It does not matter what your regular season record is, as long as you make the playoffs.  

You could be 14-0, and lose in the 1st Round of the Playoffs.

You could be 7-7 and win the entire thing.  

It is all about getting hot at the right time, just like in real sports.




For those of you who are new to the BEAST DOME NATION.  Welcome, this is a community of the most knowledgeable/die hard Fantasy Football Fans on the internet.  This site is made up of returning visitors, and bandwagon fantasy owners who catch on later in the season.






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Ask Fantasy Football Questions.

WHO TO START/SIT. IS This a Good Trade? Who Should I add from the Waiver Wire?

There is one RULE

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  1. Would you trade Knowshon Moreno if you could get someone like Lacy, Forte, or Morris? How about Zac Stacy?

  2. How valuable is Chris Ivory? I have him but I dislike his schedule and I’ve been considering trading McCoy/Ivory for Bush/Bell.

  3. I am thinking about trading ryan mathews and jordan reed for jones-drew. Is that giving to much? Im thinking jones-drew is a upgrade over mathews casue he gets passes out of the back field and goaline carries. Henne helps his production a little now to. I’m 9-0 right now and nobody seems to want to trade with me right now. Is there someone else i should pair with reed to get a better rb? Alot of people down on Sjax right now, but i feel he will be money in the fantasy im thinking i should keep him and upgrade mathews. Thoughts? Thanks!
    My team:
    Romo/ cutler
    Charles/ stacy/ s jackson/ mathews/ ball
    DeSean/ garcon/ gordon/ harvin
    Graham/ Reed
    KC dst

  4. Fellow Charles and KC D/ST owner here and your team looks great! I think you can get a stronger player for Reed and Matthews. Strong TEs are few and far between.

  5. I think your assessment of MJD is right on. He is going to finish the year much stronger than he started it and his pass catching out of the backfield against the 49ers foreshadowed things to come. He could have had another 40 yards receiving(possible a TD) if Henne was more accurate. Start low and attempt to trade Matthews straight up, if not then throw in Reed. Murray is not going to be as productive as MJD. Remember to trade for future value not current.

  6. What do you guys think of KAP ROS? Is trading DJAX too much. I have Ryan at QB and I think his season is done.

  7. RG III really not doing it for me. Did just enough to get me the win. Thinking about using my #1 waiver priority on Foles while dropping NO D/ST and sticking with Denver D/ST.

    Think this is a good move?

  8. Foles is a good pick up. You need a QB that consistently scores 20 pts in order to be competitive. That has not been RG3 this year. I think either roles or cutler would be a great pickup. Please answer my question above.

  9. I remember Munt saying Kaep will be good between week 8-12. I also remember Munt saying Ryan is going to have it rough between week 8-12. But Djax is too much for Kaep in my opinion unless you’re stacked at WR.

  10. What’s up everyone? PPR 12 team:
    Qb> P. Manning + Foles(started 2 qb’s this year that threw 7tds in one game. Thanks)
    RB> McCoy, Bush, Stacy, Matthews, A. Brown, S. Vereen
    Wr> K. Allen, S. Smith, D. Moore, M. Brown
    Te> J. Reed
    1. Would you trade Bush for Gronk and Ridley even with owning Vereen? Pats are on bye and the guy can’t afford a loss.
    2. What would you do to get D. Thomas from an owner who lost Rodgers? Foles + …
    3. What would you do to get Nelson, Nicks from an owner who needs qb help? Foles ? Is it worth it anymore?
    Thanks for the assist.

  11. If I’m not mistaken, I think Matt Ryan also has some rough matchup weeks 14-16, which is playoffs for me. Packers, Redskins and Niners, might not be as bad as I first thought but tbh it depends on who else you have at WR.

    Do you have any other strenghs? Might not hurt sending him a lowball offer and seeing if you get a counter trade offer, or even ask him who he wants for Kaep. I’ve done that a few times in my own league just to get a feel of where other owners have their players rated and such.

  12. I have Matthews and Reed on my team and I’m gonna sit on Matthews and hope Woodhead doesn’t make it the rest of the way.

  13. Can you qb comittee with some guys on waiver and just play the matchups? If you have the depth at wr try it, but there has to another option.

  14. Sorry, but to add to my post the guy who has Gronk and Ridley also has Garcon. I need wr help too. Thanks and good luck guys.

  15. I tried to get Luck for Jax but was declined. I went ahead and accepted Kap becuase I need to win now, 4-5. The major thing is I took Kap from a Rodgers owner so he is going to be scrambling for a QB. I have Thomas, Shorts, Wright at WR(now). I could not trade a RB I have McCoy, Charles, MJD, and Brown. I did not want to give one of my top RB to get a QB. MJD wont get much and Brown needs a couple weeks to gain value.

  16. The 14-16 week is much better for Kap and Matt Ryan, possible the whole organization, is in 2014 mode.

  17. How’s it going? Got offered this trade.

    Here is my roster: Romo, Garcon, Demariyus Thomas, Marvin Jones, Mike Brown, Russell Wilson, Jordan Reed, Tim Wright, AP, Woodhead, Pierre Thomas, Shane Vereen.

    I get Welker and Lynch. Trade away Garcon, Jordan Reed, Woodhead, and Pierre.

    Thoughts? I hate SEA week 14 and 16 matchup. I have already clinched my league.

    3 wr 2 rb format.


  18. This must be PPR, correct? Half pt or full 1 pt? If this is not PPR, make the deal and don’t look back. AP & Beast Mode will be a 2 headed monster for you, plus you’ll have a good chunk of the Bronco passing attack. If it is full point ppr, you are giving a lot of receptions with Reed, Woodhead and the Pierre boys (Thomas is a sneaky 5 catch a game RB and more if Sproles is out for any extended time.) That makes it a tougher call.

  19. I think you gotta turn that down if you already clinched your league. No guarantee welker and lynch will even end u playing in the championship

  20. Hey guys I need some help. I was offered Gronk, Ridley, Bowe for Bush and K. Allen. I was thinking of doing the deal, but I don’t want to give up Allen. What would you do? Would you do the deal? How would you work this out? His other good players would be A.P and Garcon. Thanks.
    PPR 12 team:
    Qb> P. Manning + Foles(started 2 qb’s this year that threw 7tds in one game. Thanks)
    RB> McCoy, Bush, Stacy, Matthews, A. Brown, S. Vereen
    Wr> K. Allen, S. Smith, D. Moore, M. Brown, R. Cooper
    Te> J. Reed

  21. To Ball or Not!

    So i had to let go of Ball earlier in the season and get the feeling he will start to get more involved at least around the GL.

    I have Jamaal,Gore,Stacy and A.brown plus Jamaal and Gores Backups.

    Would it be wise to drop say Knile Davis to grab Ball for a Stash or just sit tight?

    Currently in 3 way tie for 2nd @ 6-3 and 1st place is 7-2 so hopefully thinking playoffs.

    What would you guys do?


  22. I have a potential trade offered to me…they are offering Leveon bell for victor Cruz straight up….this is a ppr league…my other Wrs are Marshall, Demarious Thomas, Kendall wright, and Dobson….should I accept the trade to gain depth at Rb position, my Rbs are jamaal, Ridley, Chris Johnson, and jaquizze Rogers?? Thank for any input!

  23. I have a potential trade offered to me…they are offering Leveon bell for victor Cruz straight up….this is a ppr league…my other Wrs are Marshall, Demarious Thomas, Kendall wright, and Dobson….should I accept the trade to gain depth at Rb position, my Rbs are jamaal, Ridley, Chris Johnson, and jaquizze Rogers??

  24. Fuck you bastards! Never replied to my comment above, on a potential trade…fucking dicks!

  25. Sit tight. Unless you want to be greedy and have waiver priority. In my current league, I was #1 before this week so I dropped Bryce Brown due to bye week and kept Montee since Moreno owner is leading with 7-1 and is probably thinking of playoffs. If McCoy goes down then I can use my #1 waiver priority to pick up Bryce without much worry.

  26. Week 10 – Johnson, Green, Allen.
    ROS – Johnson, Green, Djax
    Keeper – Depends if Danario Alexander comes back.

    This is just my thoughts btw and not a trickle down of Munt’s ROS

  27. I think you should trade Jerome Bettis for Plaxico Burress. No one replied to you in a whole 120 minutes? Clearly a crime against all humanity! Act like a dick, get treated like a dick.

  28. Whats up Beastnation! Who would you rather have ROS..mathews, rice, richardson, or jones-drew? Thanks!

  29. its amazing that rice and mathews end up in the same sentence this year but 2013 hasnt been kind to some of the top RB’s. with that said I guess I would roll with rice and hope things turn around.Trich i was never a fan of mathews burned me more times than I can tell ya and woodhead steals everything.Jones drew probably only other i would consider.

  30. Need some input BD Nation
    I have RB Moreno/Bush/D Murray starting – I need to pick 1 from CJ Spiller/Fred Jkson/Woodhead/Giovani or J Bell

    WR’s Pick 2 from Hack’em Nicks/L Fitgerald/Cecil Shorts/Harry Douglas

  31. Gronk on bye any suggestible fill-ins? Picked up cook but not content on keepin him in there considering I had to suffer with him when gronk was out (aside from week 1)

  32. Uhmmm, now you’re just showing off with that RB core. WR – Nicks and Fitzgerald. If Sherman is on White then Harry Douglas instead of Fitzgerold.

  33. Richardson for me. That colt’s offense will have a better chance to change things around for him then Raven with Ray Rice.

  34. No bro, not showing off, has been frustrating with the injuries to Murray & CJ plus the byes. I’m lacking on the WR END

  35. No Bro, not showing off, has been frustrating with CJ & Murray injuries, plus the byes. I know, everyone has to deal with it. I’m lacking on the WR end. Tis for the input

  36. So I’ve been looking at ROS and trying to decide…

    I can probably trade Kansas City Defense for New England. What do y’all think? Sit on Kansas and hope the defense pulls through the tough matchups or just take the safer route with New England?

  37. WIth the matchup think Jackson is the safest but CJ has better upside. Giovani is my third choice but man you are stacked.

    WR’s gotta go Fitzgerald and Nicks like timewasted87 suggested. Nicks has upside to get a TD and you gotta hope, especially after Oakland was torched last week. You know though that Shorts will get his yards in garbage time and can get you a guaranteed 6-7 at least. Nicks versus Shorts is upside versus a sure bet.

  38. Personally I would trade Bush for Gronk and Ridley, Pats offense finally starting to click. Vereen will only be used on passing downs and clock-killing mode

  39. I am going to say MJD. He is trending up and should have plenty left in the tank to close out the year. Remember he is playing for his next contract.

  40. KC has one tough matchup in my opinion and that is the Broncos. Both games are played before the playoffs I believe, and New England has to contend with Denver as well. I’m sticking with the sack-leading, top scoring defense of the Chiefs.

  41. I have a problem Beast Dome Nation. I have Eli Manning and Cam Newton and I have been happy with Newton lately. This week Cam plays the Niners and Eli plays Oakland. Stick with Cam or take the favorable matchup?

  42. Tim Wright is eligible as a WR and TE in my league.

    Would you start Tim Wright over Marvin Jones? I started Garcon and have Demariyus Thomas

  43. Hi there, Hakeen Nicks just landed himself on the WW, should I add him and drop Harvin? he’s available on sunday morning. What does the Beastnation think?

  44. Who to start at Flex? Nonppr.

    Ray Rice, Andre Brown, Shonne Greene, or Cooper?

    Already starting Mike James and Giovani B and Ray Rice is killing me.

  45. What 2 of these 3 players would you start in a PPR league for week 10… Trent richardson, Andre ellington, or hakeem nicks?

  46. I saw that Munt doesn’t like Ben Tate (at least, this week against Arizona). If I had him I’d play him this week anyway. For the future, is Dennis Johnson the guy to stash? Thinking to pick up either him or burleson.

    12-team standard.

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