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  1. A. Bradshaw Julius Thomas and Josh Gordon OR Miles Austin
    B. Ryan Matthews Danny Amendola

    Team trading Thomas has Gronk. Team trading Dola has no rb depth (still wont I guess) but does have Jackson Boldin.

    Or is this a pretty even trade either way?

    I will answer first question i see :D

  2. MY TEAM:
    E. Manning
    D. Jackson
    (Pryor, Ball, Tate, Amendola, Helu and Daniel Thomas)

    Been offered:
    Brady, gates, V Jackson, D Wilson for M. Lynch


    R. White, TY Hilton and Luck for D. Jackson, Tate, and E. Manning

    Def need an upgrade at QB and other thoughts? Should I take one or both???

  3. I’m concerned over Dola’s health (I have him too). If I could drop him for J. Gordon AND get Thomas I’d do it.

  4. Feels like Team A is giving up a little too much.
    Dola is out 1-2-3-4 ? weeks and both austin/gordon are in good situations

    What other WR are on A and B ?

  5. Team A has Nicks/Austin/Gordon/Lance Moore/ Harvin
    RB BACK UP- Ball
    Team A HAS in 2 qb:
    Those WRS
    Charles/bush/bradshaw/montee ball
    Team B has Jackson/Boldin/emmanual sanders/demarius moore.
    Team B HAS
    WRS Listed
    Foster/Wilson/Matthews/Bryce Brown
    TE: Witten

    Team B just threw in Demarius Moore (little value but figured id put it in) it just got accepted my league is debating who did better.

  6. Selling way too low on Julius Thomas. He’s a top 4-5 TE. That should get you at least a real RB2/WR2 caliber in a trade. Miles Austin/Josh Gordon are flex and Amendola could be out for weeks and/or will be out for weeks in the future with another injury. Why trade for someone so high risk with what should be a high priced TE?

  7. WR: R. Cobb, R. White, J. Gordon, M. Williams, L. Moore, K. Thompkins
    TE: J. Cook, J. Thomas

    Was offered J. Finley and D. Hopkins for J. Thomas and one of my weaker receivers. Worth giving up Thomas for a gamble on Hopkins? My WRs have been disappointing overall so far.

  8. If Harvin and Dola get healthy team A ends up looking damn good in the long run. A has Nicks/Percy/Dola in a few weeks which is a deadly WR set

  9. Thats what im thinking, the concern is can he really make the playoffs like this?

    I will say I think we have seen about the best of Thomas (easy to say after week one) and Dola is elite potential per game while Gordon all-beit good. Is not in the same tier.

    Then the thing is Matthews and Bradshaw is almost a wash. Bradshaw might have Slight advantage given his new situation.

  10. I already asked this before but I traded Vick straight up for Amendola.
    I now heard amendola might not come back until week 8 but I do have Kaepernick.

  11. I’m really weak at RB on one of my teams…

    Must start 2 RB. No Flex. Non-PPR
    CJ Spiller
    Fred Jackson
    Ahmad Bradshaw
    Daryl Richardson

    Am I crazy for considering Playing both spiller and Jackson??

  12. You throw away your season if you make that trade. DO NOT TRADE THE STUD RB. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOTTT

  13. Dont do either trade. and that is strictly based on injury concern and im of the notion that Eli will be better than luck.

    EVEN IF the QB is a wash or luck is better. You are giving up the best handcuff for a no start hilton

    Dont do either trade. and move on.

  14. Guys,

    Should I drop Romo and pick up Rivers, Palmer, or Alex Smith?

    I’ve been winning using Romo week 1 and then Cam week 2. Rivers has been showing up, although the Eagles D didn’t. He did do well against the Texans. Should just hang on to Romo? He and Cam have both been disappointing thus far.


  15. If Romo is your only QB and you have room for a 2nd Rivers is not looking bad so far. You cant drop Romo so it comes down to what you can drop here

  16. Absolutely do not drop Romo for any of those QBs imo… It’s only week 2, do not worry. Try really hard to get Dan Bailey, Romo works extremely well with the QB/K combo, one of my teams has both of them and even though Romo only had 16 pts w/ that scoring, Bailey put up 14. So 30 combined. Saved his day and I won handily. And that’s even with Romo having a bad game.

  17. Romo will be fine. Munt suggests it’s his confidence, and I tend to agree. He’s got the offensive weapons around him to be a star this season. Hold onto Romo, as he will be a top 5 QB a decent number of weeks this season. Play the passing matchups vs. the running matchups with Cam and Romo. You’ll be very happy having both.

  18. The Colts will find the redzone, and Bradshaw will get touches while they’re there. There’s a good chance for Bradshaw to find the endzone most games, in my opinion. Spiller is on and off, but he’ll break away for a 50+ TD run soon and start plowing through every seam soon after. Play Bradshaw and Spiller next week.

  19. You can get much, much better for JThomas. Stay tuned – Munt will post good trade suggestions later this week.

  20. do you have cutler and eli on your team or are they both on the waiver wire? if eli is on the wire you should grab him

  21. yea, it all depends on when amendola comes back for me, if hes only out a couple more weeks then it was an OK trade, depends on who your receivers are too

  22. The Giant’s D is so bad, Eli will be forced to throw all season long just to keep them in the game.

  23. I would absolutely hold onto Romo. Especially over those QBs you listed. I would however try to acquire Dan Bailey, as the Qb/K combo works amazingly with Romo. I have them on one of my teams and even though Romo only put up 16 (with that scoring) Bailey had 14 and saved his day for a combined 30 and I won handily. This is with Romo on a bad day. He’s got the potential for huge numbers. Romo will see better days!

  24. I proposed 2 trades last week that haven’t been accepted, countered or denied. Wondering how beast dome nation feels about them in light of this weekend’s events.

    Trade 1: Giving up Gio Bernard and James Jones for Gronk
    Trade 2: giving up Gio Bernard and James Jones for Romo & Roddy White

    10 team PPR league.
    My other WR’s are Marshall, Boldin, Wallace, Miles Austin, Josh Gordon
    Other RB’s are S-Jax, MJD, Trent Richardson, demarco, montee
    TE: Gates
    QB: Stafford

    Thanks Nation!

  25. Pierce, no question. Pack has 1 100yd rusher in like 45 games. Be easy, pick Pierce. Also consider Pierre Thomas, if avail., overlooked, and still prettay prettay prettay good.

  26. If you have rice then get pierce. I see Starks eventually either sharig touches with lacy or losing the job altogether to him, a slight chance he retains the feature back role but he hadn’t earned it to this point.
    Royal has been around awhile with minimal production before this unlikely outburst. I’d definitely take Hopkins if he’s available based on the sheer potential of him building off of his beast performance.

  27. Looking to shop Bradshaw for a reciever, possibly in a package. Beast nation how valuable do you view Bradshaw?

  28. QB: M.Vick, J.Freeman
    RB: L.McCoy, S-JAX, D.Murray, M.Ball, B.Brown, C.Ivory
    WR: J.Nelson, D-JAX, M.Austin, L.Moore
    TE: F.Davis
    K : A.Henery (QB/K)
    D/ST: Streaming
    12 team std scoring…
    I want to pick up a TE, probably Charles Clay… in a 12 team league most TEs are already gone… who to drop? Josh Freeman or Fred Davis?


  29. Drop Davis. Out-targeted by Reed. In this week’s haiku:
    “Fred Davis is outside of the Top 15 TEs. You can waive him in 10 man leagues.”

  30. i’m really weak at RB: Morris, Wilson, M. Ball, Ingram, Daniel Thomas, Helu. who is the waiver add this week at RB and who do I drop? Ingram drop? James Starks add?

  31. He’s a starting back now, with no one of note to take his touches I would say he is a low end RB #2. I think what you can get depends more on the teams your trying to trade him to. Find a team with weak RBs, make sure your not leaving yourself to thin at RB though, not sure how your depth looks

  32. That’s very close to me, I think I would try to keep 2 TE . The way freeman looks it would be hard to start him over Vick, but I could see playing matchups with those 2 TE, but it’s very close

  33. If you need a start this week I think I would waive Starks, the matchup isn’t great, but ray rice could play so without him being ruled out you don’t know what you will get. Odds are you only get one start out of Starks though with GB having a week 4 bye

  34. To tell you the truth, Munt’s haiku kind of caught me off guard (fred davis) … but as you said… right now… there’s no way I’m benching Vick… but injury worry is always a wall with Vick’s upside (josh freeman)…

    ahhh tough choice till waiver hits tomorrow

  35. I would say spiller and Bradshaw, the jets front 7 is underrated, but later on in the week, once munts rankings come out, thing will be more clear

  36. I think I like the roddy side better, odds are he will be back at 100% before dola, and gronk will be taking a lot of amendolas work when he does return

  37. I think I like the gronk one better, your pretty stacked at WR, although getting romo is appealing as well, I guess it depends on your confidence in stafford

  38. Is Percy Harvin worth picking up and stashing?

    I am thin at WR and am hoping Harvin can make an impact later on. I currently have Amendola, Boldin, Stevie, Hopkins and Thompkins. I would drop Thompkins for Harvin, what do y’all think?

  39. Owner in the worst way wants Julius Thomas, I also have Gronk on the Bench. His the type of owner who, his players have value – mine do not. He offered me LeVeon Bell and thinks i’m making out on the deal.

    He has Bolden, who I was going to counter for straight up, He also has Cam who he’s been complaining about. My QB’s are Romo/Freeman. Freeman will be dropped for my Punter position currently open.

    Julius Thomas for Cam straight up?

  40. I can tell you that if he’s that kind of an owner… this would be a no go… remember that FF trades are pretty much psychological and the kind of person the team owner is…

    if he values his player highly, no way he would accept a TE for a QB he probably picked in rd 3 or 4 (in 12 men std league).

    your best option is to walk away and let himget 0-3 and desperate

  41. Hello BEAST world. I’m usually a lurker, but really appreciate all the fantasy advice here. I’m in a tough spot with RBs and want a little extra advice. My team, including the lineup I hope to use Week 3, is:

    Matthew Stafford

    Randall Cobb

    Steve Smith

    Steven Jackson

    Ray Rice

    Julius Thomas

    Rob Gronkowski

    Marlon Brown

    Nate Burleson

    David Akers

    Streaming Denver these days

    Jacquizz Rodgers
    Andre Ellington
    Lance Moore
    Isaiah Pead
    Justin Blackmon

    Except I might not have Rice, Jackson, and Gronk this weekend. I can do fine without Gronk, but losing both my starting RBs is a HUGE problem and I have a pretty winnable matchup in Week 3. This is a 12 team league, not PPR.

    Trying to trade Julius for a RB like Ridley. Got offered Ryan Mathews for Gronk, but turned it down. And someone else owns B. Pierce.

    Any advice? Or do I just get run over this weekend like I did last weekend…

  42. I agree with Steve, walk away, if he want him that bad hell keep throwing offers until you bite, so just wait him out, Julius was second on targets last week for the broncos, he had more targets then welker and I think demaryius

  43. Try to get Bell and Boldin if u can. Boldin did just get shutdown and Bell may be out for another month.

  44. Yeah Bradshaw is the lone starter. But they play SF this week, so if u wait to trade after Sun his value may drop

  45. thanks both…I’m in no hurry to trade.
    He’s a Eagle fan currently living on his QB2 Vick high. I figured when possible JT could help upgrade me at WR or RB. I was just curious if Cam was worth pursuing.

  46. thanks..not a big fan of bell, steelers don’t look very good and word is they might give him more time to get the o-line figured out.

  47. NEED HELP GUYS! im super torn on a trade offer i got, my djax for his Fitzgerald and giovanni team looks like this

    QB romo, vick

    RB Trent richardson, SJAX, Demarco, monte

    WR Welker, DJAX, Roddy, Miles, Percy, lance moore

    TE Gronk, owen daniels

    DEF streaming

    QB/K combo

  48. The problem I see is that… you don’t need Fitz… but you’re awfully thin in RB… I’d aim for a Rb3 at least… d-jax is just beginning

  49. 16 team standard scroing league. My WRs right now are D. Thomas, Golden Tate, Amendola, and Brian Gibson. Who should I drop Gibson for: Robert Woods, Austin Pettis, Ted Ginn, or Stephen Hill?

  50. So i just traded Anquan Boldin and Reggie Bush for ADRIAN PETERSON!! Couldnt believe it and had to wait a couple days for it to process on Yahoo! Pro Leagues. This is how my team looks right now.

    QB: Russell Wilson

    RB: Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Rashard Mendenhall, Montee Ball, Joique Bell

    WR: AJ Green, Demaryius Thomas, Vincent Jackson, Just checked I have no wr’s in my bench atm.

    TE: Rob Gronkowski, Jermichael Finley

    K: Matt Prater

    Def: Arizona

    I want to trade for a top 3 QB, preferably Peyton Manning, how should I package a deal?

  51. Ouch looks like S-JAX will be out for 2-4 weeks… fantasy implications here… a lot of BeastDome followers have him

  52. Trying to work some waiver wire magic. Hope you guys can help.

    QB: RGIII, Romo
    RB: S-Jax, Lynch, Montee Ball, D. Murray
    WR: D. Jackson, Stevie Johnson, Greg Jennings, Eddie Royal, Josh Gordon
    TE: Gronk
    K: Dan Bailey
    D: Dallas

    I’m feeling a little thin at RB with S-Jax out. The obvious start is D.Murray. Starks is still on the wire, and Joique Bell is on waivers for Thursday.

    Do I drop anyone for Starks or Bell? Are they worth starting over Murray this week. The Bell matchup vs. Skins looks better than Murray vs. Rams. Thoughts? Standard 10 team league.

  53. This is my team in a 12 men std scoring:

    QB: M.Vick, J.Freeman
    RB: L.McCoy, S-JAX, D.Murray, M.Ball, B.Brown, C.Ivory
    WR: J.Nelson, D-JAX, M.Austin, L.Moore
    TE: F.Davis
    K : A.Henery (QB/K)
    D/ST: Streaming

    I am playing Miles Austin in that Flex vs. Montee Ball to replace S-JAX… would rather play a high % WR in there vs players like Starks or Bell for sure

  54. Steve…thanks for the update. The guy looking for Julius, lost Bell and now lost S-Jax. I might be able to throw Bradshaw into the mix and target Jackson since Green-Ellis and Bryce Brown are his only other RB’s.

  55. there has been some grumbling that Reggie Bush could play this week, which might limit bell. STL played ARI and ATL first two weeks which isn’t a true indication of the Rams run defense. I’m going with Lynch and Murray this week. With Bush or Bradshaw in the flex. GB’s running backs always concern me and I can’t see anybody on your team worth dropping him for.

  56. Vick or Russell Wilson this week?

    I have DJax, McCoy and Henery as well. They have won me the first two weeks but I am nervous about a let down game on a short week against a good defense.

  57. I’d take my chances with Murray. Dallas is going to force feed him the ball. Starks is a one week wonder at best, and he has a tough match up against Cincy. Bell’s upside is capped by Bush.

  58. yeh depends on amendolas return..i dont like kap for the remainder of the season..vick gonna crush in fantasy this year

  59. depends on your needs..if a rice owner get him. starks will get the load for a short period while lacy out..then probably a timeshare. chargers gonna sling the ball more..royal hot in the slot right now.

  60. good value hes the starter gets all the as long as you solid with your other backs..u should be able to upgrade with a solid wr.

  61. What do y’all think about Kenny Britt? He’s enormously talented, and has a ton of potential, just missed on a 70 yard TD Sunday because of Locker overthrowing him, but my team is struggling dealing with an injury to SJax and underachievement from Montee Ball so I feel the need to drop him for a Eddie Royal or James Starks. Feeling conflicted.

  62. rodgers is the backup..but i can tell you that snelling is the goaline back and he still catches passes too. I got S Jax and going for snelling on the wire..somebody else in my league has rodgers already. Rodgers hasnt shown me anything to prove he is backup.

  63. never drop a potential RB like Lacy, bernanrd, ball, etc for a replacement level talent like Starks…for a WR it’s even worse…

    you’re basically comitting seppuku to your team… even with the Jets timeshare… i’m not dropping Chris ivory YET

  64. With Fred Davis getting less snaps, receptions, and looks then the two younger TE’s (Paulsen/Reed), I’d want more depth at TE. Clay is a good bet, but Eifert is getting plenty of receptions as well in CIN.

  65. I’m in the same boat… Kenny Britt burned me last year and I was hoping for good things this year. Is it time to give up already, especially with all the twittering about him wanting out?

  66. Interested in possibly picking up Josh Gordon and Eddie Royal. My droppable players are Vincent Brown, Chris Givens, Josh Freeman (backup QB), and Christine Michael (handcuff for Marshawn Lynch). What should I do? I will probably have to pick up a different backup QB instead of Freeman at some point so I can get through my week 12 bye.

  67. Nice team, but none of those players are worth a drop. But on the other hand Joique definitely should be on at least someone’s team!

    You have a lot of good names, maybe try to work some trade magic for another RB.

    Also the Cowboys are trying to have a balanced playbook this year. They don’t want Romo flinging the rock everywhere all the time. DeMarco is going to get his touches, whether it is running the ball or catching it out of the backfield.

  68. If the 49ers-Seahawks game is any indication…

    Robert Turbin is the handcuff to Lynch…so you can drop C.Michael
    Depending on you have as your other QB… Freeman is dropable imo

  69. I would pick up josh gordon immediately. dropping either of those guys wont do harm to you as displayed by their previous production. Brown might be still worth holding on to as Givens as well seeing how their respective QBs are having a resurgence.

  70. What’s your WR depth? 10/12 team league?

    Royal/Brown/Gates look like Rivers’ receiver core with Floyd out so expect all to get their targets. Gordon is coming back to Cleveland and they need him bad so he’ll put up numbers too. San Diego has an easier strength of schedule according to FFToolbox so I’d lean Royal, especially while he is hot. May be able to work some better trades out of it.

    I had Freeman but I dropped – especially after all the friction between coach and Freeman talking trade at the post-game conferences.

    Michael was inactive last week as well…with Lynch going bonkers, I’d be hard to keep an inactive handicuff.

    I’d drop Freeman and Michael, grab Royal, and if you’re really looking for a new QB, think there’s some hot stuff on the waiver wire that might have a better week 12 matchup.

  71. 12 team league. My starting WR right now are DeSean Jackson, Julian Edelman, and Miles Austin. When Gronk is back, I will probably look to trade Jared Cook and Julian Edelman for a reliable WR. Drop Freeman and Michael to pick up Royal and Gordon?

  72. Definitely Wilson vs JAX. I’d look to trade one of those QB if you only start one QB. Keep Wilson and trade Luck.

  73. My WR are Megatron/Amendola/DMoore/VBrown/Harvin. I am keeping Dola and Harvin for later. Right now I am stuck in mediocrity though. Royal is on the WW who I can grab. I could possibly trade for Austin using Royal/Gates. My other TE is Witten. Who would you trade for Austin or stay with Royal?

  74. Hello Beastsome Nation! I as just offered to recieve G. Bernard for my Julius Thomas, my RBs are Lynch, Murray, Ball, and Helu. this would make Gronk my only TE. should I accept this trade?

  75. go with Wilson. And for tradewise, I’d actually wait a week or 2, either R Wilson’s or A. Lucks value will rise and people will want them badly. Wait to sell at higher value while they treat you rewardingly.

  76. Thinking about trading Welker for Nicks and Wilson. Nicks isn’t much of a downgrade at WR and if Wilson breaks out I could run away with this deal… Worth the risk?

  77. Personally, I don’t like Cam. I’d trade Cam for some other asset and pick up Rivers as my backup. I don’t trust Cam, and I think Rivers will have a good year. Seems like they put up pts this year.

  78. I have Eli and cutler. Thinking I like Rivers but he’s not a significant upgrade. I like him better than most qb2’s though.

  79. I’d do it; you’re stacked at wr and thin at RB. Bernard seems like he will improve as time goes by. The cardinals still suck. I hope the Monte thing pans out because I bit on him too.

  80. I’d ditch Jennings. Christian Ponder is bad. I also like Bell. Starks won’t be serviceable the next 2 weeks (SF, bye).

  81. that would be a tough trade to go for, Wilson has not been playing up to par, and he will get the ball most of the time, but Nicks has his injury history to consider. I think you should stay with Welker for now. It also depends on how much the owner believes on Wilson.

  82. Hey everybody, I was trying to pull off A reggie Bush trade last week, but wasn’t able to pull it off for Spiller before the weekend. Who would be a viable option to trade Reggie Bush with in RB?

  83. I would say that is a significant downgrade at WR. Yes, Nicks is Good, but Welker is already on his way to a top 5 year. As we saw in week 2, all Mannings are not equal, and this translates into Welker’s numbers likely not having big drop offs week to week, but Nicks will be more boom/bust… Don’t look at this as a “no risk” trade. If I were on the other side of this deal, I would jump on it…

  84. Yes, as Steve said, you cannot trade him now and get back anything worthwhile (unless you have some huge roster hole you need to fill). Just hang on to him for now.

  85. I’m in that same boat. Was trying to package Bush with another WR and move him but might need to wait til Bush’s value goes back up. Detroit is high on Bush’s “explosiveness” and how he contributes to the offense so if he can get healthy in a few weeks he can be trade worthy soon.

  86. yeh man I tried to trade bush off last week but nobody bit. Test are fine on his knee, but value took a hit for right now

  87. Andy Reid’s going to do all he can to try and beat his old team, start Vick as he’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. Russell Wilson has a good matchup but I have a feeling he’ll get less than Vick due to junk time and seattles offense predominantly being marshawn

  88. I was just offered MJD for Gio Bernard, I’ve got Morris, Wilson, D.Williams, D.Thomas, Vereen as my other RBs? Yes or No? I know Muntradamus is high on MJD but I just don’t like it. Gio seems to have huge upside.

  89. My Beasts in week 3

    QB-Colin Kaepernick – Rebounds for big game against Indy
    RB- Marshawn Lynch get a lot of big runs against the Jags
    RB- Adrian Peterson – Obvious pick, but will explode against the Brownies
    WR- Demaryius Thomas – Garunteed a TD
    WR- Julio Jones – Gimpy Roddy = Happy Julio
    WR- AJ Green – GB secondary stinks
    TE- Jason Witten – Rebounds from poor performance last week


  90. hey guys im trying to figure out who to start this week and need a little help:
    Need 1 wide: roddy white, josh gordon, chris givens, lance moore
    Need 1 flex: D murray, A Bradshaw, R matthews

    *Also have GRONK but knowbody knows if hes playing and if he does how effective he will be this week vs Tampa*

    Thanks BEASTDOME!!

  91. i would roll out j. gordon and d. murray. munt hinted at 1200 yards for mathews this season (did i miss the joke?). still has him ranked pretty low. meanwhile the colts are playing the 9ers and cleveland should lean on gordon right away

  92. Thanks JD, I was leaning on those 2 but needed some extra input. Roddy is killin me and i hope weeden plays and throws like a mad man to gordon

  93. Gordons 1st week with something to prove I like it.
    And the Cowboys have been on a rant about running more,Bradshaw -v- a angry SF D does not sound like the best idea so really it’s Murry or Matthews

  94. Thinking about handcuffing Demarco Murray with Dunbar…. but need to shore up RB.

    My other RBs are Doug Martin, Sproles, Leveon Bell. Turbin and Andre Ellington are also on the Waiver…


  95. White & Matthews. No RB to speak of in the ATL and San Diego looks like they’re playing w a chip on their shoulder.

  96. Just traded Romo and Jennings for Run DMC, RBs are SJax, Murray, Ball, and Joique Bell so I was pretty desperate and happy to have made this trade. Wanted BEAST DOME’s opinion on it though.

  97. after IDP advice
    Had an offer of Marshall for JJ Watt

    In my league, Watt scored 401 last season,(The next highest DL was 240.) while Marshall only 313.
    Think Watt will manage to come close to last years performance?

  98. Too bad about the Washington Redskins so far this year..

    @loki, seems like every time I watch Texans Watt is Swattin
    @wannabeast, excited to see what Josh Gordon does WK3

    Which side do you prefer? (.25 per catch league)

    Dez Bryant
    Darren Sproles


    DeMarco Murray
    Rob Gronkowski

  99. side 2… getting a potential Rb1 and a Te1 when gronk returns

    basically getting a 1 for 2… sproles is mehhhh

  100. Eddie Lacey went down and all I could muster to replace him was Chris ivory or Pierre Thomas, opinions please!

  101. Beast nation,

    Considering a trade offer – let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

    H. Nicks / J. Gordon / L. Moore / B. Hartline
    J. Charles / R. Bush / D. Murray / M. Ball / M. Bush / D. Thomas
    J. Thomas / F. Davis

    Other team
    Kaep / A. Smith
    Megatron / DJax / C. Shorts / T. Austin / V. Brown / Hankerson
    A. Morris / MJD / B. Pierce / B. Brown
    A. Gates

    I know I can get DJax with the right offer. I was thinking Reggie straight up? We have 3 WR, 2 RB, and a FLEX start from those lineups. I like the idea of having three studs at RB, but I am pretty thin at WR.

    Any suggestions and insight appreciated on what I should propose.

  102. Gordon and Murray.

    Gordon is gonna make a statement coming back. Murray needs to show the home crowd just how good he is, gonna be a BEAST this week.

  103. 3 WR, 2 RB set.

    I have Julio, Garcon, Wayne, DeAndre Hopkins, Givens as WR and for RBs I have pierre thomas, AP, Reggie Bush, and I. Pead.

    Would you trade Givens away for either Moreno or J. Bell if any at all?

  104. I would definately go side 2..pats are desperate to get gronk the ball and god only knows hopefully romo will get his swag and in turn open that running game for murray

  105. Vikings over Bucs for D this week??

    viks playing browns with weeden out
    bucs but their safety is suspended for this week but playing against rookie NE offense

  106. Weeden out Week 3 – Gordon has something to prove but with Hoyer throwing it might be a tossup since he’s basically a rookie.

  107. Out of those two I choose Vikings.

    NE has rookie receivers but that doesn’t necessarily translate into points for the defense. NYJ is showing a stout run defense but against Brady they didn’t make many points last week.

    I also like Buffalo (against NYJ) and Carolina (against NYG)

  108. Definitely Moreno. Even if Ball becomes the starter, I think Moreno will still get decent playing time.

  109. Nope, Starks got grabbed during last week’s game. There are no good RBs or even average RBs on the waivers. I grabbed Kendall Hunter because I think he may get a TD against a bad Indy defense. Also trying to make a trade, but in a 12 team league, everybody is short on RBs so nobody wants to trade them. Here’s some of the “best” RBs currently on my league’s waivers:

    Isaac Redman
    Felix Jones
    Roy Helu
    Robert Turbin
    Lance Dunbar
    Donald Brown
    Isaiah Pead (I just waived him)
    Marcel Reece
    Brandon Jacobs

  110. Nope, no Starks either. It’s a 12-team league, so there are literally no good RBs. Here’s a sample of what’s on the waiver wire:

    Isaac Redman
    Felix Jones
    Brandon Jacobs
    Isaiah Pead (I just waived him)
    Marcel Reece
    Lance Dunbar
    Roy Helu

  111. if jackson doesnt go, jacquizz should plug in there. as for rice and gronk? if either of the giants backs not named wilson are on your wire…desperate times

  112. Vikes are a strong sleeper unit this year, they have a good matchup with Weeden out, go for them

  113. I’m not sure what we’re gonna see out of Gordon with Weeden out this week. I actually like him as a buy low after this week.

  114. i like the reggie for djax trade but i feel like there is a better trade involving mjd here. the other owner is clearly hurting at rb. id open with a lowball reggie+dt+moore or something for djax+mjd and go from there.

  115. Tough choice this week, play Vick in emotional game on thurs or Marty ice on Sunday. Little concerned Vick might b to amped up for Andy Reid return. Need this win badly!

  116. Who else do you have? I only have Vick and had Freeman (had to drop to hold McGahee)… I wouldn’t play any other for Vick…. not with the way he’s playing

  117. Damn Munt,

    FantasyPros Rankings

    127th on Rbs, 104th overall, 87 Wrs, 77th tes, 4th def.

    Good job on D, but wtf happened on everything else?

  118. Waiver Wire Question.. If I have Giovanni Bernard, and BJGE is passing through to waivers, should I snag him up and drop Justin Blackmon?

  119. Keep Bush considering yr depth, unless you can get another buy low RB for him.
    You need to trade for Bell if you keep Bush.
    Givens for Bell over Moreno by a large margin,
    I’d make that trade.

  120. Where would Willis McGahee rank among some other running backs if he passes his physical and starts for the Browns?

  121. Also, will anyone on the Browns (mostly concerned about Josh Gordon) be a solid starter for fantasy now that T-Rich is gone?

  122. MJD hands down, Moreno could lose his job to ball and MJD is pretty much all Jacksonville has. Whoever is getting MJD trade rapes the other guy

  123. Willis could have top 15 potential weekly. The Browns have the O-Line to dominate. However this all depends on his fitness level and mental game shape. My bet is that this veteran will be in game ready form. ROS RB #18-23…

  124. In a little bit of fantasy pickle so I thought I’d ask the bright minds here at beast dome for some advice, here’s my team 10 person league

    QB: Stafford/Vick
    RB: Lynch/Ridley/MJD/Ball/McGahee
    WR: Marshall/Nelson/DJax/Stevie/M.Brown
    TE: Cook/Gronk
    D/ST: Rams
    K: Dawson

    So here’s my question: Someone in my league just dropped Eli and I have a pretty good chance of picking him up. If I get Eli I’d have to drop McGahee, if all that goes according to plan I’m thinking of trying to trade Vick for Demarco. Do you guys think this is a good plan or should I keep Vick and take a chance on McGahee contributing in fantasy this year?

  125. I’m considering making a trade offer in one of my leagues. One owner’s RB squad is absolute garbage. It’s a 2RB, 2WR, FLEX league.

    QB: Brees, Schaub
    RB: Lacy, Mendenhall, PThomas, Bradshaw
    WR: Megatron, Steve Johnson, Sidney Rice, Amendola, Kerley
    TE: Owen Daniels, Kellen Winslow
    D/ST: Texans
    K: Phil Dawson

    MY TEAM:
    QB: Matt Ryan
    RB: Doug Martin, SJax, Murray, Ryan Matthews, McGahee, Blount, Vereen (IR)
    WR: DJax, James Jones, Miles Austin, Mike Williams, Chris Givens
    TE: Jimmy Graham
    D/ST: Buccaneers
    K: Matt Prater

    I’m thinking about trying to get Megatron out of him for a couple guys from my team. Do you guys have any suggestions?

  126. Who gasped when LeSean McCoy went down?

    I certainly thought my week was in the gutters…

    has Vick, McCoy, DeSean and Henery

  127. Megatron and Brees pretty much ARE his team, I doubt he would give him up. Maybe offer Murray and Austin, but I doubt he would bite on that, and it wouldn’t be doing your RBs any favors either.

  128. Hey Beast Dome Nation, I’m in a stinky situation. Someone in one of my leagues just dropped a big ol’ Josh Gordon. I’m assuming that the Browns won’t be as bad off as some people may think, they still have a solid O-Line and may look to pass a little more often in search of the perfect players to assist a future QB. I have “The Law Firm” as an insurance policy to Gio Bernard. Should I pick Gordon up and out of the muddy waters to drop…

    a) Lamborghini Percy,
    b) BJGE “The Law Firm,”
    c) Let a big ol’ Josh Gordan float away

  129. Thats a lot to invest into one team. Are you that confident in Chip? How is your team working out?

  130. @Sappy, your team is solid already, however you can be more of a force with a player like Calvin J.. If I was the other owner I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than D Murray, Mike Williams and Givens. It’s not easy to obtain a stud like Calvin. He’s too rare of a BEAST. And to me, he’s not worth the depth at the most valuable position. Keep your team and look deep into the playoffs.

    You should consider dropping… wait, are you in a keeper league?

  131. I’m on the other side, Eric Decker was dropped in my League and I’m wondering if I should drop Gorden?? My WR’s are Dwayne (where did you go) Bowe, Miles Austin, Gorden, Jody Nelson. I have NE and TB for D/ST, If I hang onto Gorden I can drop one for Decker.

  132. Thanks Steve… I usually roll with two D’s to try and get a jump on the next week. I’ve seen mixed thoughts on Decker, but with Peyton as the QB, figured he’s worth a roster spot.

  133. I had Vick, McCoy, DJax and Dwaye Bowe play for me last night. Not doing too good, really need to nail the rest of my line up. Fitzgerald or Steve Smith for flex? I am leaning towards Smith just because I can’t risk Larry starting and then sitting out the game like he did last week. Thanks!

  134. I have got all those players too, working out OK so far (2-0) but last night got me worried. Vick isn’t going to last much longer, and Russel Wilson is my only other QB.

  135. TBH I just scored a deal (after last night’s game) to get Kaepernick…

    Guy offered me Kaep+ Josh Gordon for Vick + Snelling…

    considering I have S-JAX, I may have been better off keeping Snelling, but I have Miles Austin to tide me me over @ FLEX until S-JAX comes back…

    Next would be selling D-JAX, when his value supersedes a Dez Bryant or the likes… for now it’s still low…

  136. Thoughts on starting DeAndre Hopkins over Wayne?

    3 WR, 2 RB format

    I have wayne, garcon, julio jones, givens, and hopkins

  137. Start Wayne, SF only weakness is secondary, Wayne a proven commodity, Hopkins not likely to reproduce last weeks numbers with AJohnson back.

  138. I picked up Willis McGahee off waivers but Tavon Austin (not sure why someone dropped him) is on waivers. Should I put in a claim?

    RBs = McCoy, DeMarco Murray, Gio Bernard, Lamar Miller, McGahee
    WRs = Dez, Amendola, Josh Gordon

    I was going to keep McGahee for trade bait or so I have depth if I trade someone else…but my logic is that Tavon Austin is a type of player I would have traded for anyway. Hmmm….


    P HILLIS (cuffing my 1st Rounder Doug Martin)

    LANCE DUNBAR (cuffing D Murray — injury waiting to happen)

    J STEWART (playoff stash — too soon?)

    ANDRE ELLINGTON (Mendy’s gotta break sooner or later)


  140. in reality its a toss up. I would rank it Dunbar/Stewart/ellington/hillis. But based on actually injury rankings change. Murray and mendy have show it. Little hamster has not. If you have ANY rb depth… go ahead and stash stewart. I know i can wait 2 weeks on him in my league.

  141. I would go stewart/ellington/hillis and don’t even consider dunbar a handcuff. Murray goes down I would expect RBBC with him and tanner based solely on the lack of ball security. Neither will have much more value than a flex. Plus check out stewarts playoff schedule!

  142. Go Spiller and Bradshaw.

    Spiller is a no-brainer. As for Bradshaw – yes, I know Trent Richardson is now on the team, but I don’t trust them running him full-throttle into the offense yet. Bradshaw has a good chance of TD’s in that offense.

  143. Need major advice on Start/Sit this week, and a potential pick-up.

    My team:

    QB: Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick
    RB: Jamaal Charles (Already Played), Trent Richardson, David Wilson, James Starks, Eddie Lacy (Out)
    WR: Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace, Cecil Shorts
    TE: Antonio Gates, Brandon Myers
    K: Blair Walsh
    DEF: Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens

    My two questions:

    1. What RB2 and Flex do I play this week? I am leaning towards rolling the dice and doing David Wilson and James Starks. T-Rich won’t be playing much this week, and even if he does, it’s against the Niners. Cecil Shorts has a terrible match-up this week.

    2. I am thinking of picking up Josh Gordon on waivers before he plays his first game, explodes, then becomes un-gettable. Who would you drop to do this? I would normally drop the Minnesota D, but I need them bad this week. I was thinking either Cecil Shorts or Myers.

    I’ve had a terrible last 2 weeks, 0-2, and need this win pretty badly. Your advice is much appreciated.

  144. Guy offered me roddy white and cam newton for bowe jthomas and stafford.. didnt really wanna get rid of stafford but what do you guys think. I got gronk and clays on waiver wire for until gronks healthy what u guys think. … my other qb is rg3…

  145. BEASTDOME im in need of your trade knowledge..I really need a solid wide this week since roddy is hurt (non ppr/standard scoring)

    My team:
    qb: Kap,rivers
    wr: djax,boldin,white,gordon,givens
    te: gronk,jthomas

    His team:
    wr:ajohnson,nicks,welker,eddie royal,

    I was thinking about trading him ryan matthews/jthomas for nicks/gates?? Does that seem like a good proposal since he loves TE and needs a decent rb? if not, any suggestions?

  146. Don’t. It’s attractive to sell-high on JThomas right now, but with RG3 and Stafford, you’re solid at QB if you play match-ups week-to-week. I’d have to know the rest of your team. Roddy White is a buy-low. Is there any other deal you can counter-offer with?

  147. I like it. Another offer would be selling-high on Rivers right now. Odds are, he’s never going to be this valuable, but I know you probably need a good back-up QB for a physical QB like Kap.

    But honestly, unless you’re just desperate for the W this week, I’d keep your team as it is. You have a solid team, and you’ll be a beast when Roddy gets healthy.

    Start D-Jax and Boldin. Boldin has a good match-up against Colts this week.

    You’ve already played McCoy, so do Forte as RB2 and Murray as Flex.

  148. IF you’re looking for long time then thats the trade to make. If you’re looking for this week then I rather play Boldin/JT. I trust JT to get the TD more than Gates.

  149. Take Minnesota and don’t think twice. I personally have them as the third best D for this week. They are playing the Browns minus Weeden and minus T. Rich. Don’t see Gordon having much success teaming up with Hoyer. Cameron might be the only start worthy member of the Browns.

  150. If I were that guy, I would jump at that trade. Mathews isn’t the best RB, but the RB to WR conversion means just mathews for nicks you lose the trade. add in JT for Gates and you REALLY lose. I’m not sure you don’t lose even getting Welker, but that would be closer. How about JT and Gordon or givens for Welker and Gates? You upgrade WR, he upgrades TE.

  151. I think you’re giving up too much. Cam does have a pretty sweet playoffs schedule (weeks 14-16) though. I don’t see Roddy for Bowe as a huge upgrade considering the injury, and Cam for Stafford could be argued as nearly even, so then you’re basically giving away JT.

  152. Grab Decker. He had an awful week 1, but looked better in week 2. Wow, surprised he is available as a waiver wire pickup.

  153. Miles Austin. Until Montee has proven himself, I would not start him. Anyway, if he has a big week one of these weeks, you will probably be so overcome with joy for him finally proving himself, you will barely mind that you didn’t start him.

  154. Thanks for the input guys..Thats exactly how i have my lineup #fatmadden. Which wide: gordon or givens…it would be easy if weeden was playin (will get garbage time tho) but givens could burn the cowboys..which one??

  155. My team is rg3,stafford/mccoy bush murray ball d thomas starks sneling/ djackson bowe austin /jthomas gronk /akers/carolina

  156. Just wanted to get you guys’ thought on a trade I just made. It’s the last significant one I’ll need to make for the rest of the year IMO, but I wanted to see what you guys thought. This one was proposed to me and I accepted a lil while ago. It’s not going to process until after this weekend so I should be fine after.

    I traded Gore and Edelman for Ray Rice.

    It’s a 12-team PPR league that starts a QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, TE, Flex, and OP spot. Kicker and D/ST are streaming for the most part. My roster is now as follows:

    QBS – Brady, Flacco
    RBS – Shady, Rice, Wilson, Bryce Brown, Woodhead, J. Stew
    WRs – Megatron, S. Johnson, T. Austin, E. Royal, Broyles
    TEs – Cameron, Fleener

  157. Hey beast dome! Was thinking of proposing this trade wanted to know if it was good. I would be trading Jason whitten and Ryan Matthews for ray rice?

  158. If the other owner is need of a TE he may take that. He could do worse than having Witten on his team. Who would you start at TE then? If you have a decent TE that can step in and replace him, then go for it.

  159. Wantin to gauge Beast Nation’s take on this: PPR, start Trent Richardson or Bernard Pierce? Can’t seem to make up my mind here

  160. Pierce. I have T-Rich on my team, and it pains me, but I’m sitting him.

    A guy who’s only been on a team for a few days, going up against the San Fran Defense = not a good mix.

    It looks like Rice is out this week, so Pierce is now the Baltimore RB1. It’s not as pretty looking on paper, but Pierce is your better bet.

  161. Your team is solid, just potentially a little thin at WR and maybe a bit too deep at RB – I can see why you’re going for Roddy.

    My advice: (1) If you aren’t playing Starks or Snelling this week, find someone who is in desperate short-term need of a RB and package-deal both of them for a low-buy WR2. This is a hard sell, but it’s worth trying.

    (2) If you can’t do (1), and you’re not playing Starks or Snelling, get rid of at least one of them and hunt the waivers for more long-term value players. The danger is that you’re invested in a lot of short-term value with those guys: Starks’ value will plummet right after this weekend, and the same with Snelling after the next few weeks. I say use’em (trade) or lose’em (drop). Keep maybe one, but having both on your roster is taking up space where a better/higher potential player could be.

    There are currently some real sleepers on the waiver wire that could have more potential long-term value through the season. I’d invest in them rather than trying to force a trade that isn’t there.

  162. I think he’s more valuable right now than he will be all season. All the articles saying to pick him up, you might get a good trade solely on the hype

  163. I’d go Givens just because we don’t know about Hoyer yet, all that garbage time is useless if he can’t get the ball to Gordon.

  164. Put this question above, but accidentally put it in response to another question:

    Need major advice on Start/Sit this week, and a potential pick-up.

    My team:

    QB: Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick
    RB: Jamaal Charles (Already Played), Trent Richardson, David Wilson, James Starks, Eddie Lacy (Out)
    WR: Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace, Cecil Shorts
    TE: Antonio Gates, Brandon Myers
    K: Blair Walsh
    DEF: Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens

    My two questions:

    1. What RB2 and Flex do I play this week? I am leaning towards rolling the dice and doing David Wilson and James Starks. T-Rich won’t be playing much this week, and even if he does, it’s against the Niners. Cecil Shorts has a terrible match-up this week.

    2. I am thinking of picking up Josh Gordon on waivers before he plays his first game, explodes, then becomes un-gettable. Who would you drop to do this? I would normally drop the Minnesota D, but I need them bad this week. I was thinking either Cecil Shorts or Myers.

    I’ve had a terrible last 2 weeks, 0-2, and need this win pretty badly. Your advice is much appreciated.

  165. Tough. Helu plays with a better line but likely won’t supplant Morris unless there is injury. Ellington could take over from Mendenhall, and may look that way after last week, but I don’t think I’d rely on it. I’d skew towards Helu, but its close.

  166. Who to start in Flex: Eddie royal, Bradshaw, or Josh Gordon?

    Another league, need to drop to drop one pick up a D: Snelling, Starks, or Denarius Moore. FYI – I have SJax as RB starter and need either Snelling or Starks or Tate to carry the load.

    3rd league: Start one as 3rd WR: Lance Moore, Denarius Moore, Sid Rice, or Cecil Shorts.

  167. I like your thinking but keep in mind david wilson is going up against the panthers who actually have a decent run D and if he keeps focusing on not losing the football and not running like he did in preseason, he will have a bad day.

    Id play defense on weekly matchup..drop ravens and get gordon

  168. Yep snap up Gordon and drop the Ravens; They’ll be on the wire and you can probably get them back next week if you need them.

  169. Yo guys i need one of these 3 for my last flex spot…T Rich, David Wilson or Mike Wallace? WTF do i do?

  170. Well Beast, it looks like your Montee Ball and Josh Freeman calls have a lot of your fans in a pickle. Lucky for me I took neither. And now I cannot find your weekly rankings. Do I have to sign up for the VIP package for those? What’s up?

  171. Munt had a GREAT call with Monte.
    It just didn’t work out.
    I believed what his synopsis on Young Montee and I stand by it,
    It was a best case scenario, and in Fantasy that is what you go for, the upside.
    The dream is over.
    They will give Ball the rock, let him develop, surely.
    But for our game it will be too late.
    That Y.M. dream is over for now.
    But Munt is still BEASTing.
    The draft strategy is about to kick in big time…P. Crusher aka GRONK.

  172. My team is:
    Qb: Peyton, Luck RB: Morris, Wilson, Starks, M. Ball, McGahee, Helu. WR: Megatron, Cruz, Wayne, Shorts, Mike Floyd
    I am deep at WR and this keeps my team in it but i am hurting hard at RB. If i can get Lynch for Peyton, would I be better off with him and then starting Luck?

  173. My team is:
    Qb: Peyton, Luck RB: Morris, Wilson, Starks, M. Ball, McGahee, Helu. WR: Megatron, Cruz, Wayne, Shorts, Mike Floyd
    I am deep at WR and this keeps my team in it but i am hurting hard at RB. If i can get Lynch for Peyton, would I be better off with him and then starting Luck?

  174. Currently starting:

    QB – Drew Brees
    QB – Matt Stafford
    RB – C.J. Spiller
    RB – Darren Sproles
    WR – DeSean Jackson
    WR – Torrey Smith
    TE – Gronk
    WR – Josh Gordon

    Normally go with a RB#3 as my flex (typically Sproles) but with got hurt last week with Gordon on my bench. My RB situation has been sputtering all season. Bench includes:

    QB – Ryan Tannehill
    RB – Fred Jackson
    RB – MJD
    RB – Ryan Mathews
    RB – David Wilson
    WR – Randall Cobb (d/t bye week)
    TE – Jermichael Finely (d/t Gronk/bye week)

    Think also of just dropping David Wilson for Jonathan Stewart or Le’Veon Bell or better RoS investment. Any help would be appreciated.

  175. MY TEAM
    QB: Peyton
    RB1: AP
    RB2: Spiller
    Flex: Mendenhall, Mathews, Nicks, Vereen
    WR1: Marshall
    WR2: Demaryius
    TE: Gates, Finley
    D/ST: Seahawks

    With the QB/WR combo, I’ve been trying to diversify and swap Thomas for Green. I’ve been offered Green, Gordon, and McGahee for Thomas, Mendenhall, and Vereen. Thoughts? Am I too shallow at RB to take that?

  176. Richardson for sure. He’s bound do to big things in that offense. Bradshaw is a great change of pace, but I wouldn’t worry about him preventing T-Rich from getting his.

  177. @Ugly Win

    I’d say do it. Peyton has more targets than Dalton and you’ll have the only offensive weapons the Browns will have. Josh Gordon is looking good no matter who is throwing him the ball.

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