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This is it. This is probably my last Fantasy Baseball article of the 2016 season for quite some time. With that being said, you can still sign me as your unofficial co-GM to take home your Fantasy Baseball Championship, or win some games in Vegas or DFS. Check out the new and improved..


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I will throw in some random videos from time to time for Fantasy Baseball, but from here on out. It is all about Fantasy Football. With that being said, I introduce you to.




Muntradamus #9

ECR #16


2016 YTD: .333. 13 HR/48 RBI (#1 Catcher according to CBS)

Every year every expert complains about Ramos and his health. When he is healthy, Ramos is a BEAST that is bigger than just about every catcher in the league. He is swinging a hot stick in the heart of the Nationals order and 100+ RBI season is guaranteed to come.



Muntradamus #8

ECR #22

Pace.280+BA/50+ HR/120+ RBI

2016 YTD: .287. 28 HR/68 RBI (Leads the Majors in HR)

Trumbo has been nothing short of a BEAST. Called it way before anyone saw it coming in this article (Feb/12).



ECR #25

Muntradamus #9

Pace.250+BA/20+ HR/15+SB

2016 YTD: .256. 11 HR/7 SB (Only 2 Other 2B on Pace )

Lawrie is on pace to have a season that could surpass 20 HR/15 SB. Remember when Lawrie was being over drafted in all Fantasy Leagues a few years ago? Now he is the steal of all steals. Lawrie was a featured player I wrote about to the public on BEAST DOME.




ECR #11

Muntradamus #4


2016 YTD: .290. 19 HR/48 RBI (33 HR Career High)

Everyone thought Longoria was done and over the hill. Longoria is a super star hitter, he has starred in commercials and has been the face of the Tampa Bay Rays like Kevin Durant was the face for the OKC Thunder. Longoria could approach 40 Home Runs before the season is over.




ECR #15

Muntradamus #6

Pace.300+BA/12+ HR/30+SB

2016 YTD: .316. 6 HR/15 SB (Qualifies at 2B/SS)


Was a popular article in 2015. The move to Arizona has blew up the career of Jean Segura who has no pressure but to be himself on a re-building Arizona squad. Segura is having a career year and the addition of 2B to his eligibility has made him almost priceless.


Odubel Herrera – PHI

ECR #70

Muntradamus #34


2016 YTD: .295. 10 HR/48 Runs/12 SB (Future BD H.O.F )

Odubel is similar to Future BD H.O.F member Gregory Polanco who I had ranked in the top of his breakout 2015 year. Herrera is a machine of a BEAST and he will only get better as he is still 24 years old.


Cameron Maybin – DET

ECR #84

Muntradamus #46


2016 YTD: .343. 37 Runs/10 SB (Only Played 49 Games )

When Cameron Maybin was a couple Weeks away from activation, I did not post a single article on BEAST DOME until he was healthy. He ended up stealing a base in his first 4 games back off the DL. Maybin is batting 2nd in one of the most potent offenses in the MLB, and those runs/SB will add up very quickly in the 2nd half.


Carlos Beltran – NYY

ECR #69

Muntradamus #47

Pace.280+BA/35+ HR/100+RBI

2016 YTD: .293. 19 HR/54 RBI (39 Years Old)

Everyone has given up faith on the aging Beltran, but I still saw him worth the late round flier. The Softball field aka Yankee Stadium was built for someone like Beltran who can hit line drives straight to the Jet Stream in Right. Health could be an issue and he is a great sell-high, but for now enjoy the ride.






Muntradamus #21

ECR #35

Pace.300+BA/35+ HR/110+RBI

2016 YTD: .309. 17 HR/59 RBI (37 Years Old)

Victor Martinez is one of the top hitting catchers on FanDuel all season. While he no longer catches, V-Mart is putting up vintage numbers out of the cleanup spot for Detroit. He usually has RBI opportunities almost every game. Expect a big 2nd half as the Tigers make a Playoff Push.





ECR #17

Pace.250+BA/20+ HR

2016 YTD: .253. 10 HR(14 HR Career High)

Starlin is having his own Superstarlin season. Castro has never hit more than 14 HR in a season, going into the All-Star Break he has already reached double digits and it would be no surprise to see a power surge take him to 25 Bombs to close the season. Qualifying at 2B/SS is vital. While his first half is a bit disappointing, do not be surprised to see the young star take his game up a notch now that he is more comfortable as a Yankee.



Matt Holliday – STL

ECR #56

Muntradamus #39

Pace.240+BA/30+ HR/100+RBI

2016 YTD: .241. 15 HR/52 RBI (Last 30+ HR Season. 2007)

Holliday was injured last season and missed nearly the entire 2nd half of the season. Everyone was afraid his power would never be the same, but he is still the middle of the order RBI Machine that should never be over looked. Some players will always be superstars, Matt Holliday is one of those players.


SP 1

Jon Lester

ECR #19

Muntradamus #8

Pace. 20 Wins. 200+ Ks. ERA >3

2016 YTD: 9 Wins. 105 K. 2.67 ERA 

While Lester has been falling apart right before the All-Star Break, Lester was easily the #2 most dominant pitcher behind Kershaw for much of the 1st Half of the season. The ASB is coming at a perfect time for Lester to find his groove, the Cubs are making a push towards the #1 Seed in the NL.

SP 2

Jeff Samardzija

ECR #41

Muntradamus #28

Pace. 20 Wins. >200 K.

2016 YTD: 9 Wins. 91 K. 3.91 ERA 

While the ERA is not sparking, the Wins and Strikeouts are everything you want from your Starting Pitcher. Samardizja aka the Shark is finding his Superstar value in SF and you can expect a lot of wins in the 2nd half of the year as the Giants get healthier after the All-Star Break.

SP 3

Julio Teheran

ECR #52

Muntradamus #34

Pace. 10+ Wins. 200+ K.

2016 YTD: 3 Wins. 107 K. 2.96 ERA

The win total has been horrendus for Teheran who cannot find run support on the worst team in Baseball. The Braves might sell Teheran at the Trade Deadline to a contender. When that happens Julio should be winning games left and right, his ERA was below 2.50 to start July.



ECR #15

Muntradamus #6

Pace. 40+ Saves

2016 YTD: 24 Saves. 2.98 ERA

The Nickname is back and in full-roce for Francisco Rodriguez. While his K’s are nothing to brag home about, K-Rod is cleaning up as the Tigers closer, something Joe Nathan could not do at all. With the Tigers getting healthier after the ASB, K-Rod should be seeing more save opportunities.




By Muntradamus


The BEAST is back as I look to continue my 3+ year streak as a Qualifier for a Major DFS Championship, as well continue my impressive resume of BEAST picks on FantasyPros.


The Fantasy NBA Season is here. Easily the greatest time of the year as everyday is Football Sunday in the DFS World. I will be creating new content this NBA Season that will help everyone make money. We will call the article. BEAST OF THE NIGHT. Everyday I will post a Player Prop of the Day for you to take on Bovada.LV. If you do not have an account here is my referral link and you get a bonus from Bovada. First day of this will start tomorrow.





2014-15 (Predicted Eastern Conference Finals)





15. PHI 76ERS

76ers are a recess NBA team. All they do is run up and down the court playing no defense and taking the first open shot they can get. Joel Embid will not play this season, Robert Covington is already injured, and Tony Wroten will not be back until December. Slow start to the season is evident for the 76ers, they may pull off a few big upset wins.


Phil Jackson is raping the state of New York with his GM moves. Derrick Williams/Arron Afflalo/Robin Lopez and Kristas PorzingBUST are not going to carry this team to the playoffs. It will be fun watching Carmelo Anthony BEAST for half of a season, but he is far less than 100% and the player he once was. His mid-range/1on1 game is still one of the best in the league, but his days of carrying a team like he did in Denver are done.


Celtics might as well be in the NHL. They have enough players to play 3 different lines and they will likely have so many different lineup combinations that player chemistry will never be there like a true championship team. There is no doubt this team has a lot of strong role players, but no superstar and all players who have to buy into a system to make it work, will likely not work.


Losing Deron Williams and relying on Jarrett Jack/Shane Larkin is asking for trouble. Thaddeus Young/Joe Johnson/Brook Lopez are the veterans that are going to have to carry this squad, and as good as it sounds on paper. It is a very long NBA season and if they lose any of these players, this team is not going anywhere. Bring back Jay-Z.


Paul George is healthy and looking like a potential MVP candidate. Problem with this Pacers team is everything else. Monta Ellis does not look comfortable in the Pacers offense, George Hill is not comfortable with Monta Ellis, and Rodney Stuckey/CJ Miles is not enough consistent offense to make up for the fact that this team is very weak at Center. Paul George will have to carry this team nightly, and if Monta Ellis cannot figure this system out this Pacers team is done before it started.


Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond lead a team of 3PT shooters and a spread offense that should work wonders for Drummond. When Brandon Jennings comes back in December this team will have a lot of big-time play makers in what could be designed as one of the highest scoring offenses in the NBA if Van Gundy wants to run. Drummond will be a BEAST, question is will the rest of the team follow.


Losing Lance Stephenson was important for the Hornets, adding Nicolas Batum was the best upgrade this team can ask for. Jeremy Lin and Kemba Walker make a nice back court and Al Jefferson always has the skills to be a BEAST post offensive option. However add age with bad leagues and a little gut, and this is the last productive season we may get from Big Al. Kemba Walker needs to go superstar mode for this team to win consistently.


Elfrid Payton and Victor Oladipo gain another year of experience and confidence. This young Magic squad has enough to make a lot of noise as long as they stay consistent. Nikola Vucevic is one of the best post centers in the game today, and the Magic have a lot of talent surrounding him including 2nd year Poor Man Blake Griffin in Aaron Gordon.


Hawks are all about team ball. Losing DeMarre Carrol was a big loss as he was a vital piece of the glue. They added Tiago Splitter at backup Center, but as long as Teague/Korver hold down the guard spot while Millsap/Horford stay consistent, this team will be battling. Most important player to this team is Kent Bazemore. If Bazemore has a big season with his super style flash then the Hawks will be soaring through the playoffs.


Derrick Rose comes into the season once again banged up, Pau Gasol/Joakim Noah are both a year older. This Bulls team is heading in the wrong direction if they want to win a Championship as their time is now. Jimmy “Buckets” Butler found an offensive game out of nowhere last season, and with Mike Dunleavy injured for a couple months, Butler will have to carry this team early. Rose has to stay healthy and the Declining Pau/Noah have to stay healthy. If all of that comes true, they will likely slow down in the Playoffs as the mileage starts to rack up. Nikola Mirotic and Pau Gasol are two of the biggest defensive liabilities in the NBA.


The addition of Greg Monroe and the return of Jabari Parker in December has this Bucks team ready to BEAST in 2015-16. MCW (Michael Carter Williams) came over to the Bucks at the Trade Deadline and never got too comfortable with his spot on the team. Unfortunately this preseason did not help solidify that as he was very inconsistent. What makes the Bucks great is their depth. OJ Mayo and Jerryd Bayless are two of the best backup guards in the NBAs and the length of Khris Middleton and Giannis (Anti-Dikembe Mutombo) at the wing spots make this team lethal.


John Wall will always have the Wizards competitive. Otto Porter has big shoes to fill with no more Paul Pierce in town, luckily for Porter he has bigger feet and more upside. Bradley Beal is going to have to be the 3PT champion this season as the Wizards need his shooting nightly. Marcin Gortat will lead the way with one of the most stacked front courts in the NBA.


Kyle Lowry may be the best PG in the NBA coming into the season if you take jumping out of the gym as a determining factor. Lowry/DeRozan combo is one of the most lethal in the NBA and the addition of DeMarre Carroll will instantly have this team winning more games. Jonas Valanciunas has always looked good, but never reached his potential. No more Amir Johnson should lead to more PT, however watch out for the BEAST DOME LEGEND Bismack Biyombo.


The Cavs are easily the best team in the East once again. This season Lebron and company start with a lot of injuries. Kyrie Irving could be out until December rushing off of serious knee surgery, Iman Shumpert is out until January, and Kevin Love is really struggling this preseason come off of shoulder surgery. Lebron James will have to carry this team on his back, which is also injured coming into the season. Will be an interesting season but the addition of Mo Williams to go with a healthy Anderson Varejao should be good enough pieces to push this team until they get 100%.


Goran Dragic and Dwayne Wade was a back court combo that cannot be stopped. Luol Deng is aging but the addition of Gerald Green who is one of the most explosive players in the NBA will be huge for this team. Justice Winslow is good as well and has a lot of promise to be in the defensive Rudy Gay type of conversation. What sets this team apart is their size down low with Chris Bosh and Hassan Whiteside. When you add Amar’e Stoudemire as the backup this Heat team is covered from all angles.




Round 1

MAGIC (8) @ HEAT (1)

Battle for Florida is in place. Magic have a nice future, but their future is not now against a star driven Miami Heat squad that has plenty of depth. Vucevic does not get his BEAST numbers in this series against Whiteside and Dwayne Wade shows Victor Oladipo a thing or two about what it takes to be a Champion.


The loss of DeMarre Carroll will be felt in this series. The Hawks have nobody that can guard Lebron James, and with a healthy Kevin Love on the court to go with Kyrie Irving and all the Cavs Pieces, the Hawks do not stand a chance in this series. Lebron moves on.


By the time this series comes along, Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah will not have much left in the tank. Luckily for them that does not matter as the Raptors bigs are non athletic at all. Kyle Lowry goes off on Derrick Rose, but Rose managers to get his. Carroll is big in shutting down Butler, and Butler has trouble slowing down DeRozan. In the end, the veterans of Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah with the deep Bulls bench is enough to push the Raptors out of the playoffs. The loss of Lou Williams will be felt in this series for the Raptors.


Bucks have the athleticism and size to take down the Wizards. Problem is John Wall can get his whenever he wants off of MCW, and that will make things interesting. Bradley Beal does have a size issue himself against Middleton and the Bucks are a lot more athletic with their front court. In the end, I like the Bucks with their depth to take this game over when the Wizards rest Wall or Beal. Bucks advance.


BUCKS (5) @ HEAT (1)

Bucks have a lot to make this a series, but the length of the Bucks is not that big of an advantage as the Heat are very long themselves. Keep in mind that the Heat have way better offensive players and more dominant forces in this game. The Bucks bench is not enough as the Heat bench is even stronger. Wade and his Heat advance to the Finals.


Dream matchup for the Cavs as the Bulls are not athletic enough to compete with the Cavs. Pau and Noah will definitely be done with their knees at this point of the season, and Jimmy Butler cannot realistically guard Lebron James. Cavs have way too many options and easily advance to the Eastern Conference Finals once again.




The matchup the NBA wants as this would bring in a Superbowl size audience for a 7 game series. Lebron James against Dwayne Wade. Luol Deng is the Lebron stopper, he has stopped him time after time in his career. Kyrie Irving can shake Dragic, but in return Kyrie’s knee cannot keep up with Dragic when he has the ball. Wade owns the Shumpert/J.R. combo at the SG position and the bigs of Miami with Bosh and Whiteside kill the slow motion Love/Mozgov.






Lebron James


Jahlil Okafor (76ers)

EAST 6th Man

Gerald Green (Heat)


PG. John Wall (Wizards)

SG. DeMar DeRozan (Raptors)

SF. Lebron James (Cavaliers)

PF. Paul George (Pacers)

C. Hassan Whiteside (Heat)




Losing DeAndre Jordan was big for this team. They replaced him with Zaza Pachulia and Javale McGee. McGee has a long ways to go before we can picture him being a good center again. Deron Williams has to be a star, he is injured. Wesley Matthews has a bad achilles and the Blazers rejected to re-sign him. Dirk is comparing his speed to Peyton Manning, while Chandler Parsons has a bad knee and will probably not be 100% all season. Mavericks fans can go home early.


Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors is not enough offense to win in the West. Rudy Gobert is BIG, but he is not as talented on the offensive end as people think. Trey Burke and Alec Burks is not enough offense from their guards and their bench will not get much going either. Jazz can use this season to remember the Stockton/Malone days and how good they used to have it.


Damian Lillard is just one man. If the Blazers are going to do anything, he needs to play for about 5 of them. The Blazers are very small and thin in their front court as Mason Plumlee and Ed Davis are too lanky to compete with real bigs. Aminu/Henderson were two nice additions, but they lost everything else including their entire starting 5 besides Damian. Blazers have a very bad team and C.J. McCollum is not good enough to carry the slack of what they lost. Not a good season for the, ‘Portland Damian Lillards.’


Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight. This team will need these guys to carry this squad every night as the Suns finally got rid of their amazing depth they have always had, and replaced it with nothing. Tyson Chandler is big at center, but he does not score enough points and the prolific high scoring Suns become a defensive minded team. Markieff Morris will likely be traded as he is not happy about his twin brother being traded when they took a brother discount to play together.


The loss of Flip Saunders is a sad one. He did a great job building a Young T-Wolves team that is ready to explode, but the problem is the team was all his vision. With nobody there to lead the vision he created, it is going to be hard for this team to be on the right page and make a run into being a competitive playoff team this season.


Marc Gasol is only getting older, and Zach Randolph is ready to break down with knees that are cashed. Mike Conley is the most overrated PG in the league as a star in his position would be averaging 20+ a game easy with more assists in an offense that has no scoring out of their guards. Jeff Green has a lot of weight on his shoulders, but his PT is always inconsistent. When Zach Randolph goes down, Jeff Green does not have enough to carry this team into the playoffs.


Mike Malone is a great Head Coach and has a lot of talent on this Nuggets team to be a huge surprise in the West. They have trimmed some of the fat and got rid of Ty Lawson to add superstar rookie PG Emmanuel Mudiay. Jameer Nelson heads one of the best benches in the West that has a lot of athleticism and defense. Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari have a lot of offensive weight on their shoulders, but they also have very bad knees running in the D’Antoni offense in New York. Kenneth Faried leads a very nice front court that has a lot of depth. Nuggets will surprise a lot of teams.


Lakers made a lot of upgrades this off-season. Brandon Bass and Lou Williams are two very dependable veterans. DeAngelo Russell is still figuring out his role, but the upside looks very promising. The biggest upgrade is Roy Hibbert who has led his Pacers to the Playoffs year after year. Even with a garbage squad last season with no Paul George until the very end, the Pacers finished in 9th Place. Not many teams are deeper than the Lakers with Nick Young on the bench along with Bass/Lou. Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle are for real and Kobe Bryant is still a shade of Kobe. Lakers sneak into the playoffs.


George Karl has a great combo of Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins. The Kings did a good job adding Willie Cauley-Stein and Kosta Koufos at Center Depth to help keep Cousins out of foul trouble. Even though that DeMarcus is long gone. Rajon Rondo and Marco Belinelli are two big upgrades as well and the Kings have the weapons to make the playoffs.


Future is here for the Pelicans. Early injury to Tyreke Evans does hurt, but the addition of coach Alvin Gentry will have Eric Gordon playing like his old Clipper self. Jrue Holiday appears healthier than most thing and he will play enough minutes to give Anthony Davis all the support he needs for the Pelicans to BEAST most teams. Pelicans will win a championship the day they give Anthony Davis a BEAST center to play with.


The Splash Brothers with Draymond and company can win any game. Problem is the Warriors did not do much to improve their team while everyone else did. Literally every team below this team upgraded tremendously. If it is not broken, don’t fix it. However if you have an Apple 4 and there is an Apple 5, it is time to upgrade. If this team gets stuck in a big deal with Harrison Barnes, they will be stuck in a bad phone contract that will keep them with the Apple 4.


Billy Donovan is a big addition to the NBA and he is working with the best team in the NBA on paper. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook can both win MVP, and the team is stacked with bench stars including Enes Kanter and Dion Waiters. Health is key, but talent is there for this squad.


The addition of Ty Lawson could be the only thing this Rockets team was missing. Losing Josh Smith hurt as he was a nice fit off the bench, but the Rockets remain very deep now that Beverly goes to the bench with the energizer go bunny in Corey Brewer and the big hook in Donny Darko. Key is health for Dwight Howard and Ty Lawson meshing well. Enough time in the season to get it done.


The addition of LaMarcus Aldridge was huge, along with David West. This Spurs team is deeper than most and their offensive system is nearly flawless. Only thing that can slow down this team is age as the NBA season is very long and the demand it takes on your body is only growing as the game is faster than ever. Spurs will always run the pace, but the pace is a long one.


No more excuses for the Clippers. Grabbing DeAndre Jordan back from the Mavericks to go with Lance Stephenson and Josh Smith is easily the biggest Free Agent Frenzy any team can ask for. Wesley Johnson is a nice add to replace Matt Barnes and this Clippers team is beyond stacked. Chris Paul will lead the NBA in assists and they will have a different leading scorer almost every night.



Round 1


No traveling needed for either team as the entire series will be at Staples Center. The Clippers are stronger and deeper at nearly every position. This is not even a matchup, the Clippers BEAST.

KINGS (7) @ SPURS (2)

Nice for the Kings to make the Playoffs, but this is where they go home. Cousins is schooled by all the bigs the Spurs have in store, and Rudy Gay has trouble against Kawhi Leonard. Spurs dominate the paint and win the series.


Anthony Davis has a chance to make a statement against Dwight in this series. James Harden will ball in this series no doubt. Ariza will make things tough for Tyreke to get going, and Ty Lawson is too quick for the less than 100% Jrue Holiday. Anthony Davis does not have enough in the tank as Terrence Jones makes life rough for AD. Rockets Advance.


Russell Westbrook is not guardable in this series. Kevin Durant is not guardable in this series. Anthony Roberson is the Klay stopper, Curry will not have enough to beat this high scoring team. Thunder advance.



This is the series for the decades. Kevin Durant will see a lot of Wesley Johnson in this series, Durant will still dominate him. Chris Paul will not be able to guard Westbrook. Ibaka will do a good job semi-limiting Blake. The real key is can the Thunder stop DeAndre Jordan from controlling the paint. High scoring back and forth, guaranteed 7 game series. In the end. I will give the edge to the Clippers who should be the more organized team and have more ways of winning every game. Clippers reach the Western Conference Finals.


Duncan/Aldridge/West and Kawhi Leonard is a lot for the Rockets to handle. On the other end Ty Lawson and James Harden will dominate against the Spurs guards, putting a lot of pressure for LMA to go to his vintage Blazers form. He is able to do it, the Rockets lose the battle of the paint. They also lose the series and the Spurs advance.



The Clippers went through a lot to beat the Thunder, now they face the Spurs. Clippers have a huge edge in this series as they have a deeper bench and a lot more athleticism. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin cannot be stopped, DeAndre Jordan controls the paint. Redick and Jamal Crawford is too much for Danny Green and Ginobili to handle, Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson off the bench is the deal breaker. Size does not matter for the Spurs, Clippers are bigger.







Chris Paul


Karl Anthony Towns (MIN)

WEST 6th Man

David West (SAS)


PG. Chris Paul (Clippers)

SG. James Harden (Rockets)

SF. Kevin Durant (Thunder)

PF. Blake Griffin (Clippers)

C. DeMarcus Cousins (Kings)





The Clippers have the more mature Hassan Whiteside in DeAndre Jordan. Blake Griffin will kill Chris Bosh no questions asked. Bosh will get his buckets as well. Paul Pierce and Loul Deng are both past their prime. JJ Redick has a challenge guarding NBA Finals Dwayne Wade. Redick will get his 3s. Chris Paul and Goran Dragic will go back and forth, easy advantage to CP3. Throw in a deeper Clippers Bench and the fact that Chris Paul will run circles setting up alley-oops to Blake and DeAndre or wide open 3s for whoever is in the game. The Miami Heat go down to the LA Clippers.









By Muntradamus


For the third straight season, I was the highest Ranked Expert on FantasyPros representing the HR Leader.

2013. I ranked Chris Davis way ahead of the pack. He finished with the MLB Lead 53 HRs.

2014. I ranked Nelson Cruz way ahead of the Expert pack. He finished with the MLB Lead 40 HRs.

2015. I once again picked Chris Davis way ahead of the pack, who finished today with 2 Bombs to give him 47 HRs.

These are not 1st Round Picks. Chris Davis was a 5th/6th Round Pick this year as all Experts gave up on the slugger for no reason after hitting 53 bombs in 2013. Nelson Cruz was a 8th/9th Round Pick during the 2014 draft as he moves to Baltimore coming off of FOUR straight seasons with under 30 HRs.

Chris Davis was outside of the Top 12 1B options in 2013. I saw his talent from Day 1 when he was with the Rangers and he was even in the Waiver Wire Guide during the 2012 season when he started to get regular playing time. You can use the BEAST DOME search on the right hand side to find all of my Chris Davis content.

This is likely a record that will never be BEAT on FantasyPros, and next year I will look to extend my streak.

My Projected Finish for Chris Davis (49 HR) was only 2 HRs too many, but we all know he will be at it again no matter where he ends up.

You can read my Preseason Analysis on Chris Davis here. My Secret Crush.





By Muntradamus


*LIVE BEAST DOME CHAT Sunday 9:00am-9:30am PST*

Boom. Clap. The sound of my heart.

Everytime I think about Draftday 2015 I vividly remember looking at my sheet of paper during the 9th/10th round swing (#1 Pick of 12). I have two picks and was planning on getting 2 WRs, Terrance Williams and James Jones. It was a little early for Jones, but I wanted to make sure I got him. Then I saw the QB position, Russell Wilson was still sitting on the board. Owning Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham, I wanted to make sure nobody else got points from the Seattle Seahawks offense, especially the three teams who still needed a QB. Knowing that James Jones was probably on nobodys mind and his usual draft position in this league is 15th+ Round at best, I went with Russell Wilson.

Four picks before my pick in the 11th Round, James Jones was snatched. I smashed the table during the $1600 Entry Free NFFC Primetime Draft at the Belaggio Conference Room in front of a half filled room and yelled, “FUCK!” I could not believe someone else was targeting him, especially this early.

This week, I matchup against James Jones. After watching Steve Smith Sr. drop 40+ Points against me last week (Drafted 6th Round) I now go up against James Jones in what is likely to be another BEAST performance from the BEAST DOME Waiver Wire Pick of the Year. 

(No Expert Ranked James Jones Higher this Preseason)

Will I cry on Sunday when he goes off for 100 Yards and 2 TDs?

No, I will still be happy that all of you own him, he is also on a lot of other squads I own. So life is good.

What is not good, is the performance of my BEAST players which is leading to a bad start of the season.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 7.44.21 AM

Besides Brandon Marshall and LeGarrette Blount. No player on my team has impressed me early on. Doug Baldwin had a moment, and Jimmy Graham has been decent, but I expect more. If Marshawn did anything Week 2, I would be sitting at 1-2, which is still nothing to brag about.

Luckily this league paysout by Points For. I am in 9th Place in that regard and a couple big Weeks away from being right in the Pack for Top 3 as the first place team led by Antonio Brown and Steve Smith Sr. are both in trouble this week, and long-term, more on SSS Tuesday. So now it is time to reach into my Ultimate GM Skills and pull out a High Scoring Week.

Week 2. Lorenzo Taliaferro.
Week 3. LeGarrette Blount and Jeremy Kerley


Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 7.08.20 AM

This is the lineup we know I am going with this week.


While everyone in the BEAST DOME NATION including myself is ready for the return of Arian Foster who was a VITAL part of the VIP Draft Guide, I am not so sure he is going to play this week. The Texans have a HUGE game this upcoming Thursday Night against the Indianopolis Colts @ HOME. That game is esentially the AFC South Championship Game in Week 5. While I would love to see Arian play this week, it is more realistic he shoots for a return at home on National Television instead of playing two quick games on Short Rest. I hope I am wrong. I would love to start Arian as much as all of you.

Everyone should have a backup plan ready to go for Arian Foster missing Sunday. Luckily for TEAM BEAST DOME, someone dropped Alfred Blue last week and I made sure I grabbed him using $161 of my $1000 FABB money to secure the Handcuff when he became available Wednesday Night. While Blue is probably not on your Waiver Wire, hopefully you have another starting RB you can trust. If it means playing Chris Ivory at the 9am EST game, play Chris Ivory.


Everyone is scared about Marshawn Lynch. BEAST MODE on Monday Night Football is too big of a stage for Marshawn Lynch not to play when he knows the entire world will be watching him play. If Marshawn can walk, he will play in that game. If Marshawn is not 100%, he will still be strong. The Seahawks are in a Must-Win situation as they cannot fall to 1-3. While the running game for Seattle has looked terrible until Thomas Rawls broke out for 100+ Yards rushing in garabge time against the Bears last week, that type of confidence for the O-Line will have them playing their heart out on Monday Night.

Last Week I added Thomas Rawls off the Waiver Wire. He never entered my lineup and I really hope he never does. If Marshawn is forced to sit this week I will start him, but I am not expecting anything as the Lions D Line will eat him up. If Marshawn plays this week, I will waive Thomas Rawls for the next Waiver Wire peroid.

Carroll has already said that Thomas Rawls and Fred Jackson would split carries.
Like I projected in this weeks BEAST or BUST with Thomas Rawls.


Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 7.18.54 AM



Texans D/ST has been killing me this season. They are not getting Sacks, and their secondary is garbage. Teams are going Shotgun against them and even Rookie Jameis Winston had some sort of success. They are being benched until further notice.

During the Draft after they stole James Jones and Steve Smith Sr. from me, I went with the strategy of grabbing both the Texans and Bills with Back-2-Back Picks. It is now the Bills time to get it going and a Home Game against the Giants is exactly what I could order, if I could order.

Eli Manning with lots of pressure is something that always results into positive results for a Fantasy D/ST. Looking for the Bills to do their thing this Sunday. Texans Defense is benched until they prove they deserve to be in my lineup. Some Fantasy Leagues you may see the Texans on your Waiver Wire. I would add them, they will figure it out, but not start them this week.


Fitzmagic vs. Wilson vs. Stafford

Ryan Fitzmagic @ Dolphins (London)

Magic goes to London to face a Dolphins Defense that is looking horrible. If Magic has Eric Decker for this matchup, Magic should continue his success and have another strong 20 Point Range Week. The running game with Chris Ivory healthy will keep the Dolphins Defense honest. If Decker does not play, it would be best to go with a different option as Brandon Marshall and Jeremy Kerley is nice, but this matchup is not screaming 300 Passing Yards.

Russell Wilson vs. DET

If BEAST MODE does not play, Russell Wilson will have to carry the Seahawks to a Victory. The Lions Secondary is underrated and Wilson really does not have superstar talent at the WR position. However he does have a BEAST at TE with Jimmy Graham and maybe, just maybe. The Hawks will continue throwing to him. If the Seahawks do not use Jimmy Graham heavily on Monday Night Football, I will teleport through my TV and kill Carroll myself.

(MUNTRA NIGHT FOOTBALL BEASTcast. VIP ONLY. Invite going out Monday)

If Peter Carroll rolls Marshawn Lynch out there and they deem he is ready to handle his usual workload or anything close to his usual workload. Russell Wilson will likely be a game manager and will frustfrate me the entire night as I hate him as a QB and regret drafting him. He panics in the pocket, he will not throw for 300 Yards, and he misses open targets too frequently.

Matt Stafford @ SEA

The time is coming for Stafford to carry TEAM BEAST DOME to the Championship. Is it this week? I am not so sure as the Hawks on Monday Night Football is not an easy task. However, for the Lions to beat the Seahawks they must throw, throw, and throw. While you may be shocked to hear that. Ameer Abdullah is not going to BEAST this Seahawks Front 7 which has been carrying this Defense. The Seahawks have a very overrated Richard Sherman who only plays one side of the field, and can easily be exposed by Megatron. Kam Bam with Earl Thomas is dangerous, but the options with Golden Tate and Eric Ebron to go with the RB combo in Reddick and Ameer who are lethal in the passing game could keep this Hawks Secondary off balanced.


If Marshawn Lynch plays and deemed ready to go. Matt Stafford.
If Marshawn does not play or they say will be limited. Russell Wilson.

Regardless if I use Stafford or not. I am going to go with my Waiver Wire Kicker of the Week instead of Matt Prater.

Sebastian Janikowski

While Prater could have a nice week, I expect Janikowski to be much better and a much safer option as I trust the Raiders offense more than the Lions this week.


The Saints Offense has been horrible to start the season. Drew Brees through 2 games has 2 TDs and 2 INTs. While owning Colston has not been fun, I cannot imagine what it must feel like to burn a 2nd Round Pick on Brandin Cooks who has yet to have 80 Yards or a TD in a game this season. Even a 5th Round selection on Drew Brees who has been outscored by Matt Stafford both Week 1 and Week 2.

The reason the Saints offense is not clicking so far this season is the loss of Jimmy Graham. Drew Brees is torn between Marques Colston and Brandin Cooks as his two primary options in the passing game. Brandin Cooks cannot get open now that defenses are not doubling Jimmy Graham. Marques Colston is replacing Jimmy Graham, but he is not making enough catches in traffic.

But wait. Did you read that correctly. Marques Colston is replacing Jimmy Graham. All Marques does is play the Slot and runs patterns in the middle of the field. Drew Brees is constantly looking at Marques, as did McCown last week. Marques Colston is definitely the #1 read on most passing plays for the Saints, as Brandin Cooks will have some plays designed for him, some that are designed for Willie Snead or CJ Spiller.

With a Home Game on Sunday Night Football against a Cowboys Team that has Passing problems of their own. Look for Drew Brees to return to his vintage form and torch the Cowboys Secondary for 300+ Yards and at least 2 Touchdowns. When Drew Brees returns to form, Marques Colston will get his in the process.


Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 6.05.08 PM

A quick 15 Points from Forsett is no problem. I expected him to do well as mentioned in the TNF article. Ranked him two spots ahead of the ECR on FantasyPros as the #15 RB. Just happy he did not catch any passes or score a Touchdown.

My opponent knows my site as he sat right next to me when he stole James Jones under my very eyes and I smashed the table while wearing my BEAST DOME hat. I will not say much about his team.

All I need to do is worry about myself and if I can get a couple sleeper Touchdowns from my WR duo in Baldwin/Colston, I should have a good shot at pulling away with the victory. If Stafford goes vintage mode, I will have the win with confidence and move to 1-3, just like the Detroit Lions.





(WEEK 4)

By Muntradamus


After a strong showing in FantasyPros for Week 3, my Busts of the Week are back for more action. Last week a few of my Busts ended up sitting out the game before it even started (Brees/Alshon). To avoid that problem we will avoid Questionable players heading into the article.




Last Week turned $500 into $900 you can view more clicking the link above.



ECR #11 QB

One thing you will learn quickly about Philip Rivers if you have not already, Rivers has a weak arm. The Chargers offense is not really that much of a threat these days with no Antonio Gates and the running game yet to reach it’s potential. While the matchup against the Browns looks good on paper thanks to Derek Carr tearing up the secondary last week. I am going to chalk that up to Carr and his arm strength making great deep passes all game. We can chalk it up to Cooper just being so dominant that Haden could not even stop him. All you need to know for this game is that Rivers and his floating duck arm will not get it done against easily one of the best secondaries in the NFL, on paper.





AP going up against the Broncos spells disaster before it even begins. Denver’s Run D is too good for this league and the Vikings are going to fall behind before the game even begins. Once the game goes into blowout mode, if AP did not get his numbers in the 1st half he will not get them all game. There is a good chance he sits the 4th Quarter during the blowout.



ECR #11 RB

While Devonta was nice for all VIPs who purchased my Weekly Package, this is a week to avoid the hype and sit out Devonta. Texans Defense does one thing and only one thing right, they stop the run. With Wilfork and Watt creating pressure up the middle, Devonta will have to get his numbers PPR style. With that being the situation, Devonta will have trouble cracking Top 10 RB status this week.



ECR #14 WR

Two words for you. Joe. Haden. Haden is too talented for Keenan Allen whose fantasy game was saved last week on a TD right before the half. With Rivers likely to take less shots and rely on a running game once the Chargers have the lead, Keenan Allen will likely find himself on the wrong end of the fantasy spectrum this week. With Antonio Gates coming back for the next Chargers game, now would be a good time to sell high after a BUST performance in Week 4.



ECR #10 WR

Life has been good for the Arizona Cardinals offense. Matchup against the Saints/Bears/49ers is having everyone think the Cardinals are the best offense in the NFL and Carson Palmer is a Top 10 QB, no questions asked. While Palmer and Fitzgerald is looking as good as ever, some reality will set in with the Rams Defense coming into town. Rams D does play quicker than most teams and 5x the speed of the previous opponents the Cardinals have been facing. Sure Fitzgerald can always get his TD being too big to cover in the Redzone, but if he only ends up with 70+ yards this week, that will not be enough to get it done.

Now would be a good time to sell Larry Fitzgerald high as you can get a Superstar Talent, even Calvin Johnson if you throw in a little extra. Michael Floyd is now close to 100% healthy and Carson Palmer and his fragile twice repaired surgical knee is one hit away from all this success going down the drain.



ECR #14 TE

Remember when everyone was hyping up Zach Ertz last preseason, I said he was a BUST. Then they were hyping up Ertz again this season, and once again I reminded them that his nickname is not, “Ertz-Rent-A-Bust” for nothing.

At this point the consensus #6 TE in Fantasy Football is nothing more than Waiver Wire garbage. The Eagles O-Line has so many problems they have no choice but to play Brent Celek who is far superior of a blocker, who can also catch passes. Ertz has his few moments here and there, but to have a part time TE on an offense that is looking like a High School Football Team, chances are he will end up on the Waiver Wire before on someone’s starting lineup.



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