New England @ Buffalo

The Bills offense is playing great, which only means this is going to be a very high scoring game.  If Fitzpatrick and company manage to put up over 28 points this will be a fantasy players wet dreams for all marquee names.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is a QB1 against a Pats defense that has allowed two QBs to throw for over 350 yards against them.  Fred Jackson should find plenty of room against a Patriots run defense that has yet to impress so far.  Start him as a RB2.  He should find 100+ total yards and a touchdown.  Stevie Johnson will be a great start in this shootout, he is very consistent and has shown that he can beat any coverage he faces, start him as a high-end WR2, 90+ yards and a touchdown is easily in reach.  Look at what Brandon Marshall 139 yards and Vincent Jackson 177 yards to be great demonstrations of what the Pats secondary has done so far.  No other Bill is worth starting, roll the dice on Chandler if you’re feeling lucky, 3 touchdowns in 2 games so far.  I will not be rolling the dice on him, especially after Antonio Gates was shut out last week.

Tom Brady will be fantasy gold once again; the Bills secondary just gave up 300+ yards to Jason Campbell who had none of his top 3 WRs.  Brady will have a historic day, which means that Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski are must starts.  Aaron Hernandez will not play in this game which will allow these two to have a big target increase.  Each should find the end zone. The law firm BJE will be a solid option again should they decide to let him score the touchdown instead of Brady, BJE is looking at a soft Bills defense that was trampled by McFadden, Michael Bush.  BJE will find room to run, RB2.  My surprise start of the week is not Deion Branch, not Danny Woodhead, but Chad Ochocinco.  With Aaron Hernandez not playing, and Ocho looking more familiar with the offense Ochco will dominate single coverage.  He will have it all day along and I expect to see the former Bengal find the end zone in what should be countless open opportunities.  Gostowski is a good start at kicker, and Pats D should remain on the bench.

San Francisco @ Cincinnati

Cedric Benson will look to rebound after a mediocre performance.  The 49ers defense is no easy task, Patrick Willis and company shut down Felix Jones last week, and Marshawn Lynch in week 1.   Andy Dalton will have to really open up the field in order to get Benson room to run.  The problem is San Francisco knows they can only win by running the ball so they will want to control the clock.  This looks to be a low scoring game in where Benson will need a red zone touchdown to save for poor yardage performance.  I would start other options.  Andy Dalton made Gresham a huge disappointment in week 2, two catches for eight yards.  I would not play Gresham despite the Cowboys getting 100 yards with Witten last week against SF.  AJ Green could find a decent game, he’s a WR2 as he is clearly a go-to guy who will see a lot of targets, 10 Catches last week.  No other Bengal is owrth considering.

San Francisco will see if Frank Gore can have 30 carries this week.  After Willis McGahee flashing back to the past 28-101-1, Frank Gore will see if he can match that.  Frank is a high-end RB2 this week.  Vernon Davis continues to disappoint, if you have better options go with them as Alex Smith is just a fantasy killer.  Nothing else to say about him, except he will put up a big game as soon as you bench him.  SF defense could have a decent game especially in leagues where DPA counts.  The Bengals offense looked so good last week because the Denver D is so banged up.

Miami @ Cleveland

Daniel Thomas is for real.  He looked great rushing for over 100 yards against a good Texans defense, Cleveland is no Texans defense and if you have a poor RB2 do not hesitate to play Thomas.  Brandon Marshall is a must start and will have a tough matchup this week as he squares off against Joe Hayden.  He is so physically big and strong that Hayden really has no chance.  Chad Henne could have a decent week though I would bench him, Cleveland defense will let Davone Bess beat them, he is a sleeper for week 2.  Especially if you’re in a PPR use him as a flex.  Reggie Bush is too incosnsitent to trust, I expect more Thomas than Bush but he could still break away for a few plays in this one.  I wouldn’t risk it.  Carpenter will rebound with a lot of FGs against Cleveland and Miami Defense could be used in a spot start if you need one as Colt McCoy has no arm, and Peyton Hillis is still averagining less than 4 yards per carry since week10.

If you have Peyton Hillis you have to play him, though I don’t think Hillis is as good as his game showed last week.  He is far worse, and Miami will look to continue the decline of Hillis and have Colt McCoy try to beat them against Miamis top cornerbacks.  This one could get ugly for Cleveland fantasy players.

Denver @ tennesse

CJ1.2K will llook to have his first dominant performance of the season, and the Broncos will be the team to let that happen.  CJ proved he can take on the arries against a tough Baltimore D 24 of them.  And wil now face a soft Denver defense that will reallyfocus on stopping Kenny Britt.  CJ is a must start and will show his top 5 potential, Britt on the other hand will be doubled all day, despite that he will still havea  great game and is a must start after watching what AJ Green did last week.  If you are worried about him getting oubleed than look at what AJ Simpson did last week asthe WR2 4-139, Nate Washington is capable of that if they decide to go that route.  Which makes NAte Washington a WR3.  This is the one week you can start him as a felx after watching what AJ Daltn did a week ago.  Matt Hasselback is in for a big game as weell coming off of a 358 yard performance against a toug Baltimore D, and Andy Dalton thrw for 338 yards last week against this secondary.  Hassleback is a low-end QB1 and maybe this is the week Jared Cook finally shows some fantasy relevane.  Bironas is the best fantasy kicker in the game, Tennesse D could have a decent week though Orton puts up numbers.

Detroit @ Minnesota

Minessota is playing real lousy in the second half of football games this year, squandering two leads.  This week the Lions will score way too many points for the Vikings to even have a lead, and whne the Vikings are losing that means they lose Adrian Peteroson out of thier offense.  AP will need a big 1st half to havea  great game, you have to start him, I’m just saying.  Percy Harvin should continue to be the man in the Vikings passing game as they will be behind the whole game, 7 cathces last week was good, now lets see him find the end zone.  He’s a solid WR2.  No other Viking is owrth playing.

The announcer for the CBS game described Stafford perfectley.  He said, ” It looks like he’s throwing a baseball out there.”  Stafford is playing baseball against minor leaguers thiss week as the Vikings defense will have no idea how to shut down this dynamic attack.  Jhavid Best will find room to run with the ball through the air, or on the gorund, and Megatro should find the end zone again.  The Cheifs came out with a double team to shut down CJ and he still ended up with 2 touchdowns, if the Vikings decide to let Anotione Winfield man up, then CJ will havea  beat like fantasy performance.  Nate Buerlson is a WR2 as long as Stafford picks apart Defeenses.  The Lions D is a good start against an aging McNabb, while Jason Hanson is a great start in this dynvirtually unstoppable offense.  Pettigrew is a week away from becoming a waiver wire option, do what you want with him.

Houston @ New Orleans

If Arian Foster plays it doesn’t matter.  Arian Foster is a RB2this week at best as Ben Tate is defiinitely a factor in that offense wether they say it or not.  Andre Johnson will look to have acareer game in what will be a typical New Orleans shoot out.  He is always a must start, and Matt Shaub who should be doing better but isn’t because he’s not that great, remains a high-end QB2.  Owen Daniels could find the end zone this week but you could do better than starting him, this is a running football team not like the old Texans of a couple years agoStart Rackers, he should get his FGs and bench Houstons D.  The Saints rpoved to be too good for a Bears defense and the Texans are a notch or two below them.

New Orleans may be the top offense in the NFL, but they only have two guys worth starting every week and that is Jimmy Graham and Drew Brees.  Graham will look to find success in the middle of th efield as Meachem, Lance Moore, and Devery Henderson will all be hit or miss.  If I had to pick one I would choose Lance Moore.  Drew Brees should get his typical 300 yards 3 touchdowns, he is an obvious must start.  As for the RB situation, they will all cancel eachother out, if I had to pick one this week I would go with the hot man Darren Sproles.  He is far more explosive than the other 2 Rbs.  Kasay will get FG attempts no doubt, and New Orelans Defense can be started especially if the Saints get a huge margin like they’re planning to.

NYG @ PHilly

Jacksonville @ Carolina

Ca Newton is a god among beasts.  Start him as a top 4 QB option, could easily reach another 400 yard game as the JAgs D is nothing compared to Green Bay.  Cam Newton will also run the ball consitetnly and look to reach the end zone with his legs.  Jonathan Stewart is the better option than Denaglo Williams this week, though both should have plenty of room to do their things.  Jags defense has looked good against Shonn Greene and CJ1.2K on the ground so far, but the Panthers are more xplosive than those teams.  Steve Smith will be licking his chops as he comes offanother game topping 150 yards.  Holmes could have had a big laame last week, an early lead prevented that, and Kenny Britt dominated them the week before.  Steve Smith is a WR1, and both the RBs are RB3 plays this week.  Neither is constent enough to depend upon.  Greg Olsen is hit or miss, go with your heart.  Mare will get FG attempts and Carolinas D is awful.

MJD will have to be the team this week as they are shuffling QBs.  Whoever the starter  it’s a big downgrade from David Garrarg.  This offense looks weak and one dimensional.  More so than the Vikings and Browns.  Start MJD with confiddence as he will be the whole team, and do not start any other Jaguar inclding Scobee  Panthers score TDs and the Jags will need to do the same to win this game.

NYJ @ Oakland

Oakland will continue to roll out the red carpet Run DM.  I don’t care how good your run defense is, but you are not good enough to slow down this man.  He will gethis yaradge as he looks to run for the rushing title.  No other Raider is worth starting in this tough matchup.  It is owrth noting that MJD put up 88 yards rushing last week showing that this defense is human. It only took 18 carries.

The Jets are looking a t a tougher game than they think.  Though they should win Sanchez will not make it pretty, and neitger will Shonn Greene.  Greene can safely be dropped to a RB3 in this one.  He look sslow, and the Raiders defense does hit hard.  Knowshown Morenos week 1 game is a good inidcation how Greene will play, 8-27.  Santonio Holmes is an okay start, if the JEts are going to win this game, h’s going to be the reason behind it.  He will get his targets and faces off against Chris Johnson who gave up solid games to Brandon Lloyd and Stevie Johnson so far.  Li   Folk is a good start as the team will stall in the red zone, and Jets D will look to make some big plays against an improved Jason Campbell.  But you might not be able to tell in this one that that’s the cae.

Kansas City @ San Diego

How can you not feel terrible for the Cheifs.  They lost their best defensive player ERic Berry to torn ACL in week 1, and then their best offensive player Jamal Charles to the same injury in week 2.  Dwayne Bowe is all they have left, and they might be losing by so much Bowe will get his looks.  He is a low-end WR2 as teams will focus on him as the season continues,  San Diego did shut down McNabb in week 1 to 39 yards passing and Brady tore them apart simply because he is Tom Brady.  Cassell the old backup QB for Brady, is not Tom Brady.  No other Cheif is worth starting.

San Diego should score touchdowns from 100 different ways this week.  The Cheifs have given up 40+ points back-to bac weeks and Rivers will continue that trend.  Tolbert is the best bet to score a Touchdown out of any player, he is a RB2 and Matthews might as well be also as they will be running the ball with the lead in a majority of this game.  But not before Philip Rivers gets his 4 touchdown passes, Anotnio Gates will look to bounce back after a poor game in which he should, while VJx could be explosive or find himself in a position where the Chargers are already blwoing out the Cheifs and Rivers forgot to include him in the party because they were double teaming him all game.  Malcolm Floyd if healthy is a great sleeper WR2 this week.  Novak will only be kicking extra points and the Chargers D is a must start in this one.  Chargers will blow them out.

Green Bay @ Chicago

Green Bay will be on the raod against a hungry Bears defense.  That won’t matter as Drew Brees and Matt Ryan have been able to throw the ball well against them so far this season.  Aaron Rodgers should havea nother great game wile finding Greg Jennings deep and Jordy Nelson on those slants.  Finley is a good option too, fantasy owners want more from the young stud.  Keep both Grant and Starks on your bench, the Bears run defense has been solid despite giving up 100 yard performance to Michael Turner in week 1.  They both play eachother out of fantasy lineups, though Starks owns the edge.

Bears D should be on your bench until they have an easier opponent, and Robbie Gould will find more FGs as Cutler is a terrible red zone QB.


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