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You can discuss all assets of Fantasy Football and help make each others team stronger (Lineups/Trades/Free Agents).  I will come in with comments from time-to-time.


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  1. I have both Gronk and Hernandez as my TE and Flex. Now that Gronk is gone, I’m using Hernandez is my main TE1. Would you guys suggest using Edelman in flex now? I also have Lloyd as a WR2 but he has been disappointing with the exception for a few games most of the season.

  2. Lineup:
    Q: Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman
    RB: McGahee, Martin, Greene, Rodgers and Dwyer
    WR: Wayne, Nelson, Lloyd, Jennings, Shorts
    TE: Olson and Hernandez
    DEF: Cowboys
    K: Matt Bryant

    Tips on replacing McGahee?

  3. Quick question, il start by posting my team.

    QB: Luck
    Receivers: AJ Green, D Thomas
    RBs: T Rich, Morris
    TE: Olsen
    Flex: Ridley
    Def: Atlanta

    I have Leshoure and most likely Ronnie Hillman on my bench this week after waivers. I am looking to improve my team by moving some RBs around. What kind of player should i target and which of these players are the most valuable to use in a trade?

  4. Blackmon has sweet skills, range, and upside, and Chad knows how to feed a beast, much like his years with Marshall. Luck and Hilton are tools in their respective offenses not weapons. I am taking Blackmon.

  5. You gotta be careful with that, starting 3 patriots recievers could be risky, unless Brady really starts to spread the ball around. if your going with Hernandez in the TE spot, id only start Lloyd as your WR2, and find another option (waiver wire if necessary) for your flex. If your league gives points for punt returns though, id reconsider Edleman…

  6. Sizzle i would go with blackmon

    Sproles is available should i drop Reece or McFadden for him or hold on to both of them.?

  7. All three are inconsistent but Edleman is on the best offense, so I would have to go Edleman until I saw more from Blackmon.

  8. Time to drop Maclin for Edelman, Blackmon or L Moore?

    And who should I pick up for McGahee: Hillman, J Rodgers, D Thomas or Bryce Brown?

  9. If McFadden is healthy which I think he is this week, Reese may fade away. But sproles is one of 4 RBs in NO. Is there a TE or another backup u can drop?

  10. Current roster
    QB-Luck, Freeman
    RB-Lynch, Richardson, Jackson, Bush
    WR-Johnson, Hicks, Austin, Jennings, Jacoby Jones, Mike Williams

    Any changes need to be made before the playoffs? It is a 1 point per yard scoring league, including returns so Jones is really valuable.

  11. I would have to take Blackmon, seems like JAX has pretty much given up on the run game for now..

  12. QB: Kaepernick or Henne? Overall Henne has the better schedule, but I’m on the fence because SF plays NO this wk.
    RB: Hillman or Starks? or both?
    WR: PPR League w/ ST yardage, Edelman or Danario Alexander? Non-PPR league, no ST yardage: Blackmon, Edelman, TY Hilton, or LaFell?

    Thanks in advance for your insight!!!

  13. I was one of those who lost McGahee. Sadly I had Hillman but kicked him into waivers before Sundays kickoff to pick up J.Bell (roster stash). I know that was a huge mistake! I now have room for four players in my roster and it looks like this (starting roster for week 12):

    QB: M.Stafford vs. HOU
    WR1: V.Cruz vs. GB
    WR2: S.Johnson @IND
    WR3: D.Amendola @ARI
    RB1: R.Rice @SD
    RB2: J.Dwyer @CLE
    TE: J.Witten vs. WAS
    Flex: D.Avery vs. BUF
    K: S.Graham @DET
    DST: SF @NO


    T.Young suspended
    J.Rodgers @TB

    Like you can see my team really weakened with McGahee injury. I can’t pick Hillman from waivers because I was the one who dropped him. Only if he clears waivers then I can pick him. I have a waiver number six and at least four teams will pick something before me. I know I need a running back in what order would you put these players for waiver claim?

    B.Brown (if starter then he would be one to own)

    J.Parmele (only helps me for one week, but win in week 12 would be HUGE)

    J.Blackmon ( I’m sure he will be gone before my turn…better flex starter than Avery at the moment?)

    J.Edelman (gets 5-6 targets per game now days….played huge amount of snaps…Gronk out helps a lot…..better flex option than what I have?)

    C.Kaepernick (Is their starting QB now. Gets Saints next. Better play than Stafford at home against Houston?)

    L.Ball (What I have read is going to be their starting RB and Hillman will be at the same role as before McGahee’s injury……dark horse)

    M.Ingram (just a desperate add)

    Is there anyone else that would help me win this week?

    One more thing…..S.Louis better play this week than SF at NO?

  14. I’m telling you guys..

    Knowshon Moreno.

    Secret weapon.

    You heard it HERE first.

    Munt, gotta get with me on this one. In much the same way Starks is superior to Greene, Moreno is the starter, Hillman’s the change up, Ball is s/t and relief.
    Sure Know____ (show/slow/go) has been a constant injury concern since coming into the league. He’s coming off an acl tear, but he looked nice in preseason and he’s been practicing w the team all season. Sometimes coaches do weird shit like stash talented backs at the bottom of the depth chart, see: Ivory, Chris.
    This is Morenos golden opportunity to prove himself. WHICH fortuitously happens to come during a week the broncos play the chiefs who are the ONLY team Knowshon has consistently torched since he’s been a bronco..

  15. Hold both. For sure. DMc is fragile. No guarantees if or for how long he plays. Reese is a stud, almost worth holding even w DMc back. If Goodson comes back too that mucks it up a bit. But I say do not drop reese yet especially in ppr.

  16. Sorry didn’t totally process your question.. You gotta get sproles. He has more value ros than Reese, but its tricky if McFadden sits again. I’d try to find a way to keep marcel for one more week especially if I had dmc

  17. All great points Tebow.

    Moreno is a good stash, but the Broncos appear ready to give Hillman his shots to be the Broncos lead RB. Much like Green had his chances before Starks.

    With so little time left in the season, and with good matchups coming up for Hillman. He should claim the job and run with it.

    Moreno has fumble problems, he is not explosive, and simply is not a RB the Broncos trusted at all earlier in the season. Hillman is definitely the better add right now, unless Moreno turns into a brand new RB next week.

  18. I hear you Munt. Hillman will get some burn. He had game breaking ability in college. He could have CJ-like potential, but after watching him closely this season, I think he’s def got to get stronger and work on his matrix moves. And really just needs more experience overall.

    He is the youngest player in the league and he is small and light. Not exactly the type of rb John fox is fond of starting. I think he will be best used as a change of pace and to get those 15yd gashers to the outside in the 4th q.

    He could all of a sudden seize the day, but my money is on Moreno. He’s a vet and he’ll be hungry and eager to prove himself. Hard to say how much of him being inactive was the coaches not trusting him or just not wanting to use a roster spot for a redundant skill player who doesnt do s/t. He is essentially a fresh battery. Plug and play replacement for McGahee.

    When he goes for 150 total and 2td’s I’ll be starting a fantasy blog! ;D

  19. Both of these guys could be so nasty in the screen game with Peyton dealing but McCoy is a stick in the mud and I don’t really expect him to get too creative.

  20. Edelman all the way,………#1-Best QB in the league throwing,…#2-He returns punts & KR,……..#3-Gronk is out, Hernandez is a ? and someone needs to get open. All day, everyday, 3 times a day,……….Edelman

  21. Current Roster
    QB – Andy Dalton
    WR – AJ Green, Sidney Rice
    RB – Steven Ridley, Mikel Leshoure
    TE – Rob Gronkowski
    Flex – Aaron Hernandez
    K – Adam Vinatieri
    DST – New England, Houston

    Bench/Handcuffs – Shane Vereen, Joique Bell, Kendall Hunter, David Akers, Brandon Lloyd

    I plan on dropping Gronk for Edelman and moving Hernandez into TE. My biggest question is who to whose in flex this week: Lloyd or Edelman?

  22. You gotta diversify your portfolio bro. How about a Marcel Reece or Ronnie Hillman flex option? Both guys for the better part of the remaining 6 weeks will see 20+ touches a game. Reece because the Raiders are terrible at anything that doesn’t involve throwing passes and Hillman because Peyton can’t throw the ball all the time. Hillman not only runs well, but will catch 3-5 passes for 30-40 yds/game.

  23. Well, the most $value$ is all in perception. Right now, most people in your league will want AJ & TRich. AJ because he’s awesome and TRich because RB’s are shattering like Waterford Crystal. I would target a team that isn’t making the playoffs with a top 10 RB like Ray Rice, who is under performing currently. When Joe Flacco wakes up and realizes that Ray Rice can run & catch the ball, Ray hits 20+ fantasy pts WEEKLY. Package AJ for Rice & then go pick up Danario Alexander or Justin Blackmon for your WR spot.

  24. Hold the phone! Don’t drop DMC or Reece,……..because then you’re handing away a Top 10 RB &/or the guy that just stepped into the game (Reece) and scored the most RB fantasy points in the NFL LAST WEEK. Take a deep breath,……..look at your roster and find a spot for Danario Alexander. Phillip Rivers would tell you to do it.

  25. Lance “Romance” Moore is your sweet play. Brees loves a guy who doesn’t quit on him or the play,…………no matter what. Can you imagine if your job was to play football and you just kept getting hurt year after year? You’d probably play like your hair was on fire every week,………that’s Lance Moore. If he’s available in your league, DO IT.

  26. First and foremost,…..pick 1 kicker & stick with them. I suggest Akers. Second, Don’t play multiple NE Patriots every week. This isn’t the 2007 New England Patriots that are going to break records,……….you need to add depth at each position. Gronk is out so there is 1 moveable piece. Sid Rice is a good upside play, but look for Danario Alexander on waiver. He is a legit #1-#2 WR with Phillip Rivers LOOKING for him weekly. Depending on the matchup, I think your 2 Defenses strategy may work, but you have to look at the matchups. Drop Kendall Hunter for someone like Marcel Reece and ride that wave for the next 2 weeks or so till DMC gets back into the lineup. After Reece is done with his time in the sunshine, target Bilal Powell, because by that time Shonne Greene will have done a fantastic job of losing his starting position to a quicker, faster and all around better RB. Don’t EVER take out AJ or Hernandez (if he’s healthy) starting this week. Both will drop BOMBS for the rest of the season. You hae a solid team, so don’t over think the situation. Look at who is playing who, how the weather is and make a decision based on facts. Good luck.

  27. Try Bryce Brown (eagles) or Parmale (jags)..never know how long mccoy will be out,and parmale is a good matchup this week for a one week start. Ingram in NO has been coming on the last two weeks as well.

  28. gotta get hillman, and my opinion is edelman because he is seeing more targets than Lloyd now (thank god, tired of seeing him drop easy passes)…Somebody has to help Hernandez replace Gronks stats, ad the Pats have an easy schedule as well.

  29. Henne, cause Alex Smith might even come back this week. I think the Jags staff realize they have to move on, as Gabbart was stinking it up. They just needed an excuse.

  30. Go Parmale and then Edelman. If week 12 is huge, then you are living week to week and you gotta get the best matchup. And Edelman I think will be a 5-6 catches for 50-80yrds a week player average, with upside. Doesn’t have Gronk or Deon Branch around to steal targets, and somebody has to help Welker and Hernandez since Lloyd drops so many passes. I think you can get both, and since you are desperate at RB, go Parmale first.

  31. Who should I start as FLEX:

    D. Sproles v SF (if he plays still a cluttered backfield)
    M. Reece v CIN (stud last week, but DMC could return this wk.)
    R. Broyles v HOU (Titus Young benched = increased looks)

  32. Okay, so four weeks ago I was 5-2, now mainly because of Eli Manning, and losing by 1pt last week, I am now 5-6, and on the verge of not making the playoffs. I am picking up Chad Henne, used Sam Bradford over Flacco because he is terrible on the road (I was right), and now I have a problem that could make or break my season.

    Do I start Eli, Flacco, or Henne? At this point, I gotta go week to week, as 10 of our 12 teams are within a game of each other, and there are only 8 spots for the playoffs. Just lost McCoy, but I still have Forte, and am trying to get Parmale for one week. also Steve Smith or James Jones in my flex?

    QB: Eli, Flacco, Henne
    RB: Forte
    RB: McCoy, Bell (DET), Parmale
    WR: S.Johnson
    WR: D. Alexander
    TE: J. Graham
    DEF: Steelers
    K: Tucker

    Bench: A. Boldin, Steve Smith, Andre Roberts (dropping him this week)

  33. Whoops add a Flex spot to that lineup, and tell me either Steve Smith or James Jones. Both are feast or famine players, just need thoughts on who is the better bet. Normally I say Jones, but Nelson is back, and Jennings could be eventually.

  34. 12 team league – I’m in 6th place

    Qb: newton and romo
    Rb: McCoy mjd beanie Starks Jennings
    Wr: colston decker Steve smith amendola Alexander
    Te: gates
    K: graham
    Def: bears

    Qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, Te, rb/wr/Te, k, def league. 0.5 ppr

    I’m putting in waiver requests for Brown and Parmele and dropping Jennings.

    I’m deep at wr. U guys see any trades that make sense for a rb or Te??

  35. I’d go with henne and hillman. My guess is smith and henne are the starters next week. Gotta go with starters.

    Broncos backs have outperformed packers backs this year. That could be bc mcgahee is bette than the committee at gb but i think a good bit has to do witht their systems.

    Similar situations for hillman with Moreno/ball and starks wi green/Kuhn. Plus there’s the possible return of benson. I’d choose hillman

  36. Definitely Hillman. Strong offense and a starter. I would avoid Bryce Brown – if McCoy had a difficult time producing with Eagles garbage O-Line I don’t expect him to perform well.

    Edelman. Once again, great offense, and with Gronk and Hernandez out, he will get targets. Plus hes a KR/PR always a bonus.

  37. If Alex Smith is still out I would definitely Colin for the game against the saints. He completed around 70% of his passes last night and made huge plays against the best defense. If he could do that against the bears Id love to see what he can do against teh saints.

  38. If Alex Smith is still out I would definitely Colin for the game against the saints. He completed around 70% of his passes last night and made huge plays against the best defense. If he could do that against the bears Id love to see what he can do against teh saints. For PPR, definitely go with Danario, he’s been killing it for me in PPR.

  39. I urgently need help. I lost both Gronk and McGahee. To make matters worse, my league has an acquisition limit- and I have 2 acquisitions left. My team (in a standard 10 team league) consists of Brady and Freeman, Ridley, Morris, Bradshaw, Starks and Daryl Richardson, Julio Jones, Nelson, Amendola, Stevie Johnson, and Sidney Rice, Kicker and D/ST are Tynes and the Bills. But, thanks to having both Brady and Freeman, I could make a play for a TE. There’s a Hernandez owner who’s interested in Brady, but not Freeman. I think I could make a play with one of my RBs and Brady for his Hernandez and TRich, or one of my WRs for Calvin and Hernandez. I have depth, but I need a big splash to help me back into championship contention. If I do this, I can grab Hillman, and either Blackmon or Alexander with the hope that one of them blows up. What do you think Beast Nation?

  40. Go with the move for a RB and TE either Hernandez or do your research on another solid TE like Tony G or Jimmy Graham. If those owners have a solid fill in try to work a deal with them. Sell Brady and keep Freeman because Freeman will remain competitive throughout the season being he is in a close playoff race and he plays the Saints. Brady has obvious high value as someone in your league already displayed. Sell him for a few players that you can fill your bench or starting lines with and actually use throughout the playoffs.

  41. I would definitely pick up Parmele to start over Dwyer this week. He won’t be splitting much time since he is the clear starter now, whereas Dwyer is behind Mendy now. That is of course, only if you can’t get HIllman back.

    Also, Kaepernick would definitely be a good play this week if he starts. If anything I would definitely stash him for now, you can always drop him again if he doesnt start.

  42. I like Alexander. he’s been doing great for me and he’s Rivers clear favorite. Your team is pretty strong I wouldn’t worry too much. But if you’re giving away Brady you should expect to receive a top 5 RB/WR no less.

  43. Beast nation: need WR Help check it out:

    QB: Peyton
    RB: McCoy, Lynch, Ridley, Murray, DMC
    WR: Thomas, Nelson, Wallace, Smith

    I’m done with Steve Smith, who should I pick up instead:

    Garcon, Alexander, Jennings, Nicks, Torrey, Crabtree are available among others.

  44. I would break it down to three.
    Alexander,Jennings and Nicks.
    Alexander is on a HOT streak and is worth picking up.
    Jennings isnt back yet and you dont know what to expect when he does(I would only grab if I I could stash and wait and with your WR’s you could).
    Nicks says he feels great and has a favorable schedule going forward.
    So my gut says to ride the hot hand and go with Alexander(he scores and is viewed as their #1 WR) but Im sure you would make out just fine with Nicks as well!

  45. Just thinking outloud, I looked at Muntz ROS rankings last week. You have Ridley 7, Morris 10, Bradshaw 16, Julio 7, Nelson 17, Amendola 25. Thinking your in more need of a WR with ROS rankings and Julio being hurt. Trading Brady 3 for Calvin 1 to start as a even trade. How bad does he need a QB?, does he have a top TE along with Hernandez so you can afford to give less? Can you get away with Amendola 25, for Hernandez 4? or look at how his team is stacked, if he’s better at RB or WR or vice versa, he might be willing to give up more

  46. Go with adding Nicks or Alexander whomever is easier to get. The Peyton to Thomas connection is sick and your RBs are bound for a solid ROS. Try to pick up the BEAST Marcel REECE if possible when you make your improvement to your WRs.

  47. Keller or M Lewis for TE ? , Stafford vs Houston or Locker or Henne or Colin? K , Adam V or pick one ?Forte or Reece ?

    I am in need of some RB, QB, and Defense advice.
    My RBs as of now are CJ, Reece, DMAC, MJD. I am thinking of rolling with CJ and Reece this week but also considering DMAC. I hear MJD may be back this week but most likely next week. Should I leave him on the bench or drop him for some WR depth?
    As for QB I am starting ELI the ROS but am open to picking up a QB for my bench the ROS as well just in case Eli doesnt pan out.
    I have no Defense right now but I am trying to pick up either Carolina or Buffallo on D. Are their any other D’s or QBs that I should look out for on the wire or trade?
    My WRs are Decker and Colston.
    I start Myers at TE and I am looking to move Heath Miller.

    Ill hang up and listen.
    Good luck the rest of the way and this week especially. It is do or die for about half of my league this week. (standard 14 team non ppr, no flex)

  49. Which rb should I drop to pick up Blackmon or Edelman?

    Andre Brown (This is my choice)

    I also have Hartline and T. Young who seems to quickly becoming drop able.

  50. Ok, need three wideouts this week. Playing the league leaders, so big upside is better better than consistence.
    Decker, Colston, A. Johnson, and Blackmon. Thinking I sit Colston.

  51. Alexander has looked legit, but keep in consideration the chargers have one of the tougher ros schedules statistically as far as wr fpa. Plus they will most likely be playing for nothing w a lame duck coach and gm. .

  52. I would go with Reece if DMC is still out. Otherwise its a pretty close call between Reece and Broyles – if DMC starts they should put up similar numbers. Reece is always an option in the raiders passing attack, and considering what JAX did to HOU last week, I wouldn’t be surprised if Broyles put up good numbers, especially since their focus will be on covering Calvin. Sproles agaisnt SF D is definitely a start I would pass on.

  53. I would go with Eli. He’s coming off a bye week and Giants are in the underdog pool again during mid season slump – the usual. THis is usuall when they heat up and get back into the swing of things. Eli’s been saying he feels good and rested now, so no more tired arm. The giants can’t afford to lose anymore and Eli will have to keep up with Rodgers so they will be throwing alot.

  54. Anyone think it’s worth dropping Steven Jackson for a guy coming on as a starter like Parmele or Bryce Brown?

  55. I would avoid Bryce Brown and go for Parmele instead. Bryce has a horrible O Line that made McCoy look bad. If McCoy struggled to put up good numbers, Bryce will have an even harder time. Meanwhile, Parmele also has a great matchup.

  56. I agree w that, but Alexander has everything to play for. He’s making a name for himself and he’s on fire right now.

  57. Last week kicked my ass in terms of injuries. McGahee and McCoy both went down for me and I have an injured mjd and run DMC stashed on my bench. I have beanie wells and am looking to pick up either Starks, hillman, or Parmele. Any suggestions/advice as to how I go about this dilemma? My roster is as follows:

    Qb: RG3, Eli manning
    RB1: McCoy, beanie wells, McFadden
    RB2: (Starks,hillman,Parmele {depending on waiver pickup})
    WR1: megatron
    WR2: Marshall
    TE: tony Gonzales
    Flex: Hakeem nicks
    D/ST: rams, (looking at adding patriots)
    k: janikowski

    Any idea how I should go about this week? A win secures me a playoff birth. This week is HUGE

  58. I would drop Young out of the players you listed. Definitely not Mendy, since Steelers will be focusing on running the ball now that hes finally back and also because they have their 3rd string QB starting.

  59. I think thats the right choice. SF D is back to being elite, and brandon marshall barely pulled off a TD against them.

  60. I think you gotta stick with Jackson. Even tho Parmele had a decent game against Houston, I’m assuming Houston overlooked the jags and were focused on upcoming teams. I don’t expect the jags to repeat this performance week in and week out. Jackson is a back who just put 100+ on SF and 81 on an underrated jets D. Brown may not even get the start if McCoy recovers in time for Monday night. Stick it out with Jackson. Or see if you can get any buy low candidate in a trade. Package him up with a wr and try and get some one of Morris’ caliber.

  61. I wouldn’t recommend that. I don’t trust Brown at all behind that horrendous O Line, and MJD may be back soon so its hard to say how long Parmele will be valuable.

  62. Brandon Marshall also had one of the worst backup QBs in the league throwing to him and had 0 time to sit in the pocket. Yes, SF D is legit, but Blackmon had one good game. Decker is a beast in the redzone and so is colston. Against Philly and Atlanta colston was a target on the goal line and I expect that to remain constant against a tough SF run defense. I think your best bet is to go with colston, decker, and Johnson. Let’s not forget Johnson was one of the top receivers for the past 3 years. Schaub obviously has a good relationship and I bet you can’t name another starting receiver on the texans. Sit Blackmon, this performance isn’t likely to repeat against any time soon.

  63. That’s a tough call. I expect the Packers Giants game to be a shootout, and am not expecting either side to run the ball much. Inside the ten yard line thought they could possibly use starks, since giants run d has been pretty bad. Either way, I say Starks is a tough call due to the unpredictability of this game. Both teams need the win and its going to be a crazy primetime game, which I usually stay away from fantasywise. I would personally go with Hillman – Chiefs will probably get slaughtered and Hillman will see a lot of garbage time carries in the very least. Parmele is also a risky play IMO – we all thought Rashad Jennings was a truck for a week…or two…same thing can happen to Parmele.

  64. I just sent Colston for Morris, straight up.

    I’ve got Wayne, Nicks, Denarious Moore, and Steve Johnson at WR and SJax, Morris, Mendy, DMC, Reece, Wells, McGahee (hopefully will be Hillman, if not Alexander as waiver add).

  65. Start Reece, Bench McCoy
    Bench Reese and play McCoy/Brown on Monday

    Standard League

    Bryant (Thursday)

    McCoy (Monday)
    F. Jackson

    I’ll almost certainly use these guys regardless, right?

    WR1 Bryant (Thurs)
    WR 2 Cruz
    FLEX: Colston
    RB1: Lynch
    RB2: ????

    FOR RB2, I can:

    A) Start Reece and bench McCoy
    B) Bench Reece, pick up Bryce Brown, then play McCoy or Brown on Monday
    C) Use Reece and McCoy/Brown and bench 1 of my WRs

    I still don’t know if McFadden is coming back and taking Reece’s touches.


  66. I’ll start off by saying that I’m relatively week at QB, so please don’t laugh at my options here. :)

    I’m not sure if I should start Schuab against Detroit or Locker against Jacksonville. I’m leaning toward Locker as Jacksonville’s D is atrocious and I also realize that Schuab’s week 10 performance is not the norm. I think Locker has huge upside this week but Schaub is the safer play.

    Two other options available on the Waiver Wire are Philip Rivers and Colin Kaepernick (who we have to wait and see if he starts, of course).

    Anybody have any thoughts/recomendations?


  67. What QBs are on the wire? All depends on that.

    Same with D. Between Panthers and Bills, Panthers all the way b/c they’re playing Philly.

  68. Thanks Broseph. Added Alexander to my waivers, Kaepernick wasn’t available in my espn league (proj 24), but still is in my yahoo (only proj 4). Not sure who missed the memo here…

  69. Should I start Austin or T Smith to go along with Colston and Cruz? Should I start Starks or Hillman as a second running back to Steven Jackson?

  70. Personally, I would go Locker. Before his injury I thought he had some great upside with his legs, so against a Jacksonville Defense that just gave up a whopping 500+ yards and 5 TDs, he should be able to produce some nice numbers for you.

  71. Alright, with Thursday quickly approaching- decisions need to be made.

    QB – Matthew Stafford
    RB – Chris Johnson, Trent Richardson
    WR – Calvin Johnson, Marques Colston
    TE – Antonio Gates
    W/R/T – Stevan Ridley
    K – Jason Hanson
    DEF – Arizona Cardinals

    Bench – Dez Bryant, Benjarvus Green-Ellis, Rashard Mendenhall, Mike Williams, Malcolm Floyd, Cowboys DST

    i) Should I be playing Dez over Marques?

    ii) What defense should I pick up (for the cowboys) to play this week? Or should I just stick with the Cardinals.

    iii) Is Gates reliable enough? Or should I be looking for TE end help.

  72. Following up my last question- I sent Brady and Stevie Johnson for Hernandez and Megatron. Thoughts?

    And I’m more or less guaranteed to make the playoffs now, so if I’m swinging for a home run, would Alexander or Blackmon be the better pickup?

  73. Sorry, didn’t mean to make this a reply to your question. But to answer it, I would grab Kaepernick and run with Schaub this week.

  74. Following up my last question- I sent Brady and Stevie Johnson for Hernandez and Megatron. Thoughts?

    And I’m more or less guaranteed to make the playoffs now, so if I’m swinging for a home run, would Alexander or Blackmon be the better pickup?

  75. I hope MUNT dog comments on this one but all advice is appreciated.

    If I win this week I book my ticket to the playoffs. Luckily I’m playing one of the worst teams in our league.

    My opponents QB is Joe Flacco
    I can start either Stevie Johnson @IND or Torrey Smith @SD.

    Now just on rankings and the last few weeks, no brainer, Stevie J, but if Flacco goes off and Torrey Smith is involved I could cancel out alot of his points.
    I’m out of the point running for $$ so a win is all I care about.

    What do you all think?

  76. I would absolutely play Dez over Marques. He’s been pretty involved, compared to Marques.

    I’m not sure who’s on your waiver to choose from. Roll AZ I guess.

    Gates is going to be a much better start over Waiver wire players, but if you’re a true gambler and Fleener is ruled out take a shot on Dwayne Allen!
    Good luck

  77. I think i would still go with Stevie j torrey hasn’t been looking that great.

    Nation i need some help
    I have to start three wrs.
    My wrs:
    Roddy white
    Eric Decker
    Hakeem nicks
    Dez Bryant

    Also D.Alexander is free agent but his schedule looks tough here on out is it worth dropping one of my wrs for him?

  78. So Running back wise I have Spiller, Morris, BJE, Ballard, and Murray. Receivers are Marshall, Cobb, Smith. 2 rb’s, 2 wr’s and flex. I plan on starting Spiller and Morris, and Marshall and Cobb. Who do I start in my flex or do I switch out running backs!? Flex spot I was planning on Smith but the Law Firm has been playing well. Any thoughts I would surely appreciate!

  79. Which three RB’s do I start. ( Note* This is not a PPR league )


  80. Pretty sure Murray is out yet again this week. I like Morris, he is more consistent then the Law-Firm, though the Law-Firm has a great match up… Oakland’s D is soft…after the Law Firms good game last week ( his best game since week 1 )…I believe Cincy will want to build on that and get the run game going…Thus I am leaning towards The Law-Firm.

  81. Team:

    QB: Peyton
    RB: Charles / Ridley
    WR: Green / Nelson
    TE: Myers

    I need to pick a flex from Hillman, Parmele, Nicks and Julio Jones. Quite frankly, I’m not even sold on Nelson starting yet.

    Any thoughts?

  82. Hey Munt! I hope you have time to answer this:

    I need a flex starter: Dwyer,D.Jones.L.Ball,Edelman.J.Rodgers,Avery.K.Wright.L.Robinson,E.Sanders..what to do?

    Also would you start St.Louis DST at home against the Cardinals or SF DST against the Saints? Is it crazy to start Capernick over Stafford…..MUST win game this week!! If I lose I’m out.

  83. Hey Munt! I hope you have time to answer this:

    I need a flex starter: Dwyer,D.Jones.L.Ball,Edelman.J.Rodgers,Avery.K.Wright.L.Robinson,E.Sanders..what to do?

    Also would you start St.Louis DST at home against the Cardinals or SF DST against the Saints? Is it crazy to start Kapernick over Stafford…..MUST win game this week!! If I lose I’m out.

  84. PLEASE HELP NATION! Sitting at 7-4 on top of my division with 3 other teams behind be at 6-5 with 2 weeks left of the season. Not to mention, my RBs and WRs all have gone down or are battling injuries (DMC,McCoy, and McGahee, Bowe, Amendola). Im hoping to win my auction bid for Hillman. These next 2 weeks are must win.

    Should I:
    A) Trade Tony Gonzalez for Andre Johnson or Demaryius Thomas and find another TE on the wire such as Myers or Rudolph?

    B) Drop Heyward-Bey for Panthers D this week 12?

    QB: Brees and Romo
    RB: McCoy, McFadden, McGahee.. I know it sucks.
    Mendenhall, Wells, Reece
    WR: White, Steve Johnson, Bowe, Heyward-Bey,
    TE: Gonzalez
    DEF: Atlanta

  85. T-Rich, Charles, and BJE if McFadden is not playing. Although Reece has been playing lights out since starting.

  86. Start White, Decker, and my gut tells me Dez over Nicks because of Romo’s call out of confidence in the media last week of Bryant’s improvement in all phases of the game which resulted in Dez’s week 11 performance.

  87. Alexander without a doubt. The Bolts with no run game = Rivers throwing it all day to DX (V-Jax part Deux) as Floyd and Gates are not doing anything.

  88. Start Trent for sure. He is extremely consistent, 10+ points a game except for the 2 when he played through broken ribs (and got knocked out of both), and Week 1 when he was still recovering from knee surgery.

    After him, I’d go with Charles (because KC’s passing attack has been awful, and Hillis has been useless, so Charles is getting carries) and then I’d be tempted to go with Reece over BGE, but that’s just a hunch.

  89. or should I drop ATL defense and pick up either Panthers or Cardinals defense? ATL plays TB and NO in the next 2 weeks.

    A win this week, secures a playoff berth. This week is HUGE.

  90. Pick 1 WR and 1 FLEX (non-PPR league)

    Fitzgerald (vs. STL)
    Danario Alexander (vs. BAL)
    Torrey Smith (vs. SD)
    Mendenhall (vs. CLE)
    Maclin (vs. CAR)
    Beanie Wells (vs. STL)
    Vick Ballard (vs. BUF)

    I have extreme injury problems and I have a must-win game coming up, so I’m tempted to go with the high-risk high-reward of Alexander over one of my RBs (who are all at risk of limited carries)

  91. 2 Questons:
    1) WR – D. Moore or D. Alexander for this week?
    2) RB – F. Jackson, Sproles, or Hillman for this week and for ROS?

  92. The question is this: Trent Richardson vs. the Steelers D or Ronnie Hillman vs. KC. I know Richardson is the bell-cow, but that Steelers D kinda frightens me.

  93. Yeah stick w Ridley, I’ll be starting him this week as well. Plus with the Jags most likely throwing the ball more this week, this further diminishes Parmeles value.

  94. I would roll with Alexander. He’s Rivers favorite target at this point, and its always hard to trust a JAX receiver.

  95. I really don’t think Kaepernick over Stafford is that crazy – if he starts of course. I think its a great matchup for him and I’m sure everyone wants to see what he can do against the Saints after what he did to the Bears.

    As far as Flex, I would be choosing between Jones and Avery. Edelman has high upside, but he’s one of many, many targets.

  96. Not sure who to start this week: 20 man PPR so they are all a crap shoot really:

    RB: AP, Donald Brown, Andre Brown
    WR: Torrey, Alexander, Andre Roberts, Ryan Broyles

    Currently, I am leaving Roberts and Broyles on the bench. Thoughts?

  97. Rank my Recievers for week 12 in a PPR League:

    Mike Wallace
    Steve Smith
    Julian Edleman

  98. Current Roster
    QB – Andy Dalton
    WR1 – AJ Green,
    WR2 – Sidney Rice
    RB1 – Steven Ridley
    RB2 – Mikel Leshoure
    TE – Aaron Hernandez
    Flex – ???
    K – Adam Vinatieri
    DST – New England

    Bench: Brandon Lloyd, Julian Edelman, Shane Vereen, Joique Bell, Kendall Hunter, David Akers, and Houston DST.

    Who should I start in flex? I’m mostly trying to decide between Brandon Lloyd and Julian Edelman. I know that with my luck, if I started Edelman, Brandon Lloyd would have the game of his career lol

  99. Based on week 11, Edelman looks to be getting a lot more snaps than Lloyd. Vereen might not be a bad bet given the Jets rush defense and how inconsistent Ridley can be.

  100. Waiver Wire: Who should I go for and in what order — not just for this week but through Week 15

    Who is 1, 2, 3?

  101. I’d say they both rank pretty closely and its a tough call. I would go with Lloyd. Altogether though, I would diversify your roster – starting 3 (4 including DEF) players on one team is quite risky.

  102. I’m starting Titans D this week. Bengals could be a good option too, but I would much rather have a mediocre defense take on Henne than play a decent defense against Palmer.

  103. Who should I start for my RB2 this week?

    Mikel Leshoure
    Steven Jackson
    James Starks

    Sigh… Getting really annoyed with this Murray injury

  104. gotcha. BUT: McCoy plays Monday, and we may not know until then. Start Reece or hold out and play McCoy or Brown and pick which right before game?

  105. 2 Questions:

    1) WR who to start – Denarius Moore vs. CIN or Denario Alexander vs. BAL?

    2) RB who to start – Hillman vs. KC, Sproles vs. SF, or FJax vs. IND?

  106. Should i drop Chris Beanie Wells For R. Hillman. I dont need him to play this week im more just worried about playing him in the coming weeks. I would rather avoid playing him if he is the better rb down the stretch.

  107. Well, not too sure what you’re league set-up is, but I would rank them like this.

    AP / Torrey / Alexander – definates
    Andre Roberts – if you’re allowed 1 RB & 3 WR
    Andre Brown – if you have to start 2 RB’s, although I would definately not be feeling very good about it – Bryce would probably be the best “Brown” to start on the week

    Broyles & the Donald I would probably forget. But that’s just my 2 cents, and Lord knows the exchange rate sometimes comes short.

    Hope it helps.

  108. Denarious Moore v CIN he will have a revenge game.
    And the RB to start in this order Hillman, FJax then Sproles…

  109. Drop Sproles for Vick Ballard for ROS? My RB situation stands as:

    Reggie Bush
    Fred Jax
    Jalen Parmele
    Felix Jones
    Darren Sproles
    James Starks

  110. If your going for ROS drop Felix Jones, especially if your not using him this week, Murray should be back by next weekend.

  111. Newbie to Beast Dome, and I’ve got a simple question.

    My two QB’s are Tom Brady and Andrew Luck. Having a hard time figuring out who to start this week. Luck looks like he has the better matchup, but Brady is Brady ya know! Who would you roll with?

  112. My roster BTW:

    QB: Brady, Luck

    RB: Gore, Ridley, Sproles, Reece, Vereen, Ballard

    WR: C. Johnson, Hilton, Alexander

    TE: Gresham, Myers

    DST: Rams (Week to week matchup plays)

    K: Tynes

    I’m currently in 3rd place in my league headed into the playoffs, and am wondering who I should drop to pick up the Panthers DST for next weeks matchup they have against Kansas City. I am playing the guy who is first place in my division and if I win, I am put into first place and will get a bye in the first week of the playoffs.

  113. Simply put, yes. Crosby has proven to be far too inconsistent in a position in which consistency is usually a waiver claim away. In your case with Tucker, I would say it is. So yes, play Tucker over Crosby. Plus, I’m sure the Packers aren’t exactly all that confident in him either.

  114. Don’t let defenses frighten you when it comes to your studs. Match ups are great to look at, but they are an after thought; the primary thought being the actual ability of the player to preform. In that case, I would say Richardson is the play.

  115. Leshoure generates most of his points from touchdowns- not yardage (I guess that’s a given). But considering the Texans have yet to give up a rushing TD, I would stay away from that match up. Between Jackson and Starks, I would say Jackson based on that fact that Starks has shown before that he is more likely not to produce than to produce where as Jackson has put together some fairly decent outings recently. Start Jackson.

  116. If this is a must-win game, then I might be inclined to go with Smith and Alexander. The feast-famine factor with Smith and Fitzgerald has been frustrating this year, but I feel like in a must-win situation Smith and Alexander have the potential to put up some BIG points for you…that, or produce little to nothing.

  117. So you are thinking the BJE over Morris? Or are you saying that I should start Morris and throw the Law Firm in the slot?

  118. Ok dudes..I cleaned up on waiver claims. Now the question is who to flex this week:

    Blackmon, Alexander, or Stevie J ??

  119. Alright Nation, Let me know what you think about this.

    Here’s the deal, I’m going to finish first no matter if I win or lose this week and end up the first seed overall. If I decide to tank it this week I’ll end up playing a much easier opponent and it’d pretty much guarantee myself in the championship week.

    So would it be “cheating” if I tank it?

  120. Flex: Edelman

    Roll with St. Louis for sure.

    And I’d wait for Munt’s rankings on the QB question. I would say Kaepernick with the matchup he has, but Megatron has been rolling lately, which bodes well for Stafford.

  121. Previous question was for TE in my non-PPR league – this one is for a PPR league.

    B. Wells, J. Starks, or B. Brown for RB2.

  122. Alright, pick a WR2 and a Flex out of these players: Julio Jones (if he plays), Jordy Nelson, Blackmon, Amendola, Sid Rice, Hillman, Bradshaw, and Starks. Leaning towards Nelson and Hillman right now, but I might do Blackmon over Hillman.

  123. Sorry, I mean to say, should I sub in Blackmon for Brandon Marshall? Or stick with Marshall?

  124. Considering how many passing yards/points were racked up in the air against the Colts DST this past weekend, I think S. Johnson might be worth a shot against the Colts as well.

  125. With Titus Young being benched this week, Broyles moves up to the WR2 slot in Detroit for tomorrow’s game. Not sure how much he will contribute, but that’s the news so far.

  126. I would start Julio Jones over Nelson and put Hillman in your flex…Denver will ground and pound once they are up by 30 points….lol…similar to what they did against New Orleans, only he is starting now.

  127. What should I do with R Bush?

    RBs leshoure, r bush, stark.

    Available RBs v Ballard, parmele , j Stewart, Bryce brown.

    Looking for ROS potential also.

  128. Jones is looking in the same condition injury-wise as he was last week. Doesn’t bode all that well. A fully-healthy Jones would be a no-brainer for a start.

  129. Consensus seems to be to pick up Edelmen.

    Would you guys recommend that even with Brady as QB?

    Looking at who to drop:

    QB: Brady
    RB: Morris, S Jackson, DMC, Mendenhall, Starks, Thomas, Wells
    WR: Cruz, Wayne, Marshall, Blackmon

    Top of the ladder, so basically looking at playoffs for maximum points Weeks 15-16.
    That’s why I’ve stashed D Thomas and J Blackmon due to their favourable schedules.

    What do you guys reckon?

  130. I know that this is a huge mistake, but I will start Kaepernick over Stafford this week. The kid have nothing but upside and Stafford has downside even if Joseph might be out vs. DET. It’s still Houston defense.

  131. Is Akers droppable at this point for a flavor of the week kicker? One of the best things about the niners was Smiths willingness to tack a sack instead of throw a interception. It lead to a lot of field goals.

    With Akers being inconsistent as well is it time to move on?

  132. Do you think Darren Sproles will be healthy enough to return punts and kicks this week and play as much as he normally does? Or would it be safer to put in Eric Decker? PPR and return yards league. Thanks!

  133. I think he’s been a borderline starter all year. If there is another decent kicker/matchup to pick up I wouldn’t hesitate to drop him.

  134. I would start Reece, Richardson, and BJE and Charles is a toss up….Denvers defense is Legit but Charles is a Beast. I think I would lean more toward him…..


    Get it done man, I am loving that Morris is having a Solid game for me right now!

  135. Do you know if in Yahoo default scoring that fumble return TD would give Edelman 6p more? I can’t see that at the moment.

  136. Updated Rankings are coming Saturday Night.

    But a sneak peak I have the Cardinals ranked #2 with Amendola out.

    For Flex. Edelman would have been a sexy pick, the safe one is going with Dwyer.

    Hopefully you were part of Stafford’s 441 Yard /2 TD performance.

  137. Erick Decker is a better choice than Sproles by a long shot. The Saints are too crowded in their backfield making Sproles a Danny Woodhead type RB.

    Ingram needs his touches.
    Pierre Thomas needs his touches.
    Chris Ivory needs one big run to get 8 touches.

    Not a lot of breathing room.

  138. I’d go with Wells this week (high risk/high reward) vs STL. Both Mendy & Starks will have to share the ball.

  139. I had Amendola as flex starter, but he is out vs. ARI….should I start Dwyer or Britt in flex? Muntradamus has them both ranked high. I’m a underdog in this weeks matchup and my opponent had D.Bryant 24p. I had Edelman 10p (still waiting for that return TD), Witten 7p and D.Bailey 13p. Here is the matchup….what would you do based on the situation….Dwyer or Britt?

    My team:

    QB: C.Kaepernick @NO
    WR1: V.Cruz vs. GB
    WR2: S.Johnson @IND
    WR3: J.Edelman @NYJ 10p
    RB1: R.Rice @SD
    RB2: J.Parmele vs. TEN
    TE: J.Witten vs. WAS 7p
    flex: J.Dwyer @CLE
    K: D.Bailey vs. WAS 13p
    DST: St.Louis @ARI

    My opponent’s team:

    QB: D.Brees vs. SF
    WR1: E.Decker @KC
    WR2: L.Fitzgerald vs. STL
    WR3: D.Bryant vs. WAS 24p
    RB1: D.Martin vs. ATL
    RB2: F.Jackson @IND
    TE: J.Finley @NYG
    flex: R.Cobb @NYG
    K: M.Bryant @TB
    DST: ARI vs. STL

    I lead 30-24 at the moment…..what to do? I’m 5-6 in my division where only the winner gets into playoffs + the best second team it’s division. My division has two 6-5 teams ahead of me so this is a must win week or I’m out.

  140. I would drop Bush, F.Jones or Starks for Ballard…in that order. I would ride with Parmele for this week and see if MJD is back….if he is back then drop Parmele.

  141. This might be a long shot, but would you guys start Reece over Trent Richardson? My RBs are Lynch, Reece, and Trent.


  142. Need some help picking my lineup this week…

    1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex

    Rbs-Peterson, Forte
    Wrs-Nicks, Nelson, Ja Jones, D Moore, Blackmon
    TEs-Myers, Gates

  143. Hey guys,

    I need to a hit HR this week to make playoffs and my opponent unfortunately has already started RG3, Megatron and the Pats D/ST. I’ve got 2 RB, 2 WR and a Flex for the following players:

    D. Martin, Spiller, Forte, FJax, Bryce Brown

    Julio, Wayne, Torrey, DAlexander

    Brady kept me in it with his big game, but I’m gonna need a HR to pull it out. I’m thinking Martin, Spiller, Forte, Wayne – and then do I go with a risky Julio against league-worst Pass Defense (he might not play the whole game) or boom/bust guy like Torrey or DX. Thanks for the input!

  144. Need SERIOUS HELP on a trade. Standard league, playoffs are Weeks 14&15.

    WRs: Cruz, Colston, Bryant
    RBs: Lynch, McCoy/Bryce Brown, Reece, F. Jackson, Beanie

    I’m worried that I won’t have a consistent RB2/Flex starter for the playoffs if McCoy isn’t back for week 13,. There’s a team who only has Sam Bradford and has S. Jackson and the lawfirm and I’ve got Dalton on the bench.


  145. Need to start 2 RB in a very important matchup…

    Sproles, Reggie Bush, Fred Jackson, Vick Ballard, Jalen Parmele, or James Starks

    I’m leaning toward Vick Ballard and Jalen Parmele, go big or go home right!

  146. I need to start 2 of the following for this week:

    Reggie Bush
    Darren Sproles
    Fred Jackson
    Jalen Parmele
    Vick Ballard
    James Starks

    I’m leaning towards Vick Ballard and Jalen Parmele… Go big or go home right!

  147. Looking for week 12 start/sit opinions…

    I’d like opinions on who my RB2 should be for week 12, Vick Ballard or Bryce Brown.

    And I’d like opinions on who i should FLEX: Bryce Brown, Denarius Moore, Danario Alexander or Jonathan Stewart

    My current lineup:

    QB: Tom Brady
    RB1: Marcel Reece
    RB2: Vick Ballard
    RB/WR: Bryce Brown
    WR: Wes Welker
    WR: Andre Johnson
    TE: Dwayne Allen
    D/ST: Seahawks
    K: Phil Dawson

    Denarius Moore
    Danario Alexander
    Danny Amendola
    Daryl Richardson
    Jonathan Stewart
    Colin Kaepernick
    Kyle Rudolph

    Thanks to big games from Brady, Welker and AJ I’ve got a great lead in week 12 (67-7), and with my week 13 opponent having QB issues (lost Big Ben) hopefully I can win out. If I do, I have a shot at playoffs but will come down to points scored, so scoring is important these next 2 weeks.

    I was leaning on flexing Alexander over D Moore because of the big fat goose egg he left me in last week’s matchup, but Rivers can’t be relied on either. And if I’m being honest, Bryce Brown looks impressive. 3-down back with a good matchup. I’ve been reading he has RB2/RB1 capabilities.

  148. Ballard for sure!!! He should have a monster game! You can flip a coin with Jackson and Parmele but because Parmele gets the start I would start him in good matchup. Jackson might get a TD though.

  149. Richardson has been a monster so it’s hard to bench player like him. I would still go with Richhardson and Lynch as you RBs even if Reece has been good.

  150. I would start Starks. Beanie is back for a first time since his injury, Mendy is in timeshare. Starks will get his carries. This depends on what you want. If you want solid 6-10 points then Starks is your man…if you are looking for huge upside risk or reward then I would start Wells because no one knows how good he is now.

  151. I agree with Eagles Finn… Luck will not have a bad game this week! Play Luck with confidence! Although Dalton has a juicy match-up I think Luck will Dominate after his lackluster performance in week 11…

  152. Hey nation i need help this game possibly gets me in to the playoffs

    Who do i start? Need to start 2 of these 4wrs
    E. Decker

    And do i start Reece over rice this week? Please help!

  153. Go with White and Nicks! Both are in line for huge shootout games. And as for Reece over Rice… Rice is the safer choice.

  154. White, Decker, Nicks..I am surprised you needed help with that..I feel your gut has been telling you this all week..

  155. if brown is on the waiver. pick him up for the playoffs..Smith will be back, but Ben will be back (here in Pittsburgh word is next week, Nationally 2 weeks)

  156. That’s a tough one EaglesFinn… I personally like Britt… I have been burned one too many times by a RB committee.

  157. I couln’t have been more wrong. Sorry. :( I hope you added Moreno and started him like me. Parmele was just unlucky.

  158. Haha thanks guys. Feels good to be right once in a while. Guess some of that ol Muntramagic rubbed off on me.
    I just hope somebody out there got a win because of it! Lost a close one here, rg3 and dez big game were too much to overcome.

  159. Thanks for the insider’s info.
    I was thinking of picking up Antonio, but instead picked Moreno 4 hours before the game started! Now I am thinking of replacing K.Britt with one the three following players:
    2. Broyles
    3. Brown
    0.5ppr league
    One more thing. I need this for Week 14 (playoff).
    What do you think?

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