It does not matter what your regular season record is, as long as you make the playoffs.  

You could be 14-0, and lose in the 1st Round of the Playoffs.

You could be 7-7 and win the entire thing.  

It is all about getting hot at the right time, just like in real sports.


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  1. Monty Fall? Or Ball? It’s a nasty bye week for me and I needs to drops BAD for roster fill-ins, Munt, were you wrong about Ball? I’ll follow, just say keep him, but please don’t let foolish pride get in the way!!!! I am not doing so hot in the league.

  2. 12-team ppr league, need to add one for ROS, who has the longest term value?

    Greg Jennings, TY Hilton, Mike Williams?

  3. Monty Fall? Or Ball? It’s a nasty bye week for me and I needs to drops BAD for roster fill-ins, Munt, were you wrong about Ball? I’ll follow, just say keep him, but please don’t let foolish pride get in the way!!!! I am not doing so hot in the league.

  4. ty then jennings then williams. freeman in minnesota might help jennings but williams dropped from 1/2 in targets to 4th under glennon

  5. If there were ever a week that Ball would get touches, it should be this week vs the Jags.

  6. Jennings will probably see more targets with cassel then freeman , and TY is the home run threat we saw Sunday . Pick your poison

  7. Garrett Graham takes a bump in value for sure but the question is, Can Schaub get hit the ball or will it be TJ Yates. Both may rely on him as a safe option since Schaub is pick 6 city. Yates can sling it but the TE is always a new QBs best friend.

  8. I’m on that same page he’s gotten some looks with Daniels in I like it as a sneaker

  9. TY is the choice. Better QB and perhaps this week jump starts him. Jennings gets Freeman but the will still rely on Purple Jesus.

  10. Trying to decide on WRs to start this week. Got DeSean, Cobb, T. Smith, J. Gordon, and Alshon. Was thinking DeSean, Cobb, and T. Smith, but not sure if Cobb, T. Smith, J. Gordon would be better this week.

    Also, is it a bad idea to start both Spiller and Fjax? They’re going to have to run a lot and Fjax looks good.

  11. Owner willing to trade away either Chris Johnson or LeVeon Bell for a WR.
    I want LeVeon the most… offered Steve Smith. If he asks for Josh Gordon/Vjax do I still pull the trigger?

    I have Steve Smith, Josh Gordon, Vincent Jackson, Denarius Moore.
    RBs are McCoy, Montee, Blount, Rashad, JStew… super thin at RB so could definitely use this trade…

  12. Hard to let Gordon go when he is getting it done every week, hard to know what we’re gonna see from Vjax going forward.

  13. I like him as a pickup. safe shots to the TE from either the pick6 machine or the backup are coming with Daniels out he looks good from what we’ve seen this year

  14. Munt will say stuck with Ball per his strategy listed above. He said the same thing last year with Jaquizz Rodgers and nothing happened. It’s up to you – you’ve stuck with the strategy this far.

  15. Vick injured and not feeling safe starting Eli this week vs. Bears.
    Put in waiver to get Cutler but not sure if I’ll get him as I’m #10 on waiver order. Get Nick Foles as backup plan or just stick with Eli?

  16. Cutler may still be there unless you’re behind the Matt Ryan owner in waiver priority. Foles will go against TB and Revis on the road. The Book of Eli says whenever you think he is at his worst, he’ll turn it around.
    If you don’t get Cutler of the wire, I’d say roll with Eli since they have no run game at all and he’ll have to air it out. Plus, Chicago just lost another D lineman for the year, so their pass rush may take a hit.

  17. I’d go with Eli over Foles. Bears give up a ton of yards, but they do force turnovers usually.

  18. They both have been producing so far, who are your other RBs? WRs look good, unless Vick plays, then u have to start Desean

  19. I like Hilton’s big play ability, but I think Freeman will eventually take over as QB and he’ll make Jennings very viable. I like him ROS just a tiny bit less than T.Y. with better upside since his value wouldn’t be tied to the homerun.

  20. gronk or J. Thomas at TE…or should I play them both…use one as flex….I also have giovanni, spiller, lacy…need help guys…!!!!??????

  21. cobb, smith, gordon….smith has been very need him and the other two can and may go off..!!!

  22. I plan to pick him up. He was already getting looks in the redzone and endzone so that should increase at least marginally. He’s an athletic TE who’s situation has gotten a lot less congested.

  23. I’d trade VJax for Bell in a heartbeat. The Tampa QB situation is in flux and Bell is gonna get almost every carry in Pitt. I’d rather have Smith than Jackson at face value.

  24. I would play Gronk. JT as flex might be okay. Jacksonville defense is fairly soft in defending TEs. Spiller sounds like the safer option though just because Bills have to run.

  25. need inputs fam…

    spiller/torry smith


    demarco/ martellus bennett

    i really need a consistent wideout week to week. Current wideouts are

    d.jackson/boldin/austin/mike williams

    current rb’s are
    r.rice/bush/joique/demarco/mcghee/monte ball

    thinking of releasing austin

  26. Any advice would be extremely appreciated!

    I have been offered either Newton/RG3 and McCoy for Peyton Manning

    I’m currently 5-0 in the league, would this make my team better in the long run?

    QB: Manning
    RB: Peterson, Lamar Miller, Pierce, Ball, Mendenhall
    WR: Amendola, Nicks, Wallace, Hopkins
    TE: Graham, Gronkowski

  27. I’d say start Gronk and put Spiller in the flex. He’s too explosive and having a 1st round draft pick in your flex position seems like a low risk, high reward situation if he breaks out

  28. I have Julius Thomas and Gronk.

    I have been offered these two trades:

    Thomas for Moreno and Gronk for AJ Green.

    Proposed by two different owners. I’m kinda struggling @ RB. I have Rice and Trich.

    Which deal should i roll w/ Beast Nation?

  29. I would not trade Gronk. He’s got Brady behind him and will be a fresh weapon for NE’s offense. Moreno is not enough. I wouldn’t do either trade.

  30. Tough one. Normally I would say play both, but I really like Bernard’s skill set against the Bills. They allowed McGahee to go wild last week and Bernard has far more speed, wiggle and drive than he does. That said, Brady will get Gronk involved immediately and Payton and co. could drop an Oregon Ducks score on the lowly Jags. I’d go with Thomas and Gronk.

  31. I would try to Trade Thomas for A.J. Green. It’s about to be the Gronk show in NE, and you didn’t hold him all this time to let him go just before the curtain goes up. T. Rich and Rice will play better down the stretch almost certainly, so I’d use the extra TE and turn him into a stud WR who’s underperforming so far.

  32. With Woodhead playing like a legit #1 in a system that’s perfect for him, do you guys think Mathews is droppable for Zac Stacy in an 8-Team .5PPR league?

  33. Who do you like ROS. TY Hilton or McGahee in a nonPPR league? Was offered a trade for my McGahee.

    Currently, no use for McGahee with Doug, Ray, and Giovani as the starters.

  34. I’m in a competitive 10-team standard league, and was lucky enough to draft both David Wilson and Roddy White. QUESTION: Is it worth stashing either or both of these guys in hopes that they bounce back later on, or do I drop/trade them now for the latest waiver wire craze?

  35. U can probably get away with dropping Wilson now, but I’d hold on to White until after the bye to see if he’s healthier.

  36. Not sure I’d take that at this point. Welker looks phenomenal in Denver’s offense. I do think that moving Jackson would be a good idea though. I think Atl could shut it down if White can’t rebound from two leg injuries and Julio is indeed done for the year.

  37. You’re undefeated. Amendola and Gronk should only get better. And you have AP and Peyton. Don’t do anything.

  38. P Harvin is reportedly back and practicing with the team, haven’t heard anything about when he’s expected to suit up though

  39. non ppr. trade andre johnson [i have serious injury concerns]+ reggie wayne for dez bryant?

    wrs: andre johnson, wayne, boldin, nicks, harvin, shorts

  40. andre johnson + wayne for dez

    i have serious injury concerns with andre.

    non ppr. my other wrs: andre, wayne, boldin, nicks, harvin, shorts

  41. Follow up on the McGahee for TY Hilton trade. A different owner offered me Steven Ridley for McGahee straight up. Non PPR

    Do it? I have the bench depth to take the risk with Doug Martin, Ray Rice, and Giovani as starters.

  42. What’s up BEAST? In one of my leagues an owner dropped his qb for another. R. Wilson for A. Smith. Which I’m sure he’s kicking his ass after this weekend. Well, my situation is this; use my #3 waiver pick on R. Wilson. I have Romo and will role with him all year (thanks Munt). But is Wilson worth the pick up and loss of #3 spot? I think he’s a #2 type qb, but maybe he’s someone to package and upgrade somewhere else. By the way other QB’s on waiver: Big Ben, Bradford, Tannehill, etc. Thanks BEAST NATION!

  43. if you had a more reasonable rb2 i would definitely sit. however, shady is a huge upgrade over lamer miller

  44. i didnt look at the rest of your team. reject this trade and use the graham cracker to get another rb1 and maybe wr2

  45. Last week, Munt wrote that if you need the roster space to drop M. Ball. However, he’s also still expecting Ball to play a role this year. In one league I needed space and had to drop Ball, but I’ll get him back on my team sooner than later. Anyway, Moreno and Hillman took some hard strong hits this past weekend and I think it’s just a matter of time.

  46. THOMAS you are crazy if you think McGahee went wild last week than you clearly do NOT watch football on thursday nights are you aware that there are games on THursday….Josh Gordon! Dont get me wrong I LOVE McGahee but he has lost a step and I highly doubt the browns are going to be leading in most games they play. He is SLOW and he had like 4-8 goalline carries I cannot remember but I personally would not feel safe with him, I would personally roll with either ZT…THANKS MUNT! I would go with ellington of MC.

  47. Dez has put up the type of #’s that I don’t think he’s for sale. If an owner would go for it good luck.

  48. rice and trich should be fine (munt’s 11 and 4 ros). i would take green for gronk or thomas unless youre solid at wr. otherwise sit tight and make em beg

  49. Packaging is the only way to move forward. Maybe an owner will like the 2 for one idea and you’ll something useful, a roster spot, and less of a headache. White hold onto

  50. In a league that size; Yes. Just like woodhead came along, so will other backs with opportunities. Matthews has never done anything with his.

  51. Should I consider a trade where I get Danny Amendola and Harry Douglas for Steven Jackson? I already have Lynch, D. Murray, McGahee, Bernard, and Powell at RB and can only start 2. My WR’s are Welker, Nicks, and Josh Gordon, starting only 2 again. Thanks everybody!

  52. my WR: Jordy Nelson, Roddy White(bye), Mike Wallace and Julian Edelman

    Waiver Wire: Cecil Shorts, Keenan Allen,Greg Jennings, Percy Harvin(i’,ve read he is almost 100%)

    I wanna drop Mike Wallace and Edelman now that gronk is healthy

    What do you think guys ??

  53. i’ve read that douglas should be considered a WR3/4 at best, has never been a workhorse

  54. I like the deal spiller is a ? every week and i see demarco is a but low.
    Bennett for sure replaceable

  55. dez owner is also a julio owner. his other WRs are vincent and stevie johnson so he has absolutely 0 confidence in those guys

  56. Munt’s prediction of ball is following his prediction of Jaquizz Rodgers last year… neither has amounted to anything, but that doesn’t mean he wont. It’s your call. Munt has said for weeks – follow his strategy above and win the playoffs. Trouble is, if Montee ISN’t the guy we’re all waiting for in the playoffs… well, then we’ve wasted a spot all year. Good Luck, MANY of us are in the same boat.

  57. id keep manning, no one in the league comes close to his value, is that j graham or g graham, if jimmy u could trade a te for a stud rb

  58. What do you guys think of picking up Jonathan Stewart? Too early? Waste of time? D. Williams is also available on the wire (prob cause of NO TDs to make him dance)

  59. 1PPR, No Flex. Owner really wants Lynch to pair with AP. I need to upgrade WR.

    He’s offering Amendola, Brown, Lacy, LMiller for Lynch and RWhite.

    I have:
    WR: DBryant, RWhite, SSmith, RWoods, JKerley, SHill
    RB: Lynch, DMurray, DMC, BPowell
    TE: Clay, Owens

    He has:
    WR: BMarshall, Amendola, ABrown, Decker, Washington
    RB: AP, Lacy, LMiller, C2K, LBell
    WR: Cameron

    Accept? Counter? Reject?

  60. who is the better WR pick up for PPR league?

    Keenan Allen or Terrance Williams

    some thoughts below…
    – i have Miles Austin and i’m assuming he’ll take back his spot whenever he gets back from his hamstring injury. my only concern is how long can Austin hold up until another injury occurs?

    – K. Allen looks good, but wondering about his consistency

    both teams like to throw the ball A LOT, but i’m leaning towards K. Allen at this point.

  61. Guys I need to make a trade..Thinkin about going for an elite qb…

    My Team:
    QB: Kaep/rivers
    WR: DJax/Gordon/blackmon/white/boldin
    RB: mccoy/forte/murray/matthews/mcgahee
    TE: gronk/jthomas

    His Team:
    QB: Brady/flacco (he seems low on brady)
    WR: tsmith/vbrown/amandola/vjackson/jjones/ajeffery
    RB: fjackson/AP/dthomas/tate/ball
    TE: Zach miller

    Im really want Brady. Im thinkin about giving up Jthomas/kaep for Brady

    or jthomas/kaep/forte for brady/AP?? (dont think he’d go for that though..maybe shady instead)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated BeastNation…open to all suggestions cause ive never done a trade

  62. ditto @Thomas. You definitley need Bell on your roster and VJax is in a messy situation in TB. I would say Gordon > SSmith > (VJax = DMoore). Yes, DMoore is currently even with VJax until TB can figure out their offensive side

  63. do you have any other position you need to upgrade? if so, who’s left on waiver that you could pick up?

    if u need a QB2 (or possiblye use for trade), i would rank Wilson > Tannehill > Big Ben ~ Bradford

  64. Man Id go williams just cause austin seems to be fading away with his injuries. Keenan wont be as consistent…Look at eddie royal (it will be a toss up between those 2 week in and out. Romo likes to bomb it and dez will continue to take away the attention so I def see williams getting more big games opposed to Allen.

  65. is there anyone else you’d be willing to trade instead of J. Thomas? maybe a WR or RB?

    if he is low on Brady, then i’d think you’re giving up too much since Thomas’ value is very high right now (especially after past weekend’s game). i view him a top tier TE (same class as Gronk and J. Graham).

    another question: who would u get for back up TE if Gronk’s gets injured or as bye week fill in?

  66. Not a great idea to start both on a given week. Terrible idea to start both vs CIN w/ no QB to keep them honest. Just because they MUST run without a QB doesn’t mean that they CAN.

  67. That’s a reasonable trade, but you can’t do it. Just trade Graham or Gronk for a better RB2. Find the team that has a combination of bad TE and at least 3 solid RBs.

  68. 2 crap offers so far. You can do better than TY or Ridley. Just cause TY had one big game that owner is selling high.
    Definitely don’t do Ridley. Who are your WRs?

  69. If you can stash Roddy until the playoffs, do it. once healthy he is the #1 receiver, and by playoffs both him and SJax should be healthy going against GB and WAS in fantasy playoffs.

  70. I think that sounds pretty reasonable for both of you. I like your WR depth too, so go for it.

  71. 12 team PPR, Just lost Julio but got offered Roddy/Montee for Marlon Brown/LeVeon Bell.
    My team:
    QB: Stafford, Vick
    RB: Charles, T-Rich, Gore, LeVeon Bell, Bryce Brown
    WR: Amendola, Jordy Nelson, Josh Gordon, Marlon Brown
    TE: Graham
    His Team:
    QB: R Wilson, Bradford
    RB: Alf Morris, Rice, Montee
    WR: DJax, Colston, White, A Jeffries, Cordarelle Patterson
    TE: Finley, Rudolph
    I’m thinking I’ve got time to wait for White to heal up, gives some WR insurance, still got depth at RB, do it?

  72. damn, he wants the BEAST then he’s gotta pay: BMarshall. Lynch dropping to Lacy or Miller is nowhere near the upgrade you are getting at WR. Roddy should also be stashed for playoffs.

  73. I like the JT/Kaep for Brady, bc I don’t see much value in Kaep going forward. If they DO see value in Kaep, then you’re giving too much. They need RB depth, which you also have. play that angle to get an idea of how they see Kaep: Kaep/McGahee&Mathews for Brady.

  74. This depends on your view on Montee. If I had Montee on my bench, i would leave him stashed there, but Montee in this trade adds no value for you due to the risk he never gets the starting job. You’re giving up a low end RB2 for 2 lotto tickets that you hope payoff. You can afford it, but you could get better for Bell. maybe Bell/Brown for Djax/White? I do agree White is a good stash for playoffs.

  75. Looking for some help with WR analysis.
    Looking to acquire Nicks and RWhite. The owner doesn’t value Nicks and I think last week is the first of many big games, including SD in fantasy playoffs. I like Roddy’s playoff run against GB and WAS now that he is the WR1 in atlanta and SJax will be back then as well.
    I have Wayne, Amendola, Antonio Brown, Miles Austin.
    Wayne- my best receiver, but hate his whole upcoming schedule especially the playoffs.
    Amendola- makes me nervous with the groin, and also has a bad playoff schedule.
    Miles Austin- makes me nervous with the hammy, but also plays GB and WAS in playoffs.
    ABrown -is the only one I feel good about. He’s proven he gets targets even though his offense sucks. LeVeon should open up the passing game at least some. plays GB for fantasy super bowl.
    So… I’m thinking Miles Austin + Wayne or Amendola for nicks/Roddy. thoughts? disagree with any of my assessments??

  76. I was thinking of using Graham and Gronk as TE and Flex week-to-week as both have the potential to put up huge points. Would I be better off upgrading my RBs and getting rid of one of them?

  77. I dropped him earlier, hasn’t hurt yet, but this week in a blowout-might be the awakening

  78. Drop Wilson, loved him from Va Tech, had him last year-didn’t
    Produce, same this year-good luck

  79. Nation I have a waiver question. I should have the priority this week, and both Blackmon and Alshon Jeffery are on the waiver wire (I would have grabbed Blackmon last week but I was stuck making pickups for my injury ridden/bye team). Who do I grab for ROS? My current WR’s are J.Gordon/Nicks/Amendola/S.Smith/TY.Hilton, so I am not struggling at WR but I have room from dropping Bradshaw for a difference maker.

  80. I like your assessment, but does anyone in your league think Miles Austin is anything above waiver fodder at this point? BeastDomers see the potential, but hard to imagine anyone else does. That guy spent high picks on White/Nicks, may need to pay a bit more. If you can do pull it off, you should.

  81. I’d pick up Alshon…Smith has looked old (he dropped an easy TD last week)…Amendola will get hurt again, Nicks can’t stay healthy.

    I like Blackmon’s talent better but I have a feeling the Jags will keep shoving Gabbert down our throats unless he’s hurt.

  82. I’d go with Stacy…I think Harry could be a good PPR guy if your league awards those kind of points. But Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White will get the red zone looks.

    Stacy showed some juice last week

  83. why sell kaep low when you can sell rivers high? try jt+rivers for brady+amendola. he’s flush enough at wr to consider this

  84. I’m looking to improve my starting lineup via trade, and thought I’d get some second opinions.

    10-team PPR league, looking to package for a stud RB like Charles.

    I currently have 2 open roster spots(streaming D/ST and another due to trade) but here’s my roster:

    QB: Stafford
    RB: Forte, Morris, Spiller, Le’veon Bell
    WR: Cobb, Garçon, Amendola, Jefferey, Shorts, Hopkins, Bowe
    TE: Cameron

    Any ideas on how to get Jamaal Charles or similar? Charles owner has Lamar Miller as his RB2, Mathews on the bench, and not much after that. He also has Marshall, Cruz, and not much else at WR.

  85. hey guys wondering if this was a good trade for me. I have whitten and julis thomas and the guy I am trading with has peyton so naturally he wants thomas and im ok with whitten for the rest of the season. he wants Thomas and MacGhee for his doug martin. i have marshawn lynch as my Rb1 so having Doug Martin would be great just want to make sure I am not giving up to much.

  86. Thanks for the insight guys on my McGahee for either TY Hilton or Ridley.

    I agree with you guys that I could get more for McGahee considering TY is pretty much a wR3 and Ridley is less than McGahee who is considered a low-end RB2.

    Currently right now my WR depth in a 14-man nonppr league is the following: Demaryius, Garcon, Miles, Hopkins, Mike Floyd

    We start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex in our league. Given my depth in RB I’ll be using a 3RB, 2 WR approach for the foreseable future and McGahee can be in the mix when my RBs are on a bye week.

    RB Depth: Martin, Ray Rice, Giovani, McGahee, Helu, J Stewart on IR slot.

    Only thing is there is that many trade partners in our league considering the size as a lot of teams with upgrades to my positions have only that one start player.

    The 2 for 1 trade ideas that I had in mind involving McGahee would involve these players on my roster:

    Garcon For AJ Green
    Giovanni For Spiller
    Stafford For Brees (A Big Stretch).

    Any other players I should target?

  87. Beastnation, who wins in this trade…Luck, Marshall & G.Bernard… for Doug Martin & Brady? 6pt passing TD, .5ppr

  88. I’d go with Alshon. There are less passing options in Cleveland, Alshon is the safer pick in my mind.

  89. Who are your other RBs? McGahee is looking to have a role similar to Martin: lots of touches including red zone/goal line, but offense is still unknown.
    Obviously they don’t value Doug Martin much right now, so I would try for a bit more, maybe a WR upgrade for you as well?
    Show your and their roster for best advice…

  90. I would package Spiller and whatever WR they want, maybe even 2 depending on what you get back. You got loads of WR2s that you can just play best matchups with. Try to feel them out for how much they like your RBs.

  91. harvin has been hitting the rehab hard i new york, and has been running..he is ahead of schedule also. He tweeted week 7 return a while back, but probably around week 9 or 10 more than likely

  92. i Hope it means more catches out of the back I got white and jackson in 1 im hoping white hits that rehab up hard with the bye week..hope his hammy is minor.

  93. yeh wait on gronk to put a big game up, then pair him with somebody else to get a rb too. I wouldnt trade graham..hes will beast anytime he wants. You can still send out gronk trades now with hime playing this week…talk gronk up when you offer him to another team..promote him good.

  94. what are your receivers? your 2 rbs are fine. Trade gronk for aj..if you are good at wr, then upgrade and get a another solid rb

  95. keep white..if do not need wilson as a rb..drop him. If you have space you can hold on in hopes he come back score 1 or twice..then trade him off

  96. backfield is a mess in new england..vereen will be back week 11. you got bolden and blount playing. do not do it. Even though cleveland’s oline is suspect…mcgahee is getting alot of carries and is goaline back…thats make him rb2 range

  97. you can try to pair wilson with somebody else if you need a upgrade at a certain position..if not keep your waiver position.

  98. my andy luck and josh gordon for his brady and stevie j?

    qb: luck
    rb: forte, spiller, lamer miller, mcgahee, stacy
    wr: dez, cruz, gordon, v brown, austin, percy
    te: gronk, heath

  99. Thanks for the advice corey..just sent him kaep/mcgahee/mathews for brady

    Hopefully he’ll take it

  100. Wuz up BeastNation! Got a couple of questions. Im currently 5-0 in 1 leauge and i feel i need a rb upgrade and I also deciding on whether to play prater this week or go crosby (opponent has Rodgers). I am thinking about pairing garcon and someone to get a rb. Vincent Brown and Washington in on the waiver right now, so i could add 1 of them to replace garcon. Spiller owner is really down on Spiller right now..good by low. What other rbs to target also?
    My Team:
    charles/mcgahee/stacy/s jax/stewart/ball/mathews
    kc defense

    I feel i need a upgrade at Rb cause of Sjax aint certain yet, Mcgahee doesnt have the best oline and lacks burst, and stacy hasnt done enought yet. Thoughts please?

  101. yeh take good at rb, would be upgrading at qb, i like brady later with his weapons getting healthy

  102. I agree Brady will be a beast once Gronk comes back. I think the Colts are going to rely on TRich once he finally gets going this Monday Night. Pats RBs are a flock and means more throwing for Brady! Take the deal

  103. with Brady getting more weapons to work with I would lean toward him at QB, I like Gordon a lot more than Stevie but when you get Austin and Percy back you will be flush with receivers, take it.

  104. looking to pick up Harry Douglas for PPR league and need to drop someone.

    QBs: Eli Manning, Terrelle Pryor
    RBs: Matt Forte, DeMarco Murray, Steven Jackson, Willis McGahee, Montee Ball
    WRs: Anquan Boldin, Mike Wallace, Terrance Williams, Miles Austin
    TEs: Julius Thomas, Rob Gronkowski
    DEF: Carolina, Tampa Bay

    most likely will drop a defense (both had their bye weeks already) as i can’t see how i’m gonna drop any other player. if so, who should i drop?

  105. just trade of one of your te’s and get 2 wrs 1’s or 1 top stud wr..then harry can just stay on the wire

  106. He countered djax for brady…Any ideas?

    thinking about countering kaep/djax for brady/ajeffery

  107. Need help week 7, Sproles and P Thomas on bye, Wilson, Ivory on the bench. 12 team ppr with 8 bench spots, waiver wire very thin RB. Thinking about dropping Ivory if Wilson doesn’t show some life this week and picking up best available back between Hillman, Michael Bush, or D Brown. Also should I drop Lance Moore for Montee, I have Fitz, Nelson, Gordon, M Williams and Rueben Randle Three WR no flex.

  108. I got another question BeastNation. Im in a league where people do not like to trade at all..seems like they would rather lose then trade or gamble on a trade. Its a 10 team ppr league. 16 maximum roster size.
    My team: Currently 3-2 record
    bush/martin/mcgahee/stacy/s jax
    d bailey
    bucs defense

    Should i drop anyone from my team to pick up any of these of the waivers: vincent brown, marlo brown, mike williams, streater, d richardson, helu, peirce, michael bush, montee, ivory, bolden, jets def, rams d, lions def, texans def, pit def. ?

  109. I don’t see how you can drop anybody from your team unless the byes are biting or depending on how many starters for each position you have to play. It seems like you must only start 2 WR, in which case you’re good, but obviously starting 3 would be difficult. I’d drop stacy off your list first, don’t know if he’ll stay the starter, with Marlon being the one I like best on the waiver.

  110. If I were you I would take the texans D and get rid of the Buccs for this week at least, maybe longer. Otherwise I would say keep stacy for a week or 2 in case he wins the job and leave the rest on waivers. RBs are rare and stacy has the best upside out of the waiver RBs you listed (although I wouldn’t play him this wee).

  111. Running back and flex question:

    So, I just traded Murray, DJAX, and Clay for Jimmy Graham, Megatron, and Lamar Miller. Sad to see Murray go but couldn’t turn down that deal. McCoy is my RB1, but now I need to decide on a RB2 for this week. My options are:

    Le’Veon Bell, Willis McGahee, Ryan Mathews, Bryce Brown (really only deciding between Bell or McGahee)

    Also for flex are those 4 RBs and:
    Josh Gordon, Justin Blackmon, Miles Austin

    Need 1 RB, 1 Flex. Thanks!

  112. Rate this trade ‘DOME:

    Received: Megatron, Flacco, Ingram

    Sent Out: Andre Johnson, Sproles, McGahee

    My roster going forward:

    QB: Ryan (bye week)/Flacco
    RB: Doug martin/Demarco Murray/Le’veon Bell
    WR: Megatron/Welker/Nate Wash/Percy Harvin/Mike Williams
    TE: J Cook
    DST: KC
    Kicker: Bryant

    Dropping Ingram for an RB or TE ASAP…

    PPR League. How did I make out?

  113. Would it be worth giving up kaep/djax to get brady/ajeffery??

    Any thought beastnation??

  114. DeMarco Murray for TRich? I have Murray and I know Munt has TRich as a top 5 RB going forward. Murray is a beast but I might be looking at a slight upgrade here, plus he has an injury history. I have Doug Martin, CJ Spiller and SJax (the first two were also buy-lows for me) with Stacy as depth and Ball as a stash, so should I keep Murray for his playoff schedule, or take TRich for the upside with an elite offense that will ride him like a horse

  115. Thinking about trading Blackmon for Andre Johnson as well. Andre is a buy-low if I ever saw one, and I’m not 100% sold with Blackmon considering the offense he’s on. Andre is a top WR talent and he’s just dangling there… Do I go through?

  116. depends on your other wrs..its an upgrade at qb and alshon coming along now. so if you got other solid #1 wrs, do the trade

  117. Need K for this week. Been streaming kickers all year. Who has the biggest upside aside from the obvious.

  118. Kaep’s value will be great once he plays the crappy teams… which is from week 8 to week 13… I’d keep him till then

  119. Robbie Gould. Watch out for Mason Crosby to get his swagger back- his bye is over and he’s hitting the FGs now that he doesn’t kick off. Good ROS option.

  120. If you have a solid qb/offense.. go with kicker from the same team as your qb. If not choose a top 15 kicker from rankings this week.

  121. Go qb/kicker combo only if you have a solid qb in a solid offense. If not, choose a top 15 kicker from wk 6 rankings

  122. Trade Stafford/Murray for Brady/Wayne? Looking to upgrade Stafford

    My team
    QB: Stafford
    RB: Lynch Bush Murray Ball Bell
    WR: Welker D-jax Shorts Allen

  123. i’m not high on mcgahee so see if u can package him plus garcon or gordon for a rb. spiller, t-rich, martin all buy low candidates, and you’d have a decent chance at any of them. i’d go after martin 1st. then when sjax is back u could trade rb for stud te

  124. pretty close trade but i like the murray side better. i dont think staff and brady are that different. have you tried to offer straight up or with bell instead of murray?

  125. What up. Looking at a few trades (0.5 ppr league):

    1. Spiller for either Megatron or AJ Green? Which WR do you like ROS? Bit concerned over the injury with tron and a bit concerned about dalton with AJ. also I have gio and not thrilled about starting 2 bengals.

    2. Gio or Lacy ROS? how big of a difference? guys also has rg3/vick, gio + ? for lacy+qb?

    3. How to get Brady? owner is willing to talk, but I only have eli/pryor to offer back, rest of lineup:

    start 2rb, 2wr, 1 flex

    rb; spiller, cj2k, gio b, woodhead
    wr; garcon, colston, s smith, t williams, percy
    gronk/cook; kc d

    ALSO – ball & stewart available as FA. drop cook for one?

  126. 1. If you can swing for either WR I’d do it. Mega over Green.
    2. I like how Lacy looks with GB. High powered offense will open the field more for Lacy.
    3. It really depends on what he needs.

  127. Alright guys I really need some help here:
    My lineup: QBs- Eli/Luck
    RBs- Lynch/Morris/Woodhead/R.Jennings
    WRs-D. Thomas/Garcon/Roddy/Hartline/Greg Jennings/R. Woods
    TEs- Cook/Clay
    Bengals D
    J. Tucker

    BUT! Hillman, L. Blount, Daryl Richardson are currently FAs! L. Heankerson, N.Washington, Tate, Marlon Brown too as WRs.

    So, I got a trade offer: Send Lynch & D. Thomas for FJAX, M. Wallace, Antonio Brown OR Send Luck/Lynch/D.Thomas for Brady/Ray Rice/A. Brown/ Bernard Pierce.

    Please Please ANY ADVICE!!! I don’t know what movies to make!

  128. I think Spiller is too risky to give up 2 solid RBs (QB situation and FJax running well). I like your other 2 ideas, but both are a stretch depending on the other teams rosters. What about targeting Brady?
    Do you have any teams that look weak at RB? That can give you more value for McGahee.

  129. agree with other poster. Look for a team with bad TE, hopefully they have a top WR like Dez. package JThomas + Mike Wallace and they just might bite (I’m not real high on Wallace FYI).
    You actually have a traderiffic roster so you could target teams with bad TE and/or needing RB depth, and try to upgrade WR and/or QB.

  130. First advice: do not make any movies. Too much money. Too risky.

    second: those are 2 very awful trades sent your way. do not take either. say mean things to that owner.

    third: drop RJennings for Tate and stash him like a lotto ticket.

  131. Give Forte+TY Hilton to get Trent + Roddy?
    Thing is I can’t this week b/c I need TY for bye-week filler. Told owner to table it for next week. Still a good deal?

  132. I think he’s saying Golden Tate is on waivers not Ben Tate the RB. I agree if it is Ben Tate drop RJennings for Ben T but not for Golden Tate

  133. Depends on the rest of your team and what place you are in. It’s a huge gamble. TRich hasn’t done squat yet and Roddy is hurt and without Julio on the other side of the field he will see a lot more double coverage until (if) Julio gets back. I wouldn’t touch it.

  134. Who’s a better flex play (0.5 PPR): Helu, Miles, Montee (hoping starters rest after half time), StephenHill, Kerley, LeFell

  135. I agree wtih |corey|, do NOT make those trades. You are in good shape as is. Luck is always a pretty solid option, and only stands to get better with a (hopefully) soon-to-be improving run game, and Lynch and D.Thom have way more consistent value than Jackson, Wallace, or Brown. As long as Roddy continues to get healthier through the season, you’re looking at having a solid RB1/2 punch and two WR1s, and can choose between Woodhead, Hartline, Garcon, and Jennings at Flex based on matchups.

  136. Hey all, Thursday night question: Who do I start at Flex?
    Sproles, Le’Veon, or Alshon?

    Starting line-up
    QB: Romo
    RB: Foster, McCoy
    WR: Bryant, Decker
    TE: Davis
    Flex: ???
    K: Hauschka
    DST: Colts

    I’m not sure whether to roll the dice on Alshon tonight (can he go 3 in a row?), cuz I hate the risk of going into the weekend with a bust. Sproles can be really hit-or-miss, and Bell is going up against one of the tougher run Ds in the league.

  137. So far this season in games when Alfred has been healthy, Helu has had a combined total of 1 rush attempt and 5 receptions. Morris is participating fully in practice, so avoid Helu. Miles Austin appears to be participating in practice, and he’s going against WAS. If he’s even 80% he stands to have a decent game.

  138. I’d go Le’Veon. In the game against the Falcons last week, both Rodgers and Jason Snelling scored touchdowns.

  139. if you have a strong enough wr core already, do the trade..roddy is a #1 wr and he will be big later

  140. Yea I was talking about Golden Tate, my bad. Ahh it would be nice if Ben Tate were a FA though! LOL

  141. I currently have Cook & Clay as my TEs. Fleener is a FA right now on the wire though, do you think I should drop someone or one of these two TEs for Fleener? I also have Luck which could help…

  142. Although everyone rants about Cook and he has such a high own % (on ESPN)…he hasn’t produced since week 1. AND he’s on STL..TIME TO DROP?

  143. Thanks for the advice. They were both trade offers from my older brother LOL. Everyone in my league tries to lowball me with trades…my last offer from another guy in the league: Knowshon/R. Wayne for (My) Lynch/R. White. He has R. Bush, AJ Green, Jordy Nels, Spiller, J. Bell, B. Tate…I mean C’MON!!! This is the big boys league ($500 buy in-10 teams STD League) and they all think they can lowball me bc I’m 5-8 yrs younger than all of them. The reason I was even invited was bc of me winning the last two years in a smaller buy in with some of the same guys. I just want to win this league so I can shove it up all these guys a**s’ and get the trophy (and $2,700).

    **Anyway…i told my older bro of 6 years (I’m 22) to piss off along w/ the other guy (who has won two years in a row).

    Moving on…I’m debating about dropping Cook for C. Fleener (I have Clay on bye), but also, Hillman, Montee, and L. Blount are all FAs right now on the wire…no one has picked em up bc they have their teams locked in (since draft day…). Should I drop R. Jennings and maybe Hartline or R. Woods to pick up Hillman/Montee or possibly just drop Jennings for Blount or Hillman for now?

  144. If I were to drop one of the two it would be Cook. But I don’t think I would worry about Fleener, but that’s just me.

  145. I think you go with Bell. Cutler & Alshon are forming a great bond, but Marshall complained this week, so I expect he’ll get more targets. I don’t think Sproles is the man in NO this week. It will be another hefty dose of Jimmy Graham and dump-offs to P. Thomas ( I personally think he is the better fit at RB for this offense). The only real issue with Bell is whether or not he gets 85yds, 1 TD, or 45yds, 0 TD against that tough NYJ D. I think he goes for the former and gets you a solid 15 points this week.

  146. Smith vs GB or Nicks vs Chi? I think Cruz cuts Chicago to pieces tonight, but cannot figure out how I feel about Nicks. What are your thoughts?

  147. munt has been pushing the forte for t rich trade and knocking ty all season. good trade but u should ask for more.

  148. T. Smith had 85 yards when going up against Joe Haden. He’s proving to be a consistent receiver. I would play him.

  149. I’d probably go with Torrey. The Bears have given up an avg 159 yds + 1 TD / game to the opposing squad’s WRs, which is pretty middle-of-the-pack. GB: 190 yds + 1.5 TD / game to WRs. Torrey’s a top 10 WR right now, Nicks isn’t top 30 (granted he’s been <100%).

  150. Have forte, Moreno, miller, Ridley, and vereen at rb. Marshall, Cobb, Hilton, Blackmon, and Allen at wr

  151. Been offered a trade for Jimmy Graham: Spiller and Reggie Wayne. I also have Gronk as a TE and my receivers are amendola, Wallace, nicks, and Hopkins.

  152. Yeah there is a ton of 1-4 owners with a week RB crop where McGahee would be essentially their number 1 RB. But they don’t understand the severity of the situation as I offered a reasonable Garcon + McGahee for AJ Green. Only for them to counter trade AJ Green for McGahee + DT. Seriously delusional folks.

    Unfotunately, they don’t have any other player that would improve my Garcon. Only Cobb on one team or AJ green. Offering Amdendola for my Garcon + McGahee makes no sense as Garcon is the top self equivalant of a WR2 with weeks to crack into the WR1 category. Not much at all unfortunately.

    Then you have another owner that is 1-4 with Megatron and Brandon Marshall. And Levon Bell, Zach Stacey, and Marcel Reece as their RBs. Would be a decent crew had this league been set for PPR. But you start 2 RB, 1 Flex (RB/WR), and 2 WR in a standard league. Crazy owners I tell you. He ask for DT and Garcon for Megatron and claims that Zach Stacey and Reece are on par with McGahee. :)

  153. Allen is essentially the wr1 on his team. Williams will be sharing snaps with Austin when returns. I hope you went Allen

  154. I think I’d go Sproles. NO vs NE game will be featuring two explosive offenses, though NE hasn’t quite been lately. NE will have Amendola and Gronk back though so they should be scoring a lot of points. Sproles should have plenty of opportunities to get his points especially in a PPR league.

  155. You should absolutely take it. If you’ve read anything from Munt at all you’d know that Amendola will be a beast when he gets re-integrated with the offense. AP is the ultimate beast, but you already know that. Forte’s value as at the highest it’ll ever be right now and Cobb is playing 2nd fiddle to Jordy.

  156. I’m currently sitting in 1st place in a 12-team standard scoring league at 4-1. However, I’m concerned about my QB (I have Matt Ryan) and my RB corps even though I have AP (I have DMC who may play injured the rest of the year, and not much else).

    Should I deal AP, Ryan, and Stacy for Lynch, MJD (a buy low candidate) and Brady (another buy low candidate)?

    We start 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1TE, 1Flex, 1D/ST, and 1K. My team currently looks like this:

    QBs – Ryan, Flacco
    RBs – AP, DMC, Stacy, Jennings, Bolden, J. Stew (IR), A. Brown (IR)
    WRs – Welker, Jeffery, S. Smith, M. Brown, Cotchery
    TEs – Graham, Clay
    D/ST – Panthers
    K – Bryant

  157. Mpapa720 – If you could get those guys then do it… But if he doesn’t go for it don’t reach out too far. Wait to sell Matt Ryan after the bye if he has one good game.

    My situation:

    1) Dropped Julio Jones and picked up Harry Douglas.

    2) Currently have Terrance Williams and Keenan Allen
    Miles Austin and Vincent Brown are available as FAs

    Out of the 5 available, who would be the top 3? This is standard 10 team league

  158. whats his team looking like? I wouldn’t trade AP. that was your first pick of the draft! I would take a 3 for 1 if 2 BEASTS were coming my way for AP. pair Ryan with stacy and get Brady and one of his RBs. chances are hes losing a lot of faith in Brady. I paired Ryan with James Jones and got Brady and Gio. In the long run I think I get the better end of the stick there.

  159. My RBS: AP, Bush, Woodhead, Pierre Thomas. 2 RB, 3 WR format.

    Right now I am starting AP and Bush.

    Just wanted insight on this. If Calvin Johnson is ruled out of the game, would you start Woodhead instead of Bush?

  160. As the GRONK turns…
    Had JT, traded for Le’veon, grabbed Clay…
    Traded Le’Veon and Clay for CJ2k and Jennings
    Looks like Garrett Graham is next in line…
    (wonder what i’ll get for him in a few weeks)
    (Current) Word on the street Gronk will be a game time decision.

  161. Would trading my McGahee for Amendola be in working order? Have the RB depth in a nonppr league.

  162. I would probably roll with Sproles. I don’t like the matchups for McGahee and Jackson. Both Cincy and Detroit have stacked D-Lines.

  163. Taking on Amendola is an injury risk, but once the NE offense gets healthy and in sync Amendola is gonna produce great numbers. I’d take that trade.

  164. Hey beast nation, I need to ask what’s a better flex play since gronk will be a game time decision Montee, McGahee, or Anquan? Thanks

  165. Just took the trade. Thanks for the input. Our league starts 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex (RB/WR) and with a nonppr setting.

    The good news is Amendola is a low risk for my team at this point since I have Doug Martin, Ray Rice, and Giovanni at the helm for my 2 RB and flex positions.

    Plus my WR depth is now improved with Demaryius Thomas, Pierre Garcon, Amendola, Miles Austin, Mike Floyd, and Hopkins.

    Feeling good about my team in a 14-man showdown. Thanks!

  166. need trade advice. 0.5 ppr, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex

    my team:
    spiller, cj?k, gio, woodhead, ball
    garcon, Colston, s Smith, t Williams, Percy
    gronk, cook

    i can either trade spiller+t will for aj green


    spiller, cj2k, s Smith, Eli, t will for brees, Welker, fleener and r Mathews

    thoughts? i like both. obv the second would leave me but weak at rb (gio/woodhead/mathews), but think it’s better value overall

  167. What do you guys think of AP’s story fantasy wise? Truly very sad story indeed.

    Would you trade AP and Wilson for Charles and SJax given the other player agrees to it?

  168. Follow-up on the trade question. Earlier I’ve been targeting Jimmy Graham to bump up my TE production from Jordan Cameron. Would a Jordan Cameron + Amendola be a fair offer? Or am I paying too much.

    The owner was very close in biting for the McGahee + Cameron; stating that he’d like a solid RB2 for the deal. But with his WR crop in shambles as well in a nonpprr league, I’d figure this could do it? He has Stevie Johnson and Steve Smith as his WR1 and WR2 slot.

    What do you guys think?

  169. Was offered Trich for Decker. non ppr and think I need to get another healthy RB. what do you think nation?
    heres my team
    Decker/Welker/Nicks(all week 9 bye) D.Moore/R.White

  170. If you have the chance to get T-Rich, do it ASAP. He’s going to bust a move up the rankings once teams start to key more on Luck, this Colts offense is lethal. Honestly, who has a shoot out with teams like SF49ers and SeattleSH in back to back weeks?? Decker is a boom or bust type of player, given his back seat situation(on another team he’d be a stud, and Denver wont trade him because they know they may need to pull his card if a fellow teammate were to fall due to injury, this is a move of a team shooting for a SuperBowl Victory. Don’t worry about when bye weeks are, there’s always some WR in the WW pool that can pull you through a given week. If you can get T-Rich, you’ll have 3 legit RB’s along with Welker and Nicks which makes your playoff picture look great. Make the move and make your team a real threat. If your looking to obtain another WR, I’d try selling high on Lacy. Also, depending on the availability of your TE’s on the WW, drop Miller and add Charles Clay, Coby Fleener, or Garret Graham. And.. drop David Wilson, to pick up J.Stewart or Andre Brown. This will dramatically improve your team.

  171. Hey Munt or BeastNation! Who would you rather have on your roster and in what order out of; Bryce Brown,Andre Brown,J-Stew,Percy Harvin,Shane Vereen,and Miles Austin? I’m going to add whats suggested as long as its logical.

  172. I don’t think any of these options are that reliable. If you need to go Miles,Brown,Harry.

  173. He said he would give me brady for djax…seems like id be giving up too much at wr.

    He wouldnt take kaep/djax for brady/ajeffery

    Any ideas?

    I was thinking kaep/djax/mcgahee for brady/tsmith or vjackson
    kaep/djax/jthomas for brady/tsmith/celek????

    My Team:
    QB: Kaep/rivers
    WR: DJax/Gordon/blackmon/white/boldin
    RB: mccoy/forte/murray/matthews/mcgahee
    TE: gronk/jthomas

    His Team:
    QB: Brady/flacco (he seems low on brady)
    WR: tsmith/vbrown/amandola/vjackson/ajeffery
    RB: fjackson/AP/dthomas/tate/ball
    TE: Celek

  174. I’d take that deal. TRich is going to BEAST out. Once you hit the stretch you can trade out one of the RB’s for a solid Top 10 WR for the playoffs to someone hurting for a solid RB.

  175. I missed a deal on Gronk a couple of weeks back, but the current owner loves to trade and is most likely getting impatient (he dealt me Spiller and R. White for A. Johnson and Bowe a couple weeks ago). He also already owns Witten so he’s not hurting at TE. What does the nation think I should offer given the rosters (8 Team .5pt PPR)?

    Richardson, Martin, Spiller, S. Jackson
    Bryant, T. Smith, Jeffery, Blackmon, Shorts, White
    Gonzalez, Olsen

    Brees, Vick
    Powell, L. Bell, Ridley, Miller, D. Williams, MJD
    A. Johnson, Gordon, Austin, Bowe
    Witten, Gronk

  176. If you can get Brady/T. Smith for Kaep/Jackson/McGahee I’d definitely say do it, but it’s gonna be hard to sell since Smith can be as explosive as Jackson but doesn’t have as low of a floor and Kaepernick has looked horrible this season, so you’d be selling very low on him. If I were you I’d offer Rivers/Thomas/Jackson for Brady/T. Smith/Ball. You lose on the TE that you won’t be flexing over DeMarco Murray anyway (With your line-up Thomas is really the stop gap until Gronk returns and a Flex piece for byes, albeit a great one), but you get the better QB and the Better more consistent receiver, plus an RB with great upside in the fantasy playoffs. He will likely see Rivers as at least a temporary upgrade to Brady (especially now that Gronk isn’t playing Sunday) and Jackson a lateral move with Smith.

  177. If it’s still on the table after Forte’s so-so Thursday outing, absolutely take it.

  178. My RBS: AP, Bush, Woodhead, Pierre Thomas. 2 RB, 3 WR format.

    Right now I am starting AP and Bush.

    Just wanted insight on this. If Calvin Johnson is ruled out of the game, would you start Woodhead instead of Bush?

    Also, Keenan Allen, Deandre hopkins, or Robert Woods?

  179. Whats up Beast Domers!!! I have a trade question. D.Jax and Wallace for CJ spiller and Roddy. I am on the side giving up D.jax. I like the trade and am counting on Spiller and White to be playoff difference makers. What do you all think?

    At WR- I have Nicks, Jax, Shorts, Wallace, S.Smith, and Alshon.
    RB- McCoy, Charles, Murray, Wilson

  180. I would still start Bush over Woodhead, he should see alot touches and has a higher upside. Out of the three WR you listed for your WR3 I would go with Allen unless AJ is out for HOU then I would go with Hopkins.

  181. I like the trade a lot, for you. Wayne should be able to get you both of those guys, but Austin gives you the 2 for 2 tactic. If Roddy can get healthy he will be huge the last half of the season.

  182. I would not take this trade. I don’t think Roddy’s got DeSean’s upside, especially if he’s still not 100% AND will draw all the double coverage without Julio in the mix. RB isn’t really a need for you either as you’ve got three top 15 (maybe top 10) guys. If you want Spiller, low ball for him, he’s definitely buy low right now with his lackluster start to the season.

  183. Munt and BEAST NATION! Who do you think is the better own and will be of better fantasy quality when they get back to their team? Jonathan Stewart or Andre Brown?

  184. Tough to answer that. Gaints offense suqs and Stewart has to deal with Cam and Williams taking carries away. Brown can not come back until week 10 so just pick up stewart and if he suqs drop him for brown.

  185. I just don’t think you can play Woodhead over Bush because of his upside. Granted, the one occasion when Woodhead outscored Bush was last week without Calvin, but CLE sacrified a touchdown to opposing RBs in three of their first four contests, before giving up three to BUF RBs last week.

  186. Thanks. rejected the trade anyway. I do not know what they want as far a parity goes. That is a pretty even trade in my mind.

  187. QB Luck & Vick
    RB Jamaal & Mcgahee
    WR DJax, Amendola & Blackmon
    TE Jimmy Graham
    Flex Jordan Cameroun
    K Dan Bailey
    D Cleveland Browns
    Percy Harvin, Keenan Allen & Kenbrell
    Montee, Ridley & Jonathan Stewart

    I am thinking about offering Jordan Cameroun and Ridley for Dez Bryant. What do u think?
    Vereen, Andre Brown are also available on WW.
    Any advice to improve my team will be appreciated. Currently, 3-2. Good luck on Sunday!!!!

  188. You can try it but I do not think the Dez owner will bit. I would reject that shit instantly, but I have Gronk at TE and Charles, Lesean, and Murray at RB.

  189. Ridley doesn’t help sell that deal at all, and at this point no one is thinking about his upside. I think Amendola/Cameron is the bottom someone would take for Dez, as long their TE is serviceable. If they’re struggling at TE (Cook, Finley, etc.) it does become more appealing. If Cutler is on your wire you could pick him up to roll with ROS, and include Luck if the other owner has a shaky QB situation.

  190. I personally don’t like starting a TE in flex. I would prefer 3 good starting RB’s on my squad since they touch the ball more therefore have more opportunities to score. But looking at your bench, I can see why you would start Cameron at flex. IMO, You need better running backs, if Charles or NcGahee get hurt, (as RB’s tend to do), you are in serious trouble.

  191. Ouchhhh… S-JAX in week 2 (still not practicing now), and DeMarco in week 6…. RB core is thinning out like a hair on a bald guy

  192. Pick up Ellington, if he is available. Brown would be my next suggestion but he wont be back for a few weeks. I lost Murray also, and had wilson on the bench. I should have drafted better.

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