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Now that football is gearing towards the end, MaddenArena is going to post a Rankings article for the playoffs Wednesday. We wrap up the Fantasy Football season with some awards later on in the week.

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WEEKLY FANTASY REVIEW is going to be posted every week, and it is going to go over every team in the NBA and the fantasy implications that come along with it.  We will also have the Fantasy Basketball Trade Market from Sir Fantasy Drake, and of the course the Daily Show that comes out tonight.  Enjoy a nice long week of Fantasy Sports here at MaddenArena.

Ask any questions you have, and a fantasy expert will be there to answer it for you (Sir Fantasy Drake, or myself).


Not a good season to own any Hawks in Fantasy.  With the push of Tracy McGrady off the bench (10.5 PPG), and Marvin Williams all of a sudden being a consistent threat so far (12.8 PPG).  The Hawks will look to have different players step up in every game.  Joe Johnson may be the most consistent option, but for those owners who drafted Josh Smith..Wait for his value to go up and then sell high.

Rajon Rondo is going to have a great season; his shot finally looks like it has a chance of being some kind of threat.  Outside of him, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, are both fine.  While KG is not a threat for big fantasy games anymore.  If you can get a nice value player that is a consistent 12pts -10reb (Tyler Hansbrough) type of guy for the future Hall of Famer..Make the move.  Brandon Bass hype train has faded, but his potential is there.


Kemba Walker is going to have some serious value later on this season.  Boris Diaw is a great sell high candidate with Tyrus Thomas returning soon.  Corey Maggette, has disappointed and you may be stuck with him.  Charlotte needs his game to get going.  Gerald Henderson looks to be the real deal as the guy who will play the most minutes and fill up the stat sheet in most categories.


Derek Rose and Luol Deng look to be the only guys that you can count on for consistent action.  Noah and Boozer have been inconsistent and both are averaging less than 10 rebounds.  Noah is not even averaging more than 10 points a game.

Cleveland Cavaliers:

Antwan Jamison is the only threat on that team to consistently put up good games.  Anderson Varaejo is averaging a double-double.  If you can pick him up, he would be a great backup center.  Kyrie Irving of now, but they will get the job done.


Dirk Nowitzki is on his game.  Nothing special though, 21 Points and 5 rebounds.  The rest of the Mav’s team is looking old and not very good.  Jason Terry is doing his thing hitting a couple 3’s, but Lamar Odom and Jason Kidd are two players no team wants to touch.


Ty Lawson, is off to the races and looks on his way to a great season.  Surprisingly his backup, Andre Miller looks to be a must start fantasy guy going forward averaging 7 assists per game to go along with 12 points.  Al Harrington is outperforming Danilo Gallinari.  I would hold off on the Danilo hype until he breaks out, if you wanted to buy Low for him.  Now is the time.  Nene is beasting it inconsistently at his PF spot.  He should hold great value there all season.


Ben Gordon has come out of the grave to average a team leading 34 minutes per game.  He should be owned in all leagues.  Austin Daye is someone I would buy very low for, he has huge breakout potential, he just needs the minutes.  Greg Monore, could be a little better, (14 Points-8 Rebounds) he doesn’t average a block per game.  Jonas Jerebko is someone to keep an eye on to see if he’s for real this season.


Dorrell Wright is no longer the threat you drafted him to be.  He could turn it on in a hear beat, but as of now he is looking like a bench player..Even to the Warriors.  Brandon Rush could be a guy to add if you’re looking to make a move, he is the man that will clean up the minutes.  Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry, and David Lee are the three Must Own Warriors, everyone else is bleh.


Luis Scola, someone forgot to tell you that you need to average more than 5 rebounds per game to be useful in fantasy.  Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin both look good for the Rockets, but Lowry has now stepped up to be the next Jason Kidd of fantasy basketball.  The 25 Year old Jason Kidd.  Jordan Hill and Samuel Dalembert, continue to eat each other’s value.  Watch for the injury to either.


The Pacers are running a 7 man rotation, of Tyler Hansbrough and George Hill coming off the bench.  Both have a lot of upside and should be owned in most leagues, especially Hansbrough.  David West looks healthy and is playing over 30 minutes a game, while Roy Hibbert is averaging a double-double.  Danny Granger is a stud, and Paul George can only hope to get to his level.  Darren Collison is doing well enough to  keep his job, and with 7 assists per game.  That is good enough to stay on your fantasy roster.


It is still hard to gauge what the Clippers are going to do.  Chauncey Billups has missed two games, and Blake Griffin stepped up to be the goto guy.  Like he should.  Chris Paul is looking solid 15 Points nearly 10 assists, but the story is Deandre Jordan averaging 3.8 BLK per game.  The scoring and rebounds will be more consistent as the season continues, but his ceiling is through the roof.  FT% is bad, but he doesn’t go to the line that often.  Caron Butler is solid, but someone who won’t win you a championship, same goes with Mo Williams off the bench, consistency will be his key.


Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum are going to carry the team this season.  Pau Gasol is a great sell high candidate as he is clearly the #3 option going forward with Bynum healthy.  Besides those 3, no Laker is truly worth putting on your roster.


Mike Conley’s injury put this team a few steps back.  When he returns they will be easier to analyze, but for now it looks like Rudy Gay should have a fine season as he gets back into shape, and Zack Randolph will still contribute his 20-10 attitude.  The numbers will come for both of these guys as the season rolls on.  OJ Mayo, has become someone to stick on your bench or Buy Low for, while Marc Gasol is dominating and putting up a huge season (14-9 with 2.5 blocks/1.5 steals).


The Heat started out with LeBron, Bosh, and Wade as the only three guys to really own on this team.  After a week, I feel the same way.  Norris Cole had his moments, but consistency will not be there unless an injury occurs.  For that reason if you have the bench spot, stash him.  Bosh looks like the player he was, when he was a Raptor.


Brandon Jennings, is having himself an All-Star start to the season.  Lets see it for a couple more weeks before we say this is the way he is going to be.  He had times where he fell off the map as an offensive player last season.  Andrew Bogut, looks to be the #4 fantasy center behind Howard, Jefferson, Bynum.  Hopefully he stays healthy, while Stephen Jackson is watching Carlos Delfino do his job.  Jackson’s value is low, and you have to wait if you want something in return for him.


Michael Beasley, has been struggling lately.  That could be all it takes for the Wolves to aggressively start trading him.  If he gets moved, his value will drop as he will have less of a role.  Time to Sell High on Beastly, if you can get the value.  Kevin Love continues to dominate, 25 Points, 15 rebounds.  Ricky Rubio is playing like the player that led the Wolves to draft him so high.  You should pick him up if it isn’t too late.  Derrick Williams, still waiting for you to show us something.


Getting blown out as much as the Nets are is killing the value of their players.  Deron Williams, would probably be a 3rd round pick with the way he has his team playing.  Kris Humphries, will be good if the Nets can allow him to play enough minutes.  MarShon Brooks could end up being the leading scorer for the Nets by the time the season is over, he was a beast in college.  Hold onto Mehmet Okur for now, he may start to get it going as the Nets need him to.


The Hornets need Eric Gordon back on the court to determine everyone else’s value.  Chris Kaman, Carl Landry, and Emeka Okafor are all solid options this season.  They will have their duds, but they should all get you numbers.  Jarret Jack needs Gordon back to take the pressure off of him to do so much.  He is doing a great job finding teammates.


Carmelo Anthony, is a superstar and will continue to be all season.  Amare Stoudemire will come back eventually and we will forget about this minor injury.  Toney Douglas train has crashed.  I would move him now.  Tyson Chandler, needs to average more than 6.8 rebounds per game to be fantasy relevant.


Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden continue to do their thing this season.  Westbrook’s numbers will go up, the season is early and he is a superstar.  Serge Ibaka has taken a huge step in the wrong direction as his playing time is only 24 minutes per game…


Ryan Anderson, and Hedo Turklogu have stepped up their games this season.  Both are must own players.  Dwight Howard is doing his thing, he should still be moved at some point this season.  Jameer Nelson has not impressed yet, but I wouldn’t give up on him as there is nobody to take his place.  J.J Reddick and Jason Richardson are battling for value, early advantage:  J.J Reddick.


If I were to tell you Lou Williams was the leading scorer averaging over 20 points per game on Philly this season would you believe me.   He is going to make it tough to consistently depend on Andre Iguodala, and Jrue Holiday to consistently put up big fantasy days since they are all 3 so talented.  Spencer Hawes may or may not be breakout player of the year, I would own him if I could to find out.  Thaddes Young is eating into Elton Brands, production while Evan Turner is struggling off the bench.


Hakeem Warrick is the best player for the Suns this season averaging 15 points per game, and 4 rebounds.  The Suns are a fantasy disaster this season, as nobody is consistent and Steve Nash is no longer a threat to score 20 points in a game.  If he does, he probably will have to sit out the next one for being so tired.  Rough season to own any Suns player..so far.


Lamarcus Aldridge, is beasting it up this season.  20 Points 7 rebounds, with a block and steal.  The real story for the Blazers is the consistency of Gerald Wallace.  Wallace’s only good game this season came when Wesley Matthews, had to leave a game early.  With Jamal Crawford demanding shots, and Matthews.  Gerald Wallace becomes strictly a hustle guy who can drive to the paint.  But he does not touch the ball enough.  SELL HIGH ON WALLACERaymond Felton, will be fine and there is no reason to worry about a somewhat slow start for him.  Still getting over 33 minutes per game.


Marcus Thornton, will be the most consistent option on that team by the time the season is over.  Demarcus Cousins, continues to get in foul trouble, hopefully when he returns from his absence (trade demands) he will have his head straight.  The Kings are not about to let this talent go for nothing.  Tyreke Evans, is looking for more consistency but the star power is still there.  Chuck Hayes, JJ Hickson, and Jason Thompson are all making each other worthless in fantasy so far.  One of these guys will break from the pack.  Hold onto Jimmer, you can go ahead and release Salmons.  They have too many better options on the court when he is out there.


Manu Ginobli is the leader of this team.  He should be the best fantasy option.  DeJuan Blair is off to a nice start, I don’t think he can keep it up, but it is worth monitoring and if you have the roster spot make the move.  Tony Parker, and Richard Jefferson are hitting their quotas, while Tim Duncan is on a serious decline.  This could be his last season.


Andrea Bargnani, is the man for Toronto this season (about time).  DeRozan is doing his thing, and he already has passed his season total of 3PTM from a season ago.  Leandro Barbosa, Jose Calderon, and Jerryd Bayless are all in eachothers way of being fantasy stars.  Bayless will have value later on, while Calderon and Barbosa are the better players to own now.  Watch to see if Barbosa can keep it up before adding him.  He is not as great of a fantasy player then you think he is.  Ed Davis, James Johnson, and Amir Johnson are great young talents still figuring it out.  They should all be solid as the season rolls on.


Al Jefferson, is the Jazz.  He will be their man every time he is on the floor healthy.  Derrick Flavors and Paul Millsap, will eat each other’s value.  Besides those three Devin Harris is the only Jazz to consider playing, and he is off to a horrible start.  Hopefully he turns it around, and I personally think he will.  His post options are too good to not get 10 assists a game easily.


John Wall, is still John Wall and continue to treat him like John Wall.  Nick Young and Jordan Crawford,  will be battling each other all season.  Both are great players.  Andre Blatche will get it together, he is too good.  His head gets in the way.  JaVale McGee is doing what he does best 13 points, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks.  His numbers should rise as the season continues.  Rashard Lewis, is in the way of Crawford and Young.

There you have it, all 30 NBA Teams.  Feel Free to ask any questions.


  1. what about rodney stuckey? He’s had his share of bad days and looks like he’s picking up the pace. do you think i should keep him or drop for some potentials?

  2. I have Toney Douglas and you are recommending to trade him. What Point Guard should I look to trade him for? I need it to be realistic, someone with similar initial draft value but a lot more upside.

  3. If you can somehow get Jameer Nelson, I think you will end up on top. If that does not work, Brandon Knight or Jeff Teague should also be good players to target.

  4. Rodney Stuckey

    is good for now. I think as the season continues he will lose minutes to Brandon Knight. For now enjoy the success, if you can make a move for him I would. He is no doubt talented, but he will not make 3’s and some nights he will disappear on you.

  5. I’m one of those that’s stuck with an underproducing Jrue Holiday. How high should I value him while shopping him?

  6. What about Raymond Felton, Tyreke Evans, and Jarrett Jack? Can you please rank those in order of which ones I should target?

  7. 1. Evans- Despite the slow start, he is so talented and can easily put up 20 point games on the reg. He also throws in the variables like a steal and maybe a block per game.

    2. Felton- Raymond is good, and you know what you’re going to get 12-6. But he does have the potential to be a 16-10 type of player as the season rolls on. He always comes into camp out of shape and could be working out of it.

    3. Jack- Jarret is playing great and he should be able to sustain his performance all season. The only thing that can hinder him is the Hornets making a move for another guard. But after the CP3 deal, it looks like the Hornets are content with their team.

    All three are solid/great players, and you would more likely then not have to package Tony Douglas with another player to make the move.

  8. Jrue Holiday has enough talent to be a top 15 Fantasy Guard. Steals, 3’s, Assists, Points.

    I would not trade him unless I was getting a player that was no worse than Tyreke Evans.

  9. Would trading Andre Iguodala for Ryan Anderson be a bad move? How about Dirk Nowitzki for Pau Gasol? Kevin Durant for Dwight Howard? I have not traded yet, but these are some that people have offered me.

  10. Iguodala for Anderson is not the best move because Andre has so much talent that you can’t give him up unless you’re getting a superstar in return.

    Dirk for Pau is a trade I would make if I was getting Dirk. Pau has fallen to the #3 option on the Lakers, at least with Dirk you know you’re going to get 20 points a game easily.

    Durant for Howard, is a debatable trade if you need the center. Durant is more talented, Howard is more dominant, but his FT% will hurt you.

    Two new articles are coming tonight.

  11. I picked up James Johnson from your previous advice. I know you say he could breakout but so is Jonas Jerebko. Should i drop Johnson for Jerebko? My league is a head 2 head points based and Johnson doesn’t seem to get score big points or get that many minutes for that matter.

  12. Short term the answer is Jerebko.

    James Johnson still is battling for minutes, and Rasual Butler isn’t going down easy.

    Just make sure that as soon as you see any hint of James Johnson getting his mojo going, or Butler getting hurt. That you’re the first person to pounce on the next “Gerald Wallace.”

    MaddenArena will have your back. Check out our other articles


  13. I’m being offered Tyreke Evans for Tony Parker & Joe Johnson. Should I pull the trigger?

    My Roster His Roster

    Jeff Teague Tyreke Evans
    Marcus Thornton Jamal Crawford
    Joe Johnson Richard Jefferson
    JaVale McGee Drew Gooden
    Tony Parker Andrew Bogut
    Emeka Okafor Elton Brand
    Marvin Williams Derrick Rose (Untouchable)
    Kevin Love Kyle Lowry (Untouchable)
    Carmelo Anthony Samuel Dalembert
    Jrue Holiday Blake Griffin
    Luol Deng Dorrell Wright
    DeMar DeRozan Andrea Bargnani
    Tyler Hansbrough Darren Collison
    Carl Landry Al Harrington
    MarShon Brooks Paul George

  14. No Deal.

    You are trading two good/great players. For one inconsistent Star.

    Tony Parkers value is going to go up with no Manu Ginobli. The Spurs need him to be big. Plus he doesn’t have George Hill backing him up this season.

    Joe Johnson is the bread and butter of Atlanta. The Hawks have a lot of options, but he is the most consistent one.

    Tyreke Evans is inconsistent and is not showing what made him so special in the first place. With Marcus Thornton on the team, Tyreke won’t be putting up the numbers you would expect.

    In fact I would rather have Parker and Johnson than Evans right now.

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