up McGahee, Mendenhall, L Blount or Rashad Jennings?

  2. Need some trade help…

    My team is weak on QB:

    White/DJax/Austin/M Wallace
    Gronk/Clay (Traded Julius Thomas for White earlier in season)
    Tampa Bay

    Got a guy trying to trade me Tony Romo/CJ2K for Vick/Bush. Should I pull the trigger? Romo and CJ2K still hasn’t looked that impressive for me to trade away Bush. Our 12-man PPR league has only 4 bench slots.

  3. I would stick with your guns on Spiller unless he’s out. If he’s out, go Jennings if you’re PPR and McGahee if standard (hope for the TD). Mendenhall’s against tough Carolina D and Blount is fluky.

  4. It seems like everyone is saying Spiller will play, but the hard parts are that (1) It’s a Thursday game, and (2) We don’t know how many snaps or carries he’ll get if he’s playing injured.

    Of the four RBs you mention, I would go with Jennings for the short-term RB fix in case we get some bad news leaking about Spiller. This way you’ve got some good insurance.

  5. (Wow, I really need to stop double-commenting. Sorry about that – I meant this for a reply to C Spit)

    It seems like everyone is saying Spiller will play, but the hard parts are that (1) It’s a Thursday game, and (2) We don’t know how many snaps or carries he’ll get if he’s playing injured.

    Of the four RBs you mention, I would go with Jennings for the short-term RB fix in case we get some bad news leaking about Spiller. This way you’ve got some good insurance.

  6. Hey Beast Dome, I need some advice on a trade.
    I’m thinking of trading Kaepernick and D. Wilson for either Eric Decker or Antonio Brown. I’d even be willing to throw in Cecil Shorts. My team’s weakness is at WR, and the other guy is desperate for a non-injured RB this week.

    Here is my team:

    QB: Peyton Manning, Kaep
    RB: Jamaal Charles, Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacy, D. Wilson
    WR: Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace, Josh Gordon, Cecil Shorts
    TE: Antonio Gates, Brandon Myers

    His team:

    QB: Russell Wilson, Eli Manning
    RB: CJ Spiller, S-Jax, Shane Vereen, Chris Ivory, Jason Snelling
    WR: Antonio Brown, Dwayne Bowe, Eric Decker, Sidney Rice
    TE: Owen Daniels, Zach Sudfeld


    Thank you!

  7. Got a question. Currently sitting at 1-2. Sent a trade for P. Rivers / C. Ivory that consists of RG III, Anquan Boldin and Bernard Pierce. (He’s got Ray Rice)

    The rest of my roster looks like this.

    WR: D. Jackson, V. Jackson, R. Cobb, J. Gordon, D. Hopkins and P. Harvin
    RB: J. Charles, R. Bush, S. Jackson, A. Bradshaw,
    TE: Julius Thomas
    And Denver D

    Am I hitting the panic button too early or is it worth it to try and swing that trade? I feel like I’m lacking punch maybe cuz my WR’s have let me down and my QB hasn’t been able to bail me out. (Had Boldin on bench this week but still would have lost) Should I be trying to trade for a stud WR instead or sit on this roster? Gonna need a QB for this week with Smith, Schaub, Cutler and Bradford on the waiver wire.

  8. I feel like you don’t need to worry about a QB until Peyton’s bye week so dishing Kaep would be good.

    If you got a higher waiver wire try and snag Rashad Jennings, because he might be hoping for that and blocking that is prob a good way to get your trade. I wouldn’t be surprised if he fires back and asks for Trent Richardson though.

    I’d def swing for Eric Decker because of Manning at QB. It might just be me but I love having the points from my fantasy WR catching a TD from my fantasy QB.

    Good luck!

  9. i got a gronk owner at least in a conversation over this one: my knowshow, fitz, edelman and jared cook for gronk and roddy. would you do that trade with cruz instead of fitz? with dez instead of fitz? i have cook at te and j gordon, miles austin in addition to those wrs

  10. I agree with FMT.. Pick-up Rashad Jennings (specially if McFadden is out) as a fall back.. But I do not like your options. CJ Spiller its hurt, short week, and Playing the Browns Run D.. Not looking good either way. I would still start CJ over any of the other guys you mentioned.

  11. so i was asked if i could trade away newton or romo. i need help at RB i own [martin, ridley, sproles, tate, woodhead]

    which one of my qb’s could you package with my RB’s to get bush or jamaal charles [i can’t decide who i’d rather have]

  12. i’d go with gordon, he’s clearly hoyer’s other fav target besides jordan cameron. cleveland looks like an RBBC for now until someone goes off but it doesn’t look that way anytime soon.

  13. Do you already have Fitz, Cruz, and Dez? That is a solid WR corps, especially when Fitz gets better, so I’m not sure getting Roddy is necessary, but I can see wanting to go after Gronk.

    If you’re going to trade 1 of Fitz, Dez, or Cruz, definitely trade Fitz. He has more risk than any of the others.

    Edelman and Knowshown are also good picks to shop out. What are your RBs – are you solid at RB? Maybe you could trade for Gronk and a high-potential RB? It just seems that with Cruz, Dez, JGordon, and Miles, you are already very deep at WR.

  14. Gordon for sure … Looks like he has a pretty good QB connection. McGahee needs the TDs to be relevant at this point .

  15. I might leave Mr White out of that deal and try Cook Noshow and Edelman straight for Gronk.

  16. Not a Cam fan personally he’s not showing much growth. Ridley Tate and Martin are pretty low stock after last week. You could try selling high on sproles+wood head who just had huge days with cam as a 3-1

  17. You can ship Kaep Wilson shorts and try and steal either WR plus the injured SJax off his bench possibly

  18. Spiller with his 2nd leg issue in as many weeks splitting with Fjax on a short week sounds like a bad call. Mcgahee Blount or Jennings seem like a good boom bust call. Personally I like Blount or Jennings.

  19. Should I sell high on LeVeon Bell or stay put? WR core has been weak with Roddy hurt.. who should I target?

    QB: Stafford
    RB: Murray, TRich, SJax, Ball, L. Bell
    WR: Cobb, Roddy, Gordon, Mike Will, Sidney Rice
    TE: JT, Cook

    Standard 12 team, 2 RB, 3 WR, no flex

  20. i think you’re kinda selling Kaepernick too low for one of those guys. Decker is hit or miss depending on who Peyton favors week to week. Brown is good but he’s depending on Big Ben to throw it to him before their terrible o-line collapses. Then again, his WR depth is terrible. I’d go with Cnop’s suggestion and try to package Kaep with someone else to nab one of this RB’s (Spiller or S-Jax). Then u can trade that RB for a better WR.

  21. Munt/Beast Team, I got a trade proposal that I need help on… my team is relatively weak at QB, and a guy wants to trade me Romo/CJ2K for my Vick/Bush. We’re on a 12-person PPR league with 4 bench spots. Pryor and Hoyer are still on waivers, and I was stuck with Vick after all of Munt’s suggestions disappeared in the 7th round (people started picking up backup qb’s in round 6, which shocked me)

    My Team:

    QB: Vick/Tannehill
    RB: McCoy/Bush/Murray/Ball
    WR: DJax/Austin/White (traded JThomas for him earlier last week)/M.Wallace
    TE: Gronk/Clay
    DEF: Tampa
    K: Henery

    I see CJ2K’s playoff schedule (13-15) and I’m worried about his matchups. On the other hand, worried that Bush goes down (again). Romo from what Munt has been saying is > Vick, so I would consider that an upgrade. Would you guys take this trade??

    If not, who could I give up without destroying my team to pick up a Kaep or Stafford?

    Thanks you guys! 2-2 and looking to make a run!

  22. i think spiller is fine he came back in the game on sunday. Fred nicked his knee up though. spiller or mcgahee this week

  23. try to keep kaep, sell wilson and shorts or wallace..try to get sjax, or by spiller for low

  24. josh gordon. Im playing both cause i have to this week. This could be the week where mcgahee scores. Im predicting 50 yards, 2-3 catches and a TD.

  25. I agree, youre selling too low on Kaepernick. I would go after an owner who is weak at QB.

  26. cam and tate to foster owner or cam and sproles to get you something nice..or even through woodhead in. while hes high right now.

  27. Week 4 I got slammed. I have for Week 5 RB’s Murray, Bush, CJ Spiller,Fred Jackson, Moreno, Gio Benard, Woodhead-just picked up, Ben Tate, Joique Bell.
    Need to pick 4 to play this week, nay thoughts please.


  28. well the bush/charles owner definitely wants my one of my quarterbacks since he has luck and pryor. i figured i should ask for one of his starting RBs if he really is willing to go for my guys

  29. Thanks All… I have J. Nelson vs Lions and D-Jax vs Giants… as WR1 and WR2… which I feel is a must play..

    my Rb1 and Rb2 – McCoy and Murray as good enough till S-JAX comes back…

    Thanks for all of the Gordon comfirmation

  30. in a tough dilemma…i have cameron starting at TE…should i play EJ manuel or gordon at FLEX as they both play on thursday or wait till the weekend to play gronk..will be taking a risk as he is not 100% for sure playing..? those are my top players to choose from as a flex play..??? thanks…

  31. i see where you’re coming from..
    risky play: play gordon and cameron
    riskier: play either gordon/cameron and someone else
    riskiest: play gordon and gronk

  32. Pay very close attention to the news from practice this week. If Spiller has the “limited” tag on Wednesday I would be wary of him. I’m Working on a trade to get him and if I do I’m most likely sitting him and rolling the dice on Mathews if he doesn’t practice fully. Even a healthy Spiller is a questionable play against Cleveland’s front (underrated by a 1/2 mile), but if he practices fully you kind of have to trot him out since you never know when it will come together for him. If he is limited, I agree that Jennings is a good Hail Mary play.

  33. Munt and Beast Dome Nation! I need some roster/trade help. My team just fell to 2-2. Here’s my Roster…

    QB: A.Luck
    RB: M.Lynch, D.Murray, G.Bernard, M.Ball
    WR: B.Marshall, D.Jackson, J.Gordon, M.Austin, P.Harvin
    TE: R.Gronk
    K: A. Vinateri
    DST:: St. Louis, Tampa Bay(BYE this week)

    I’m not partial to Marshall, so I’m thinking of using him as trade bate and rotating at WR in order to improve in other areas.

    Other owners have,

    Team 1: R.White, R.Rice
    Team 2: C.J.Spiller, CJ2k, H.Nicks
    Team 3: Andre Johnson, T.Richardson, R.Mathews, D.Amendola, Mike Williams
    Team 4: MJD, T.Romo, S.Ridley
    Team 5: W.McGahee, L.Fitzgerald, S.Jax, V.Jax, Steve Smith
    Team 6: D.Martin, R.Mendenhall, A.Boldin
    Team 7: D.McFadden

    Any suggestions of who I should target in a trade to help boost my roster???

  34. Given his backup RBs (and their health) I don’t see him trading away SJax. I say hold onto Shorts and go for Antonio Brown. I like Decker, but there is a greater chance that he’ll give you a dud every once in a while since Peyton has so many mouths to feed. Brown is literally 1/3 of the Pittsburgh offense and if they want to win he HAS to be involved. With Bell healthy he’s gonna see some favorable coverage as well. If you wanted to make a play for SJax I think you could offer Kaep/Wilson/Lacy for Brown/SJax, and he’s at least have to consider it because he literally doesn’t have better options for the next couple weeks. Lacy hasn’t wowed us yet and a healthy SJax will give you a sweet trifecta of backs.

  35. Hey everybody I was gone for a week glad to be back! Won my week by playing Clay in Flex!! THANK YOU TD.

    I will answer a few questions because i love beasting it. Here is my situation though.

    My WR are Nicks, Austin, Gordon. MY RB are Charles Bush Then Montee Ball.. I lost bradshaw cause of trent. So I am waiting for Harvin to play again to help my Wideouts.

    MY Defenses are NEw England.. Tampa and Atlanta!

    Should I Receive Roddy White, Willis Mcgahee, Justin Blackmon and Tannehill and give
    Rivers, Nicks, Atlanta? Im in a 2 qb league and currently start peyton and romo.

  36. QB: Romo
    WR: DJax, Gordon, Amendola, Edelman, Reggie Wayne, Miles Austin
    RB: Murray, Lynch, Bush, Ball
    TE: Gronk, JThomas

    I’m 3-1 and in the Top 4 but can I improve anywhere? Drop Edelman or Austin for someone hot like Nate Washington or Woodhead?

    Or get someone with better long term value like Harvin or Blackmon?

  37. he said he “needs a wr1.” I thought roddy was a nice throw-in, but i definitely dont need him. my other rbs are spiller, forte, miller and mcgahee.

    i threw another one out there: fitz, edelman, cook for gronk only. moreno will ‘show’ up again next week so i’ll try to get him involved in a trade l8r

  38. Cam is gonna carry more name value, so he might see that as a notch up. I’d personally hold onto Cam because his upside is higher and he’s not really going to hurt you. Romo is quietly but surely gonna give you top ten performance all year. To be fair, I’m a Carolina fan and I hate everything about Dallas except their stadium and Dez, but I like to think that even an unbiased me would keep Cam’s upside. If he rejected one and asked for the other i wouldn’t bat an eye at giving either up to get Charles.

  39. Depends how your league scores. If your league hands out 6 points for passing TD’s go with J.Cameron and EJ. If the league scores more heavily for receiving yards and catches go with Jordan Cameron and Gordon.

  40. Agreed. Take the sure thing with Cameron even on a Thursday. I don’t like EJ against Cleveland’s D. I do like Gordon at home against Buffalo’s D even though they turned it up last week. Gronk is the wild card, I think it depends on your match up and whether you need to shoot for the moon or can play it safe.

  41. This is very difficult.. If you can play EJ at Flex though I would go with him and here is why.

    While he had an awful week. A qb more consistently hits over 10 points than another position… Hell even 15. By comparison we have Josh Gordon- 22 points then 7. Small Sample Size but I think you can expect 7-12 points from him while with manuel you should expect at least that.

    I would start Cameron TE and EJ at flex.

    I dont think Gronk isplaying. THe risk is not worth it. Go for the definite points dont roll the dice.

  42. I’m worried about the “Week 6” chatter around Gronk. I have him in 2 leagues and I’m planning on other TE options all the way up to Sunday’s kick off. Amendola, T. Smith, Holmes and even Ginn Jr. (what?) have all TORCHED Buffalo so far this season, so I say trot out Gordon. He actually posted a solid stat line this past week. He just needed the TD. Very possible against the Bills.

  43. I wouldn’t. Nicks and Romo have easier schedules for the rest of the season than Tannehill and a hobbled Roddy. My feeling is that JAX is tanking under the guise of giving Gabbert the opportunity to prove himself so I see tough sledding for Blackmon too. When Percy comes back he’ll be a big boost. I would drop ATL’s D and see what you can do on the waiver wire for RB, maybe pick up Rashad Jennings.

  44. you can flip orange julius + austin/edelman for a more serviceable WR. i’d do it soon before edelman’s value drops.

  45. I’d try to move Edelman and Miles. If you could swap them both for Percy do it. Edelman for Woodhead would help your RB depth too.

  46. Make the trade, you don’t need a 3rd Def. So you can consider it a gift to get something in return for ATL. Willis will be a “Bellcow” according to Munt. Tannehill will have better days, and all you need him for is a backup. McGahee and Roddy can crack your starting lineup, and once they do they’ll lead you to the playoffs. Beast your leaue!

  47. I have been offered Fitz and Vernon Davis for Gronk. What do you guys thinks of this trade for me? I have josh Gordon, Antonio brown, and roddy white as my WR’s.

  48. with that team you can pair some guys and upgrad even more at qb, wr, or rb if you wanted to. pair thomas and somebody else and get a stud

  49. Roddy played a full load of snaps this past week, has Julio and Tony aside him, he still possesses the ability to be top 10 every week, and once S.Jax returns, the Falcons will resemble what the Broncos are up to in Mile High. Skills on skills on skills. Nicks looks like a different guy right now, something is a bit off. Hakeem Nicks is up and down with being “Nicked Up,” and the G-Men still have no running game to balance out the offense.

  50. Try trading Edelman and Reggie Bush. Their Value will drop from where it is now. Get someone Elite at RB like S.Jax, T.Rich, and pair it up with another RB who may be undervalued.

  51. Just traded Spiller for McGahee and Charles Clay… now my only TE is Heath Miller… crap I’m really thin @ TE now..

    After the trade my RB Corps will be: Shady, S-JAX, Murray, Montee, B. Brown, Spiller

    Any TE recommendations esp with Fleener, drafter (12 men std)

  52. Was just offered RODDY WHITE/EROYAL for my BOLDIN. I have DTHOMAS /GORDON/JAJONES. yes or no ? standard scoring.

  53. do not make this trade. rivers only has one direction to go. when is ivory coming back? can he outplay powell for a start? not to mention ur selling boldin when kaep/9ers are playing their worst.

  54. In a testament to “the early bird gets the worm” I slept through a trade proposal that I worked very hard to sell. I would trade Stevie Johnson/Dwayne Bowe for C.J. Spiller. The guy actually proposed it, but by the time I woke up and went to accept it he’d pulled it off the table. He came back with Andre Johnson/Dwayne Bowe for Spiller or Spiller/Royal. It’s an 8 Team .5 PPR league and I would still have Dez, Stevie, Torrey and Deandre Hopkins. I’m countering with Dre/Bowe/Pierce for Spiller/Roddy White, but if he rejects that I gotta take the Johnson/Bowe for Spiller offer right?

  55. Nice trade, Steve. Who’s available at TE on your wire? Ben loves Miller. He’s not a hot guy to have in your line-up, but when he’s healthy he’s serviceable.

  56. 0 and 4, my team Kaep, J. Charles, D Wilson, C. Johnson M. Ball and D Thomas H. Nicks W. Welker B. Hartline S. Holmes, J. Graham H. Miller need help quick

  57. The Ones that I see until Heath comes back from the bye is…

    Pettigrew, Winslow, McGrath (the bearded one from KC) lol

  58. I’d sell Bowe for Spiller lol… no brainer… though CJ Spiller is in a bad spot right now… low priced

  59. Start: QB, 2RB, 2WR, RB/WR, TE, DST, K

    My Team:
    QB: Romo, Luck
    RB: McCoy, Murray, L’Bell, DWilson, DRichardson
    WR: Bowe, Amendola, Edelman, Woods, Harvin, Crabtree
    TE: Cameron
    DST: Seahawks
    K: Gostkowski

    I could use WR help, would you try trading DRich for someone like Josh Gordon, Nicks, Decker?

  60. Just got offered a trade. Give Spiller and fJax for Amendola, and then 2rbs from the following: MJD, David Wilson, Bilal, Green-Ellis.
    If I made the trade Id probaly try to get McGahee off the Wire.
    .5PPR; Starters:1RB,1TE,2WR,2Flex,1QB
    Roster: stafford,sJax,Snelling, Megatron,vCruz,sSmith,nWashington, vDavis,hMiller
    Should I pull the trigger and if so for who?

  61. i would absolutely not do this. who r u starting at rb without cj? ur wrs are fine but you need rb depth. i would also stick with kaep but if ur really uncomfortable with that then u need a new qb too. this is a bold move, but to the right team (think cocky 4-0 team willing to give up depth for starters) graham cracker could be worth your new rb1, rb2 and a new qb if you package him with kaep

  62. That trade really doesn’t benefit you. Vick and Romo are very similar each week…you don’t know which version will show up. Bush is on a high powered offense and fits like a glove. CJ2K lost Jake Locker which could mean more carries but it remains to be seen how this will effect his fantasy status.

  63. Personally, I would decline this offer. I’ve never seen a 1 RB league, but Spiller has much more of an upside than the RB’s you could choose from. He will come around. If he doesn’t, S-Jax will be equal to (probably better)than the RB’s you are being offered.

    I see a lot of upside (with a lot of risk) with Amendola, but I don’t see the need for risking Spiller’s potential for an “iffy” Amendola. I’d stick with what you have and give Spiller a couple more weeks.

  64. I got offered a trade for A. Morris….Knowshon and Hakeem. Prior to this week, the same person offered me Spiller/Monte/Wayne for A. Morris & Roddy…glad I turned that down. Do you think it’s a fair counter offer for me to offer Morris and Roddy for A. Reggie Bush & R. Wayne or B. Knowshon/Monte/Wayne or c. Spiller/FJAX/Wayne? Yea he’s got a stacked team…

  65. Bush is a beast in PPR, CJ2K is not. Offer him Murray instead. Romo is a slight upgrade over Vick but not worth parting with Bush IMHO. Having two players on the same team can backfire if the team has a tough Defense to play against. Break down the trade RB vs RB would you do it straight up? QB vs QB? Then weigh the trade. If you end up with Romo and Murray you end up with two starters on the same team again.

  66. HELP WANTED!! Off to a slow start in one my leagues and don’t have much to work with as far as trade bait.

    12 team standard league: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), D/ST, K

    My Roster
    QB: Matt Ryan
    RB: Lynch, MJD, Monte Ball, Ben Tate, Willis McGahee, J-Stew
    WR: Fitzgerald, D-Jax, Miles Austin, Mike Williams, Vincent Brown
    TE: Jared Cook

    MJD is killing me and need a solid RB2. Not much depth at receiver to trade with either. Any thoughts on how to improve my RB2 spot? Obviously can’t post my entire league for trade opportunities, but to give an idea, I offered to give an owner MJD and Fitz for Demarco and Josh Gordon. He said yes, but I haven’t decided yet.

    I’m willing to deal anyone. Any thoughts on “Buy Low” and “Sell High” players?

  67. 1-3 in a big money PPR league. Kaepernick is killing me and I can’t seem to get a trade for him. I have josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron, would I be batshit to pick up hoyer and start him Thursday night?? Or should I just roll with Colin and hope he can bust a kaep up in that ass!

  68. If Reggie Bush is involved you’d better be getting a top 3 caliber QB, especially in PPR. I might try to put together a package around Murray and Clay. I would try to leave McCoy and Bush in place though. That backfield is unstoppable when healthy.

  69. Read Munt’s trade articles. I know Munt feels like MJD will have a higher ceiling when Chad Henne comes back so he’s a buy low. I like the trade b/c I’m in a PPR league and Murray owns it with this pass catching ability. But I also feel like you’re selling Fritzgerald for low too.Read Munt’s trade articles. I know Munt feels like MJD will have a higher ceiling when Chad Henne comes back so he’s a buy low. I like the trade b/c I’m in a PPR league and Murray owns it with this pass catching ability. But I also feel like you’re selling Fritzgerald for low too.

  70. I think I’d roll with Bush, Bernard, Woodhead (favorable matchup for a sleeper play) and either Murray or Joique. That’s a tough one because Joique was relegated to back up duty in blowout and Dallas is going to have to abandon the run very early if they want a remote chance at hanging with Denver.

  71. Damn, them’s slim pickin’s. I think I’d roll the dice on Pettigrew. Garrett Graham there? He’s been getting endzone looks from Schaab so he might be worth a flier in a real pinch.

  72. Thanks Thomas! I’m talking with another guy and we’re discussing maybe a vick/bush/wallace trade for stafford/spiller/welker.

    We’re 2/2/1Flex in this league.I figure I could get a huge upgrade at WR while buying spiller low (don’t think he’ll be as good as bush as the year goes on) and upgrading in QB.

    I’ll see if I can’t get Tom Brady/Steve Jackson for Murray and Clay though…

  73. I agree with Jd. You’re wr’s are fine. While Heath Miller is by NO MEANS a Jimmy Graham, he will still get you the points you need from the TE position (FAR short of JG). It would be hard to do, but like Jd said, Graham/Kaep could land you 3 very solid players.

    Me personally, I’d rather see where you could go packaging D Wilson/Hartline/H Miller.. Something in that area

  74. need help ! pick one ! sorry for the double post but i have him on the line! (my knowshow and fitz for his gronk) or (my knowshow and dez for his roddy and gronk)

  75. I would jump all over that trade. I think demarco’s upside & reliability outweigh MJD, and I like Gordon better than Fitz. I think you’re selling name recognition for actual production with this deal. I wish I could get similar value for MJD in my league.

  76. I would go for Fitz and Kowshow for Gronk. I like Dez way better than Roddy this year. If the other owner has one of your RB handcuffs see if they’ll throw them in. If not, look for J-Stew, Bryce Brown, or Helu on waivers.

  77. I would take the Demarco and Gordon side to be honest. Gordon’s upside is considerably higher than Fitz’s even with Hoyer as his starting QB. Demarco is on a much better offense that seems to have shown more of a commitment to giving him the rock.

  78. Question: I want to trade MJD and Ahmad Bradshaw for Colston.

    12 team standard league, I have:

    QB – Romo
    RB – Shady, S-Jax, MJD, Bradshaw, Giovani Bernard, Pierce
    WR – Welker, Nicks, Ammendola, Hilton
    TE – Cook
    K – Bailey
    D – rotate

  79. It’s a bit hard to say without knowing your roster, but I would take the Gronk for Knowshon and Fitz. That’s a classic sell high on Moreno. The good thing about what the Pats are doing is hopefully ensuring that Gronk will be beasting for the rest of the season after week 6. He should easily outproduce Fitz the rest of the year when he’s healthy.

  80. Pull the trigger on the MJD/Fitz for Murray/Gordon yesterday. Murray is part of an offense that can score points, MJD is not. Gordon might as well have a bullseye on his back instead of Roman numerals with all the targets he gets and Fitz hasn’t shown the consistency you want.

  81. Yeah decline this offer immediately. I know you’re probably considering taking this due to the fact that both of your RBs are injured right now, but since you only have to start 1 each week, I think you can get by with just starting Snelling. Although I do admit it’s not a sexy situation at all. However, you’re WRs are already set with Megatron and Cruz. S. Jax, Spiller, and F. Jax will all be healthy soon too, so you may have to bite the bullet for a week. Like Munt said though, as long as you make the playoffs with a beast roster, then you are golden!

  82. I wanted to personally thank you guys. Rock on Beast Dome.

    I traded David Wilson, Eddie Lacy, and Kaep. He took the bait.
    I got SJax and Antonio Brown.

    Big thanks, breathed some new life in my team. Gracias guys!!

  83. Trying to make a few trades. 1/2 PPR.

    First would you trade Chris Johnson for Gronk?
    Next, I know both are not great, but would you trade Lamar Miller for David Wilson? Thanks BEASTS!

  84. Let me preface this by saying that I’m currently 4-0 in this league. My question is this, I was offered this trade:

    My Demarco Murray, D. Jax, and Torrey Smith for Ray Rice, Bernard Pierce, Demaryius Thomas, and Mike Wallace.

    It’s a 12-team PPR league that starts 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1TE, 1RB/WR, 1D/ST, and 1K. My roster is currently:

    QBs: Peyton, Hoyer
    RBs: Shady, Murray, Mathews, Bolden, A. Brown
    WRs: D. Jax, Torrey Smith, D. Moore, Jeffery, Streater
    TEs: Gronk, H. Miller
    D/ST: Saints (this week)
    K: Prater

    My reasons for thinking about doing it are:

    1. D. Jax makes me nervous with his tendency to be boom or bust.
    2. Ray Rice seems like an interesting option to at least be a great RB2 for me.
    3. Peyton –> Demaryius for the TD!

    Reasons for not wanting to do this:

    1. The possibility of Ray Rice not recovering to be at least a top 15-20 back this season.
    2. Mike Wallace never gaining chemistry with Tannehill and thus being a major drain on my WR value.

    Are my concerns legitimate or should I just stick to what got me to 4-0? What would you guys do?

  85. Well I already have 5 wr including bmarsh/djax/jordy/Stevie/marlon, I do have an open spot on my roster though (no ir in my league) would it still be worth stashing him? (Def looking into upgrading for rb with my wr core)

  86. I agree with JD. Kaep’s still got some name value with a lot of people, and I pulled off a great trade using him today.

    You’re starting a bit too high by offering CJ right out, and you’re out a good RB – that’s not a good idea. Offer the minimum first, then work from there. You can also cocky another losing team, use the “let’s work together to make our teams better” approach – when what you’re out to do is make YOUR team better.

  87. Rice/Pierce has been a mess thru 4 weeks Murry is greater no doubt.
    And is DThomas/Moore/Jeffery a better line up than DJax/Torrey/Moore when you count the probable loss from Murray to Rice is the question.
    Personally i prefer the Dmurray side

  88. I’d say no.

    1. Rice is at least as injury prone as Murray now, and he isn’t a better RB when they’re both healthy. DeMarco’s OL is almost decent now too.

    2. Torrey is a much better option than Wallace. Tanny has targeted Hartline AND Gibson more than Wallace so far. And Gibson has done more with his opportunities, which won’t inspire Tanny to go Wallace’s direction more going forward.

    3. I personally don’t think Demaryius will be any more consistent than D.Jax, mostly because Peyton has so many weapons. Even if I’m wrong, I don’t think that the difference will be enough to offset #1 and #2 above.

  89. I’m 1-3. I have #1 waiver priority and 3 needs. Help me prioritize.

    QB – Eli, Pryor
    RB – T.Rich, S.Jax (out), D.McFadden (doubtful), McGahee
    TE – Gronk (doubtful), Housler

    What’s available:
    QB – Hoyer, A.Smith
    RB – D.Rich, R.Jennings
    TE – Cook, garbage

  90. thanks boys. he changed his mind on wouldnt take anything less than knowshow, fitz and jared cook. i bit. one step closer to joining this gronk/montee cult

  91. I’d make that trade for the following reasons… Demaryius is more consistent than Jackson, Ray Rice (when healthy) is a better option than Murray (who could be injured at anytime), Pierce becomes a great RB2 when Rice goes down, Wallace adds some and has the big play ability of Smith and Jackson (albeit less consistent). You do lose some receiver depth, but I think the upside there is by far in your favor.

  92. demaryius is sweet but youre basically giving both d jax and torrey for him as mike wallace gets the same amount of targets as gibson hartline AND clay. munt likes demarco and rice about the same rest of season

  93. Blackmon washington woodhead woods for long term value? Leaning on blackmon since he was a beast on the latter part of 2012 season…What u guys think?

  94. A guy in my league wants to get Reggie Bush and Joique Bell from me, but given my needs and depth a lot of players would need to change hands I think (3 players on each side). What kind of deal would you guys work out given these rosters?

    Newton / Rivers
    R. Bush / J. Charles / G. Bernard / J. Bell
    T. Smith / S. Smith / D. Moore / D. Hopkins / M. Williams
    Gronk / Olsen

    Forte / Murray / Spiller / L. Miller / L. Bell / Ball / McGahee
    Marshall / A. Brown / Hilton / E. Sanders / Givens

    Ideally I’d get a receiver and two backs, but he’s almost as thin at WR as I am so it might not make sense. I also have no interest in owning Murray.

  95. In this case, what about B.Marshal for S.Jax and one of his receivers? You could try for S.Jax (injured) and V.Jax (underperforming) if he is in panic mode, and get great RB and WR depth. If he rejects, counter for S.Jax and Steve Smif.

  96. @Thomas just don’t do it. You have a great team come playoffs with R.Bush/Bell as probably the safest RB combo in the game. I wouldn’t even consider a trade for Forte/Spiller, the Bush/Bell combo is that good. It just locks up your RB1 spot for 15+ points a week.

  97. Hello all just got offered a trade in a 2 qb flex ppr league. The trade is ededelman/jthom for flacco/jmike/r white.

    Current team Vick, roethisberger,tannehill
    A.p.,trich, ridley,mcgahee

  98. @thomas I agree with winona, no reason to do that, especially if you dont want murray. Forte has high upside but is just as injury prone as bush, not to mention bell is a superior fill in if bush goes down over fortes handcuff.

    Side note…When is the waiver article being posted?
    I have Murray, Charles, Miller at RB so considering grabbing Woodhead. With 10 plus targets a game including redzone can he sustain weekly flex value?

  99. That was my inclination. Thanks Winona. I may actually try to upgrade my WR situation by offering some combination of Steve Smith and Rivers to someone with QB issues. Especially if/when he drops a mint on Oakland. I know Cam would fetch a better price, but the idea of rolling with Rivers down the stretch makes me feel very uncomfortable.

  100. I am 2-2 currently and wondering if I should make any moves to improve my team.
    QB: Matt Ryan
    RB: Charles, McCoy, Murray, Wilson
    WR: D.Jax, H.Nicks, Shorts, S. Smith, Mike Wallace
    TE: Gronk, Cook
    Any suggestion?

  101. I am currently 3-1 in a 12 team league with the second highest pt total i was wondering what i should do about my wr depth and my qb i have plenty of rb depth its a start 1qb 3 wr 2 rb 1 te


  102. I am currently 3-1 with second highest pt totals looking for advice and trade targets. Worried about qb and wrs. its a 1 qb, 3 wr, 1 te, 1 flex starting ppr league

    qbs: luck and tannehil
    wrs: desean jackson, dwayne bowe, kenbrell thompkins, cecil shorts, santonio holmes
    rbs: trent richardson, cj spiller, reggie bush, mcgahee
    te: jimmy graham, brandon myers

  103. @Thomas Come playoff time I see Forte/Ball being a great RB1/RB2. Beings how Ball can maybe be bought for cheap, you might get a WR as well. Forte/Ball/Brown?

  104. I have both of’em too. I think you can’t go wrong with either, but this week I like Gordon more at home vs soft Bills.

  105. Bilal Powell or Rashad Jennings. Who do I start this week in a PPR league. I can trade any of those two for RG3. Drew is my stud, but I have no bench QB. We only play 2 RBs. My RB’s are Sproles, SJAX, MCFadd, Powell, and Jennings.

  106. 3 WR, 2RB format.

    Pick 3: Wayne, Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, Robert Woods, Chris Givens.

    Obviously start Julio and Wayne (although he’s lined up against Sherman)…
    Thinking about starting Robert Woods (somewhat of a high risk high reward)



  107. SOS Lost season!! 10 team PPR Need help
    QB- Eli /R Wilson
    RB- D Martin, Ball, Ridley, Tate
    WR- Colston, Edeleman, Miles, Steve Smith, Broyles
    TE- Gronk, Clay
    Available- Joique, Dalton, Hoyer, Fleener not much else. Do I drop Ball for Bell?, Any other suggestions?

  108. Neither a bad call
    Gordon has the Ezpz bills and Wacco Flacco will throw 5 picks trying to throw to Torret

  109. Bowe will never be sell higher than he is now and thompkins will take a hit with gronk and dola back soon. I would package one with one of your QBs for an upgrade … Brady might be your last chance at buy moderately low Romo probably an easy pickup as well.

  110. Really depends on what each owner needs…if you need a wr marshall side wins, if you need a rb dougie side wins.

    Originally I would’ve said the Martin side but that Tampa offense is horrendous.

  111. I’d package Wilson with either Wallace or Shorts to try to gin a more elite WR. If someone is very desperate at a certain position, you may also be able to buy Roddy White for very low, which is appealing right now.

    Sellable on your roster: Mike Wallace, D. Wilson, Shorts. Offer one, or maybe package those guys up for a very elite WR.

  112. I like Robert Woods.

    Chris Givens is attractive just because of his match-up (the Jags), but I think Woods has an upside that you can’t ignore – he also has someone else on his team to draw away the defense so he can produce more.

    Like you said, high risk/high reward.

  113. Who would you rather get in a straight up trade?

    Steven Jackson (ATL)
    Alfred Morris (WAS)

  114. If you haven’t picked up the Rams yet, do it. You’ve got to do this based on this season’s theme: (Insert Team Here) Vs. Jacksonville will be a good defense this week. Even Oakland put up respectable numbers against them.

    I also love Kansas City right now – I’ve picked up their defense as more than a week-to-week, I think they’re worth holding. Even when they get scored on, they make up for it with sacks, fumbles, ints, everything. Very active D.

    Another one that some people are sleeping on is Carolina. They’ve quietly been very good and have a good matchup.

    Lastly, a nice weekly pick-up that would be available could be Buffalo. They’ve been playing well, and Cleveland is a potentially good matchup.

  115. (Facepalm). I keep doing this with comments…

    Sappy – see my comment below for my thoughts on defenses this week.

  116. My starting line up on paper: Eli, SJax, Spiller, MJD, Amondola, Welker, and Gronk. On bench: Harvin, Finley, Sanu, Austin, and just picked up Blount and Nate Washington. 1-3 so far. Have nothing to offer other than Gronk and Welker, but have held on to them this long, so makes no sense to move them now. Scored 30 points 2 weeks ago. Injuries killing me. What to do?

  117. Forte+MBush+Hartline for Roddy+Trent… good trade? I have Luck already, and worried about this week’s matchup against Seahawks. I’m 3-1 though so I could absorb the loss. Munt says to sell high on Forte and get Trent while I can. And banking on Roddy to come out of bye week 100%

  118. v-jac is injured, I canceled the trade. not worth the hastle for a player who has a weak QB. I am going to try for s smith unless there’s a better option

  119. PPR – TE who would you want for ROS – Fleener or Cook? At WR (PPR) which one would you want for ROS – Tavon Austin, Greg Jennings,Jerome Simpson, or Dwayne Bowe?

  120. Powell, jets just lost santonio Holmes I heard hill probably won’t play either which means more chances for Powell.

  121. I am thinking of trading for Ray Rice. Hes picked up a new lineman, the Ravens are going to get him the ball more, and last game they were in blow out mode. Should we be buying low on Ray? I’m thinking G.Bernard + J.Gordon 4 R.Rice… What does the Beast Dome Nation think?

  122. I think that ray rice will have a better year than he has had, and the bernard pierce injury will help him out right now. Gio and gordon does seem like a plausible trade right now.

  123. In Ppr, TE would likely be fleener, since the Colts will have more more room to throw now that they have t rich, and for WR, I would say Austin as of now. Bowe has had a rough start with Smith, so it can go to his favor once Smith and him connect.

  124. It’ll pay off for you in the end if it works out, and your position right now in the league seems to help out. the trade seems like it would go through since you added Bush into the mix.

  125. That seems like a pretty rough situation to get out of, but likely you can trade off MJD or Spiller for a more consistent RB or WR. Once your team gets rolling, then it should be pretty good. You should stay with Gronk unless you are fine with Finley all year. You can also package Finley with one of your RB for an upgrade there, or for a WR.

  126. What up BEAST NATION, just traded Le’veon Bell, Darren McFadden, and Fred Jackson for Doug Martin. Should I feel bad about committing theft or losing some valuable RBs? RB group now is DMart, Spiller (bought low on him too), SJax, DeMarco, and Montee. What do y’all think? Am I looking good?

  127. I like that trade in the long run. As long as Martin. Spiller and Jackson return to form your back situation will be tough to contend with.

  128. Opinions on trading Rivers/S. Smith to get Gordon? The guy has luck, but might bite if he thinks Rivers will keep it up. Hell, I’m even tempted to keep Rivers and shop Cam.

  129. Folks, am in a pickle. Have started 1-3, PPR league. Need to shake things up. Should I make the following trade?

    Cam Newton/Roddy White/Justin Blackmon (from me) for Michael Vick & Larry Fitzgerald

    Feel like I’m giving up an awful lot of talent, but could use Fitz in my line-up this weekend.

  130. Cobb alone pretty much wins that one. The issue here is when do Amendola & White get back to 100%? And even when they do, they’re going to be more match-up oriented due to the abilities of other receivers on their teams (Gronkowski & Jones, respectively). Cobb is the alpha dog on that GB team, so his points are all but guaranteed.

  131. I’m holding Bell until I see a second week from him. With an emerging young RB like him, you have to see what you have before you potentially ship him out. If you could get in strong RB2 or RB1 for him, go ahead, otherwise hold because RB is so thin this year. D. Murray is also made of glass so be careful.

  132. I think you’re feelings on Rivers and keeping him are right or have the other owner give you Gordon and a rb2 or 3 for Rivers only. Sell high on Rivers and stress to any buyers he is the 3rd ranked fantasy qb of the season.

  133. Someone in my league just dropped Roddy White (WHAT?!?!?!). I’m just not exactly sure on who to drop for him…

    QB: Matt Ryan
    RB: Doug Martin, Steven Jackson, Demarco Murray, Ryan Matthews, Willis McGahee, LaGarette Blount
    WR: DeSean Jackson, Miles Austin, James Jones, Mike Williams, Nate Washington, Chris Givens
    TE: Jimmy Graham
    D/ST: Empty
    K: Matt Prater

    The empty D/ST slot is another problem because I may have to drop another guy for a defense…we use an IR spot and I had sjax there originally but before I was going to pick up my def this week sjax became doubtful and had to be removed. I’m hoping he will be eligible to be moved back before Sunday.

  134. I’d drop Blount for him since he’s only a speculative player and you have decent RB depth outside of him. If the IR spot doesn’t open back up, I’d probably drop Givens. He hasn’t really performed so far this season.

  135. I’ve got a quandary Dome. I proposed a trade of my Bush/Rivers/S. Smith/J. Bell to receive his Peterson/J. Jones. I knew it was a lofty goal, but I figured it was worth a shot. I was rejected, but he countered with me sending Bush/Rivers to get Peterson/E. Manning. Normally I would jump to accept that, but I NEED a receiver bad and Rivers is my best bargaining chip. Any suggestions on a counter? I’m not rejecting that offer, just making an open counter. I’m gonna take it if nothing else can be worked out.

    My Team
    Charles/Bush/Bernard/J. Bell
    T. Smith/S. Smith/M. Williams/D. Moore/Hopkins

    His Team
    E. Manning/Wilson
    Peterson/Sproles/C. Johnson
    Welker/J. Jones/S. Johnson/Kerley/G. Tate/Edelman
    Finley/Z. Miller/ Sudfeld

  136. First off I would definitely take that trade since you’re getting the better deal. Eli still has some trade value since the giants have to throw all the time trying to come from behind. Also WRs are generally easy to find on the waiver wire throughout the season.

    I don’t think he has any WR that is going to help you (besides Julio and Welker who he’s not going to trade anyway). Also Olsen is another trade bait for you but he has 3 TE’s. Your best counter opportunity would have to be something like Rivers/Bush/Hopkins for Peterson/Manning/Johnson.

    Hope it works out for you!

  137. McGahee or Gordon tonight in the flex? I’m leaning towards Gordon but would like some confirmation or input before the game. I did see Munt has Mcgahee #8 RB and Gordon #13 WR today that’s why I’m skeptical

  138. Just traded mcgahee and clay away for cj spiller (peanuts for peanuts)… no choice but to play gordon in flex…

  139. QB/K combo for Kaep/Dawson?

    or use some other kicker? Dawson’s not particularly doing well

  140. Just a few hours to kick off, but I thought I’d ask here: Am I crazy to start Robert Woods over Mike Wallace this week for WR3?

    My thoughts: Wallace and Tannehill seem so out of sync, and the Ravens secondary I think can keep Wallace out of the game. Meanwhile, Joe Haden should be flanking Stevie Johnson tonight, leaving Woods open for a big game. Thoughts on that?

  141. otherwise, i do think stevie j is a good target. your joique is an attractive package w/ reggie

  142. i agree with your analysis. with Haden locking down Johnson, that should open things up for Woods. just hope that EJ can get him the ball.

    i have Wallace as well and i’m very hesitant to start him this weekend…although i may have to since my only other available WR is Miles Austin. :(

  143. who should i roll with at QB:

    Eli Manning


    Terrelle Pryor

    both QB’s are playing the top 2 teams that have given up the most fantasy points to QB’s this season.

  144. Although I like him, I feel like Pryor is getting overrated. Don’t forget he put up 10 pts against Jacksonville. He can run for 100 yards if he needs to, but will he against the Jags? Meanwhile, Eli needs this one against Philly. Relying on Eli can be tough, but don’t forget that even in his other slump last year he would come out of the blue and throw for 500+ yards in a game. His receivers are good, I think he can turn it around and you will be bummed if you miss the week he does.

  145. I would take that deal in a second and work a deal with Eli after he has a good day sunday

  146. I clearly must be missing who you mean by Peterson, since if we’re talking Adrian… of the Vikings… this would be a completely insane trade to pass up on, WR or not. You can’t mess around with Rivers for much longer, his balloon will pop soon enough.

  147. JUST GOT AP, Luck, and R. White for Lynch, Bush and Amendola….

    2 weeks from now when Bush and Amendola are hurt… how sweeeeeeeeetttt will that be!!! hahahahah (evil laugh) HUA HUA HUA HUA HUAAAAAAAAA

  148. as long as they get hurt, then yeah… either way, you have 3 real-world backup RBs, which means you are now starting which one of them this week? You need to look at adding RB depth going forward. You can’t count on NoShow, Alfred, and Foster all getting hurt as a gameplan.

  149. don’t forget no RunDMC, so SD will not be worrying much about the run. I also have them, and will be starting Eli.

  150. Not a good trade at all. Sure you got AP, but gave away the game to do so. You’ll be the one regretting this move in two weeks, I’m sorry to say. Luck in the west coast offense isn’t a huge upgrade over streaming QBs based on matchup. The only way this trade was good for you was if you were starting Hoyer at QB with Freeman as the backup.

  151. Interesting waiver decision. Someone in my league just dropped Vincent Jackson and Mike Wallace. Assuming if commish doesn’t act on this, who should I pick up? And who should I drop? Drich, Blount, Denarius

  152. @ewu118 I’d drop either DRich(1) or Blount(2) for Mike Wallace. I own him and he has been a disappointment, but there is still upside if Miami gets more creative with him.

    I’m a Gronk/Gates owner, and am wondering what I want to do with Gates once Gronk is back. A guy in my league with a pretty unexciting but solid team is just missing a TE (Brandon Myers owner) and wants him. I proposed a trade to him: BAL def and Gates for SEA def. I’ve never cared to trade for a defense before, but SEA’s playoffs matchups are too insane to pass up: NYG (wk15), ARI(wk16), STL(wk17). Seems like it might be a win-win for both of us? Or is Gronk to risky to own without a good backup?

  153. I say try to get an extra player in. A low-end TE1 for a defense just seems a loss for you. Plus if your flex allows TE, you can play both gronk and gates when others have bye’s.

    I’m leaning towards Vjax b/c Bucs still use him more than Miami uses Wallace. Just feel Vjax is gonna be more consistent. Plus this bye week should help him get on same page with new rookie QB, who will want to rely on big receivers

  154. What to do with Witten and Martin…will they pick up this season or trade them off? Give Witten and fleener for Gronk? Give Martin and Mcgahee for ray rice/pierce, Foster/tate, T Rich, or Forte/bush? What is your thoughts on giving away Witten or Martin for any of the picks i listed. Thanks Beastnation!

  155. @bcalum06 Gotta stay faithful to them man. Still think Martin will turn things around. Bucs D is still going to keep games close so they shouldn’t abandon the run. Any coach knows that a rookie QB needs a well-fed RB.

    I’m currently have Rashad Jennings starting. However I’m hearing that Blount may get the start against bengals with Ridley possibly sitting this week out and Bolden still limping. Rashad playing super late though at 11:30pm… if NE confirms Blount is starting, do I start Blount over Rashad? Or start Blount over Denarius Moore? (my opponent has Pryor starting, so Denarius could be smart hedge)

  156. Your concerns about Witten and Martin are legitimate. I feel like seeling right now would be selling really low though for the both of them. With that being said if you can trade Witten and Fleener for Gronk, TAKE IT! As for Martin, I think I would go with trying to get T. Rich. Right now though T. Rich’s value isn’t as high as Forte’s, so you can probably get something else along with him for McGahee and Martin.

  157. If you have to pick 2 out of those 3, I’d go with Blount and D. Moore. Ridley still has not practiced and like you said Bolden is still hobbled. Moore should do well going against SD, who haven’t shown to be great against the pass. Plus SD will probably be up which means garbage time for Oakland.

  158. So I’m 2-2 in this 12 team PPR league in 6th place. A lot of my players are really underwhelming me right now and I feel like I need to shake things up a bit. I was able to trade Murray and Rivers for Forte, but I still feel like I need to shore up my WRs. I was offered a trade of Amendola, Shorts, and Woodhead for B. Marshall and Moreno.

    I’m leaning towards taking it even though Marshall is a beast, cause we all know Moreno is going to fade soon and Woodhead will be better off in the long run. Amendola should be a borderline WR1 as long as he’s healthy, which is a big if. Cecil is leading the NFL in targets right now, so at least he’s getting looks. Blackmon is coming back, but I don’t think that’ll affect him too much. Plus Jax is terrible and will need to throw it all day everyday. Gabbert should get it to Shorts enough to at least put up some good WR3 numbers.

    My current roster is as follows (we start 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1TE, 1Flex, 1D/ST, 1K):

    QBs: Ryan, Hoyer (will drop him for Cutler or Eli)
    RBs: Shady, Forte, Moreno, Ball, J. Stew (IR stash)
    WRs: B. Marsh., Nicks, M. Brown, Tate, Gibson, Manningham (IR stash)
    TE: Gonzalez
    D/ST: Panthers
    K: Bryant

    Would you guys make this deal?

  159. V. Jax’s value has taken a hit, but he is still worth more than Mike “fly pattern down the right sideline” Wallace. Also, don’t trade Gates for a defense. Even if you traded Gates for Seattle’s defense straight up, you’re way overpaying.

  160. Spiller is no where close to a top 10 running back and fred jackson has gotten more points each week in our yahoo PPR league. Trade Matt Stafford and Spiller for Rivers and Jackson???

  161. Got two trades that I’m looking to make. Seem pretty good from my standpoint but want some opinions.

    First, getting Victor Cruz for Julius Thomas and Shorts.
    Second, getting Larry Fitz for Edelman and S Rice.

    What do you think? My current team is below. I’m hurting a bit with rotating WRs weekly.

    QB Manning, Peyton(QB) DEN
    RB Gore, Frank(RB) SF
    RB Snelling, Jason(RB) ATL
    WR Moore, Denarius(WR) OAK
    WR Rice, Sidney(WR) SEA
    WR Shorts, Cecil(WR) JAC
    TE Cameron, Jordan(TE) CLE
    DST Falcons(DST) ATL
    K Gould, Robbie(K) CHI
    Bench (RB) Bradshaw, Ahmad(RB) IND
    Bench (RB) Helu, Roy(RB) WAS
    Bench (RB) Hunter, Kendall(RB) SF
    Bench (RB) Jennings, Rashad(RB) OAK
    Bench (RB) Peterson, Adrian(RB) MIN
    Bench (WR) Edelman, Julian(WR) NE
    Bench (WR) Harvin, Percy(WR) SEA
    Bench (WR) Jackson, Vincent(WR) TB
    Bench (TE) Gronkowski, Rob(TE) NE
    Bench (TE) Thomas, Julius(TE) DEN
    Bench (DST) Broncos(DST) DEN

  162. I just got offered S Jax and D Jax for Welker. I rejected but I could bring it up again. Thoughts?

  163. I think getting Cruz for Thomas and Shorts is the best bet for now. About the only thing going right in GMen nation. You already have Gronk who should be back in a week or 2. that 2 for 1 can open up a free spot for a spot TE in the meantime.

  164. BN what do you think about a trade for MegaTron here? Was thinking pairing Lacy with a WR…let me know your thoughts. Hes 0-4 so is considering dealing MegaTron
    my team:
    QB Ryan/Big Ben His team: QB Rodgers/Vick
    RB Morris/Lacy/SJax/Wilson RB Murray/Powell/Dwilliams
    WR Welker/Decker/R.White/Nicks/ WR Megatron/T.Smith/Gordon/T.Austin/
    James Jones VJax
    TE Finley/Miller TE Gonzalez/Cook

  165. The owner ended up rejecting my trade of Gates for SEA… So now I targeted the Owen Daniels owner with a trade of Gates+Josh Gordon for Randall Cobb. Thoughts? My league rewards points for return touchdowns, so Cobb can get some value there. I like Gordon, but I feel his future is just a bit dicey with the QB situation.

  166. And also, definitely grab VJax over Miami ewu118. I thought you said Vincent Brown or Wallace, didn’t cross my mind someone would drop Jackson. I guess a guy dropped Spiller in my league, so anything is possible.

  167. How does this trade look to you guys?
    Giving up Le’Veon Bell/McGahee/Anquan Boldin to get Trent Richardson and Steve Smith.

  168. You don’t want to get too thin at RB. All three of your RBs besides Lacy are injured or floundering. You’d probably have to go Lacy/Welker to get him, if he’d even consider that. Nicks and White won’t have that value for a few weeks. I don’t know if you really have any sell-high chips right now. Also, who has James Jones and Vjax in this situation? I’m guessing Jones is in your column, Jackson is in his?

  169. I don’t like it at all. But I am of a mind that Trent Richardson needs to prove himself again. The Browns may have gotten rid of him for more reasons than are apparent right now.

  170. Take that trade while McGahee is hot. Although I would try to offer someone other than Bell.

  171. i wouldnt hesitate to make this deal for t. rich as you won’t be able to later in the season. if bell and mcgahee are currently your rbs3 and 4 snap on it

  172. I like those deals.
    Edelman is a 1 night stand about to end and Seattle is very boom/bust in the passing game. Backing this up with moving your TE3 and a WR with no QB for a top 10 WR is a no brainer

  173. My team is really hurting right now.. QB-Stafford/ RB’s-Forte/Sjax/McFadden/Jstew/Bryce Brown. WR’s- Amendola/Vjax/N.Washington/A.Jeffery/Avant/Austin.TE-J.Finley/Akers/Atlanta(Streaming Defense).. My team isn’t looking all that good right now lol.. I Think if im going to drop anybody it has to be avant and pick up Blount so I can don’t have to start Bryce brown?. Thoughts

  174. Love both deals Edelman’s time is up Jthomas is your TE3 I would pull the trigger on both ASAP

  175. Cant give away Martin right now and his value can only go up from here just gotta sit on it to be honest.Whitten and fleener is a good deal if you can get it tho for sure.

  176. Steven Ridley is out for this weekend! Should I start Blount over Joique Bell? I’m already starting Reggie Bush.

  177. dont like the deal. mcgahee looked good and obv that they dont want weeden throwing in redzone. giving up more than youre getting.

  178. Definitely Blount over Joique.

    I need some help – pick two to start: Blount, Rashad Jennings, Denarius Moore.
    My opponent is starting Pryor, so I’m a bit leaning on starting Moore.

  179. Who has Shady, can you get a deal for Brown? Maybe package Brown and one of your Wideouts to the Shady owner for an upgrade at RB.

  180. For Flex? I would do the same. San Diego’s defense is much more ripe for the picking than the Bengals.

  181. Well I need to pick 2, one for RB2 and one for FLEX. RIght now I have Rashad Jennings as RB2 and Moore as FLEX… still unsure about starting Blount as RB2 since Bengals are tough

  182. Well I have McCoy, Murray, Matthews, Ball, and Bryce Brown, so I wanted to consolidate. Yeah McGahee got the goal lines, but I didn’t think he looked too great. He’ll probably get faster, but T-Rich will also get more acclimated to the offense. Jacksonville stacked it against Richardson, so I don’t think he’ll be this unproductive for long. Bell did what he did against Minnesota… Pretty split opinion on the trade, but I already took it.

  183. I don’t have a tight end if/when Gronk doesn’t play this week. Should I Add a Tight End? If so, who should I drop?

    QB: A.Luck
    RB: M.Lynch, D.Murray, G.Bernard, M.Ball
    WR: B.Marshall, D.Jackson, J.Gordon, M.Austin, P.Harvin
    TE: R.Gronk
    K: A.Vinateri
    DST:: St.Louis, Tampa Bay(BYE this week)

  184. I just traded D. Williams and Edelman for MJD…I have Roddy White, Antonio Brown, and josh Gordon at WR…at RB I have Chris Johnson, Trent Richardson, Shonne Green, and Joique Bell. What do you all think of this trade for me?

  185. I would drop avant quick and pickup Blount…he is going to start! How many team league is this?

  186. Hell yeah….I would start Blount over Bell since Bush is back, but do remember that Bell gets the goal line carries and a TD can make or break his day.

  187. Blount and Moore for shore. San Diego gives up the most points to Starting QB’s this season. Pryor should have a good day,you just hope he throws the rock to Moore more.

  188. bigbobby…crazy photo…Big Ben?
    I think great trade for you, Both guys u traded will lose value DWilliams when JStew comes back and Edelman with Gronk and Amendola on the horizon. MJD has to go up.

  189. How you looking at WR? I think rolling with Bell is the safer option, if he doesn’t get Redzone that Reggie will pick it up for you. NE was using Blount more last week but Belichick can either make or ruin your day.

  190. Tough one, word in Philly is they’re trying to get Shady more passes. Playing Giants, a must win i can see them leaning on Shady as much as possible. Except for a TD against KC Avant hasn’t done much. I’d pick up Blount, dropping Avant. Eagles have TB next week, can’t see anybody picking him up. NE has NO, if Ridley misses another game you’ll have Blount to cover for SJax another week.

  191. Looking at your Team, Jeffery put up 20 for you last week, If he gets more targets due to Marshall’s foot, and / or has a good game. He might be projected for more points next week against NYG. Might be able to move him for a struggling WR, Nicks / Steve Smith / Wallace. As mentioned before if it’s the Shady owner, including Bryce might help in a deal. Need to bye a little time until you players come back.

  192. I have a lot of injuries right now and am considering dropping montea or Ben Tate for Blount. Looks like foster is taking over in Houston and Ball barely gets on the field. What do you think BeastNation?

  193. bcalum06 if you can turn Martin into T. Rich I’d make that trade. The talent levels are comparable and T. Rich has a MUCH better situation. I believe that Rice will turn it around, but that’s a little more of a dice roll. I’d leave Foster alone. Witten should be fine, but if you can turn him into Gronk without giving away too much I’d also do that as soon as you can. I hate owning Dallas players, and the only one I trust at all is Dez.

  194. In the long run I like Spiller to turn it around and Rivers to fall off. Stafford is gonna get you points all season long. Don’t make that trade.

  195. Robert Griffin is available in 2 of my leagues. Is he worth a speculative pickup for trade bait purposes?

  196. would you trade spiller or cj2k for brees, or neither?
    12 team 0.5 ppr league. start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex, 1 te

    qb is my weak spot (currently eli/pryor)

    the change to my team would essentially be:
    A) starting spiller + pryor/eli each week
    B) starting brees + steve smith/woodhead each week

  197. if you’re in a 12+ team league def worth a pick up. his health and confidence should only improve

  198. blount will help you win this week. ball and tate are better long term options. i wouldn’t want to drop either of them as they are prime lottery ticket type guys, but blount is def worth a pick up. anyone else you can drop?

  199. Vick or Stafford this week???

    And is henery/Vick a good QB/K combo? Crosby looks a lot more consistent than henery but I might just have to add him

  200. Yes!!! Have people already forgotten about last year? I mean I can understand the knee concerns but this man still has the talent to bounce back (cam newton 2012)

  201. Oh Yeah. Pick him up. He’ll get better as he gets healthier. You know they’re working on the corrections during the bye week. He’ll be past his bye week and that will carry value in itself.

  202. Nicks, Broyles, Austin – if he plays, Pettis, Finley, How would you rank them this week?

  203. Immediately in 12 plus team leagues, still worthwhile in 10 team leagues if you have space

  204. I think RG3 should definitely be owned, unless you have a really tiny bench and are rolling with no backup QB. Even if you don’t need him, someone will if only for a bye week, and will trade you a backup RB or better, which is better than what’s on the wire. And that’s not even acknowledging his obvious upside.

  205. Thanks, yeah I looked up slumpbuster and that’s is one of the photos that came up. Slumpbuster is my team name. Your definitely in a slump if you hit that…lol….i was thinking the same thing….MJD might even get traded…D.williams and Edelman were pretty much fill ins for me. I also have gronk, can’t wait until he comes back.

  206. I think it’s a nice week for Denarius: Chargers, DMC&Reece out, Pryor back.
    Blount should get a good workload, but the Pats gameplan always comes with some risk. Both are good flexes. I would lean towards Blount, but Denarius has the better chance at that big 10+ point play if you expect to need a big score this week.

  207. I don’t think Tate is droppable. Someone will surely pick him up. Try to trade him for the Foster owner if you need immediately help. I don’t think Foster is taking over . . . Tate will still get 10-12 touches long term, esp as Houston’s schedule gets easier. Ball . . . it depends — he can’t help you in the playoffs if you don’t make it.

  208. need some feedback on starting line up this weekend…i’m most concerned with using Mike Wallace…

    QB: Eli Manning
    WR: A. Boldin
    WR: M. Wallace
    RB: M. Forta
    RB: D. Murray
    TE: J. Thomas
    FLEX: W. McGahee
    DEF: Carolina

    BENCH: O. Daniels, T. Pryor, R. Gronkowski, S. Jackson, M. Austin, M. Ball, Tampa Bay

    yes i know i’m stocked up on RB’s. i’m trying to work out some trades to bolster WR, but nothing will happen before tomorrow’s games.

    not much on waiver wire except for Terrance Williams, Jeremy Kerley, Aaron Dobson, Jerome Simpson, Kendall Wright, Jacoby Jones.

    i was thinking of picking up Terrance Williams since Austin will most likely be out or ineffective.

    or should i stick with Mike Wallace?

  209. no way… in a 12 men league… the only RBs in the waiver are the backups of the backups… montee would be stashed by someone else if you drop him

  210. CIN front 7 is beast, and their secondary is banged up = NE will be throwing lots.
    Moore is going against one of the worst passing D = better matchup.

  211. If there was ever a game to stick with Eli, this is it. Eagles will put up points, meaning more Eli throws, and PHI is dead last in QB points against.

  212. Cool I droped Tampa for Fleener, it was between Fleener, Clay, Rudolph, Gresham, Chandler, and Graham.

  213. would you trade spiller or cj2k for brees, or neither?
    12 team 0.5 ppr league. start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex, 1 te

    qb is my weak spot (currently eli/pryor)

    the change to my team would essentially be:
    A) starting spiller + pryor/eli each week
    B) starting brees + steve smith/woodhead each week

    my current rbs are spiller, cj2k, gio, woodhead. wrs: garcon, colston, s smith, harvin

  214. I would trade either for Brees. Eli could turn it around though. His upcoming schedule looks very good for him. If you can do it and keep Eli, then use him for trade bait after he blows up vs. PHI, DAL, WAS

  215. I’d hesitate to give up a RB for Brees and be left with only CJ/Gio/Woodhead. With PPR, QB is slightly less valuable… I guess if you are 0-4,you could go for it, but I wouldn’t feel great going 12 more weeks with CJ/Gio/Woody.

  216. If someone accepts a RB for Brees take it. I think Eli will bounce back in the next couple of games.

  217. Both have good matchups, but this is the kind of week that you start Vick. If you don’t want to start him in this matchup against NYG, then you should try to trade him.

  218. alright guys need some help this week on who to start, pending on injuries, any thoughts are appreciated.

    have just woodhead available at RB.

    for WR/TE, need to pick 1. have CRUZ and MARSHALL @ WR and GATES @ TE starting.

    need 1 out of the bunch. will rank 1st to last as far as who i think should start. THOMPKINS, J. FINLEY, S. SMITH, R. WHITE, M. AUSTIN.

    very hesitant with THOMPKINS and NE this week.

    ALSO, for those who love FANTSY FOOTBALL, what should i do with the BEARS D?

  219. The trade is risky, so only do it if you feel you need to make a move. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with CJ/Gio/Woodhead, but CJ/CJ2k/Gio doesn’t feel great either…

  220. finley is the safest and any could hit a homerun so i’d go finley

    regarding bears d. i would try to grab someone else this week but dont drop them. do u really want to start a d vs NO?

  221. line up question for this week. start steve smith or mike floyd? smith going up against peterson scares me

  222. thanks for the help uncledunkel. think the same thing with FINLEY, that game has a better chance of him scoring than THOMPKINS, just somewhat hesitant with his concussion he had earlier.

    as far as BEARS D, im very limited in roster spots, dont think i can drop them this week and think i have to eat whatever they score. not in love with it, but they do get ELI and GIANTS next week, hope they are healthier then.

    FOR YOU, im the same way with not starting SMITH this week, he can hit the homerun every once and a while and makes you look like a genius, but then when he has a week like this against a top CB, and does nothing, we’ve all been there with him feeling tons of regret with starting him. i think he is used more as a decoy which sucks for FANTASY. think you have a better chance of some more pts with FLOYD, but its close.

  223. haha ok, as i write this, im now hearing that LEON HALL and his backups are out for the BENGALS against NE. im now rethinking that whole game, anyone with any insight on this?

  224. your rb situation is ugly but i would take this trade anyway. brees is worth more than either of those backs. you can stick with the eli/pryor experience and flip brees for a couple of rb2’s if you’re lucky. there seems to be a budding romance b/w rivers/woodhead so that was a nice pickup for you

  225. Trade of the year here… do I part with McCoy?

    My Team:

    McCoy Murray L. Bell Mathews McGahee Bryce Brown
    Marshall DJAX Gordon Blackmon M. Austin
    Clay Miller

    I am being offer Megatron, Jimmy Graham, and Lamar Miller for McCoy Gordon and Clay. Seems like I should take it but I am nervous about my RB1 being Murray and my RB2 being the juiciest matchup out of the rest. Thoughts?

  226. What do you think about Matt Ryan the remainder of the season? Roddy hurt again and Julio maybe out for the year. Have Big Ben as my backup, think I should find another option through a trade?

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