By Muntradamus


There are very few hills I would die on. This is one of them. This is your last chance to be part of history.

IF Tim Boyle came out on Black Friday in his first start, and led the Jets to a victory over the possible Super Bowl Champ Dolphins, with third-string offensive lineman, and a pass-catching group featuring Garrett Wilson and a bunch of scrubs you can find on a YMCA team. Then we would all agree that Tim Boyle is the next Tom Brady, writing this article would be a waste of time given how obvious that conclusion is.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Not only did Tim Boyle not win the Football game against the Dolphins. He threw an INT returned for a TD that was so epic, it will make everyone question if the Hail Mary before halftime is a good decision ever again on all levels of Football, IF, the team is even borderline too far away to throw it. Every single Football game right before halftime, you will think about Tim Boyle. Pretty big impact if you ask me.

Here is why Tim Boyle is going to be the next Tom Brady with no doubt in my mind after that game. The way he bounced back after The Fail Mary, and stormed the Jets down the field to close out the game on multiple drives, with scrubs, going up against a Super Bowl defense. That shows intangible grit you cannot teach. As an avid Tim Boyle Loyal (VOL. 1), this guy has had nothing but adversity in his career since college. Yet he continues to bounce back, yet he continues to stick around, and now this is his chance to be a starting QB in the NFL. Why does he stick around? Because he has the intangibles you cannot teach, and he can sling it.

This week he gets a realistic game against the Falcons, and if anything I said above is true, he has to perform in this game. Even in the rain. Boyle will have his offensive line back, he will have Allen Lazard back, and the Jets D should control this game. Leaving Boyle with the task of leading the Jets down the field consistently and controlling the game on offense. Besides Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, only Tim Boyle, controls the game pre-snap in that category, Dak is there as well. Boyle gets multiple offside penalties on the other team, more than Dak, and is great with all of his audibles and fake audibles.


Everything is record-low discount prices. His Black Friday performance put his cards at Black Friday prices until he proves he is a capable QB. I am telling you right now that I can almost guarantee he will be the starter for the Patriots next season. He is from Connecticut; he grew up a Patriots fan, Tom Brady was his favorite player, and the Patriots need a QB who can sling it in Bill O’B’s offense. Either that or the Jets sign him to an extended deal to backup Rodgers next year, with the intent of him starting the following year. Patriots and Jets always steal players from each other.

I purchased these two cards below this week. The Gold /10, easy $5K card when he becomes a successful starter, $10K when he is a Pro Bowl QB. Easy $100,000 when he becomes the next Tom Brady. He has a Kurt Warner career ahead, having his glory days in the later half of his career. The /35 can easily be worth $2K when he is a successful starter.

Go on Ebay buy them up if you’d like. I have more than enough of his collection; it is my bitcoin, and it is on sale to prices where nobody believes he will play more than this Sunday, and then out of the league. Contenders Auto, anything under $50 is a steal, good game on Sunday they will go near $100. When he becomes a starter next year $300+, when he is a good starter $500+, when he is a Pro Bowl QB $1,500+, When he is a Super Bowl QB, easy $3-$5K. When he is Tom Brady $15,000.



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